May. 18th, 2004

I am ready to begin collecting author biographies for All About Spike. If you're an author with at least one story on All About Spike, I'd love to get a bio from you.

This is not obligatory. You may send it to me at any time and may make changes at any time. Your bio can be as long or as short as you like--a one-line bio is fine if you prefer that. This is just anything you'd like to share with your readers about yourself or your writing.

Also, if you'd like, you may use the following questionaire. You're welcome to ignore any questions that you prefer not to answer. You may also insert additional questions and provide answers to them. Or just totally ignore this and write your own bio.

For example, see Doyle's bio here. (ETA: Scroll down; it's below the list of stories. The layout might change a bit but this is the basic way that it will appear.)

The Questionaire )

Answers can be provided right here in LJ comments or sent to me via email at Emails can be in plain text, HTML attachments, or MS Word attachments. If you want any special formatting (links, italic, bold, and so on) you can code that yourself or just make a note in brackets and I'll format it for you.
I had this very disturbing dream last night that all the dogs of the world were rising up and taking control over their human masters.

The last part was me and my brother in this creepy old haunted house in the middle of a foggy night with a full moon. As we looked out the window we saw this huge pack of dogs overwhelm and devour a man who was running toward the house.

My brother ran into the other room to call the police, leaving me in the main room as the dogs swarmed into the house. I stood on the couch and tried to re-establish dominance by yelling at them very loudly. Then I woke up, probably right before I would've gotten killed by a pack of rebellious dogs.


I think this dream was inspired by the fact that my cats were acting insane yesterday. They refused to let me sleep for more than a half hour straight--they were constantly fighting with each other, jumping on the bed, climbing on me, biting my head, and so on. Gee, I wonder why I'd have a dream about domestic animals completely taking over their humans' lives...

Of course, they're fine when I'm petting them or playing with them; it's just when I try to do anything else that they get upset....

Aside from the cats being evil, things are going well.

- I got my final grades for this semester: two A- and one A. This brings my cumulative GPA to 3.506 which means I graduate with honors.

- For a graduation gift, my boss is paying my admission fee for an upcoming Buffy con. He came up with this himself. How cool is it that I work with people from whom I don't have to hide my interests?

- I have free time! Work during the day, yes, but the evenings are mine. (Well, mine and my cats'....)

- [ profile] wiseacress let me archive "Beggars Would Ride." I've been bugging her about this forever. (It's a great story; check it out.)

- [ profile] drujan is flying to Vegas with me for Writercon. We're arriving Tuesday night and leaving Monday night. (We're staying together early in the week; then I'm going to stay with my Writercon roommates since [ profile] drujan isn't actually interested in the con.)

- Did I mention I'm done with school forever?

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