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So after months of reminding her of the title and author, my mom actually read A Game of Thrones. To my surprise, she liked it a lot. But this killed me. We were talking on the phone last night:
Me: So what did you think of Daenerys?

Mom: Well, once those dinosaur eggs were mentioned, I thought they were probably going to hatch.

Me: ::splutters::

Mom: What??

Me: You don't read a lot of fantasy, do you?

Happily, she liked Tyrion a lot. Irritatingly, she identified with Ned Stark. (But then, my mom's never met a martyr she didn't see herself in.)

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Date: 2006-04-04 07:08 pm (UTC)
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The cockles of my heart are totally warmed by this thing you can bond over...

Okay, yeah, I laugh...but, I actually tried to get my mom interested last summer--lead balloon. If something even looks like it might have a bit of *magic* in it, she doesn't like it.

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