I’m posting from my own computer for the first time in three weeks. Woohoo!!!

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I got a ton of vegetables from my CSA on Wednesday. Three eggplants, four green peppers, lots of regular and cherry tomatoes, a head of lettuce, broccoli, arugula, and a massive amount of basil. This is good in the sense that it’s cheap, fresh, locally grown, organic food. It’s bad in the sense that I have to figure out what the hell to do with it, quickly, before it goes bad.

Wednesday I made an eggplant and tomato dish flavored with garam masala, cayenne, and cinnamon over brown rice (from The Vegan Family Cookbook) and a salad of bulgur wheat with cremini mushrooms, arugula, and cannellini beans (from Veganomicon). Yesterday I made basil-cilantro pesto (also from Veganomicon) and a green pepper and tomato salad (from Rachael Ray, of all people). The pesto is so good (the basil was unbelievably fresh and strong) that I could probably eat it plain, but I’m going to use it this weekend to make basil-cilantro pesto linguine with artichokes (Veganomicon again) and I’m also planning to make Simply Heavenly’s eggplant with tomatoes recipe.

I enjoy cooking, but unfortunately this has coincided with the arrival of my new computer parts, so I’ve had to rush through it to get on the phone with my dad to try to get my computer up and running.

LOL I tried to put a computer together; what a shock that it didn't end well )

Long story short: god only knows when I'll have a working computer again.

At least I am able to hook up my MP3 player to my speakers and keep the David Bowie flowing. Without Low I don't think I'd even be functional right now. (Yes, it took long enough, but between "Always Crashing in the Same Car" and "Subterraneans," I am finally in love with the album.)
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