CBGBs is gone. The Continental doesn't have live music anymore. Now they're turning Limelight into a mall.

Seriously, NYC, wtf?
I ordered Christmas gifts for my family on Amazon.com on December 12. All items were in stock, available now, and sold by Amazon.com.

Amazon JUST sent me an email telling me "Oops, sorry, turns out it's taking longer than expected to find one of your items, so your order won't arrive until after December 26."

Um, hello, THEY'RE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. And I ordered way early!

They won't even let me cancel the order or expedite the shipping.

So either I give my family nothing for Christmas and ship it all later, or else I have to go to Barnes & Noble and hunt all this stuff down in real time, then bug Amazon for a refund when the stuff eventually arrives.


*urges friends to avoid Amazon for important purchases*
AAAHHHHH, if I open one more fic where Sharpe

* is a space captain a hundred years in the future

* is really an immortal and is sleeping with Methos and/or Duncan MacLeod

* was really a male whore sleeping with superior officers the whole time

* just needed to meet the Mary Sue of his dreams to be happy

* cries like a little girl at the slightest provocation

* thinks about nothing but sex and spends the entire Napoleonic wars plotting ways to sneak off privately with Patrick Harper

I'm going to kill someone!

Seriously, the proportion of badfic in this fandom is blowing my mind. Someone, please, help! There's got to be recs page, or a secret site of good fic, somewhere out there that I'm missing, right? Right???

(I've already been through the Sharpetorium and through ff.net and through several LJ communities.)

*deep breath*

Okay, maybe I'll get some work done instead.
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The following word should be banned from fanfic forever: ministrations.

That's all.

(Seriously, it's a useless word. Has anyone used it well, in any context, ever?)
I'm really sick of being told that I'm immature just because I had the audacity to express my opinion. If someone else says something that I find offensive, I'm perfectly entitled to post my disagreement in my LiveJournal.

If someone says that homosexuality should be illegal, it's perfectly within my rights to vehemently disagree with that person's opinion, and to express my disagreement.

If someone says that my best friend is a jerk, it's perfectly within my rights to vehemently disagree with that person's opinion.

If someone says that Spike was always eeeevil and that I was wrong to ever like the character, it's perfectly within my rights to vehemently disagree with that person's opinion--even if that person happens to be James Marsters.

It doesn't mean that I think those people aren't entitled to their opinions, it just means that I disagree with their opinions. The world would be a seriously fucking boring place if we all just sat back and shrugged whenever someone else said or did something that we found offensive. Debate is a wonderful way to figure out how you feel about something and to share your thoughts with others. And ranting in your own personal livejournal is a perfectly acceptable way to express your frustration when something pisses you off.

I'm really sick of getting called names and told that I'm immature just because I happen to have expressed my opinion.

And I hope this is the last I have to say about this topic, because now I'm really sick of it.


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