Apr. 20th, 2011


Things I did other than work 110 hours in 2 weeks:

I enjoyed Game of Thrones. Sean Bean is fabulous, and overall the production was incredibly faithful and thoughtfully done. It’s really amazing to see a quality adaptation of a story I love–and so rare for Hollywood to do it right!

spoilers for the 1st ep of Game of Thrones, with a little hint of what comes later )


I had a dream that I was moving back into my old apartment. At first I was super happy to be back in Manhattan and leaving Brooklyn, but then I began to remember all the miserable things about living there (constant roommate-hunting, never being alone, teeny amount of space, terror of being caught with my cats, darkness and dust and lack of light) and to miss my Brooklyn apartment, and it turned into a nightmare.

So I woke up realizing that I actually like where I live now better than where I lived then. Time Out New York just did a piece about how my neighborhood is "trendy"; we have a sushi place (with vegan options) and a vegan bar around the corner (with vegan bar snacks!) and new stuff is opening every day. And every weekend I can open the blinds from the northwest windows and the southeast windows and have light all day until the sun sets. Not to mention I have my own kitchen and a whole entire spare room. So even though I miss Manhattan, I'm glad that I'm here.


I went to see Chris Cornell last week. It was a solo acoustic show at Town Hall, which was very intimate and a unique, relaxed, friendly environment to see him in. But mostly it just reminded me that I'm more of a Soundgarden fan than a Chris Cornell fan. Thankfully to my delight, they just announced a summer tour! Not a chance I'll miss it. Have added Badmotorfinger to my otherwise all-Nick Cave rotation to celebrate. :)


Went to see Sleep No More last Saturday from 11pm-2am. Definitely the most unique theater experience I've ever seen, though I spent most of the time hot, tired, annoyed by all the people around me, and having a hard time breathing through the mask.

Still, it was amazing. So rare for an artistic experience to really surprise me. It was so meticulously detailed and huge and incredibly well put-together--moments that could have been cheesy failures if done poorly were instead all universally stunning.

For those who don't know, see the reviews linked above. A quick description is that it's like an interactive silent modern-dance Macbeth done in the style of a 30s Hitchcock film, in 3 massive warehouses (100,000 sq feet total--around 100 rooms, from little nooks and crannies to huge ballrooms and "forests") ranging over 6 floors.

more about Sleep No More; spoilers behind the cut )

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