Jul. 8th, 2012


I love this Sleep No More video, which has actual interviews with actors. Not just any actors but my favorite, the unutterably beautiful Conor Doyle. Look at his pretty eyes! *swoons*

(Link in case the embed doesn’t work.)

Now imagine a theater performance where he plays a dark, complicated, ~evil~ character who is also achingly vulnerable, and cries, and is unbelievably sexy and flirts with everything that moves and has hot homoerotic violent dances with both Malcolm and the Porter, and oh yeah gets fully full frontal nude for a witch orgy and then huddles in the shower afterward and has you put his clothes on for him.

See why I’ve spent so much money to see this show ten times and counting? ;)

(The last time was July 4, which was awesome. They had an afterparty on the roof with unlimited drinks and picnic food and a gorgeous view of the fireworks. And Conor Doyle was there playing the Boy Witch but I nobly didn’t stalk him and instead followed Malcolm and Macduff for their full cycles, which I hadn’t done before and which required incredible athletic prowess for me to keep up! and I got the Malcolm one-on-one which is violent and hot, and he was played by Benjamin Thys who is also gorgeous, so yay. And oh yeah my parents came with me because they were visiting for my birthday and although they were largely confused by the experience, my Dad somehow got the Porter’s one-on-one–despite wandering around aloof and confused and definitely not angling for it–and though obviously he was weirded out, he also seemed to really enjoy being singled out, so again yay.)

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