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Apr. 24th, 2011 06:15 pm
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In other news, it's a beautiful Sunday and my friend Cat just left after a lovely weekend of shopping at the Union Square green market and cooking delicious food from the Real Food Daily cookbook, and everything would be great except I've had no hot water since Saturday morning and won't until at least Wednesday and my landlord is a sleazy, cheap, lying, bullying asshole.

(The water coming out of the tap is too cold even to wash my face, and I ended up with two large men in my apartment shouting at me about how the city won't do anything, how lucky I am that my poor old landlord is bothering to help at all, and how I would have hot water if I lived in Poland but in NYC having no hot water is normal and I have no right to complain. [!?!])

So I'm going to watch that SPN episode like four more times to cheer myself up, and then I guess I'll heat some water on the stove and try to take a bath? :( :( :(

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Things I did other than work 110 hours in 2 weeks:

I enjoyed Game of Thrones. Sean Bean is fabulous, and overall the production was incredibly faithful and thoughtfully done. It’s really amazing to see a quality adaptation of a story I love–and so rare for Hollywood to do it right!

spoilers for the 1st ep of Game of Thrones, with a little hint of what comes later )


I had a dream that I was moving back into my old apartment. At first I was super happy to be back in Manhattan and leaving Brooklyn, but then I began to remember all the miserable things about living there (constant roommate-hunting, never being alone, teeny amount of space, terror of being caught with my cats, darkness and dust and lack of light) and to miss my Brooklyn apartment, and it turned into a nightmare.

So I woke up realizing that I actually like where I live now better than where I lived then. Time Out New York just did a piece about how my neighborhood is "trendy"; we have a sushi place (with vegan options) and a vegan bar around the corner (with vegan bar snacks!) and new stuff is opening every day. And every weekend I can open the blinds from the northwest windows and the southeast windows and have light all day until the sun sets. Not to mention I have my own kitchen and a whole entire spare room. So even though I miss Manhattan, I'm glad that I'm here.


I went to see Chris Cornell last week. It was a solo acoustic show at Town Hall, which was very intimate and a unique, relaxed, friendly environment to see him in. But mostly it just reminded me that I'm more of a Soundgarden fan than a Chris Cornell fan. Thankfully to my delight, they just announced a summer tour! Not a chance I'll miss it. Have added Badmotorfinger to my otherwise all-Nick Cave rotation to celebrate. :)


Went to see Sleep No More last Saturday from 11pm-2am. Definitely the most unique theater experience I've ever seen, though I spent most of the time hot, tired, annoyed by all the people around me, and having a hard time breathing through the mask.

Still, it was amazing. So rare for an artistic experience to really surprise me. It was so meticulously detailed and huge and incredibly well put-together--moments that could have been cheesy failures if done poorly were instead all universally stunning.

For those who don't know, see the reviews linked above. A quick description is that it's like an interactive silent modern-dance Macbeth done in the style of a 30s Hitchcock film, in 3 massive warehouses (100,000 sq feet total--around 100 rooms, from little nooks and crannies to huge ballrooms and "forests") ranging over 6 floors.

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Oh my GOD I’m tired. I haven’t even watched the latest White Collar yet because I was stuck at a SuperVegan meeting last night and then had to go home and do a bunch of work afterward. (I liked the White Collar season premiere, though. It was nice to see the characters again, and I enjoy the banter and obvious OTPness of Neal/Peter. But I’m serially monofannish and my heart is still in the SPN-zone.)

So, all of a sudden, I’m going to Vividcon. And to Lollapalooza. This is random, right? [info]soundingsea talked me into signing up for VVC’s waitlist a while ago, but I never got a response from them and figured it wasn’t going to happen. It turns out my registration got stuck in a spam filter–they were very apologetic and had a spot available based on my position on the waitlist, so I checked into last-minute flights, found an affordable one, and decided to go for it. I also had a voucher for a free night at a category 1-4 Marriott that was about to expire, which I was able to use to get a night at the hotel, so it just kind of seems like fate that it worked out so well.

And then I remembered that Lollapalooza is in Chicago–I’ve been really wanting to go because Soundgarden is reuniting there, but that’s a lot to fly all the way to Chicago for. But it turns out that Lollapalooza is VVC weekend! And Soundgarden is playing Sunday night after the con! I mean, there is no way I can be in Chicago the night Soundgarden’s playing and not go, right? So I bought a Sunday day pass to Lollapalooza. (Lollapalooza ‘97 was my first concert. And Soundgarden has always been “the one that got away”–I was in their fan club as a kid and came this close to getting tickets to see them on their last tour, but wasn’t able to, and figured I’d see them next time, except they went and broke up!!!!)

So anyway. I’m doing that. Anyone else going?

(I know there’s been a lot of controversy around Vividcon lately, and I haven’t been all that happy with the way that some members of the concom and some attendees handled it. But I decided that it wasn’t fair of me to dismiss the entire con based on that–there are friends I want to see, and some of the programming looks amazing.)


This weekend sucked. [info]jaydk came over Saturday night and we ate and drank and watched some of her Korean shows and more of SPN S2, and everything was going great until sometime after midnight, when I decided to microwave some soup while the air conditioner in the other room was running. Oops.

The fuse blew.

a really long story about how my weekend sucked and my apartment is probably going to burn down )

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* I came home from Writercon to find my computer dead. The motherboard is fried. I just spent $350 on replacement parts. (There goes my half-fantasized Labor Day beach vacation.) My brother is going to help me put it back together via phone, which… well, cross your fingers for me. I’m a software person, not a hardware person. He thinks there’s an 80% chance I’ll be able to get my old system working with the new hardware–otherwise I’ll have to buy a new hard drive, install a new operating system, reinstall all my programs, and copy over all my old files. Here’s hoping for that 80% chance.

and the next day the fuse that powers my entire apartment blew and it was insanely stressful )

* And actual Writercon. Gah, I don't even know what to say. It was wonderful and stressful and my feelings are so mixed and complicated. I will say that it was good to reconnect with people (especially the other concom members who I adore but haven't seen in years) and to meet so many awesome new people.

I want to write more but I'm really still working out my feelings (mostly about how/whether I fit into the Writercon community and how/whether Writercon fits into my life). So I'll save that post for some future moment when I'm capable of being coherent about it.

I finished the first season of True Blood and really didn't like it )

I'm watching Farscape and enjoying it so far )

* I feel kind of bad about dissing John Hughes in a post the other day. Despite my reservations about a lot of his work, Ferris Bueller's Day Off is one of my all-time favorite movies. I give Hughes major props for that if nothing else. (And, okay, The Breakfast Club is a total guilty pleasure, even though I want to scream and break things every time Ally Sheedy gets that horrible "makeover").
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I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to see the fireworks from here. Turns out, my new apartment has a PERFECT UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW. I love this place! (Please don’t let them build anything tall across the street! The concrete factory is edgy and low and I don’t mind the noise and its presence keeps my rent down!)

So I just sprawled on a chair in my living room, turned on the TV so I could hear the accompanying sounds/music, and enjoyed the show.

photos of the nyc fireworks from out my front window )

PS: Happy Fourth of July to my American friends! :)
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Why is London After Midnight playing in NYC the same night as the Cure? I would’ve liked to see them. That’s just weird.

I went to Ikea last night. Dude. I felt like I was trapped in the hedge maze from Harry Potter 4. It took me two hours to get out of there, dodging strollers and shopping carts and trying not to get distracted by all the shiny things. And I missed Vegan Drinks. :(

I chose a different bookshelf )

Did I mention that I got my plane tickets for DragonCon? Yep, I'm going. I might want to hide under a burka, but dammit, I can't miss DragonCon. I always have so much fun there. I wonder what the Doctor Who panels are like... (the good thing about DragonCon is that, if they suck, I can always find something else entertaining to do).

I tried out that Wordle thing with my "Midnight" review. Nifty!

Oh, and here's a short post-"Midnight" fic rec: Humans by [livejournal.com profile] rosa_acicularis. Very insightful look at the various characters.

(Anyone have more post-"Midnight" fic recs? That episode is practically begging to be explored further in fanfic. And dammit, I need something to entertain me seeing as 95% of the links on my flist are off-limits due to spoilers.)

Also: a yummylicious John Simm picspam from [livejournal.com profile] lozenger8. :)

Other nifty links: really interesting Doctor/Master discussion at [livejournal.com profile] best_enemies and two compilations of Doctor/Rose squee here and here.

(I don't know why I love Doctor/Rose so much in canon--romantically or as best friends, either interpretation is fine with me--but am completely uninspired to read about them in fanfic. Maybe because their relationship is already a lot like what you get in fanfic--full of character moments and bonding and actual happiness and it's already got such a perfect ending that I'm not inspired to seek out more? Or maybe because my interpretation tends to differ from the mainstream in that I don't care whether they're having sex or not, and I get kind of sick thinking about them "settling down"? Whereas I can't get enough Doctor/Master, maybe because the stuff I'm interested in there is always heavily hinted at in canon, but it never goes as far as I'd like. It's just the kind of relationship that fanfic was invented for. Thus the fact that I could probably read Doctor/Master fic forever without getting bored.)

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I don’t know how long I can hold out! Now would be a really good time to go hibernate in a cave somewhere with no internet access.

Let’s talk about something completely unrelated to the SPOILERS THAT ARE CALLING ME. Hmm.

Oh! I chose some furniture.

furniture and other random stuff )

More distractions; have some recs:

* [livejournal.com profile] selenak wrote a great post comparing "Midnight" and "Voyage of the Damned." (I could swear I read a good one somewhere comparing it to "42," also, but now I don't remember where it was.)

* [livejournal.com profile] lordshiva wrote the Doctor and Anya from Buffy! So much win.

* I adored the New York Times article about Russell T Davies. So far three people I know in real life have come up to me to chatter about it, too.

* I read this entire book about the 1977 blackout in NYC. I'm weird. I clicked on it while researching the history of Bushwick and ended up completely fascinated by the sociology, psychology, and history it explores. (Plus it's fascinating because I had a great time during the 2003 blackout--I got drunk in the gay bar across the street and bonded with my soon-to-be-friend Anne, who stayed at my place rather than walk home to Brooklyn.) It's amazing to compare how the various blackouts reflect the social conditions of their eras.

* I made this bread (substituting a mix of molasses and agave nectar for the honey) and it's delicious.

Do you have any recs for stuff that'll distract me from spoilers? Please share. :)
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SuperVegan was named one of the 21 best vegan blogs by VegNews Magazine. They called us “The Vegan Daily Show.” I am so proud!

Our incredibly-belated second birthday party also went off well. Tons of people showed up and devoured our giant cake at record-breaking speed. And I served free beer from a keg! Now I just need to get cracking on the hundred-million things on my to-do list…

But first, I need a vacation. I haven’t traveled anywhere for the entire year. (*sigh* I never found the time/money for Florida.) I’m going stir crazy. And it’s summer!

But I’m low on money and vacation days, so I posted here asking for advice. Several people told me to take a train to Asbury Park, swim, stay overnight, and take the train back the next day. So I booked a Saturday in July at the Empress (which is mostly a gay hotel but seems welcoming to everyone, has great reviews at TripAdvisor, is right on the beach, has a hotel bar, and looks very pretty).

My memories of Asbury Park are, um, grim (Uranium 235 played at the Stone Pony on Halloween 2000–I think that was the place where my friends had to switch hotels because the original hotel they’d booked wouldn’t let them in!), but apparently they’re remodeling the boardwalk and cleaning everything up, so it’s a good place to have a beach vacation while the prices are still fairly low. (At least, I hope so!) It’s heartbreaking how much is gone, though, and how such an amazing place could decline so badly.

It looks like I’m going alone–I’d rather have company, but it’s hard to find people I travel well with, and none of those I know I get along with can go. I’ll keep asking around, though, and I don’t really mind bringing a book and going on my own.

I also really want to go to Coney Island this year–I adore kitchy old amusement stuff, and I want to see what’s left before it all gets replaced by condos. :( Maybe I’ll go there for July 4? Not sure, it could be too crowded. Whatever, I’ll figure it out–I’m officially a Brooklynite now! (Although HopStop tells me the quickest way to get there is to go into Manhattan and transfer to the N at Union Square. :P)

Pretty much the entire past two weeks have been taken up by moving. I barely even had time to rant about Doctor Who! It’s getting better, though; my living space is starting to feel more like “home” and less like “empty space full of unpacked boxes.” So far I have:

lots of talk about moving and organizing )
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I have to decide tonight whether I want to move out on July 1. Tomorrow is the deadline for notifying my management company.

should I move to Williamsburg? )
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So I get home today to find that my roommate has broken my lamp. It's in the kitchen, and he tripped on its wire while doing laundry. Okay, but the glass part around the top shattered, and left shards of glass everywhere, and he did a crappy job of picking it up. There were bite-sized shards of glass next to my cats' food bowl. And he offered to pay for another glass rim part "if I could find one." Why do I have to find it? He's the one who broke my lamp!

Oh, and the reason the lamp was in the kitchen? Both of the kitchen lights stopped working. I replaced the bulbs; they still don't work. Something with the wiring. And I can't call maintenance because of my cats. Apparently I'll be cooking in the dark now.

And then I got my lease renewal notice. Rent is increasing by $200/month for one year, and $400/month for two years. $2800/month for a one-bedroom with a leaky roof and lights that don't work? I know Manhattan's nicely located and all, but I don't mind moving anyway because the culture is really going to suck when only insanely rich people can afford to live here.

Fuck it. Brooklyn, here I come.
It's crazy hot. Our tiny window air conditioner is working overtime to keep the office... not very cool at all. But still a hell of a lot better than the heat outside, which kind of feels like the earth is trying to sear us right off the face of the planet.

I'm worried about the power. My apartment is on the top floor and traps heat like you wouldn't believe. I can go outside, but the cats are kind of stuck. *prays to the Con Edison gods*

The new roommate was supposed to move in today, but the lunatic old roommate claims her plans to move out yesterday "fell through" and she can't move out until 8pm tonight. *stabs* So new guy is pissed and has to wait an extra day, but hopefully he realizes that this isn't *my* fault.

The current roommate only paid half her rent for July, and I just found remnants of a shattered bowl that she clearly broke and didn't tell me about, and she still has to pay utilities for July, and she didn't move out on time, and she violated her six month agreement. I'm pretty sure this is more than enough justification for me not to return the remaining part of her deposit that I still have, after taking out the rent that she didn't pay. I just worry, because if she's really pissed, she could have her keys copied, sneak back in after moving out, and steal stuff, or hurt my cats, or wreak other kind of havoc. So maybe I should just return the money that she doesn't deserve, in order to keep the peace? Either that or have the lock changed, yet again, but that costs ridiculous money. Grrr.

The wank over at [livejournal.com profile] writercon makes me sad. I know there's lots of bigotry in the world, but I hate seeing it hit so close to home, in a place that's otherwise a safe harbor. I'm glad that people are responding, because letting bigotry stand without a response seems like condoning it. And I'm glad that people are (for the most part) being reasonable and genuinely trying to engage in dialog with the guy. I know intellectually that you're more likely to change people's minds with politeness and dialogue than with angry confrontation, but I'm having a hard time coming up with much beyond "Fuck off!" so I applaud those who are more articulate and restrained than me.

In other news...

I went to the Black Sun Festival in New Haven with [livejournal.com profile] 10zlaine this weekend. New Haven is a nice little pedestrian-friendly town with tons of vegan food, so we ate very well. The only band I really wanted to see was Chemlab, who were amazing, despite a fairly short set. I took nearly 400 photos; they're such a fun band to photograph. Lots of action, and very photogenic band members. ;)

I enjoyed some of the other bands as well. Das Ich was very good, a German band with very charismatic members who looked like they'd just stepped out of a fantasy novel. I didn't see all of Null Device's set, but they had some really interesting and diverse influences. The popularity of Combichrist continues to boggle my mind, though; I don't think they could be more boring.

Aside from seeing the bands in the evenings, I'd talked [livejournal.com profile] 10zlaine into going (after she'd talked me into going and then threatened to cancel!) on the promise that we'd hang out all day watching videos. She brought her DVD player and we each brought a ton of DVDs, but when we arrived we discovered that the hotel television had no inputs except for the coaxial cable that the cable TV was coming in through. Who ever heard of a television with no inputs? And it wasn't terribly old or anything. So after much struggle and me calling my dad trying to figure out what to do, we ended up driving to Best Buy and picking up an RF modulator, which was basically a converter allowing us to hook up the DVD player via the coaxial input. It took us until 3pm Saturday to work all this out, but we still managed to watch a lot: Sharpe 7, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Gun Shy, and the remake of The Thomas Crowne Affair (though we watched that one after the concert Saturday night, so I slept through most of it).

It ended up being quite a fun weekend; I'm glad we went.
Veronica Mars was so inane last night that it's not even the worth the effort it would take for me to comment on it.

But, okay, just one thing )

In other news, I'm going to Boston this weekend for Vericon, a sci-fi con at Harvard which features George R. R. Martin as the guest of honor. Yay! [livejournal.com profile] 10zlaine is meeting me up there.

Boring life updates:

Last night I was doing laundry and suddenly my key stopped working. No matter what I did, I couldn't get my door to open--apparently something inside was out of sync. All I had were keys and laundry--I had to beg a neighbor to let me use her phone to call a locksmith. The locksmith came within 20 minutes and installed a new lock, which cost twice the amount of my round-trip plane ticket to Boston. *cries*

If it weren't for eBay, I'd probably be destitute on the street. I'm selling CDs, plus I spent last Sunday photographing and listing a ton of old Rolling Stone magazines. I've been saving these for ages (I have, like, 1995-2000), and they're taking up too much space in my apartment anyway.

My favorite coworker got engaged. I'm very excited for her--her girlfriend (fiance!) just returned from a month in China and surprised her with a beautiful jade ring. They're not getting married until her girlfriend finishes school (a year or two from now), but still, it's pretty exciting. Apparently we're all going to take a bus up to Canada for the wedding. I'm not really a fan of marriage in general, but if anyone should get married it's these two--they're the nicest and most drama-free people. And it was cool to see my coworker so happy yesterday. :)

I rearranged my bedroom over the weekend (moving heavy things by yourself is hard!). Then I had to rearrange it again, because the cats were unhappy (they had to take flying leaps to get to their window perch). It looks slightly less good this way, but their happiness is more important. And it's still nice--the whole room looks bigger and has more space the way I changed it. (And someday--theoretically--I may actually have people over to see it.) Well, when [livejournal.com profile] 10zlaine comes to visit, she'll have more space to sleep.

I also got frames for some of my posters, and hung them up properly. (Posters tacked to your wall with sticky tack are just so teenage, and I'm a grown-up now and all.) Alas, I'll never be a proper adult, though (and don't want to be): the posters are a Pig "Pigmata" poster, a KMFDM "WWIII" poster (signed by the whole band and Raymond, who drew his <PIG> logo), a signed Depeche Mode CD booklet (from when I met them), and a full page Village Voice ad advertising the "Meet Depeche Mode" event I went to to get the signature. I still need to get frames for my two Star Wars posters, but those are huge so I'm waiting until a more convenient time.

I've been listening to Pig again. I actually went something like three whole weeks listening to no Pig at all, because I was listening to Chemlab. Rediscovering Pig is a wonderful feeling. I've been listening to The Swining, and I'm just overwhelmed with how good that album is. I love the way he uses contrasts, louds and quiets, it's just so vivid. And god, I just adore the way he experiments with genre. His songs all have a certain consistency (his voice, his lyrical style, electronics and samples and heaviness), but they're also so incredibly diverse. I love that this one album, The Swining, has a gospel song (The Fountain of Miracles), a mambo (Black Mambo), a spoken-word piece (Ojo por Ojo), and epic multi-part symphony-style piece (Symphony for the Devil). Plus a bunch of excellent electronic rock songs. And his lyrics are so inventive and brilliant, too! It's amazing that one person can have this much talent.
My roommate's moving out December 31.

If anyone's looking, or knows anyone who is looking for an apartment in NYC, please let me know.

It's a wonderful East Village location. The roommate would get a private bedroom with air conditioner, window, big closet, furnished if desired. Also would share nice-sized kitchen and large bathroom with me and my two cats. The roommate's share of rent is $1250/month.

You can get in touch with me at drinkthepoison@hotmail.com

I'll just be over here panicking.
[livejournal.com profile] jaydk has convinced me to go see Harry Potter 3 again tonight. For the third time in IMAX. Eighth time total. That doesn't include the numerous times I've watched the Remus/Sirius scenes on my own copy. I'm such a dork. (But it is really cool to see in IMAX....)

(Is OoTP still considered spoilery? Well, it's been out over a year; I'm not going to hide every spoiler from it, so be warned.)

Here is a great essay about why Remus/Sirius might be canon. Not that I really care if they're officially canon or not, because I don't give a damn about authorial intent, but it's nice to see their relationship being examined so closely.

[livejournal.com profile] jaydk has tried to convince me that Sirius isn't really dead. I mean, there's no body, and who dies from falling through a veil anyway? Why would Rowling set up such a weird death unless something more was going to come of it?

I still think he's dead, personally. But now I have this idea in my head, which gives me hope, which is very bad because it makes me want to read more fic....

I'm going to be so devastated when the next book comes out and my poor darling Sirius is still dead!

Speaking of fic, I quite loved The Host and His Guest by Diane Coffin. (That's a rec; go read it if you haven't.) Not to mention the amazing stuff that [livejournal.com profile] anniesj has been writing.

So, btw, is anyone in R/S fandom for Sirius? Everyone seems to prefer Remus. I don't get it at all.... I totally identify with Sirius, and find him fascinating, and like him best. (Though I was more like Snape than Sirius in school ... but that whole flashback didn't bother me. Just made me love Sirius even more, and made me more heartbroken that he didn't really get a chance to grow up properly.)

God, I'm babbling. This is horrible. This is why [livejournal.com profile] jaydk and I are going to hang out tonight--so we can babble to each other about this.

We were also happy to learn that DragonCon has added a "Young Adult Literature" track. Which is going to have Harry Potter stuff! Woohoo!! (Given that there was only one HP panel last year, this is a major improvement.)

Anyone else going to DragonCon this year? [livejournal.com profile] jaydk and I decided to go because we had so much fun last year--so much to do, great music, amazing costumes, etc. Something for everyone.

Anyway, in boring RL news, over the weekend my dad came to the city and helped me install a new air conditioner. I should save on the electric bill, in the end, and at least the fuse won't blow, and I'll probably have better luck keeping roommates in a room that isn't sweltering.

My dad also brought the cats back, and the new roommate moved in. The cats seem fine; Lucifer is being very clingy, which he does whenever he's away from me for long. He needs lots of attention. The new roommate seems cool--vegan and likes cats. I've got my fingers crossed that it'll work out.

I went into work two hours early today, so that I can take off two hours early tomorrow. (Working ten hours = really boring). But tomorrow I'm going to see Common Rotation at [livejournal.com profile] psubrat's! With tons of cool people like [livejournal.com profile] chenanceou, [livejournal.com profile] elizard100, [livejournal.com profile] rockgoddes, [livejournal.com profile] redeem147, and so on. Should be fun. :)

And then I want to see Common Ro again the next night in Long Island, and then maybe Saturday night in Woodstock ....

I'm such a fangirl.
[livejournal.com profile] anniesj wrote this gorgeous, amazing, heart-breaking Sirius/Remus fic that made me cry at work. Read it here.

I'm currently compulsively reading my way through [livejournal.com profile] musesfool's RL/SB recs list, which is awesome. Very helpful to someone who is new to the pairing....

I've never had an OTP before, but I really do love this pairing....

I'm eating a varied box of gorgeous, delicious heirloom tomatoes from the Union Square greenmarket. I love that place.

apartment bitching )

I haven't been reading Buffyverse fic. I'm at the point now where my instant reaction is to recoil at even the mention of it. I'm just so not into that universe anymore at all, and I so hate what Mutant Enemy did to it. I was a fan of soulless Spike, not of soulled Spike, and yet I spent ages watching miserably this character who replaced/destroyed the character I loved. The idea of doing that for even one second longer is pretty horrifying. Sorry.

Here's an idea, though. I'm feeling guilty about ignoring fanfic writers who might want their recent work archived on my site. If you're one of those people who I've archived before, could you possibly send me a list (with links) to your recent finished-ready-to-be-archived work that might fit All About Spike? I find that quite a few writers have a hesitancy to promote themselves this way, but believe me, this will make it much easier on me. Otherwise I worry and panic and think "I've missed so much that she's written lately; there's no way I'll ever catch up, so why even bother?" Whereas if you just list it for me, I can catch up easily and not feel like I'm missing something.

[livejournal.com profile] ck594us did this, and notice, I read and archived her recent work very quickly.

Of course, if it's a pain to do this, don't bother. But if you're wishing your stuff was archived at AAS, this would make it happen much more quickly.

I think I'm probably going to stick to reading Spike fic from authors I've read and archived before, or else stuff that's hugely highly recommended. I'm not going to just randomly pick up a Spike fic and start reading it anymore. I'd like to; I really enjoyed running my website. But I'm just so not interested in the topic at all.

And this damn Harry Potter fanfic keeps calling me....

And just to clarify for the millionth time, I'm not going to shut All About Spike down. Not for years and years and years, if ever. It's an archive, it should be there for people to read and reference, even if I'm not updating it anymore.
I would like to keep posting in LJ, but I can't think of anything to say.


My cat Lucifer figured out how to get out of my room, and is currently embarking on a campaign to drive me completely insane. Today I get to spend my lunch break going to furniture stores and trying to find something that I can use to block my doorway so that he can't get out.

My roommate is moving out for sure this time, on July 1. So I have to find a new roommate. But I can't do that until I call maintenance and get her room fixed up. (I went up there and discovered that the ceiling is leaking and cracking. She never bothered telling me about this. And she clearly hasn't cleaned once since she moved in. Ugh--I'm going to have a hell of a time finding someone to move in.)

Anyway, problem is I can't call maintenance until I find a way to make sure the cats can't get out of my room. My apartment doesn't allow pets, and maintenance always comes in the middle of the day when I'm at work. I really don't want the maintenance guy stumbling upon the cats. Or hearing the cats--guess I'll have to leave the TV on really loud for a few days after I call. It would be nice if maintenance would call me back and tell me when they're coming, but no, that's too much trouble for them....

I wish they didn't have my key, but it's expensive to change the locks, and then I'd have to skip work in order to let them in....

Life is complicated. I wish it was July and I was at Writercon now.

a bit about last night's Angel; warning for spoilers and negativity )
I got woken a half hour early today because of jackhammers. Jackhammers! Right outside my building. I was thinking (as I held the pillow uselessly over my ears) that if I went outside and killed the construction workers, I could probably get off on temporary insanity. On account of being driven insane by jackhammers at eight in the morning.

That was a crappy way to wake up.

London Hellmouth got recommended on BBF. Yay! If you had trouble getting to it yesterday, it should be working fine now, so check it out. Wonderful story.

Also, Carolyn Claire's Thirst completely kicks ass as well. Spike/Xander, post-Gift, very creepy and sexy. She does a really wonderful job of creating a place and an atmosphere and a mood ... you really have to read it to get what I mean.

I have so much wonderful stuff to archive right now; did I mention how glad I am that Spike's on Angel? But I'm spacing it out, because if I archive everything at once, some stories will slip through unnoticed. So ... going slow. (If you're waiting for me to archive something, that's why it might take a little while.) I wonder if I archived too many long stories at once in the last few days ... is it too much to read? (For those who usually read a lot of what I archive.) Just curious if anyone has an opinion. I worry about these things.

very tentative thoughts on kinks and anti-kinks )
It's disgustingly hot in here. I'm going to have to turn on the air conditioner, aren't I? Damn. I was putting that off as long as possible, because whenever I run the A/C, the electric bill becomes painful to look at. But unfortunately my apartment is on the top floor and all the heat in the building gathers here. :(

Anyway, so I bought this DVD player, which says "This player is compatible with everything: DVD / DVD-R / DVD+R / VCD / SVCD / CD / CD-R / MP3 / jpg kodak cd / .mpg / .mpeg, / .vob files / Mini DVD."

So, I put in some of the Buffy stuff I've burned to CD, and most of it works, but AVI and WMV files don't. I would have assumed that those formats are included under "everything," but apparently that's just hype? Anyone know if it's possible to get them to play, or convert them, or something? I'm pretty clueless about this, but any help would be appreciated. I'd like to be able to watch those files on the DVD player too.


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