I've been thinking lately. Mostly about art.

There was a Marilyn Manson quote, about art being the equivalent of god, something like that. Like instead of organized religion to give life meaning, you find it in art, in creation. Sort of sprituality based around the expression of the "human spirit" through creativity, something like this. (I was reading something else similar, I think related to William Blake, but I'm too lazy to figure out what it was.)

I'm always arguing with my dad--he always finds my interest in art/music/books/tv to be irrelevant and useless, and takes every opportunity to criticize me for wasting my time, and not making money or doing math or whatever the hell he thinks of as a valid pursuit. And I try to explain to him that to me, art is what makes life worth living... in fact it's pretty much the only thing that gives life meaning....

Random sort of related thoughts....

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Mar. 20th, 2005 07:15 pm
[livejournal.com profile] xssy, I am uploading stuff for you. Damn server is slow... but soon I will have old photos for us to reminisce over.

Anyway. I am in a weird mood today... I keep randomly breaking into laughter.

This is sort of an addition/sidenote to the massively wanky KMFDM kerfuffle I posted about yesterday. It's mostly contained in this thread.

Basically, KMFDM/Pig fan SmackMaster511 is selling CDs on eBay to pay medical bills. He lists Lucia's solo CD; Lucia is a member of KMFDM and is dating KMFDM leader Sascha Konietzko. In an attempt to get the listing noticed, he posts a snarky description, with stuff like

Shoddy lyrics, repeditive music and over usage of vocal distortion and masking get under your skin after the first two songs. If that doesn’t get to you, the entire heartbreak theme will. Man, this girl was depressed when she wrote this album. Folks, this is unadulterated live journal music. Not even Sascha K. or Bill Rieflin could save this album.

and so on.

So then over at the the Ultra Heavy Beat forum, the biggest KMFDM forum, someone posts asking what's up with KMFDM collaborator Raymond Watts. A bunch of people respond with drug rumors, and then KMFDM drummer Andy Selway shows up (as frequentlyfound) and claims that Raymond is just busy with real life.

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So our snarky eBay friend SmackMaster511 shows up and jokes that Raymond's only priority in life should be music.

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And so once again KMFDM leader Sascha Konietzko shows up (Kapt'n K), posts SmackMaster511's snarky comment about Raymond Watts, then posts SmackMaster511's snarky comment about Lucia's solo album from eBay. Yes, he took the time to connect this fan's eBay listing to his message board post. And then he tells SmackMaster511 off.

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I'm sorry, but doesn't the leader of the band have anything better to do than track down and get into flamewars with every single KMFDM fan on the internet who doesn't worship him and all other KMFDM members 110%? He's making himself look like such a petty, humorless asshole.

Although, y'know, it's pretty damn funny.

Oh yeah, and not really related: There's a thread where people are trying to figure out who would play the members of KMFDM in a movie. (People do this with everything, don't they? There's one over at the Song of Ice and Fire board that's really funny.)

So they're trying to figure out who should play Raymond Watts. The general consensus is Johnny Depp. Heeee. And Gary Oldman and Hugh Jackman are also suggestions.

This amuses me immensely... like, look at the continuity between my TV/movie fandom tastes and my musical tastes!
Sorry this is so long; I just kind of wanted to save it all in one place for my own amusement, in case the threads die.

I've got to say, this ongoing KMFDM kerfuffle is one of the funniest/strangest things I've ever seen. Total fandom wank material.

If you're bored, I think this might make for entertaining reading material. KMFDM, if you didn't know, is a pioneering industrial rock band that's been around since the mid-80s.

It seems to go back a long way; the first thing I see is late 2002: a forum administrator getting banned from his own forum by a KMFDM flunkie due to discussions that he wasn't even involved in about the possibility of KMFDM bootlegging.

So then KMFDM announces that they're starting their own record label. On March 2, 2004, they announce on their official site that their first release will be the latest solo effort from frequent KMFDM collaborator Raymond Watts (aka Pig, aka Watts). Two days later Watts himself posts at his official board, The Sick City: Read more... )

Then on March 25, KMFDM posts a terse ""KMFDM Records will NOT be releasing Pigmartyr by WATTS." I can't find any explanation, or public comment on this from Watts himself.

So the record comes out instead on UK label Grand Recordings, who put up a website for Watts which looks like total crap made by a 12-year-old, and their official site contains an unflattering bio which portrays him as an alcoholic/drug addict, and contains more information about his collaborator Eden than it does about Watts himself.

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Eden also makes a general annoyance of himself by posting regularly on the Sick City boards and reassuring fans that the album will be released in the U.S. (it isn't), that they won't have to pay import prices (they do), and then that the album has been shipped (when it hasn't). Fans respond by blaming him for the "bad business advice" that led Watts to ditch KMFDM, and posting his home address and phone number. They dare each other to crank call him, but apparently no one does.

So the album comes out and fans have to pay huge import prices (almost $30 for a CD) to get it shipped from the UK. They are mislead about the shipping date, and many wait over a month and receive nothing.

So in June '04, many people still haven't gotten their orders, and this thread pops up: Grand Recordings = Liars and thieves

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So after massive bitching and fans begging for refunds/re-sent CDs/U.S. distribution through KMFDM records, Raymond Watts himself finally shows up and blames the U.S. postal service for his record label's shitty behavior:

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Responses are generally pretty respectful, given that it's a Raymond Watts fanboard, along the lines of

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So already, we've got some major resentment among fans that Pig/Watts stuff is so hard to get.

So in November, Darren870 posts offering to share a DVD of rare/hard-to-find/unreleased Pig material with other sickcity posters for only the cost of burning/shipping the DVDs.

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So everyone and their sister pops up begging for the Pig DVD.

Then the KMFDM legal department shows up and bitches out Darren, ordering him not to distribute the Pig material.

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Darren responds asking if he can give the CDs to his forum friends for free; other fans respond expressing their annoyance with KMFDM:

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KMFDM sends threatening emails; Darren decides not to distribute the DVD.

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And KFMDM continues with the ridiculously threatening emails:

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So no Pig DVDs, KMFDM fans are disillusioned, and the kerfuffle dies down for a while.

Then on March 11, more than 3 months later, PalerThanGray posts looking for MDFMK bootlegs. (MDFMK is an old disbanded project of Sascha from KMFDM).

Darren responds with a link to download an MDFMK bootleg torrent.

KMFDM jumps on him almost instantly and claims that they are about to sue him:

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Sascha, leader of KMFDM, responds with a rude email to a fan who complained to him about the legal department's attacks on fans:

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So Captain Poop Face and Darren870, longtime KMFDM fans who hang out on KMFDM internet boards, announce that they are fed up and are selling their KMFDM collections on ebay:

Complete with snippy item descriptions like
If you're a huge KMFDM fan, or just a fan of industrial music in general, pick up these cds at a generously cheap price. XF is a great side project from "mastermind" and "father of industrial-rock" Sascha Konietzko.

Then they troll over to the Ultra Heavy Beat forums, an unofficial board where several band members post.

In a thread about the possibility of KMFDM leather jackets, the boys vent.

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Of course, a flamewar ensues between current KMFDM fans and disillusioned former KMFDM fans.

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Meanwhile, on the sick city board, folks begin mocking with thread titles like Torrent Link to Entire KMFDM DIscography containing text like "Just fucking with you, Sascha. You just lost me as a fan when you started harassing someone over a live bootleg from four years ago from a side-project you don't even care about anymore. Even Metallica supports live bootlegs, which means you're below Metallica in my book."

And pooballs changes her sig to read "KMFtm, where your memories of industrial music are raped by lawyers!" They also complain that the KMFDM email newsletter contains nothing but product advertisements.

And so then Sascha himself shows up and posts at the Ultra Heavy Beat forum, as Kapt'n K, in a thread titled SORRY MUTHA FUCKA ADIOS. You should probably go read it there, as it's full of formatting and quotes. Sascha also takes the opportunity, later in the thread, to announce his engagement to KMFDM member Lucia... which makes the kerfuffle thread a rather strange mix of flaming and congratulating.

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So Darren, Sascha, and Chris have it out ... honestly, you've got to love a 40+ band leader getting into petty message board flamewars with 19 year old fans on a FANBOARD.

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At least Sascha apologizes about the rude legal representative:
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And then he offers to buy Darren and Chris' ebay collections:

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Darren posts a civil response:
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And Chris actually apologizes:
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Good god.


And, sort of unrelated: the latest on Raymond, posted today, from Sascha:
[regarding the Pig DVD] after the pigmartyr dilemma - no thanks. we want no part in releasing anything from that camp

i haven't heard from raymond in many months.

Goddammit. Raymond is the only one I give a crap about.
[This post jumps randomly from topic to topic. I apologize.]

OH my god. This is one of the funniest things I've ever read.

This is ridiculously lame. What the hell is wrong with Sascha Konietzko?

Clearly, I've been reading the sick city board way too much. It's kind of addictive, and immensely entertaining, even though I don't think I'd fit in at all, and so haven't posted. Plus it seems like everyone there has known each other for years, and they enjoy ripping newbies to shreds.

But... entertaining. (I'm actually starting to know all the regulars and their personalities, which is just sad.)


I'm depressed that KMFDM is coming out with a new DVD and Raymond Watts probably won't be on it. He is the most entertaining thing, by far, in any of the previous DVDs. I'm not sure there's much point in buying it without him. I mean, otherwise it's just the dour German guy and the boring American chick. The whole point of the KMFDM backstage footage is to laugh at Raymond being a dork. And onstage, he's got the most presence by far.

Maybe they'll include some old footage or something. They've got to have some interesting unreleased stuff in their archives....

I thought this Pig obsession was going to go away quickly, but it only seems to be getting stronger. It's been over four months, now, and hasn't waned at all. The man has been releasing material for over 20 years and has been incredibly prolific. I've finally got all the Pig albums, but there's still singles, EPs, Japanese versions, LPs, remixes, covers, compilations, side projects, appearances on KMFDM albums that I don't own, etc. Then there's Pig videos (which I have no clue how to obtain, though people on thesickcity have them and won't share), live bootlegs of Pig and of Watts with KMFDM... not to mention interviews and internet archives to search through for information: old newsgroups, yahoo groups, ezboards, old websites, some only visible through archive.org. And so on. Massive amounts of stuff to keep me entertained for a while longer.

It is weird being in the grip of obsession like this. I absorb so much, so quickly. I mean, honestly, when else would I have the patience or motivation to glean through hundreds of old website postings for every speck of information?

Musically it's been delightful. The man is a genius. I am continually astounded by the cleverness and depth of lyrics, and the intricacy and passion of the music.

It sucks terribly that nothing's happening now, though. I'd drop everything and fly to London tomorrow if Watts were playing a show. But it looks likely that this is pretty much a dead/dying fandom.

Today is a very exciting day. It is the official opening of the Whole Foods at Union Square. I am incredibly excited. It's huge and they have everything, all the natural organic vegan stuff that I buy, at better prices than anywhere else, and it's so close to my home and work. Normally I'm not fond of big chain stores driving out the little guys, but I'm hoping and praying that they'll drive the hideous local health food store out of business. (It's called Healthy Pleasures/Wholesome Market, and is known for lying about what's vegan, passing off crappy old canned vegetables and meat as organic, and having horribly unsanitary conditions).

So for lunch today, I had vegan chocolate truffles, vegan pesto tortellini, falafel, baked plantains, cranberry-walnut cous cous salad, tofu egg salad, an Indian medley (chickpeas, eggplant and potatoes, vegetable biriyani), fried rice, and guacamole). Everything is well labeled so that you can tell easily what's vegan, and the options are endless: juice bar, coffee bar, sushi bar, fresh salad ingredients, Indian food, Mexican food, pretty much any type of food you can imagine with massive amounts of well-labelled vegan and vegetarian stuff. Plus baked goods, a chocolate section.... I could go on. I could eat here every day if I want; it's virtually next to my office.

I repeat: vegan pesto tortellini.

I'm really inordinantly excited about this.

[livejournal.com profile] dizenchanted, did you see this? Or this? The new bio is hilarious; for example:

At the height of their career, LAW AND ORDER garnered significant video airplay on MTV with their singles "We Don't See God" and "Soul Inside". The band also received a "KKKKK" review (the highest honor) in the UK's infamous Kerrang Magazine, as well as touring with the likes of Platinum artists such as Pearl Jam and Blind Melon.

And other such bullshit. Yeah, they were big time. I didn't realize that a few airings on Headbanger's Ball counts as "significant."

I wonder if the record is worth buying. The idea of paying money for something like that is kind of funny.
What? I missed Methos on Smallville? Goddammit, you people need to tell me these things!

I'll have to download that. Anyone know if he is recurring or just in one episode?

[livejournal.com profile] brighidestone has a great post here.

Tomorrow, I try to get Nine Inch Nails tickets. They are going to sell out in 2 seconds flat. Pray for me. (I want to see both NYC shows and both Philly shows, but I suspect I will be lucky to get tickets to even one.)

Hotmail is being a complete bitch; for the last few days it has been showing me an empty inbox, and only occasionally allowing me to actually see messages. I suppose I should make the switch to gmail... *sigh* It's just that I've had this hotmail account for 6 years or so, and it's so convenient to have everything in one place...

I need a new alias. drinkthepoison has got to go. But rustyhalo is way too common, and impossible to get without some weird permutation. I'm really surprised I got a fairly simple version of it for LJ.

Myspace.com is weird. I don't get the point of talking to strangers if it's not about fandom. WTF do normal people talk about? I don't even know. The weather?

I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] 10zlaine about this last night (for 5 1/2 hours, damn). Fandom is so nice for us socially awkward people because we can skip the excruciating smalltalk and go straight to the battle-to-the-death shipper wars and stuff like that. (Y'know, the fun parts of conversation where you actually care about what you're discussing.)

Also, I must say I am intensely amused by the fact that several members of KMFDM have Myspace accounts.

So, my research indicates that the place to go for decent KMFDM talk is the forums at theultraheavybeat.com. There doesn't seem to be anywhere decent for Raymond Watts talk; the choice is between thesickcity.com (nasty assholes) and raymondwatts.com (slobbering sycophants). *sigh*

Seven new messages and I can't see any of them. *kills hotmail*
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This is a good article.

This is fucking creepy.

Did you guys see the Daily Show last night? It was brilliant; I haven't laughed so much in a long time. I love that Jon cracked up and couldn't even look at Stephen Colbert once he said his name was really "Ted Hitler." Heee. Plus, it managed to be hilarious and, simultaneously, have more relevant and insightful commentary than anything else you're going to see on mainstream TV.

I've been eating a lot of blood oranges lately. They both fascinate and repulse me. There is something just wrong about eating such a sweet happy fruit as an orange and finding it to be this hideous raw blood color inside.

I've been listening to two records, Pig's "Praise the Lard" and "Sinsation." Both brilliant.

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I really liked Maureen Dowd's op-ed in the NY Times today (registration required).

I'm listening to the Watts album "Pigmartyr" and KMFDM's "WWIII."

"WWIII" is absolutely awesome, sort of a concept album in that it's a thematically consistent attack on the Bush administration specifically, and the way the world is moving in general. Very hard edged, angry, smart, and satirical. I definitely like KMFDM's heavier, guitar-driven albums better than their more electronic, techno-driven albums. And it's so cool that a band that's been going for 20 years can still come up with something this fresh and powerful.

And possibly my favorite thing on this album is that it ends with a song called "Intro," which introduces all the band members in really hilarious ways. (For example, Sascha assumes a greatly exaggerated German accept and introduces himself as "the father of industrial rock"). There's some very dark stuff on this album, but also some really fun and funny stuff. Which is one of the things I like about KMFDM--they can be dark without getting caught up in that sort of self-indulgent darkness that doesn't allow you to have any fun. (Like, I love that they have a bunch of songs about how awesome KMFDM is, and a song about how much KMFDM sucks.) And with their use of satire, they can be dark and fun at the same time.

"Pigmartyr" is not as good as "WWIII." A few tracks sort of meander; I really need to check out Pig's earlier stuff, I think, as I've heard it's a lot better. However, this is basically a good record. "Kundalini" is by far the best song, powerful, catchy, with gorgeous vocals. Sort of a new wave feel, almost. I also like "Arbor Vitate"--again, powerful vocals, and a great chorus. (I've had "This is the god / This is the gun / One is for kiling one is for fun" stuck in my head all day.)

There is something a bit strange about hanging out in my kitchen, baking Christmas holiday cookies, while listening to ultra-heavy industrial music.

Oh yes, and the answers to yesterday's lyrics meme. You guys got most of them. So you can go look at the original entry to see the ones people got, and here are the answers to the ones no one got:

2. Repentance won't alter the course / There's no escape from myself
(Beborn Beton - Nowhere)

3. Minutes slowly turn to hours / Another moment passes by / Seconds of eternity / I wonder if it's time to say goodbye
(KMFDM - Today)

11. When summer fades to silence / When winter's still a dream
(Bella Morte - Autumn)

13. You know nothing about me / I know all about you
(Green River - Corner of my Eye)

14. And I don't want to be part of your world / And I don't want to see the things you see
(Cruxshadows - Leave Me Alone)

17. Be a good girl like you're supposed to / Dominate your fears
(Orgy - Pantomime)

So mainly underground goth industrial stuff. (Though I really thought KMFDM was bigger than that ... they were on MTV and stuff. And Orgy was sort of big for a while.) And one old grunge song -- Green River was the band with members of Pearl Jam/Mother Love Bone and Mudhoney, way back in the day.
Book meme:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

"Now they had him in their talons."

From "The Key of the Kingdom: A Book of Stories and Poems for Children."

I find this sort of vaguely amusing.

Random life update: I spent the weekend sitting in my apartment being a hermit and hanging with my cats. One roommate appointment cancelled; the other was unbelievably rude. No roommate yet.

My boss called me at 10am Sunday morning (woke me up) from Norway because of website issues. Spent an hour on the phone with tech support. Fixed the issues. Went back to sleep.

Burned all my CDs to MP3s. If only I could do the same with my 200+ audio cassettes.

Continued my slow re-read of A Storm of Swords. There's this long stretch in the middle with no Jaime chapters; hard to get through. Had an idea about buildling a database-driven website to catalog all appearances of every character and location. Don't have the dedication, though. Or the money.

I've been combatting boredom by watching videos from my video collection, but the selection of movies I haven't seen recently is running really low. I watched "If Looks Could Kill," "Willow," and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," random vestiges of stuff that I collected as a 10-year-old. I still sort of like "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (Corey Feldman as Donatello ... Elias Koteas as Casey Jones ... not bad.) "If Looks Could Kill" and "Willow" are just painful, though. I can feel my brain rotting as I watch them....

What else.... continued listening to and reading up on KMFDM. I like them; in interviews, Sascha seems smart and funny and has both integrity and talent. It's always nice to see people who succeed at making art without having to sell their souls. I love that they are good to their fans, concerned about keeping prices down, answer fans' emails, stuff like that. Refreshing. Honest. (*cough*oppositeofbuffycelebrityfandom*cough*)

Anyway. I'm bored and now I have to go back to work.
I sort of wrote a bunch of brainstorming-type ideas the other day for a cultural-studies type essay on industrial rock music. I don't intend to write a real essay, as that would require actual research and much more careful wording, but if you want to read the random ideas I threw out, they're here (new stuff preceded by an ETA tag).

That 2004 Year in Review meme, snatched from Chen )
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Sunday was going to be my day to relax and catch up on sleep, LJ, fic, and school. Instead, I got a call from my friend Mike announcing that my friend Joe was in town. They're friends from high school; I've only seen them a handful of times since high school ended three and a half years ago.

So, they came to visit. Joe moved to Las Vegas shortly after school ended, became a marine, and spent the past several months in Iraq. Mike still lives in his parents' house and is in his fourth year of a two-year community college program. It amazes me what different paths our lives have taken.

cut for high school memories )

So anyway, we reminisced about all that stuff. They stayed till around 2am, and Joe went back to Las Vegas the next day. Hopefully I'll see Mike again, though; he's only a few hours away in New Jersey.

I only got about three hours of sleep Sunday night, then worked all day Monday. Monday night was a KMFDM concert that I already had tickets to, otherwise I'd have just slept. So I dragged myself to KMFDM, where I mostly just tried to stay awake. It was good, though. They played a whole ton of classics; Flesh, Juke Joint Jezebel, Godlike, A Drug Against War, various others that I can't be bothered to remember. Flesh is my favorite so I really tried to get into that one, but I was just too tired. That was depressing; I was dancing and singing all night to the Cruxshadows and couldn't even work up the enthusiasm for one KMFDM song. I don't think it was their fault; I was just too tired. But ... yeah. If you get a chance, go see KMFDM. They're neat.

I've never been a huge KMFDM fan. I like Nihil a whole lot, but none of their other records have resonated the same way (although my favorite song is Anarchy, from the symbols record, which is also very good). So I was glad that they played songs from that. My main fascination with KMFDM comes from cut for more high school memories )


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