I want to keep a record of Sharpe fic I've enjoyed, so why not do it here? I'll add to this when/if I find more.

These are mostly Sharpe/Harper (with a few Sharpe/Teresa, and some gen). Most are at least somewhat hurt/comfort-ish, presumably because the canon itself is basically Sharpe/Harper hurt/comfort.

If there is good Sharpe fic out there that I don't have listed here, please point me to it!

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I'm trying not to panic about the fact that All About Spike and SuperVegan are both down, because it's some mysterious server issue and there's nothing I can do about it.

*deep breath*

*not panicking*

*rescinding all recommendations of Cybertarp hosting company*

Also, there is a meme:

Ask My Fandom Opinion

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts.

I probably don't have any fandom opinions that my friends don't already know, but whatever, let's see if anyone feels like asking anything.


I watched "Sharpe's Revenge" last night. It's hard to enjoy that one; I just spend the whole thing cringing for Jane. babble about Sharpe's Revenge )

I also watched a bit of "Extremely Dangerous." Yes, I finally caved and bought the movie. I was ambivalent at first, but I kept wanting to watch it again, and finally just decided that I needed my own copy. I'm glad I did, as it makes me very happy. The story is interesting, the characters are complex, and Sean Bean is just so damn gorgeous. I like how it takes its time and thoroughly establishes all the characters, and I enjoy that it doesn't talk down to its audience (though I wish it had captions, since a bunch of important stuff gets mumbled quickly and almost incomprehensibly). I like that Sean Bean gets to play a complex character, showing off his scary and menacing side, but also his vulnerable, sympathetic side. I liked this review very much:

In Extremely Dangerous Bean is, does, or radiates something--I don't know what--that makes it so only his presence matters.... Unbelievable though it may sound, after you've watched him for hours, even seeing him play a few bars on the piano (though I suspect a stunt pianist's hands there) or taking out his contact lenses becomes erotic. D.A. Pennebaker was right when he said that watching somebody for hours through a camera is like falling in love with them--it's impossible to resist the power of such close scrutiny.

Also, I decided to join the modern era and convert my LJ to a S2 style. Then I got bored halfway through. So it kind of looks stupid, but I'll make it pretty eventually.
I spent my weekend watching Spike TV's James Bond marathon. I'd forgotten how awesome Sean Connery was, gorgeous and suave and dangerous, and how lame and annoying Roger Moore was in comparison. I tried to watch one of the Timothy Dalton ones (mainly because my favorite BtVS line ever is Andrew's "Timothy Dalton should win an Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!"), but it was on at 3am and I fell asleep.

I wasn't entirely unproductive, as I also cleaned out my room and listed a ton of stuff on eBay.

I watched the director's commentary on "Don't Say A Word" (he compares Sean Bean to Robert Shaw, that's pretty nice) and a kids' movie with Sean Bean's voice called "Pride." Can you tell I'm getting to the end of the Sean Bean movies in my Netflix queue? "Pride" was very stupid, sort of an awkward attempt at blending feminism with actual lion behavior, but there was a two-second clip in the "making of" showing Sean Bean cracking up while doing the voice recording, so it was probably worth it for that. So gorgeous.

I watched "Sharpe's Mission" last night. The ones not based on Cornwell books are always a bit goofy, aren't they? Though it is great when Sharpe shoves the guy down the well; how very Jaime Lannister of him. I was also struck by how, when I first watched the series, I didn't understand why [livejournal.com profile] queenofthorns was harping on Jane. Now that I've seen the whole series and read the books, I spent most of the episode screaming what a bitch Jane is. Oh, how I hate her. How horrible is it that Sharpe totally ignores the awesome, intelligent, badass Lady Anne in favor of the stupid, naive, nasty pathetic little Jane? *sigh* How could he go from a woman as amazing as Teresa to Jane??? How could he marry someone he doesn't even know just because she pinged his "rescue helpless girl in trouble" instinct? How could she choose Alexis Denisof over Sean Bean??? I mean, don't get me wrong, Alexis Denisof is hot and all, but ... Sean Bean!!!


I also watched "Sharpe's Challenge" again and I realized that my favorite scene in the entire series is actually an outtake: the moment where Sharpe falls asleep at the table and Harper carries him off to bed. I mean it just so perfectly captures their relationship, how much they love and depend on each other, and understand each other like no one else. Not to mention, so slashy, it could've been taken directly out of a fic. Sharpe may not be in love with Harper (though he certainly loves Harper, and spends the whole episode rescuing Harper and worrying about Harper), but Harper is so in love with Sharpe. I mean, every time Sharpe gets depressed, Harper's there telling him how awesome he is and then carrying him off to bed.

I watched "Sharpe's Mission" immediately before bed last night and was hoping to dream about Sean Bean as a result. I did; I dreamed that we were eating vegan fast food at a new restaurant in Union Square opened up by Woody Harrelson, and the Chinese woman who was running the place was asking me for advice on what to serve (I suggested utthapams, like Indian-style pizzas), and then she mixed up our bill with someone else's. Sean Bean and I were sharing some kind of small chocolatey thing, and I was worrying that I was late for work, and kept asking him to repeat himself because I was distracted and only half listening. He was telling me that someone in England had mistaken his tattoo for a line from the Toadies song "Possum Kingdom," which I hate, and I woke up with the song stuck in my head. THAT WAS NOT WHAT I MEANT WHEN I SAID I WANTED TO DREAM ABOUT SEAN BEAN. Damn subconscious.

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AAAHHHHH, if I open one more fic where Sharpe

* is a space captain a hundred years in the future

* is really an immortal and is sleeping with Methos and/or Duncan MacLeod

* was really a male whore sleeping with superior officers the whole time

* just needed to meet the Mary Sue of his dreams to be happy

* cries like a little girl at the slightest provocation

* thinks about nothing but sex and spends the entire Napoleonic wars plotting ways to sneak off privately with Patrick Harper

I'm going to kill someone!

Seriously, the proportion of badfic in this fandom is blowing my mind. Someone, please, help! There's got to be recs page, or a secret site of good fic, somewhere out there that I'm missing, right? Right???

(I've already been through the Sharpetorium and through ff.net and through several LJ communities.)

*deep breath*

Okay, maybe I'll get some work done instead.
Oh, [livejournal.com profile] bean_daily, you bring such joy to my life. Especially when you post naked photos of Sean Bean.

Look, I made Sharpe icons! They're not very good, because I suck at making graphics, but whatever, they're heartfelt. Please credit/comment if taking. Caps came from [livejournal.com profile] bean_daily.

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Allen conceded! Democrats have the Senate! YES! (*fingers crossed that they don't screw up, etc.*)

Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] 10zlaine! :) We're off to Boston this weekend on a random last-minute trip to see Common Rotation and to hang out since we haven't seen each other since, erm, was it DragonCon? Anyway, should be fun.

And after (three years?), I've finally managed to talk [livejournal.com profile] jaydk into seeing Common Rotation with me! They're playing in my neighborhood tonight. Yay! :)

Also, I'm in a good mood, because this Sharpe fic is really freaking funny. And I found it in the Pit of Voles, no less!
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Last night: two Sean Bean movies, mainly because they were both so awful that I wanted to get them over with quickly.

The Dark is another one of those horror movies about scary little girls, psychically intuitive mothers, and clueless-but-well-meaning fathers. The "scariest" thing in this movie was a bunch of rampaging suicidal sheep. I'm trying to figure out which is a goofier attempt at horror; these suicidal sheep or the garbage disposal spewing applesauce in In Dreams.

Sean Bean's role was pretty much the same as in Silent Hill, although happily he got more screen time. He looked hot, as usual, but mostly I spent the movie wondering why he's been in so many bad movies.

Fool's Gold was like a tame version of Essex Boys. Sean Bean plays a tough guy criminal who gets in over his head. On the plus side, he loves his kids, and we get some cute scenes of him playing with them. But mostly he's being tough and scary and angry, which he's good at, but it's kind of limiting for such a good actor. He does get some really good scenes near the end, though, when his character starts to realize just how utterly screwed he is. And he's young in this one, which makes him extra-hot, so I enjoyed it for the eye candy. But it's not a very good movie.

South Park last night was awesome. They're having a great season; I haven't seen a single lame episode so far.

Veronica Mars yesterday ... um, what did I ever see in this show? Wallace's plot was directly out of a "cheating is bad, mmmmkay?" after school special. And feminists ... faking rapes ... does not compute ... what the fuck? *sigh*

I've been seeking out Sharpe fic. I find myself gravitating toward slash, even though I'm not really interested in reading anything sexual. I just want good fic, gen even, but slash seems far more likely to be good. I know people are always fighting about how slash is no better than het, but really, at least when I open a slash fic I don't face a 70% chance of running into a Mary Sue within the first four paragraphs.

Slash fic is much more likely to explore a premise that I'm interested in, namely the relationships between the existing characters. I'd much rather read about the powerful emotional connection between Sharpe and Harper (which is canon), and if it happens to get sexual, so what? At least it's exploring something I'm interested in, unlike random Mary Sue fic. Maybe this is because there aren't many interesting canonical female characters. Though I wouldn't mind reading Sharpe/Teresa, if was actual badass Teresa and not lame author-insertion "Teresa."

Not that all the slash is good (not even close); it's just less likely to be bad. In this fandom. In my opinion.

I realize I haven't said anything about the election yet. Obviously I'm delighted (Santorum's gone! Rumsfeld's gone! Democrats got the House! and probably the Senate!) and I'm just praying that the Democrats won't screw it up too quickly. (*fingers crossed*) Yay democracy!

Plus The Colbert Report was to die for last night. Ah, poor Stephen in denial. And you know, anytime he sings the national anthem, it's bound to be a good episode. ;)
Last night's Sean Bean movie was Patriot Games. I really hated this movie, probably more so than it deserved. Something just totally rubbed me wrong; I think maybe it was that the main family reminded me on the family in Fatal Attraction: Read more... )

The next DVD is Clarissa, which I'm really kind of dreading because me and period costume dramas are not mixy things. Fingers crossed that I won't fall asleep.

Also, I hate to admit this, but I finally got the imps from BPAL that I ordered ages ago. I'm wearing Blood Kiss today, which I love. In my defense, I'm not jumping on the fandom bandwagon; I got a bunch of free imps at Convergence, that goth con in New Orleans that [livejournal.com profile] drujan and I attended this spring, and just recently figured out that they're the same thing that [livejournal.com profile] harmonyfb is always talking about. I can totally see how people get addicted to this stuff.

I put the audio book of Sharpe's Tiger on my MP3 player. I had no idea how delightful this would be. Sean Bean's lovely voice caressing my ears as I walked to work this morning--I must've been grinning like an idiot. I have little tolerance for audio books because I'm impatient, but I've already read this one, so I'm just listening to savor Sean Bean's yummylicious voice.

[livejournal.com profile] drujan called me last night to squee over "Sharpe's Rifles," the latest book I lent her. She liked it even better than "Sharpe's Sword"; in fact she seems to be more excited about Sharpe than I am. This is amusing me immensely. Hopefully today I'll get the Sharpe DVDs that I ordered from Deep Discount DVD, so that we can have another Sharpe day this weekend.

I have also been reading bits of Sharpe fanfic, and I find myself consistently amused at how they all start out like a Cornwell book: soldiers, dirt, war, etc., but then somehow they end up maneuvering the characters into very un-Cornwell-like situations, y'know, usually by somehow finding an excuse to get Sharpe naked and/or wet.

I've been reading Fandom Wank a lot lately. It's funny, when I first got into fandom I thought Fandom Wank was horrible and mean and pretty much an example of the worst impulses of fandom. Somehow my thoughts have shifted--maybe it's a combination of realizing that above all fandom should be fun and I need to not take it so seriously, plus the whole Cassandra Claire/Ms Scribe thing making me realize that the currency of fandom is social popularity, and so a venue for social ridicule is really the only way to deal with those who violate its social codes. Or maybe I realized that fandom is often just fucking hilarious. I was looking over the Fandom Wank wiki and I found what is pretty much my favorite wank ever: Perhaps I have a special anus. Every time I re-read this, I can't stop laughing. (Don't forget, Superman is a careful rapist.)

So, strangely enough, Fandom Wank originally made me kind of hate fandom, but now it reminds me why I love fandom.

Also this weekend, I'm going to this thing called "Night of Too Many Stars," which has been advertised incessantly on Comedy Central. I just went to Ticketmaster to peek, and when I tested it, it pulled up such a great seat that I couldn't not buy it. I really need to stop blowing cash on ridiculous things. But dammit, I should take advantage of the fact that I live in NYC, and plus, Jon Stewart is hosting, and Stephen Colbert is going to be there, so really, how could I not go? (::squee!::)

Also, The Colbert Report pretty much, y'know, won, this week. First there was an episode celebrating the "American Lady," in which Stephen baked an apple pie (and received several kisses) from Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, then declared everyone in the audience, including himself, "Mrs. Colbert," in a parody of the Miss America contest. Then in the next episode, he announced the finalists of his lightsaber challenge (note to any company trying to figure out how to tap into user-generated content and participatory fan culture: Colbert does it perfectly), and I actually screamed when George Lucas showed up, and then screamed again when Lucas "lost" to some random girl from the internet. And then screamed a third time for good measure when the show ended with a lightsaber battle between George Lucas and Stephen Colbert. ::adores::

I know that I should download this week's episode of Veronica Mars (I missed it because we had Columbus Day off and I thought Tuesday was Monday). But I'm kind of dreading it. Fandom's supposed to be fun, but VM leaves me feeling annoyed and condescended to. I might wait until the season's done and then decide, based on fan reactions, whether to catch up with it. Though I do miss participating in discussions as the show happens.

Also, how does the LiveJournal spellchecker not recognize the word "fandom"? I mean, come on. This is LiveJournal. :P I wish they'd stop doing stupid shit like adding IM features and finding ways to help corporations shut down fandom. Why not, say, fix all the annoying stuff first? Like, a better spell checker, and easier way to customize styles and mood themes, a way to turn off that horrid nav bar everywhere....
Well, I finished the Sharpe series!

My conclusion is Sharpe spoilers )

This weekend's Sean Bean movies:

Ronin, which was a slightly-more-interesting-than-usual action movie. It was made pretty well, and if you like car chase scenes it probably counts as great art. Alas, I'm immune to car chase scenes, and sadly I'm also immune to whatever everyone else sees in Robert DeNiro, so I was mostly bored. Sean Bean was barely in it, but he was good in his part.

The director's commentary is very interesting. It's highly technical, and he comes across as kind of pompous, but it's interesting to hear how they did the car chase scenes (with actual actors in cars going ridiculously fast).

National Treasure. Okay, there's a reason I didn't see this in the theater, and I basically put it on my Netflix queue to get it over with as quickly as possible. Here's an excerpt from my Netflix review, because I don't want to have to think about the movie again:

This ludicrous excuse for a movie is so awful that it honestly hurts my SOUL to contemplate it for too long. It's riddled with shallow characters, non-sensical plot developments, and utter stupidity at every turn. I could write a 20 page essay pointing out every horrid thing, but see above about how soul-crushing that would be. The thing that annoyed me the most is probably that the "heroes" were all willing to sacrifice actual human lives and actual human friendships for a piece of paper whose only value is historical. If you want mindless patriotism and characters so simplistic that "one dimensional" would be a complement, this is the movie for you.

For some strange reason, no one on Netflix seems to find my reviews helpful... :P
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It's deadline time. Last week I was at work until 8pm, 9pm, and finally until midnight on Friday night.

Then I had to take a wacky detour home, because a crane working on a building I pass every day decided to collapse and land on a taxi. Several blocks were blocked off and I was very lucky that my apartment was just out of the range of inaccessible buildings. It was quite weird, walking home after midnight, past all the people waiting at the police barriers to be allowed back into their apartments.

I've been listening to Marilyn Manson's album Antichrist Superstar. It's making me incredibly nostalgic for the mid-1990's, for being a teenager, and for some of the best concert experiences of my life. Manson used to put on such a great show, and I was naive and enthusiastic enough to enjoy it thoroughly. Wish he hadn't gotten old and lame. :( I think "The Reflecting God" is still one of my all time favorite songs, and Antichrist Superstar really is an amazingly cohesive album full of interesting ideas. Manson's more a writer than a musician ... but a good writer, and back then he was working with actual good musicians.

I have two more Sharpe books to read, but I'm not rushing because they're the final two (Waterloo and Devil) and I'd rather drag them out. Once they're done, that's it for the Sharpe book series, and despite its cheesiness and predictability, I've really been enjoying it. Sharpe is totally my kind of hero, with his social awkwardness and inability to fit in and ruthlessness and need to prove himself...

[livejournal.com profile] drujan and I hung out on Thursday night (commiserating over work problems and how much the INS sucks) and she stopped by so that I could lend her Sharpe's Sword (book). I also showed her the cover of the Sharpe's Eagle DVD. She stared at it for 30 straight seconds and I was afraid she was going to start drooling on it. We now have plans for a Sharpe movie night. ;)

Saturday I watched a 1988 movie starring Sean Bean called Stormy Monday. It also starred a surreal group of actors including Melanie Griffith, Sting, and Tommy Lee Jones. It was an atmospheric, moody film noir that didn't really go anywhere, though I think it was trying to make some kind of comment about the destructive power of American capitalism. Mostly I was distracted by how ridiculously gorgeous young Sean Bean was. Like, ridiculously, insanely, mind-boggling gorgeous. I watched it twice, despite it not being all that good. Sean Bean played a naive young man getting disillusioned by life, and falling in love, and walking around in jeans and a Walkman and looking adorable... ; it was nice seeing him as something other than a historical figure or a supervillain.

Then I had to go to Brooklyn. Twice in one weekend, which, in my opinion, is two times too much Brooklyn. I really, really, really hate that borough.

Saturday night I went to some concert ("industrial festival") because my friend April was going to be there. She's the one who just got married, so I wanted to see her. Unfortunately this involved getting on the L train, which took a half hour to arrive, then went only two stops into Brooklyn before stopping and announcing that this would be the last stop. So a whole mob of pissed off people had to get out and get on a bus, which took us the rest of the way. My stop was some empty wasteland full of abandoned warehouses, and I had to walk five blocks to get to the venue. (Happily I found a girl who was going to the same place, so we walked together.)

Then when we got there, we had to wait in line 45 minutes (with people smoking, ick) because the ticket takers were so stunningly disorganized. (The only good part was that there was a hot guy milling around who looked like Brian Kinney.) Once we finally managed to pay our $18 fee ($28 if you weren't on some promotions list), we had to go upstairs for the concert. "Upstairs" meant up the rickety metal outdoor fire escape. It was barely more than a ladder. And it shook. And it was see-through, not nice for all the girls in skirts. Half of us were clutching the sides in terror as we climbed up.

Once inside, the place turned out to be an utter shithole. Some old crumbly warehouse, horrid fire hazard (with wooden floors and only that one stairway), sweltering from all the people packed in. I entirely missed the band April was there to see (Imperative Reaction), but I did manage to find her. We headed to the bathroom, had to wait a half hour, then it was so gross that I decided to wait until I got home. So we went to the bar and it took literally a half hour to get a bartender's attention; it wasn't even a real bar, just some coolers and people running around. And did I mention how it was swelteringly hot, and the only air came from the fire escape, which you weren't allowed to stand on (probably because it would've collapsed from the weight of people trying to get air)? At least April drove me home so that I didn't have to rely on the L train bus, and of course, it was awesome to spend time with April, who is a good and true friend.

Still, in my many years of attending shithole music venues, this place was the very worst.

Sunday was better. My friend Livi organized this "Vegan Buddies" gathering at Red Bamboo Brooklyn (a veg restaurant in a much nicer neighborhood), which had some interesting speakers, good food, and a surprise birthday party and cake for Livi. I got there around 5pm and didn't leave until midnight, but it was worth it for the fun of hanging out with Livi and our fellow SuperVegans.

And now back to work. And, happily, Netflix is sending me more Sean Bean movies as we speak. :)
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Sharpe books )

Profit: the greatest TV show ever? )

Two Sean Bean movies, Bravo Two Zero and Extremely Dangerous )

More Robert Downey Jr movies: Only You )

Restoration )

In Dreams )

Two amusing links:

Quiet Guy Mistaken For Nice Guy at The Onion. Because I love how you can be totally silent and people will project their expectations onto you and see what they want to see.

And Sharpe's Piss Pot at Something Awful. "1813. Sharpe is tasked with rescuing Wellington's favorite Piss Pot from the clutches of General Ennui, but a filthy new sergeant with evil schemes and a mysterious damsel with a great deal of cleavage have..."

Having just watched the entire Sharpe series, I could not stop laughing while reading this.
[livejournal.com profile] drujan informed me this weekend that BAPS is closing, which makes me sad, particularly because they're deleting the archives.

I haven't been back there in years, but that's where I entered fandom. (And my opinions have certainly changed dramatically since!) Still, the nostalgia is strong.

I'm looking through old posts now. 2001, and everyone's wondering what's going to happen when Riley returns. (Kelly suggests that Buffy will have to kill him to save Spike--oh, those were the good old days!) There's [livejournal.com profile] drujan, [livejournal.com profile] 10zlaine, [livejournal.com profile] kellyhk, [livejournal.com profile] redeem147, [livejournal.com profile] chenanceou, [livejournal.com profile] ww1614, [livejournal.com profile] spikewriter, [livejournal.com profile] jerrymcl89, [livejournal.com profile] jaydk, [livejournal.com profile] shipperx, [livejournal.com profile] klytaimnestra, [livejournal.com profile] cindermom... and plenty of others, but I can't spend all day scrolling through BAPS. To think, the different places we were in our lives back then.

It's amazing, looking through the list of people posting, how many of those people I later met in person, and how many I still know today. Fandom is crazy. In a good way.

The weekend was fun. [livejournal.com profile] jaydk and I finally celebrated [livejournal.com profile] drujan's birthday with a dinner at Pukk, which involved lots of their excellent sangria, and I secretly squeed over the fact that I'd gotten my two omnivorous friends to be enthusiastic over a vegan restaurant. seeing The Illusionist and other movies )

On Sunday I got some actual work done, and then watched my three latest Netflix movies, which were Less than Zero, Richard III (with Ian McKellen), and Wonder Boys.

Wonder Boys )

Richard III )

Less Than Zero )

Sharpe's Honor, the book )

Oh, and I'm leaving for DragonCon tomorrow. I'm not really into anything fannish at the moment, but I'm sure I'll find stuff to do, and I'll definitely be seeing Godhead, the Cruxshadows, and Voltaire, and hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] jaydk and [livejournal.com profile] 10zlaine.
I just finished watching the Sharpe series. (Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] queenofthorns! I certainly wouldn't mind watching some of it again if you're still up for another Sharpe night.) What particularly struck me was the seemingly unrealistic buffoonery of so many of the officers that Sharpe is constantly clashing with. How could these people possibly stay alive--let alone maintain power--while being so utterly stupid?

And then I'd turn off the DVD player and watch The Daily Show, and realize that the world really hasn't changed very much.

(Speaking of The Daily Show, if Jon and Stephen don't stop this crossover stuff soon, I'm going to be forced to start reading Stewart/Colbert slash....)

My other thoughts on Sharpe: spoilers )

Also, thank you [livejournal.com profile] grrm for saying some stuff that really needed to be said. Now go write your book!


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