My god, John Barrowman is hot.

I feel bad for him for having to kiss that icky Marsters bloke, though.

(Sorry, sorry.)

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Christmas has come early! It's Marsters wank! Here, here, here, and here.

I'm at least as amused by all the fangirls jumping to defend poor, misunderstood James as I am by the king of pretentious cluelessness, Marsters himself.


Last night's Sean Bean movie was A Woman's Guide to Adultery. I got through a half hour, then I had to fast forward and just watch the Sean Bean scenes. I don't know if I've ever seen a more annoying movie. My understanding of the plot is that a whole bunch of self-absorbed morons ramble on incessantly. Also, they cheat on their spouses and get punished for being awful people. But not even in a fun way, in a endless talky boring way.

On the plus side, Sean Bean was naked, and a major plot point was a photo of his ass that they kept showing. Yay! Also he was young and gorgeous and arrogant, which makes him extra hot. On the minus side, his haircut made my eyes burn. Mullets are not attractive. Ever. On anyone.

I should probably just stop on this Sean Bean marathon and watch "Extremely Dangerous," "Stormy Monday," and "Sharpe" a few more times instead. What's next in my Netflix queue? "Troy"? "North Country"? "Black Beauty"?? "Scarlett"??? Gaah!!! Help!!!!


I did take a break from Sean Bean movies and rented The Living Daylights, the first Timothy Dalton Bond movie. I actually liked this better than expected. Timothy Dalton was ahead of his time with a harder-edged Bond. He was pretty hot, too, but weird looking. The movie itself was okay, a product of its time with an AIDS-inspired monogamous Bond. It felt really dated, though, particularly with its Russian villains and Afghan heroes. But it was entertaining enough.


Oct. 30th, 2006 10:12 pm
Ahhhh! What the hell is he doing in my neighborhood? Seriously, I could lean out my window and see him from here.
Seriously. I get at least one of these a month.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
[name removed to protect the innocent] on Friday, June 30, 2006 at 12:22:42

comments: Hello Spike.
My name is Celena, i am 13 years old and i wondering if you could send a autografh to me? I lives in Sweden and i have write a book
abot you and Angel, you see that i am in love with a guy i think is VERY sexiii and the book´ name is: Love?? Vampirelife?? It its
come out to the world you maby could read it??
You will reconice it, i promes.... And i love when you are a vampire!! Yeah thats it´s i hope you will read my book!
And my adress is:
[name and address removed]
63343 Eskilstuna

In other news: JetBlue, I hate you.
So for the past hour, we've been looking out our office windows watching people set up a gigantic red blow-up float thingy of Santa Claus riding a huge lobster. Anyone have any idea what this means? We figure they're selling something--lobsters? Christmas decorations:? Is it some kind of early cinco de mayo celebration? Are they promoting bestiality between fat men and lobsters?

Also. Every day the mail guy comes and he calls me "princess." I hate it. It's not funny. And everyone laughs about it and I feel obligated to smile and be nice, but really I just find it terribly condescending and not funny and irritating and I wish it would just stop, and I wish I was a great big intimidating man so that no one would ever call me "princess."

We ordered Indian food today, and they completely screwed up our orders, and then they were assholes on the phone and wouldn't send us the right food. And my female coworker freaked out and got really upset, so she gave the phone to my male coworker and he convinced them to send replacement food. This also upsets me.

Reading LJ. People are still kerfuffling over Marsters? God, that's like, so two years ago. :P

Actually, I rediscovered this last night. Ah, the good old days--I sort of miss being able to start a kerfuffle with just a bitchy JM post. It was pretty funny. (Though I'm also somewhat embarrassed by my devotion to something I now find so completely... irrelevant.) I think that post got on fandom_wank, and was the inspiration for me leaving some snooty elitist yahoo list in a huff because they were bitching about me without realizing I was on the list, and then [ profile] witling started writing that boglescatverse story for me because I was all upset.... although maybe I'm confusing things; I think I had multiple kerfuffley posts. Way back when. I was such a newbie, I cared so much about this inane social bullshit that I don't even notice anymore.

It's weird seeing who I used to talk to back then--some people who ended up becoming close friends, and some who I've totally lost touch with. It's weird that I've had a LJ for over two years; it still feels sort of new, like something I'm experimenting with, rather than something I just do. Truthfully, I'd probably have been long gone, except people kept gifting me with paid time, so I felt obligated to stay, and now I'm pretty much stuck with it, because now I maintain some important relationships solely through LJ and I don't want to lose those.

Yesterday someone linked to this, and I thought I was going to die laughing. I mean, no offense to those who like him, to each his own and all, but, dude. Seriously. Are you kidding?

I miss [ profile] 10zlaine already. How dare she go to New Zealand and not have internet access for a week?!

[ profile] monanotlisa asked that I put together a QaF recs list, since I'm reading so much of it lately. That's my role in fandom, isn't it? Starting kerfuffles and screening out badfic. (Could be worse; at least I've got good taste. ;)

Anyway, I'm mainly going to rec authors rather than stories, because most people who write well tend to do so consistently.

My half-assed Brian-centric Queer as Folk rec list )
I don't know what to say about the election. Bigotry and intolerance and hate and ignorance won. I love New York City, but I'm terrified of America right now.

I met up with [ profile] saussy for coffee this morning and we hugged and commiserated. She's such a darling person. I'm glad that I'm here in this city, surrounded mainly by people who believe in freedom and choice and equality. Even if our country is ruled by people who don't want us to exist.

So anyway, I got back from London late last night. (I voted absentee, of course.) I had a wonderful time, so I'm going to try to write up a con report now. I loved the city, saw a ton of awesome sights including Stonehenge, Bath, Salisbury, the Tower of London, Highgate Cemetery, Hampton Court, etc. I also spent time at both conventions, saw an awesome concert by Christian Kane and band (attended by apparently half the cast of Angel), got up onstage for an hour in front of 800 people with a panel that included Jane Espenson, saw Marsters and Boreanaz together, did my first shot ever (of Jagermeister, oh my god) and actually sort of danced.... well, it was neat.

[listening to Kerry's concession speech and I feel like I'm going to vomit.... okay, focus, London....]

traveling to London )

Highgate Cemetery, Covent Garden, and the Original Bus Tour )

Hampton Court, Food for Thought, the Tower of London, the Thames )

I am not really a big Marsters or Boreanaz fan so please don't read this if you do not want to hear criticism of these actors. I am only sharing my honest personal opinion. It is not meant as any kind of insult to those who do enjoy seeing these actors.

Saturday at the Marsters/Boreanaz convention, the British Museum, back to the convention )

Sunday at the Marsters/Boreanaz event; being onstage in front of bright lights and approximately a gazillion people )

The White Room )

Stonehenge, Salisbury, Bath )

The Kane concert, featuring one of the most gorgeous men alive, plus nearly half the cast of Angel )
I'm back from DragonCon and am finally updating. I feel terribly out of touch because I've been unable to check my hotmail due to this (stupid technical glitch from my ISP and/or Microsoft). So if you've emailed me and I've not answered, don't worry, it's not personal. If you really need to get in touch, comment in my LJ.

Personal Stuff )

DragonCon Report )
I'm really sick of being told that I'm immature just because I had the audacity to express my opinion. If someone else says something that I find offensive, I'm perfectly entitled to post my disagreement in my LiveJournal.

If someone says that homosexuality should be illegal, it's perfectly within my rights to vehemently disagree with that person's opinion, and to express my disagreement.

If someone says that my best friend is a jerk, it's perfectly within my rights to vehemently disagree with that person's opinion.

If someone says that Spike was always eeeevil and that I was wrong to ever like the character, it's perfectly within my rights to vehemently disagree with that person's opinion--even if that person happens to be James Marsters.

It doesn't mean that I think those people aren't entitled to their opinions, it just means that I disagree with their opinions. The world would be a seriously fucking boring place if we all just sat back and shrugged whenever someone else said or did something that we found offensive. Debate is a wonderful way to figure out how you feel about something and to share your thoughts with others. And ranting in your own personal livejournal is a perfectly acceptable way to express your frustration when something pisses you off.

I'm really sick of getting called names and told that I'm immature just because I happen to have expressed my opinion.

And I hope this is the last I have to say about this topic, because now I'm really sick of it.
I just want to clarify something from my previous post. I don't dislike James Marsters as a person or anything to that effect. Every interaction I've had with him personally has been positive, and every impression I've gotten from seeing him at cons is that he is kind, thoughtful, considerate, friendly, and funny. He's not perfect, but he doesn't have a giant attitude or anything either, and he seems, basically, like a very cool guy.

While I don't have a problem with him as a PERSON, I do have a big problem with his attitude toward Spike and toward his female fans, which I explained in this post. I have every right to disagree with his opinions, as he made them abundantly clear, over and over, at the con this weekend. The world would be a very sucky place indeed if no one was allowed to debate or disagree with another person's point of view.

The fact that I disagree with his opinions does not mean I have a problem with him as an individual. I have NEVER bashed James Marsters.

(And btw, if you want to unfriend me because you think I don't have the right to disagree with someone else's OPINION, then fine. Good riddance.)
I'm going to write up a full con report in a bit, but first I have to get this rant off my chest. (I really apologize for the rant. I'm trying to be a more positive person and I don't want to be known as someone who is always bitching. But this has been upsetting me very badly all weekend and I'm hoping I'll feel better if I get it all written and posted. I promise to write a con report covering all the positive stuff in just a bit.)

James Marsters didn't say a single positive thing about Spike all weekend )
I'm still scanning my photos from Vulkon but I'm so excited about this one that I have to post it now.

Me and James Marsters (very large photo; a normal-sized one will be posted with all my other photos later)

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