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Jul. 4th, 2011 08:13 pm

TV meme snagged from [personal profile] scrollgirl to prove I’m actually still in fandom, I swear!

Pick your five favourite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them. Don’t cheat!

1. Supernatural

2. Farscape

3. Doctor Who (RTD years)

4. Highlander

5. White Collar

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Doctor/Master made it to the final Writercon face-off–yay! The winning ship will be featured in the Dirty Drabbles reading at Writercon ‘09. Go vote for our guys!


I think I’m just going to have to accept that I’ll never be one of those people with wide-ranging, eclectic artistic tastes. I’ve always fallen into the pattern of becoming completely and utterly obsessed with one thing and of wringing every last nuance of meaning out of it for years on end–and of not being able to get into anything else until I’m finished with it. Forcing myself to watch/listen to/read things that I’m not passionately interested in has just adamantly not worked. I’m twenty-six, and this tendency is showing no signs of change, so I guess I just have to go with it.

On the plus side, the stuff consuming my brain these days is better, and a lot more wide-ranging and eclectic within its own boundaries. I’ve been thinking up this whole post about how David Bowie is similar to Raymond Watts (in terms of incorporating diverse musical genres and experimenting) and how both are much more interesting than what I listened to in high school. I’m not going to write it, because I’m lazy and I don’t think anyone would read it, but it’s percolating in my brain in interesting ways.

(One is that it’s reflected in the ways Bowie has influenced the artists I grew up listening to. Marilyn Manson stole a lot from Bowie, in very obvious and uninteresting ways. I’m noticing places where Raymond Watts was inspired by Bowie too, but always in far more interesting ways than Manson. [But then everything Watts does is more interesting than Manson.] I also kind of want to do a picspam of “blatant things that Manson ripped off from Bowie,” because I’m mildly annoyed that I grew up admiring a lot of things in Manson that he stole without really even putting his own unique mark on them. I have the weirdest relationship with Manson’s work–a lot of fond nostalgia for his concerts and genuine musical respect for Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals, but a lot of disgust and irritation for his limitations as a musician and as a human being.)


I watched the movie Human Traffic this weekend, because I wanted to return it to Netflix so that I can get Labyrinth. (I want to see Labyrinth again because I’m wondering if I’ll finally like it. My dislike goes back to being five and hating muppets, so perhaps things have changed. Plus everyone says Bowie is ultra-hot in this movie and yet I have never seen the hotness. So we’ll see.)

vague Human Traffic spoilers )


Methos' first Highlander episode )


In pursuit of non-embarrassing David Bowie icons (not sure if I'm there, or if such a thing is even possible--I feel that there's kind of an inherently embarrassing teenage girl thing about LJ icons), I've come across lots of images from the film The Man Who Fell To Earth. Which I'm not sure I want to see--it sounds like something that's better in screencaps than it would be if I actually had to sit down and watch it--but then again, the icons are so pretty I'm kind of feeling like maybe it's necessary. I'll put it after Labyrinth in my Netflix queue, though based on my history it'll probably sit unwatched next to my DVD player for six months. Good thing I switched to the cheapest Netflix plan.

Also, OMG, icon makers, a link is not a fake cut! It's just a link! (And a drabble is exactly 100 words! And you damn kids get off my lawn!)

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Highlander fans, have you seen this?

I had saved it in a “Note to self-watch this!” folder and forgot about it, and just now rediscovered it. I have no idea where I originally got the link, but I can’t believe no one else told me about this! It’s a cute little low-budget reunion special featuring Methos, Amanda, and Joe, and it is awesome. I mean, okay, it’s Highlander, so it’s got the requisite cheesy dialogue and over the top acting, but it’s also my three favorite characters being wonderful together. I love these guys. This made me smile so much.

And it’s pure fanservice. All three main characters get a shippy moment with each other, and there’s a totally shippy nod to both Methos/Duncan and Amanda/Duncan. And Amanda’s got a line of pure brilliance that literally took the words out of my mouth and nearly made me fall out my chair. I won’t spoil it, but you’ll know when you see it (it’s about Methos and is exactly what a fan watching would say in that situation).

Plus, even though it’s got the sweet nostalgia that reminds us why we loved these characters and their friendships, it doesn’t forget that they’re still deeply screwed up and morally ambiguous. And, well, as a Highlander fan who watched the show despite the title character, it’s awesome to see my favorite characters out from under Duncan MacLeod’s shadow.

If you’re not a Highlander fan, this probably won’t make any sense, but if you are and, like me, somehow missed seeing it, definitely go watch.

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These responses are totally dripping with SPOILERS so please click carefully!

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Doctor Who )

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I would like to keep posting in LJ, but I can't think of anything to say.


My cat Lucifer figured out how to get out of my room, and is currently embarking on a campaign to drive me completely insane. Today I get to spend my lunch break going to furniture stores and trying to find something that I can use to block my doorway so that he can't get out.

My roommate is moving out for sure this time, on July 1. So I have to find a new roommate. But I can't do that until I call maintenance and get her room fixed up. (I went up there and discovered that the ceiling is leaking and cracking. She never bothered telling me about this. And she clearly hasn't cleaned once since she moved in. Ugh--I'm going to have a hell of a time finding someone to move in.)

Anyway, problem is I can't call maintenance until I find a way to make sure the cats can't get out of my room. My apartment doesn't allow pets, and maintenance always comes in the middle of the day when I'm at work. I really don't want the maintenance guy stumbling upon the cats. Or hearing the cats--guess I'll have to leave the TV on really loud for a few days after I call. It would be nice if maintenance would call me back and tell me when they're coming, but no, that's too much trouble for them....

I wish they didn't have my key, but it's expensive to change the locks, and then I'd have to skip work in order to let them in....

Life is complicated. I wish it was July and I was at Writercon now.

a bit about last night's Angel; warning for spoilers and negativity )
I just handed in my last academic paper (ever?).

Assuming all goes well (which it should *knock on wood*), this is it. All classes are over, this was the last bit of academic work required to graduate.

This feels so weird. Like, my entire life has been leading up to this moment. I didn't exactly choose it, I didn't exactly want it (though I also couldn't think of any more preferable option), but here I am, I've achieved it. College graduation. What an incredible relief that this is over.

I'm a bit sad, which surprises me. I felt nothing but a sort of bitter joy at having escaped high school alive; I still feel no nostalgia for that nightmarish hell. But I actually started to appreciate college a bit near the end, maybe about 2/3 of the way through. I'll never like homework or papers or grades, but once I found the kinds of classes that suited my personality--cultural studies, gender studies--I saw the point. I appreciated the insights and the need for them and I felt like I grew as a person because of those classes.

I sort of wish I could've done it over again knowing what I know now; I spent at least the first half of college floating around totally lost, without a clue what I wanted to study or where I fit in. By the time I finally found it, it seems like I barely had time to skim the surface.

But anyway. It's over and done with now and man, am I relieved!

I spent the weekend in something of a daze: all my finals this year were papers, all were long, and all were due within the same period of time. So this weekend I wrote:

- 12 pages on the construction of masculinity in Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy and its relationship to the cultural changes of the 1960s in America (due Monday 5/3)
- 6 pages on the theme of objectification in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and its relation to the academic study of history (due Monday 5/3)
- 12 pages on the relationships between dominant culture, subculture, and family in Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys (due Wednesday 5/5)

I just returned from handing the last paper in. That's 30 pages in about four days. It was all done very last minute because I had other work to finish up the week before. That also means I've barely slept in the past four days: I was up 36 hours, from Sunday morning to Monday night, slept for about eight hours, then got up again Tuesday morning and have been awake until now (Wednesday afternoon). And now I'm at work trying to catch up because I missed Monday. Man, I can't wait to go home and sleep.

This is a babbling, nonsensical post; I offer exhaustion as an excuse.

I wish I had something related to the Spike-verse to say. Unfortunately it has utterly failed to hold my attention; the little time I've had to devote to fandom lately has been toward Methos. I really wish I could keep my attention on Spike; I love the community that surrounds this fandom. I want to continue to be a part of it. But, well, there's just nothing that Mutant Enemy could do that would make me want to watch--or even think about--their product. I'll spare you the anti-ME rant; if you read my journal you know how I feel about their ideology. I know now that there's nothing there for me and never will be. Thinking about it just makes me angry and sad.

I'd much prefer to think about Methos and Jaime Lannister, whose creators appreciated the value of an ambiguous character and the value of free will, the ability of the individual to change. [ profile] drujan and I went to see Hellboy the other weekend and though I didn't particularly enjoy the film, we both loved the theme that it doesn't matter how you start out, you don't have some essential essence; you have choice, you decide who you are, no one else does. Methos and Jaime both embody that; anything that ME creates embodies the opposite: the triumph of fate, inability to escape destiny, essentialism, ultimate lack of choice. (Don't argue; if you feel differently, good, enjoy yourself, you're not going to convince me.)

I bought the DVDs for Highlander seasons four and five (graduation gift to self, shut up frugal conscience) and I love them. am I still talking about Highlander??? Okay, I think the thesis here is something like 'Kronos is an essentialist and Methos is a social constructionist'.... oh, shut up. Long Highlander mini-essay. )
[ profile] thefangirl and [ profile] drujan came over Saturday night for a little movie party. We watched this French movie with Roy Dupuis (Michael from La Femme Nikita) called J’en Suis. (The big draw for this movie is that he plays an apparently straight character pretending to be gay, so you get to see him in lots of ridiculous outfits--including a kilt. Oh yeah, and full frontal nudity.) I wasn't so crazy about the movie itself, but Roy was wonderful and adorable. Very giggly and silly, not at all like the (distant, reserved) Michael. He has such nice eyes--kind of reminds me of Orlando Bloom in a way.

[ profile] thefangirl also brought a bunch of her Highlander tapes--she has the European versions, with extra footage (!!!). So we watched the episode "Methos," in order to introduce [ profile] drujan to the character. She seemed to like him okay. (We'll see if I can get her to come over and watch more episodes). She left after that, but [ profile] thefangirl stayed long enough to watch "Comes a Horseman" and "Revelation 6:8." Best. Episodes. Ever. And with extra footage!

alone in my little corner, babbling about Highlander )

I decided to watch through my tapes in order, since--with the ones [ profile] thefangirl brought--I have all the Methos episodes of seasons three, four, and five. So after "Methos," I dug up my old tape of "Finale." Also on this tape: the "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" episode of "The Simpsons," and the X-Files episode "Anasazi." I remember that summer--my friends and I spent much of it obsessing over who shot Mr. Burns, how Mulder was going to get out of that boxcar, and how cool "Finale" was. (We even wrote a parody script of "Finale," I remember.) So I got curious what year that was, looked it up (1995), then calculated how old I was. I was twelve when "Finale" aired. Twelve. That blows me away. I thought I was, I don't know, fourteen, fifteen? I was twelve. That just seems so young and little, yet I remember it so clearly! I seriously got into Methos when I was only twelve? No wonder so much of this rediscovery seems so new. (And no wonder I was so freaked out when I looked up the series online and discovered slash for the first time!)

Anyway, that was weird. Oh, and also on Sunday night, I remembered that Peter Wingfield (the guy who played Methos) was going to be on an episode of the Oxygen erotica series "Bliss." I remembered about halfway through, so I missed the beginning, but what I saw was really good. He plays a guy who's into bondage, so his wife tries to learn to be a dominatrix. And he shows even more skin than Spike in season six. >:) And he looks very, very nice for a man now in his early forties.

And now I have to get back to work.

(Oh yeah, and I did read the AtS finale spoilers. cutting for those people who can't even stand to read brief emotional spoiler reactions ))
A million thank yous to everyone who offered Highlander fic suggestions (and to those who pimped my request in their own journals, thus leading to Highlander fans that I'd never met offering excellent suggestions). I just read one so far, by Sylvia Volk (whose Spike fic I adore) and I can't wait to start on the others.

Are there still active places in HL fandom, and if so, where might I find them? (Methos centric, preferably).

Also, a bunch of thank yous to the people who congratulated me on passing my colloquium. I haven't had time to reply individually but I really appreciate all the nice things everyone said.

I finally tried to catch up with my friends list this weekend. I got to skip=980, then it wouldn't let me go any further back. So I missed everything between Friday April 2 and Monday April 5. If you posted something especially interesting during that time (especially fic), please let me know.

I just skimmed my list (and even then it took hours) and didn't comment. No offense intended--I was up till 4am, and just needed to catch up quickly and go to sleep. I also took a couple of people off of my reading list--nothing personal, I just can't keep up, so I tried to remove people who post often and whose interests have totally diverged from mine.

It was astounding how much *free time* I had this week, since I wasn't reading LJ or fic. It's so nice to have relaxation time, or playing-with-cats time, or cooking time, or TV time. I expect to continue cutting back on internet use, though I do plan to keep reading fic. I have this file with links to all the fic I'm supposed to read, and I just keep adding to it--at some point, I will catch up, and start asking archiving questions, and all that stuff.

A couple of people asked if I'm going to close my site when the show ends. The answer is still no--I plan to keep the site up as long as possible. (As in, years and years; unless there's some really compelling reason to close it, I will keep paying the maintenance bills as long as I can.) I will stop updating as often (um, I have stopped updating as often) but the archive will remain. And I probably will start updating regularly again soon, at least for a little while.

I regard quite a bit of the fiction on my site as Art (capital A) and I want it to be easily accessible. I honestly don't understand why people close their sites so superfluously all the time--even if I'm no longer that interested in Spike fic, many other people are, and if I have the site I may as well make it available. Some of this fiction is so astoundingly good--I want it to be as widely available as possible for those who are interested.

My weekend was fun, btw. I hung out with a whole ton of people both Friday and Saturday nights (including [ profile] 10zlaine, [ profile] thefangirl, [ profile] soulmate815, [ profile] drujan). We ate Spanish food, got drunk at the Times Square Brewery, saw Common Rotation at the Bitter End, etc. Common Ro were very good, as usual, but the real fun was in the company. [ profile] 10zlaine and [ profile] soulmate815 came over to meet my cats (who got all nervous around the company, but it was still cool). And [ profile] thefangirl and I decided that we absolutely must have a sleepover, because she has the European versions of all the Highlander episodes, and these I've just got to see. (Plus, there are actually Methos episodes that I haven't seen at all...) And she's got this movie with naked Roy Dupuis (Michael from La Femme Nikita) ... so yes, we have much to watch.

more babbling about Highlander )
Um, question for any Highlander people out there. I'm trying to figure out which DVDs to buy. There's seasons 1 - 3 released by Anchor Bay, and there's all seasons at Are they different? Which is better? Is it safe to buy seasons four and five from now or should I wait for the Anchor Bay releases? Which version of season three should I buy? I can't find any info as to whether these are all the same or different or what--I want whichever is best.
Um, would anyone happen to know where I might find high-quality Methos-centric Highlander fanfiction? I've never read Highlander fic before. Any rating, any pairing, any topic is fine, as long as it's got Methos and is written well. (From what I've seen so far, writing a complicated morally ambiguous 5,000 year old immortal well is quite a challenge.)

I ended up celebrating my colloquium by watching my two favorite Highlander episodes, "Comes a Horseman" and "Revelation 6:8." Then I watched them again. Then I decided to watch all of the Methos episodes that I have on tape. Then I decided that I need more; thus, fic. Most of what I've found so far has involved Methos behaving like a 12-year-old girl with a crush on Duncan, so if anyone could point me in a more productive direction I'd appreciate it. He's such a wonderful character; I'm sure there must be great fic out there somewhere.

I haven't read my LJ in a week. I suppose this has to do with souled Spike's failure to hold my attention--I'm turning to Methos and Jaime Lannister instead. Alas, neither actually has the potential to hold my attention long-term--Methos' story has been over for years, and who knows when the next Song of Ice and Fire book will be out (plus, Jaime has a miniscule fandom). But for the time being, this is entertaining me.

While watching these episodes I became curious as to what my reaction might have been when I first saw them, so I pulled out my old diary and checked the date that the episosdes aired. Sure enough, post "Revelation" I devoted three pages to expounding on the wonderfulness of Methos. I was fifteen at the time--six years ago. I may be fairly new to online fandom, but I've always been a fan. It amuses me how little I've changed.

I think in the end, I love Methos much more than Spike. Methos is a lot like Jaime Lannister in that they both took the hard path toward redemption--struggle and suffering and choice. No magic deus ex machina soul for them.

babbling about why I like Methos more than Spike )

So, anyone going to see Common Rotation at the Bitter End this weekend?
So, I came home from class today to discover that my website is broken (no clue why; going to call tech support in a bit) and my email is not working (I read hotmail through outlook express, and it's suddenly decided to stop downloading my mail).

I hate technology.

I'm becoming interested in Highlander again, and I'd like to re-watch the Methos episodes. I used to have most of them on tape, but my tape-collection has become scattered. (I think a lot of them are in boxes in my parents' basement, which basically means I'll never see them again). I tried downloading from Kazaa, but there's not much selection. Anyone know where I might be able to find copies? I thought about buying the Highlander DVDs, but 1) I don't have a DVD player and 2) I really don't care about the non-Methos episodes. Is there another download site somewhere or something?

Also, I had some thoughts in class tonight and rushed home to write them all down before I forgot. Hopefully I can use this as an essay someday; right now it's entirely raw, unedited, mostly unorganized rambling. But I would love feedback if you feel like wading through it.

essay thoughts: monsters and machines as representations of 'the other' )
It's late, I'm tired, I don't have time to proofread this entry. I apologize in advance for any glaring typos, grammatical errors, etc.

Saturday I spent the night at Jane's. We had a sleepover and watched a lot of TV. She just got her XF S2 DVDs, so we watched two episodes ("3" and "Humbug"). Season 2 was when I was *really* into XF, so it was cool to see those episodes again. We also watched some Smallville, which I'm really not too fond of. (Lana needs to die. Now.) But I very much appreciated the Clark/Lex subtext. That show gets about a million times better every time Lex comes onscreen. We also watched two Highlander episodes ("Comes a Horseman" and "Revelation 6:8") I made Jane watch them, because I love Highlander and those are my favorite episodes; they're Methos-centric and so well done. I think she liked them well enough. We didn't go to sleep until 7am; then the next day we ran errands and I helped her set up this cool wireless internet thing for her laptop. I also showed her how to use her livejournal (so now she has no excuse not to post).

So, now I'm catching up with fic and posts. Updated 3 works in progess, which you'll find on the homepage ([ profile] anniesj's Waking the Dead, [ profile] ginmar's Tabula Obscura, and [ profile] nashvillain615's Crisis Management). Yay, good fic!

Also, read the finale spoilers (sorry Jane! I couldn't resist). Cutting for the vaguest hints of spoilers, but there really aren't any here )

Also, I filled out that Buffy Survey Meme Thing (copied from [ profile] rachelanton73).

buffy meme survey thing )

Last week I filled out that Spike survey that is here (the one that the professor of popular culture is doing for a Buffy project). So I decided to post some of my responses here.

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