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This is a fandom journal containing mostly meta, squee, and recs.

Comments are wonderful. Feel free to add/remove me from your circle whenever you like.

I'm also on Tumblr.

I work too much these days and don't post as often as I'd like.

This journal is cross-posted at rusty-halo.com, InsaneJournal, and LiveJournal.


Yay! I got it working!

I’m now crossposting this journal to Dreamwidth in addition to InsaneJournal, JournalFen, and LiveJournal.

(I have to say, Dreamwidth’s customization innovations are awesome. It was so much simpler to make my journal pretty there than at the other journaling sites!)

Comments are still centralized at my own site. As before, my real journal is at rusty-halo.com. If you want to get to know each other, add me at whichever journaling site you prefer and register at my site so you can comment on locked entries (anyone can comment on public entries). If you just want to read my public posts, you can subscribe to my journal by RSS or just read it at rusty-halo.com.

I’m trying to keep up with my reading lists at all four sites, but the ones I’ll read most are Dreamwidth and LiveJournal. I’m trying to find all my LJ/IJ/JF friends on DW; if I’ve missed you, please let me know so I can add you.

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(Anyone can comment on public entries.)


Just a reminder about how to comment on this journal.

how to comment on this journal )

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Just a reminder about how to comment on this journal, since I keep getting questions.

how to comment on this journal )

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A version of Hide or Cut Post Text that displays lj-cut tags correctly on your WordPress blog. Download here.

A version of LJ User Ex that 1) works in comments as well as posts and 2) allows you to use “lj user”, “ij user”, and “jf user” tags to refer to users on LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, and Journalfen, and “lj comm”, “ij comm”, and “jf comm” to refer to communities. Also works in crossposted entries. Download here.

In action:

IJ: [info]asylum_promo (Tag: <ij comm="asylum_promo">)

JF: [info]fandom_wank (Tag: <jf comm="fandom_wank">)

LJ: [info]ihasatardis (Tag: <lj comm="ihasatardis">)

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Disclose-Secret in conjunction with Role Manager = as many custom friends groups as I want. Yay, I’ve got my filtering back! :) (It says it works up to 2.1.1 but it seems fine on my 2.3.3 installation.)

I also installed a mod for LiveJournal(/InsaneJournal/Journalfen) Crossposter that directly connects WordPress tags to LJ/IJ/JF tags (it was previously connecting WordPress categories to LJ/IJ/JF tags). This way I don’t have to enter the same tags and categories for every entry, and can use the categories for something else. Thanks to Verily for telling me about it! (You’ll find it linked here.)

And finally, I’m using the Dashboard Remover plugin to get rid of that annoying dashboard (and to prevent registered users from seeing that there are comments on friendslocked entries). Thank you to Cass for linking this! (She also made a hack of Cricket Moods with the LJ moods as default, for anyone who is starting out.)

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Several people wanted to know how I’ve been cross-posting my WordPress moods and avatars to LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, and Journalfen. So here ya go. :)

You need a WordPress blog, obviously; read my full “How to Migrate Your Blog from LiveJournal to WordPress” tutorial if you’re just starting. This is for users who are already set up.

I hacked the LiveJournal Crossposter plugin to pull in my moods (from the Cricket Moods plugin) and my avatars (from the Post Avatar plugin). This works on WordPress 2.3.3 (and probably others).

This doesn’t actually update your moods and avatars in LiveJournal’s system; it just includes your own moods and avatars, from your own site, in the body of your post. This might make your posts look funny on your friends list (your icon will be aligned left; others may be aligned right depending on the journal style). You can tweak the display options by editing the code below, but there’s no way to make it match every possible journal style. On the plus side, you can have as many moods and avatars as you can fit on your own server, without having to worry about LiveJournal’s limits.

This has an obvious bug: it doesn’t crosspost moods and avatars unless you’ve already saved a version of your post. The easiest way to do this is to click “Save and Continue Editing” first, then click “Publish.”

I’m not releasing a complete plugin, because I’ve also hacked my LiveJournal Crossposter script a million other ways. It’s easier to just give you the snippet of code you need, and you can paste it in. I’m attaching it in a file; all you have to do is find a certain line in your LJXP code and paste all this right before it.

To use this code, open LiveJournal Crossposter and find the lines that say:

if($header_loc) {
$the_event .= $postHeader;
else {
$the_event = $postHeader.$the_event;

Found them? Okay, now just paste the code in the file directly above the code you just found.

Click here for the plain-text code or click here to download it as a PHP file. The instructions are repeated in a comment at the top of the code, in case anyone gets linked directly to it.

This also works for InsaneJournal Crossposter and Journalfen Crossposter.

Let me know if you have questions. And if you figure out a way to improve it, please share. :)

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I’m glad that InsaneJournal’s back, but the prospect of potentially losing data from over there made me nervous. I’ve got my entries backed up, but not comments, so I decided that I’m only going to allow comments in one place: my own journal, on my own server, where I can back up as regularly as I want, and move servers if the one I’m on proves unreliable. I just want to have control over my own data, and not feel jerked around at the whim of some company.

Anyway. So I’m turning off comments everywhere but there. I love getting comments, and I welcome and encourage you to comment there. It works pretty much the same as LJ; comments are threaded and if someone replies to your comment you’ll get an email. You can preview comments, and I’m working on adding the ability to edit comments. You can even post with your default LJ/IJ/JF icon; just enter your journal URL as “Website” when you comment, and the system will grab it automatically. And if you don’t want to enter your name every time you comment, you can always register; it’s my server, so the only person who’ll see your email address is me, and I promise not to spam you.

I’m also crossposting to Journalfen now in addition to InsaneJournal, so if you’re as fed up with LiveJournal as I am, there are plenty of places you can read my journal instead.

I apologize if this annoys you, and I realize that I’m bound to lose a lot of comments this way. But it only takes a tiny bit more effort to comment there instead of here, and I feel much safer having everything on my own server. I have to do what’s right for me.

You may also notice that my userpics and mood icons appear differently depending on which journal layout you’re using. This is because I integrated my crossposting system with the avatar and mood plugins I’m using on my own journal, so you’re seeing data pulled from my own server. Again, I apologize if it annoys you, but it’s a tiny inconvenience for you and it makes my data much safer.

BTW, for those who have been following my journal migration saga, I figured out how to import comments with threading preserved. So all of my old LJ comments have been copied to my blog with threads preserved. :) If you’re interested in doing the same, let me know and I’ll write a tutorial.

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