* Went to DragonCon in Atlanta.

* Went to Istanbul for the Dunnett Seige of Constantinople.

* Went to Las Vegas for work (ugh, ugh, ugh).

* Went to Rio to visit [info]chenanceou for Thanksgiving week–was so lovely to see her.

* Am now officially sick of traveling.

* Worked incessantly at an extreme level of stress. Achieved a major milestone in a project I’ve been working on for a very long time and got nothing but grief for it. Realizing that politics is more important than skill. Really, really stressed about that.

* Had a terrifying health scare with my cat Angel, which I don’t want to talk about. She is doing much better now. Sitting on my lap as I type.

* Fannishly: am trying to keep up with DW, LJ, and certain Tumblrs. Not succeeding. Occasionally reading Loki fanfic. Still haven’t watched this week’s episode of SPN.

* Listening to Nick Cave and Coil.

* Pretty much all my thinky thoughts are about work, because I’m there constantly and it’s what I spent all my time and energy on. Even almost all of my social relationships are with work people now. There’s a ton of meta I’d like to write about how office culture, about power, politics, image, the blurred line between personal and professional. About how I’m struggling to navigate it, what I’ve learned, what I’m stuck and can’t figure out.

I’m scared to write about it, even behind friends-lock, because this job is serious business and being found out would equal being fired. I really miss you guys and wish I could talk to you about it.

* I’m supposed to be working right now. (It’s 10pm on a Sunday). Time becomes so precious when you have so little of it. Fixing typos and editing my writing takes a backseat. But my inner grammar fanatic cries every time.

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Anyone going to Dragoncon this year? [info]10zlaine and I got a Marriott room and memberships, so I guess we’re going. ;) I’m looking forward to it; it’s hard to get bored at a con where there’s so much content and even when none of the programming interests you, just sitting in the lobby people-watching provides hours of entertainment.

Work has been ridiculous. Like staying in the office until 10:30pm and working from home until 1am and coming in at 8:30 the next morning ridiculous. It’s so stressful I don’t even have time to process how stressful it is, because it’s always on to the next thing, and any free time I get, I just want to sleep. I slept until 1:30pm today. I should be exercising or cleaning, but, ugh, I can’t work up the energy to get off the couch, because I know tomorrow morning the mad rush is going to start up again.

I got assigned to be the manager of a big project about a month and a half ago, which I guess is a good thing because it’s a lot more interesting than the little afterthought projects I was working on before, and I’m actually working with people who are really smart and competent, and it’s a topic that I’m interested in. It’s just, OMG, so much, and going so fast. I can’t even think about vacation because this project is going nonstop until at least next March. Ugh.

Anyway, I ended up spending much of today reading posts about the OTW election. It all makes me sad, because as far as I can tell, there aren’t actually any villains, just a lot of people trying to do good work who don’t necessarily have the skills to accomplish their goals successfully, which unfortunately often ends up hurting other people.

(The post I found most compelling was this one, because it expresses a lot of the same concerns I have that the fannish golden age we’re living in now isn’t likely to last forever.)

Also, having spent the past year learning to be a project manager, I have to say: no matter how smart and well-intentioned you are, being a good manager is really hard. And it’s a hell of a lot easier with a good mentor than when you are trying to figure it out on your own. Maybe the OTW should either recruit experienced volunteers or hire consultants to teach project management skills to people in key roles within the org?

Anyway, I think the ideas behind the OTW are wonderful, and I hope that these are growing pains that they’ll be able to work through and emerge from in a better state.

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I worked today from 9:15am – 10pm. I miss you guys so much. :( :( :(

On the plus side, a new person joined our team today, so maybe I’ll have more free time in the future? *hopes* Now I’m on two nightly calls (8pm Mondays at 9pm Thursdays) and early morning calls keep popping up too. :(

I miss fandom. And I miss my fandom friends.

You know, what’s amazing is that even though I hardly post here anymore and haven’t been fannishly active in ages, my fannish friends are still the best friends ever. Just in the past month I’ve:

* Hung out with the lovely [info]10zlaine and attempted to introduce her to the vegan wonders of NYC (she’s a new vegan!). She’s been coming for plays at BAM–we saw John Gabriel Borkman earlier in the year (complete with scary Snape fangirls in the actor Q&A) and Diary of a Madman recently. And then she so generously stayed over at my place for 6 extra days and catsat while I was out of town. ([info]10zlaine, in case I didn’t tell you yet, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. The place was perfect and the kitties were so well-cared for and happy.)

* Went to Puerto Rico with [info]jaydk for her birthday. (I’ve never needed a vacation more in my life.) We spent 3 days at El Conquistador (this crazy resort with a water park, a private island, a bunch of pools, and an amazing spa) and then 3 days at La Concha in San Juan. The best part was the rainforest, though–I went in the waterfall again! I could totally live in that place and as long as I had internet I’d never leave.

* Visited with [info]chenanceou, who was in town briefly, although sadly I barely got to see her because I had to leave unexpectedly. But it was so good to catch up and hopefully she’ll be here this summer so we can spend more time together. :)

* Visited with the fantabulous [info]soundingsea a couple weekends ago. She came over to my place for a day of fangirling (although sadly she’s not so into SPN anymore, but we still had plenty to talk about). And the night before, we hung out with [info]deepad, who is lovely and always a pleasure to hang with.

Who all is going to Wincon? I think a lot of Writercon people will be there. I’m going and rooming with [info]soundingsea and [info]10zlaine. I want to spend some time actually in New Orleans too, at a downtown hotel–wish I had time to actually make plans! But the Wincon tickets are purchased and hotel booked, so it’s definitely happening. :)

Hmm, what else? I saw Book of Mormon on Broadway (thanks Chen for forwarding me the sale!). It was very good, like Orgazmo merged with that South Park episode about the boy from Africa, set to music. It’s interesting to see how Trey Parker revisits the same themes throughout his life but in all these different forms. And very odd to see a fairly typical Broadway crowd coming out of such an obscenity-filled show! But the performances, music, and choreography really were fantastic. I’d actually like to see it again, from a closer seat.

spoilers for the last aired episode of SPN )

spoilers for aired episodes of White Collar )

Oh yeah! And Game of Thrones. I can't even tell you how happy I am to see posters of Sean Bean on the Iron Throne all over the subway! It's like fandom is taking over the real world! I watched some of the previews from the HBO site and I'm amazed how faithful to the books they're being. I'm looking forward to seeing if the actual show lives up to my hopes.

Everything else I'd talk about is related to work, which--the security at my job is crazy, I feel like Big Brother is always watching, plus this is the first Real Grown Up Corporate Job I've had, so I don't feel comfortable talking about it much. Alas.

Miss you all. (And I'm still reading! Just sporadically and not having as much time to comment, but I really do care about keeping up with everyone on my flist/circle.)

PS: Can you tell almost all the writing I've done recently has had to be either in list form or in Excel spreadsheets?

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CSS Coders?

Sep. 8th, 2008 11:49 am

I’m working on a freelance project and I’m looking for a CSS coder to help.

The job is very simple. I have nine template files which use a table-based layout. I need them converted to a CSS-based layout (the header and footer is the same in all) and any outdated code (font tags, table background colors) converted to standards-compliant CSS. It needs to work for all modern browsers on Mac and PC.

The pay is $300 and it would need to be done within five days. (I can vouch for the client; I’ve been working with her for three years and she always pays her bills. You’d be dealing with me, since she doesn’t understand the technical side, but she’d be the one paying you.)

If you’re interested, please send me a sample of a standards-compliant CSS layout you’ve done. If you want to see the current template files, let me know.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please forward this to them.

Thanks, and sorry for spamming the people who have no idea what this means!

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[ profile] versaphile is finally posting the Doctor/Master epic she's been teasing about for ages. Chapter one is here.

And if you didn't see it: she also made a Doctor/Master archive! My plan for the weekend is to scour that place for fic I haven't read yet. >:)

(How much do I love that the show canonically gives us the set up of the Master keeping the Doctor prisoner for a year? And gives us the set up of the Doctor "settling down and caring for" the Master? No wonder there's such good fic about those two.)

Today sucks. Evil web clients are being even more evil than usual. Nothing is more annoying than building a beautiful website only to be ordered to deface it hideously by a client with no aesthetic sense. I WANNA GO HOME. *is happy it's Friday*

The neighborhood cat just showed up to sprawl on my desk and drool on everything. Right now he is the only thing I like about this job.

I've concluded that it's time for a vacation. I'm thinking... warm air, sunlight, beach. Maybe Florida? Unfortunately, Spring Break is coming up and I'm sure everyone is thinking the same. I suppose it could be fun to go anyway; just take a three day weekend, find some slightly falling apart but adequate hotel on a beach somewhere, and sprawl in the sun with a book for three days. It could work.

I finally caught up with all of the Daily Show and Colbert Report episodes since January. You know how I said I was over Jon Stewart? That fit of insanity has passed. I do read the news in, y'know, newspapers and everything, but somehow none of it feels real until I see Stewart and Colbert mock it.

(What was with Howard Dean's flirty goodbye to Stephen the other night? I laughed for five minutes straight.)

Doctor Who series four spoilers keep coming out, with all the associated wank. It's hard to bring myself to care; I'm already pretty sure I'm going to get what I want, which is not really spoilery, but just in case )

It's time for a new order of BPAL imps, and I've found eight that I really want. I need to narrow it down to six. Anyone have any advice (recs or anti-recs) on any of these?

I'm in a vanilla mood: Belle Epoque, Eclipse, Golden Priapus, Antique Lace, Peitho, Mouse's Long And Sad Tale, Lyonesse, and Tamora )

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I was in The New York Times!

Okay, not really. But a blog post I wrote was linked from one of the New York Times blogs. And from Brooklyn Vegan, too.

*feels cool*

What else? I haven't been posting much. I've been busy, and traveling, and tired.

My office moved to Brooklyn. It sucks. I don't even have the energy to rant about it right now.

I went to Austin last weekend, for an insane mini-vacation. I had less than 24 hours to cram in my first visit to Texas, a meal, some sleep, and an Alice in Chains concert.

Laura's Austin Adventure )

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This is really not a good day for my office building to have no heat.

I'm sitting at my desk in coat, scarf, and gloves (surprisingly not too hard to type with).


If the heat's not on in an hour, I'm going home.


Nov. 1st, 2006 01:48 pm
I'm so very tired.

I had jury duty Monday, went to work afterward and worked until 10pm, then had jury duty again the next morning. Jury duty requires getting up early and taking the subway and walking far. WAH.

I did have a nice lunch in Chinatown -- vegan dim sum at Buddha Bodai. And I read the equivalent of a Sharpe book over the two days (the last half of "Sharpe's Eagle" and the first half of "Sharpe's Enemy"--this is definitely the best period of the Sharpe series).

I didn't get called to a trial yesterday until 3:20--we were all cursing, because we'd been so close to getting out. I got called up to the jury box and interviewed (god, it's scary), so I answered the questions honestly and glared miserably at everyone. They dismissed me. Yay! Apparently the key to getting out of jury service is to look really mean, or perhaps to wear a purple shirt decorated with glittering silver spiders and webs. (Hey, it was Halloween.)

They actually told us (the eight people who'd been interviewed and dismissed) that we'd have to come back the next morning to pick up our forms, since it was already after 5pm, but we objected and they printed out the forms for us there. Yay! I'm done! Four years of freedom!

Then I rushed to the Astor Place Barnes & Noble, bought Courtney Love's book, and got a wristband which allowed me to wait outside in line for two and a half hours. I finally got in around 7:15 and got my autograph at about 8pm.

The book is huge and cool and expensive. It's mostly drawings, diary entries, and clippings.

Courtney was trying to look serious in black framed glasses, was wearing lots of makeup to cover her bad skin, and she's clearly had lots of plastic surgery. I have mixed feelings about her--she represents a lot of contradictions in American culture, I suppose. She's smart and observant and her critiques of society's attitude toward women and celebrity are great, and yet she wants to be part of everything she criticizes. I was really sad when she quit being punk rock and went to Hollywood.

But anyway--I waited in line and went up to get her autograph. She said "Nice to meet you, Laura" (we'd written our names on post-its so she could personalize the autographs) and I said "Nice to meet you," and that "Live Through This" is an amazing album and that it really means a lot to me. (True.) She said thanks, I said bye and happy Halloween, and that was that. She was nice.

Then I went to meet [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan at a place on 14th and 9th that has Belgian beer, but it was impossible to get across 6th Avenue because of the parade. It took me a half hour just to walk from 8th St to 9th St on 6th (and was a little scary, with all the people trying to get through and the crowd not moving) so I walked to Union Square instead, dropped off my heavy stuff at the office, and took the L train over to 8th Avenue. "Borat" sat next to me on the train and spoke to me in character, but I grinned and ignored him.

There I met my friends and had the only vegan dish on the menu (pasta with garlic, pretty good) and three delicious beers. One was a raspberry lambic that was awesome--not as sugar sweet as the more mainstream ones, richer flavor.

Then we went up to "Evil Dead: The Musical," and got there just in time. Third row! But [ profile] jaydk hadn't realized we were in the splatter seats, so she moved back at intermission, and [ profile] drujan covered herself in plastic. I was all like "Bring on the fake blood, it's Halloween!" but it missed me. The guy next to me got soaked, though.

The play was awesome. It was just what you'd expect--Evil Dead, only a musical, and funny, and the guy playing Ash was good, and the crowd was awesome and went insane at every reference to the movies. I couldn't imagine a better time to see it. (Although I will be missing Bruce Campbell, because he's there tomorrow and I'm seeing Alice in Chains then.)

So I got home at 1:30am, and then had to come to work today. (And my boss called me at 8:30!!! WTF???) Because yesterday while I had the gall to be busy with jury duty, one of our sites got mentioned on Slashdot and the server slowed way down. Now I am trying to explain The Slashdot Effect to my boss so that I will not have to move all of our sites to some gigantic new server based on the remote possibility that we get mentioned on Slashdot again someday. *sigh*

On the plus side--a site I built got mentioned on Slashdot!

And tonight (and tomorrow) -- Alice in Chains! And let's just hope that I manage to stay awake and remain standing for it.

I am wearing my new favorite t-shirt today: babydoll size, full (and accurate) color, sun logo. I used to draw this thing in all of my school notebooks--Layne Staley designed it and it's on the inside of "Dirt"--so I am very happy that they finally made it into a tshirt that fits me.

work stuff

Sep. 25th, 2006 02:14 pm
My company is looking for freelance web designers for some small design work.

Photoshop is a required skill; HTML and CSS would be nice but aren't required. If you're interested, reply to this post (comments are screened, so no one else will be able to see) with a link to your online portfolio, your web-design related skills, your email address and/or phone number, and your hourly rate.

Probably what'll happen is, if your portfolio looks like you can do what we need, I'll send you an email when we need something designed, explaining the parameters, and you can let us know if you're interested. It can all be by email, or phone if you prefer.

If you're a designer, this could be a simple way to make a little extra cash and to build your portfolio. If you know someone who might be interested, please do send them here.
It's crazy hot. Our tiny window air conditioner is working overtime to keep the office... not very cool at all. But still a hell of a lot better than the heat outside, which kind of feels like the earth is trying to sear us right off the face of the planet.

I'm worried about the power. My apartment is on the top floor and traps heat like you wouldn't believe. I can go outside, but the cats are kind of stuck. *prays to the Con Edison gods*

The new roommate was supposed to move in today, but the lunatic old roommate claims her plans to move out yesterday "fell through" and she can't move out until 8pm tonight. *stabs* So new guy is pissed and has to wait an extra day, but hopefully he realizes that this isn't *my* fault.

The current roommate only paid half her rent for July, and I just found remnants of a shattered bowl that she clearly broke and didn't tell me about, and she still has to pay utilities for July, and she didn't move out on time, and she violated her six month agreement. I'm pretty sure this is more than enough justification for me not to return the remaining part of her deposit that I still have, after taking out the rent that she didn't pay. I just worry, because if she's really pissed, she could have her keys copied, sneak back in after moving out, and steal stuff, or hurt my cats, or wreak other kind of havoc. So maybe I should just return the money that she doesn't deserve, in order to keep the peace? Either that or have the lock changed, yet again, but that costs ridiculous money. Grrr.

The wank over at [ profile] writercon makes me sad. I know there's lots of bigotry in the world, but I hate seeing it hit so close to home, in a place that's otherwise a safe harbor. I'm glad that people are responding, because letting bigotry stand without a response seems like condoning it. And I'm glad that people are (for the most part) being reasonable and genuinely trying to engage in dialog with the guy. I know intellectually that you're more likely to change people's minds with politeness and dialogue than with angry confrontation, but I'm having a hard time coming up with much beyond "Fuck off!" so I applaud those who are more articulate and restrained than me.

In other news...

I went to the Black Sun Festival in New Haven with [ profile] 10zlaine this weekend. New Haven is a nice little pedestrian-friendly town with tons of vegan food, so we ate very well. The only band I really wanted to see was Chemlab, who were amazing, despite a fairly short set. I took nearly 400 photos; they're such a fun band to photograph. Lots of action, and very photogenic band members. ;)

I enjoyed some of the other bands as well. Das Ich was very good, a German band with very charismatic members who looked like they'd just stepped out of a fantasy novel. I didn't see all of Null Device's set, but they had some really interesting and diverse influences. The popularity of Combichrist continues to boggle my mind, though; I don't think they could be more boring.

Aside from seeing the bands in the evenings, I'd talked [ profile] 10zlaine into going (after she'd talked me into going and then threatened to cancel!) on the promise that we'd hang out all day watching videos. She brought her DVD player and we each brought a ton of DVDs, but when we arrived we discovered that the hotel television had no inputs except for the coaxial cable that the cable TV was coming in through. Who ever heard of a television with no inputs? And it wasn't terribly old or anything. So after much struggle and me calling my dad trying to figure out what to do, we ended up driving to Best Buy and picking up an RF modulator, which was basically a converter allowing us to hook up the DVD player via the coaxial input. It took us until 3pm Saturday to work all this out, but we still managed to watch a lot: Sharpe 7, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Gun Shy, and the remake of The Thomas Crowne Affair (though we watched that one after the concert Saturday night, so I slept through most of it).

It ended up being quite a fun weekend; I'm glad we went.
It seems that Pig has entered the 21st century and set up a MySpace page. Yay!

(Now I guess I have to keep my stupid MySpace account around... *grumbles*).

I saw Depeche Mode last night at Madison Square Garden. Totally awesome. They gave a great performance, and the stage setup was really cool (a bunch of huge fucked-up looking screens that alternated between showing the band and pre-recorded video stuff related to the song).

I love their 90s rock phase, so hearing "Walking in My Shoes" and "I Feel You" was great. I don't even need to say how cool "Personal Jesus" was, right? And seeing all of Madison Square Garden standing up and singing "Enjoy the Silence" was amazing.

I also really loved all the songs that Martin Gore sang. Dave Gahan is OMG SO HOT but Martin Gore has such soul and naked emotion when he sings. He totally brings out my "I want to pick him up and hug him" instinct (which normally only gets directed toward my cat).

I went with [ profile] drujan and [ profile] jaydk, and it was great to see a show with friends. (Although they kept sitting down! WTF?? This "sitting during a concert" thing is completely foreign to me.) Our seats were quite good, actually--kind of far back, but right in the center.

I'm going again tonight, because I checked Ticketmaster yesterday and I guess they released some reserved seats, because the seat it came up with for me was so good I had to take it. I'll just consider this my holiday gift to myself, I suppose. :)

So I missed Veronica Mars, on account of Depeche Mode (and my stupid VCR not recording). It's downloading, though, and I suppose I'll have to run home after work/before Depeche Mode and watch it. The opening band wasn't that good anyway.

I couldn't resist spoilers, though, so I read my FL's reaction already. And... well, I guess I'll wait until I actually watch it before I bitch about how much I hate Duncan (and Veronica with Duncan).

Real life stuff:

The new roommate moved in, and so far it's been fine. He's really nice and rarely around, and the cats like him. Cross your fingers that it'll continue this way.

I finished my part of the annoying freelance project. There's still a part two coming up (*shudders*) but hopefully that can wait until after the holidays.

Speaking on the holidays, I get a grand total of ONE vacation day (Monday, December 26). Lame. I have some of my own vacation days left, though, so I'm going to try to use them to take off that whole week.

Oh yes, and finally: Writercon! You can get your hotel reservations now. It's so going to rock.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

My office's adopted turkey. Please do consider having a compassionate holiday.

Oh, and here's a link to all my favorite vegan pie recipes, including really wonderful pecan, pumpkin, and caramel apple. :)

I am about to catch a train and spend the next four days with [ profile] jaydk and her mom, where we'll be having a relaxing weekend (I bought the Veronica Mars season 1 DVD in preparation). I'll be back next week.

Enjoy the holiday. :)
If you haven't seen it yet, check out [ profile] chase820's latest: Night Fever (part 1 of 2). It's Queer as Folk fic, Brian/Michael, dark and angsty and delicious. It ties in with her wonderful QaF/AtS crossover The Man Who Wasn't There, but you don't need to read that to get this. I highly recommend it; no one writes Brian/Michael like Chase.

I saw "Kingdom of Heaven" last week with [ profile] jaydk. I actually kind of liked it. Orlando was better than I expected, perfectly adequate, if not quite as charismatic as he could have been. Still, it was a quiet role and an introspective character, and he pulled that off.

The film itself wasn't great, too predictable and not very subtle, but I really enjoyed the fact that Ridley Scott somehow found a way to make a movie about the Crusades that ultimately endorsed pacifism and atheism. Modern sensibilities, sure, but every film is a product of its own cultural age. I thought it was nicely subversive for a mainstream film in this cultural era.

And I liked that it at least tried to grapple with big moral questions, and wasn't just about romance and action--that the romance and action actually were there to serve the plot, and not the other way around. [ profile] jaydk really seriously needs to post, though, because she actually managed to attend the premiere--she walked down the red carpet and stood near Orlando and Liam Neeson and everything. (Pssst! [ profile] jaydk! Post!)

I'm still dying with anticipation for the new Star Wars movie. (This is so sad, after I swore I wouldn't look forward to it. ) I was the 10-year-old girl who once actually managed to work herself into sobs over Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi, so I know this movie is going to affect me. It has to at least get to whatever bit of that 10-year-old is still left, right? And The Empire Strikes Back is, to this day, my all time favorite movie. And this new one is supposed to be just as dark! (!!!) I know the dialogue and digital effects will suck, but still, maybe the other aspects will redeem it.

Anyway, a couple of good articles I stumbled across while reading everything I could find on the topic:

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Jedi sex symbol
Darth Vader lives!

(I just liked these, and thought they were worth sharing.)

Yesterday I went to an opera, Alessandro Leardini's 1649 Psiche (Psyche), in Brooklyn. (Yes, I know there are three things in that sentence that don't go together very well, namely me, opera, and Brooklyn, but it happened.) It was pretty, though I know nothing about opera; I went because my coworker was singing in it. It was kind of fun to compare the English and Italian translations; I was surprised how much Italian I could figure out based on the bit of Spanish that I know.

I dragged [ profile] jaydk with me, and we decided to surprise [ profile] queenofthorns, since we were in her neighborhood, so we ended up sneaking up behind her and scaring the hell out of her as she was walking her dog. She forgave us, though, and it was cool to have a sort of impromptu meetup like that. :)

Musically, I'm listening to a lot of early Pig, and loving it. Note to self: another long post analyzing Raymond Watts' early work. And maybe another on his recurring lyrical themes. And maybe a third on the various stages of his work, their connections, differences, and changes over time. Must find time for this.

meme; drujan is going to be jealous! )
So for the past hour, we've been looking out our office windows watching people set up a gigantic red blow-up float thingy of Santa Claus riding a huge lobster. Anyone have any idea what this means? We figure they're selling something--lobsters? Christmas decorations:? Is it some kind of early cinco de mayo celebration? Are they promoting bestiality between fat men and lobsters?

Also. Every day the mail guy comes and he calls me "princess." I hate it. It's not funny. And everyone laughs about it and I feel obligated to smile and be nice, but really I just find it terribly condescending and not funny and irritating and I wish it would just stop, and I wish I was a great big intimidating man so that no one would ever call me "princess."

We ordered Indian food today, and they completely screwed up our orders, and then they were assholes on the phone and wouldn't send us the right food. And my female coworker freaked out and got really upset, so she gave the phone to my male coworker and he convinced them to send replacement food. This also upsets me.

Reading LJ. People are still kerfuffling over Marsters? God, that's like, so two years ago. :P

Actually, I rediscovered this last night. Ah, the good old days--I sort of miss being able to start a kerfuffle with just a bitchy JM post. It was pretty funny. (Though I'm also somewhat embarrassed by my devotion to something I now find so completely... irrelevant.) I think that post got on fandom_wank, and was the inspiration for me leaving some snooty elitist yahoo list in a huff because they were bitching about me without realizing I was on the list, and then [ profile] witling started writing that boglescatverse story for me because I was all upset.... although maybe I'm confusing things; I think I had multiple kerfuffley posts. Way back when. I was such a newbie, I cared so much about this inane social bullshit that I don't even notice anymore.

It's weird seeing who I used to talk to back then--some people who ended up becoming close friends, and some who I've totally lost touch with. It's weird that I've had a LJ for over two years; it still feels sort of new, like something I'm experimenting with, rather than something I just do. Truthfully, I'd probably have been long gone, except people kept gifting me with paid time, so I felt obligated to stay, and now I'm pretty much stuck with it, because now I maintain some important relationships solely through LJ and I don't want to lose those.

Yesterday someone linked to this, and I thought I was going to die laughing. I mean, no offense to those who like him, to each his own and all, but, dude. Seriously. Are you kidding?

I miss [ profile] 10zlaine already. How dare she go to New Zealand and not have internet access for a week?!

[ profile] monanotlisa asked that I put together a QaF recs list, since I'm reading so much of it lately. That's my role in fandom, isn't it? Starting kerfuffles and screening out badfic. (Could be worse; at least I've got good taste. ;)

Anyway, I'm mainly going to rec authors rather than stories, because most people who write well tend to do so consistently.

My half-assed Brian-centric Queer as Folk rec list )
Joss Whedon will be at Dragoncon. So, you guys are going, right? ;)

And apparently, I am the one person left in the world who didn't know that Vincent Kartheiser is doing a play in NYC. That's what I get for skipping out on LiveJournal for weeks on end....

But now I know, and apparently I will be seeing a bunch of you guys there this Saturday at the 9pm show. And the pre-show meetup, probably. :)

Last night I fell asleep on my couch while re-watching season one of Queer as Folk. I adore Brian Kinney so much. But I have to fast forward through every scene with Michael's boring doctor boyfriend. I hate that guy. I hate the character because he's a manipulative, condescending asshole, and I've never been able to stand the actor (he just rubs me wrong; I could never get into Kung Fu: The Legend Continues as a kid, because I disliked him). And Ted is so boring and creepy; I can't stand him either. But it's all worth it, because Brian.

It's Friday, so we're eating vegan cupcakes. *is happy*
[This post jumps randomly from topic to topic. I apologize.]

OH my god. This is one of the funniest things I've ever read.

This is ridiculously lame. What the hell is wrong with Sascha Konietzko?

Clearly, I've been reading the sick city board way too much. It's kind of addictive, and immensely entertaining, even though I don't think I'd fit in at all, and so haven't posted. Plus it seems like everyone there has known each other for years, and they enjoy ripping newbies to shreds.

But... entertaining. (I'm actually starting to know all the regulars and their personalities, which is just sad.)


I'm depressed that KMFDM is coming out with a new DVD and Raymond Watts probably won't be on it. He is the most entertaining thing, by far, in any of the previous DVDs. I'm not sure there's much point in buying it without him. I mean, otherwise it's just the dour German guy and the boring American chick. The whole point of the KMFDM backstage footage is to laugh at Raymond being a dork. And onstage, he's got the most presence by far.

Maybe they'll include some old footage or something. They've got to have some interesting unreleased stuff in their archives....

I thought this Pig obsession was going to go away quickly, but it only seems to be getting stronger. It's been over four months, now, and hasn't waned at all. The man has been releasing material for over 20 years and has been incredibly prolific. I've finally got all the Pig albums, but there's still singles, EPs, Japanese versions, LPs, remixes, covers, compilations, side projects, appearances on KMFDM albums that I don't own, etc. Then there's Pig videos (which I have no clue how to obtain, though people on thesickcity have them and won't share), live bootlegs of Pig and of Watts with KMFDM... not to mention interviews and internet archives to search through for information: old newsgroups, yahoo groups, ezboards, old websites, some only visible through And so on. Massive amounts of stuff to keep me entertained for a while longer.

It is weird being in the grip of obsession like this. I absorb so much, so quickly. I mean, honestly, when else would I have the patience or motivation to glean through hundreds of old website postings for every speck of information?

Musically it's been delightful. The man is a genius. I am continually astounded by the cleverness and depth of lyrics, and the intricacy and passion of the music.

It sucks terribly that nothing's happening now, though. I'd drop everything and fly to London tomorrow if Watts were playing a show. But it looks likely that this is pretty much a dead/dying fandom.

Today is a very exciting day. It is the official opening of the Whole Foods at Union Square. I am incredibly excited. It's huge and they have everything, all the natural organic vegan stuff that I buy, at better prices than anywhere else, and it's so close to my home and work. Normally I'm not fond of big chain stores driving out the little guys, but I'm hoping and praying that they'll drive the hideous local health food store out of business. (It's called Healthy Pleasures/Wholesome Market, and is known for lying about what's vegan, passing off crappy old canned vegetables and meat as organic, and having horribly unsanitary conditions).

So for lunch today, I had vegan chocolate truffles, vegan pesto tortellini, falafel, baked plantains, cranberry-walnut cous cous salad, tofu egg salad, an Indian medley (chickpeas, eggplant and potatoes, vegetable biriyani), fried rice, and guacamole). Everything is well labeled so that you can tell easily what's vegan, and the options are endless: juice bar, coffee bar, sushi bar, fresh salad ingredients, Indian food, Mexican food, pretty much any type of food you can imagine with massive amounts of well-labelled vegan and vegetarian stuff. Plus baked goods, a chocolate section.... I could go on. I could eat here every day if I want; it's virtually next to my office.

I repeat: vegan pesto tortellini.

I'm really inordinantly excited about this.

[ profile] dizenchanted, did you see this? Or this? The new bio is hilarious; for example:

At the height of their career, LAW AND ORDER garnered significant video airplay on MTV with their singles "We Don't See God" and "Soul Inside". The band also received a "KKKKK" review (the highest honor) in the UK's infamous Kerrang Magazine, as well as touring with the likes of Platinum artists such as Pearl Jam and Blind Melon.

And other such bullshit. Yeah, they were big time. I didn't realize that a few airings on Headbanger's Ball counts as "significant."

I wonder if the record is worth buying. The idea of paying money for something like that is kind of funny.
Um, so I was walking through Union Square buying our Friday office vegan pie, when these people from Lifetime (television for extremely lame women) cornered me and my coworker and forced us to film a TV spot.

Okay, they didn't so much force us as ask us politely, and I said no because I'm a bitch and Lifetime sucks, but Olivia (my coworker) insisted. So we did it. We had to sign waivers and then they filmed us and asked a bunch of questions.

We dropped the word "vegan" like 10 times ("How are you going to indulge yourself in the New Year?" "Eat lots of vegan chocolate!"). And Olivia announced that she wanted Harvey Fierstein to play opposite her in a Lifetime movie. And I said that Halle Berry should play Olivia. Yeah, the questions were pretty stupid.

It was strange. And if they use any clips of us, it will be airing around New Year's.
My coworker just followed U2 down 7th Avenue from 13th St. to SoHo.



Nov. 8th, 2004 01:01 pm
Happy Birthday, [ profile] spikewriter!

There's an excellent post by [ profile] rahirah, here.

I should spend more time reading LJ. You guys are a really cool group. I mean, it would be pretty easy to entirely lose faith in the human race right now, but then I check my friends list and find so many interesting and thoughtful and decent people.

It amuses me that I came into work today and found this taped to our refrigerator.

Last week I went on a work retreat to Great Barrington, Massachusetts. I'd never been to MA before. It was rather stressful because I returned from a week in London, had one night at home, and then had to get up and go on this overnight trip. And we had a meeting at 8:30 in the morning, which is just way to much for me.

But anyway, it was mostly nice. The area was beautiful, we went on some walks, had some excellent vegan meals, had some boring but productive meetings, and then went bowling and played miniature golf and air hockey. It turns out I really suck at bowling. I broke three nails and knocked over something like 12 pins in an entire game. I also suck at air hockey, though I play violently and tend to send the puck flying off the hockey table. I am, however, a decent miniature golfer (or, at least, decent compared to most of my coworkers, who were strikingly bad). The whole experience was surreal, playing weird kid games with coworkers.

The best part was that I got my own hotel room, with a big bathtub and a giant king-sized bed. I felt all cool and stuff.

The worst part was the 3+ hour drive, in a van with all my coworkers, exhausted and motion sick. And the election results looming over us all.

Oh, and the miniature golf course, which was in a horrible stuffy indoor room and was apparently built in the 1980s and hadn't been cleaned since then. The water and sand traps were empty; the golf clubs were sticky and dirty; the room was abandoned except for us; one fountain with a cherub was destroyed, with pieces of the shattered cherub littering the course; broken body parts of golf clubs and balls were strewn all over the room; the ceiling and walls had been beaten in with golf clubs; and looming over all was a gigantic foam dragon with a broken fog machine in its mouth, covered in holes from golf clubs, and shedding chunks of foam all over the room. It was deeply disturbing; if purgatory were a miniature golf course, this would have been it.
Just added a bunch more pictures to the slideshow of Union Square protest photos.

Small version or large version.

I want this t-shirt for DragonCon (but they don't have it in girl sizes).

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