I have to decide tonight whether I want to move out on July 1. Tomorrow is the deadline for notifying my management company.

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I saw that Gonzales is resigning and almost jumped for joy. Thank god.

I'm in a weird state. First, the good. I read a GREAT book: "A Game of Kings," the first in Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles. I've been seeing this series referenced throughout fandom for years, and so I finally gave in and bought it (during one of the most recent "Why do [we/you freaks] like hurt/comfort?" memes that went around).

It took a little while to get into--I know nothing about 16th century Scottish history, and I know very little Latin or French, and I know nothing about chess (except how to lose spectacularly quickly). And she has a writing style that definitely takes a little getting used to. But there were so many clever turns of phrase, and Lymond was instantly intriguing, and I knew fandom couldn't be wrong, so I persevered and soon enough I was riveted.

I took this book with me on the bus to Atlantic City (yes, I survived), read it in line at the concert, read it for the three hour bus ride home, got home at 4am, helped my idiot roommate shovel water out of our clogged bathtub (more on that later), and then continued reading straight until 2pm the next day, when I finally finished. I realize I was awake 26 hours straight and didn't eat for 30 hours (well, except for cough drops and throat comfort tea). I took a dose of Nyquil and passed out until 8pm. What a weird day.

But, anyway, the book was that good. It's that irresistible combination of excellent writing and total hurt/comfort crack. Plus Lymond is a great character; like a combination of Methos and Jaime Lannister (although he never sinks to the rotten depths of those two). spoilers for Dunnett's 'A Game of Kings' and Martin's 'A Storm of Swords' )

Okay, and the concert. First, I rant about how I despise the soulless predatory pathetic evil of Atlantic City )

And then I rave about the brilliant spiritual experience of an Alice in Chains concert )

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Here's what I've been up to lately:

* I went to an art auction benefit for the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. It was fun, except that it was in a yoga studio and everyone had to wander around barefoot. But the art was cool, there was a TON of free food and free alcohol, I got to hang out with Livi, Jessica, Anne, Ariela, and Patrick, and I won a raffle prize!

It's a really cool raffle prize, too--about $200 worth of fancy vegan lotions, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, razors, toner, toothbrushes... every kind of thing you can imagine. It was so huge and heavy I couldn't even carry it home by myself. So now I won't have to buy lotion or shampoo for the next couple of years! (It was from United Foods which I guess is the distributor).

This marks the second raffle that I've won recently. (I also won a Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival t-shirt when I was in Iowa.) And I never win things. How random is that? They say this stuff happens in threes, so *knock on wood*.

* I dyed my hair wacky colors. It's a brighter red, with red-orange-blond streaks. Not sure I'll keep it; it might be too bright for me. But it *is* kind of summery.

* I hung out with Livi a lot. We ate Indian food, we ate Cuban food, we drank pina coladas, we went to a gay bar... it's been fun.

* I saw Spiderman III. It actually wasn't as bad as I expected. There were four things I liked:

very vague Spiderman III spoilers )

* Voltaire continues to stalk me. I saw him coming out of a bank in the East Village; he glared at me. Last time, I saw him at the post office. Why won't he leave me alone??!!

* Um, seriously though, I'm never putting my number on Craiglist again. I got a really creepy crank call from some crying woman at 6am. People suck. (And the number it said it came from was my own--how do they do that?)

* I did find a roommate, though. She seems a little... overly detail-oriented. But she was good with the cats, which is the important thing. Cross your fingers for me.

* I played Sam & Max Hit the Road. Awesome classic LucasArts adventure game. I loved it. It's hilarious, especially all the dirty things coming out of the cute little rabbit's mouth. I can't believe they got away with marketing these games to kids.... And, seriously, I loved how well designed it was, and how brilliantly scripted the humor was.

* Now I'm playing Grim Fandango. So far, it's astounding. I'll post more when I finish.

* I watched the entire BBC Robin Hood series. I'm totally in love with Guy of Gisborne now. (I already babbled about that here.)

* I had nightmares for three weeks straight. Seriously. Ugh. Which is part of why I wasn't posting. But last night I finally had a cool dream. I had been playing Grim Fandango and watching Robin Hood, so I dreamed that I was playing Robin Hood. Like it was a game that I could control. So naturally I was playing Guy...! (I can't really remember what happened, but it was definitely fun.)
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So, um, I decided to stay in Manhattan.

When I originally decided to move to Brooklyn, it was with a roommate. The benefits were:

* Cheaper rent -- I was looking at sharing a place for between $1600-$1800, which is a huge rent reduction compared to what I pay now. That would allow me to save up for a few years and eventually buy something in Manhattan.

* More space -- Everything's bigger in Brooklyn, especially if we got a two bedroom and actually had a living room!

* A cool roommate -- After all these years of crazy strangers, I was looking forward to living with someone that I knew I'd get along with.

* The drawback, of course, is that I wouldn't be in Manhattan, which is my favorite place in the world.

But now that the roommate changed his mind:

* The rent wouldn't be cheaper. I've been looking at studios and one-bedrooms in areas of Brooklyn that I'd like, and the rent is basically the same as what I pay now, if not a little more.

* I wouldn't have more space. For a single person in my price range, I'd basically be looking at studios or tiny one-bedrooms.

* I would still be giving up Manhattan, which I really don't want to do.

* The benefit would be not having deal with a roommate. It's tempting; I'd love to live by myself.

But comparing everything, the choice is basically: live in Manhattan and deal with a roommate, or live in Brooklyn without having to deal with a roommate. The price and space issues would be the same. And I'd have to deal with the stress of moving, the stress of trying to figure out a new neighborhood, the fact that I spend most of my time in Manhattan and would have to commute... it's just not worth it. I'd rather be in Manhattan with a roommate than be in Brooklyn by myself.

I thought about other things:
* I could live in Brooklyn with a stranger. That would give me the benefit of space and cheaper rent, but dammit, if I'm going to have to live with a stranger then I'd rather just be in Manhattan.

* I could look for another place in Manhattan that's cheaper than this one, to live in with a stranger. Maybe something a bit more roommate-friendly, with actual doors. Chances are, I will try for this when my lease is up next year.

So, in the meantime, I need a roommate. For my current place. Know anyone who's looking?

I don't know if this is the right choice. But I do know that I feel a HUGE sense of relief, knowing that I don't have to move to Brooklyn BY MYSELF this summer. I truly wish it had worked out to move to Brooklyn with the roommate that I got along with, but given how that's not going to happen, I think staying here is probably the best move for now.
So I get home today to find that my roommate has broken my lamp. It's in the kitchen, and he tripped on its wire while doing laundry. Okay, but the glass part around the top shattered, and left shards of glass everywhere, and he did a crappy job of picking it up. There were bite-sized shards of glass next to my cats' food bowl. And he offered to pay for another glass rim part "if I could find one." Why do I have to find it? He's the one who broke my lamp!

Oh, and the reason the lamp was in the kitchen? Both of the kitchen lights stopped working. I replaced the bulbs; they still don't work. Something with the wiring. And I can't call maintenance because of my cats. Apparently I'll be cooking in the dark now.

And then I got my lease renewal notice. Rent is increasing by $200/month for one year, and $400/month for two years. $2800/month for a one-bedroom with a leaky roof and lights that don't work? I know Manhattan's nicely located and all, but I don't mind moving anyway because the culture is really going to suck when only insanely rich people can afford to live here.

Fuck it. Brooklyn, here I come.
It's crazy hot. Our tiny window air conditioner is working overtime to keep the office... not very cool at all. But still a hell of a lot better than the heat outside, which kind of feels like the earth is trying to sear us right off the face of the planet.

I'm worried about the power. My apartment is on the top floor and traps heat like you wouldn't believe. I can go outside, but the cats are kind of stuck. *prays to the Con Edison gods*

The new roommate was supposed to move in today, but the lunatic old roommate claims her plans to move out yesterday "fell through" and she can't move out until 8pm tonight. *stabs* So new guy is pissed and has to wait an extra day, but hopefully he realizes that this isn't *my* fault.

The current roommate only paid half her rent for July, and I just found remnants of a shattered bowl that she clearly broke and didn't tell me about, and she still has to pay utilities for July, and she didn't move out on time, and she violated her six month agreement. I'm pretty sure this is more than enough justification for me not to return the remaining part of her deposit that I still have, after taking out the rent that she didn't pay. I just worry, because if she's really pissed, she could have her keys copied, sneak back in after moving out, and steal stuff, or hurt my cats, or wreak other kind of havoc. So maybe I should just return the money that she doesn't deserve, in order to keep the peace? Either that or have the lock changed, yet again, but that costs ridiculous money. Grrr.

The wank over at [ profile] writercon makes me sad. I know there's lots of bigotry in the world, but I hate seeing it hit so close to home, in a place that's otherwise a safe harbor. I'm glad that people are responding, because letting bigotry stand without a response seems like condoning it. And I'm glad that people are (for the most part) being reasonable and genuinely trying to engage in dialog with the guy. I know intellectually that you're more likely to change people's minds with politeness and dialogue than with angry confrontation, but I'm having a hard time coming up with much beyond "Fuck off!" so I applaud those who are more articulate and restrained than me.

In other news...

I went to the Black Sun Festival in New Haven with [ profile] 10zlaine this weekend. New Haven is a nice little pedestrian-friendly town with tons of vegan food, so we ate very well. The only band I really wanted to see was Chemlab, who were amazing, despite a fairly short set. I took nearly 400 photos; they're such a fun band to photograph. Lots of action, and very photogenic band members. ;)

I enjoyed some of the other bands as well. Das Ich was very good, a German band with very charismatic members who looked like they'd just stepped out of a fantasy novel. I didn't see all of Null Device's set, but they had some really interesting and diverse influences. The popularity of Combichrist continues to boggle my mind, though; I don't think they could be more boring.

Aside from seeing the bands in the evenings, I'd talked [ profile] 10zlaine into going (after she'd talked me into going and then threatened to cancel!) on the promise that we'd hang out all day watching videos. She brought her DVD player and we each brought a ton of DVDs, but when we arrived we discovered that the hotel television had no inputs except for the coaxial cable that the cable TV was coming in through. Who ever heard of a television with no inputs? And it wasn't terribly old or anything. So after much struggle and me calling my dad trying to figure out what to do, we ended up driving to Best Buy and picking up an RF modulator, which was basically a converter allowing us to hook up the DVD player via the coaxial input. It took us until 3pm Saturday to work all this out, but we still managed to watch a lot: Sharpe 7, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Gun Shy, and the remake of The Thomas Crowne Affair (though we watched that one after the concert Saturday night, so I slept through most of it).

It ended up being quite a fun weekend; I'm glad we went.
You know what is my least favorite job ever?

Amateur landlord.

Roommate is pitching a fit over the fact that I have the gall to ask her to pay her rent this month. What part of "You get the security deposit back after you move out" did she not understand? (Not to mention "I'll be nice and give it back even though you didn't keep to the six-month minimum so technically I don't have to give it back at all"?)

And she's been so nasty to Lucifer lately. How can ANYONE be nasty to Lucifer???

Gaahh, I can't wait until she's gone.


At least I'm seeing Chemlab tomorrow.
Apparently my current roommate missed the part about the SIX MONTH MINIMUM.

*breaks things*

Apparently Lucifer "eats too loud" and keeps her awake at night. The fuck?

Hey, who wants to live with me?
My roommate's moving in with his girlfriend.

So, heyyy, who wants to live in Manhattan? East Village/Union Square area. Click for the ad. :)
It seems that Pig has entered the 21st century and set up a MySpace page. Yay!

(Now I guess I have to keep my stupid MySpace account around... *grumbles*).

I saw Depeche Mode last night at Madison Square Garden. Totally awesome. They gave a great performance, and the stage setup was really cool (a bunch of huge fucked-up looking screens that alternated between showing the band and pre-recorded video stuff related to the song).

I love their 90s rock phase, so hearing "Walking in My Shoes" and "I Feel You" was great. I don't even need to say how cool "Personal Jesus" was, right? And seeing all of Madison Square Garden standing up and singing "Enjoy the Silence" was amazing.

I also really loved all the songs that Martin Gore sang. Dave Gahan is OMG SO HOT but Martin Gore has such soul and naked emotion when he sings. He totally brings out my "I want to pick him up and hug him" instinct (which normally only gets directed toward my cat).

I went with [ profile] drujan and [ profile] jaydk, and it was great to see a show with friends. (Although they kept sitting down! WTF?? This "sitting during a concert" thing is completely foreign to me.) Our seats were quite good, actually--kind of far back, but right in the center.

I'm going again tonight, because I checked Ticketmaster yesterday and I guess they released some reserved seats, because the seat it came up with for me was so good I had to take it. I'll just consider this my holiday gift to myself, I suppose. :)

So I missed Veronica Mars, on account of Depeche Mode (and my stupid VCR not recording). It's downloading, though, and I suppose I'll have to run home after work/before Depeche Mode and watch it. The opening band wasn't that good anyway.

I couldn't resist spoilers, though, so I read my FL's reaction already. And... well, I guess I'll wait until I actually watch it before I bitch about how much I hate Duncan (and Veronica with Duncan).

Real life stuff:

The new roommate moved in, and so far it's been fine. He's really nice and rarely around, and the cats like him. Cross your fingers that it'll continue this way.

I finished my part of the annoying freelance project. There's still a part two coming up (*shudders*) but hopefully that can wait until after the holidays.

Speaking on the holidays, I get a grand total of ONE vacation day (Monday, December 26). Lame. I have some of my own vacation days left, though, so I'm going to try to use them to take off that whole week.

Oh yes, and finally: Writercon! You can get your hotel reservations now. It's so going to rock.
DragonCon was awesome! )

I really don't have anything new to say regarding the hurricane... it's absolutely horrifying, and I can only hope that it'll be a wake-up call that this country seriously needs to change. Jon Stewart's monologue last night was perfect (you can watch it at this link), and this rant also rang very true to me.

Stuff that's going on with me:

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Aug. 30th, 2005 02:51 pm
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Oh my god! Corey Feldman is going to be in a play a block away from my apartment!

I totally have to go see this...

Oh yeah, and last night I had this dream that they recast Denis Leary's character in Rescue Me with some ugly old fat guy, and I was all upset because Denis Leary totally makes that show, so I was going to boycott it.

I need to start planning my trip to L.A. and San Diego. I'm leaving Friday July 8 and returning Monday July 18. So, yeah, I need to get to it... This is the longest vacation I've taken in years.

I did find a catsitter for that time, thankfully. Except I'm paying him $20/day for 10 days. *sigh* He'd better take really good care of those cats....

And I found a roommate, sort of. Some strange Italian guy came over last night and said he wanted the room and gave me half of the deposit in cash. He says he'll bring the rest tonight. So that's good--except he's only staying 2 or 3 months. And he's, y'know, strange.

No one in real life called or said happy birthday. But a ton of people emailed me or said Happy Birthday on LiveJournal. I'm trying to convince myself that's just as good, and theoretically it is, but there is something more real about stuff that, y'know, happens in reality instead of on a computer. So it was kind of a depressing birthday.

But I also have to remind myself that Saturday was my party and that was fine. So I really should not be complaining.

This weekend is the fourth of July. I think [ profile] drujan is still in California, and I'm not sure what [ profile] jaydk is doing. I want to do something fun, since it's a holiday and all, but I don't know what.

I'm in a really depressed mood, and I don't want to be. What can I do to cheer myself up?
[ profile] annakovsky wrote Super Mario Brothers fic. And it's really good. Rated G, but subtexty. Mario & Luigi.

Sometimes I totally love fandom. :)

Although speaking of fandom--I don't have one. It's weird. Nothing is tapping into that obsessive side of my brain. I will still post occasional fannish stuff in this journal, but I think for the most part it's turning into a personal journal. If you're JUST reading for fannish stuff, you may want to defriend. I won't be offended. (Chances are I'll get hooked on a new fandom eventually, but I don't know when or what it'll be.)

Oh, and Common Rotation tonight. [ profile] drujan and I are going. I'm done with Buffy fandom, but I still genuinely like their music, and it's always fun to chill at the Bitter End, get drunk, chat with your friends, and enjoy the band. (I'm frustrated that [ profile] 10zlaine can't go, though, because this would've been the perfect weekend to hang out, but she's trapped with her mother and no internet in FL--eek!--the substance of my nightmares...)

My roommate's moving out on June 29. [On my birthday, no less.] Anyone looking for a place to... oh, never mind. Back to Craiglist and no social life for a month. >:(

You know how everyone was complaining about how this spring was really cold and how they couldn't wait for the warmth of summer? I would like to slap everyone who said that. *dies from heat*

Yeah, there's really no point to this post, except to pimp that Mario Bros fic, because damn, that rocked. I can't tell you how many hours of my life I've spent playing SMB3 on an ancient NES.... and now I'll never think of Mario & Luigi the same way again... ;)


May. 3rd, 2005 03:30 pm
A funny post about fangirls.

Great post about history/interpretation/narrative.

I'm still all achy from that Audioslave mosh pit. Stupid drunk assholes.

Watched a bit of Queer as Folk last night, and realized that I've become an actual B/M shipper. I suppose this is a result of all the discussion and fic-reading I've engaged in recently. This was the first time I've watched the show from this perspective, and it was weird. In this episode, Michael snuck away from Dr. Asshole to bring Brian junk food and get drunk, because Brian got accused of sexual harrassment. They were so adorable together OMG!

Not that I expect them to be together on the show or anything, I just enjoy watching them. And reading fic about them. (I keep getting bits of Chase's story confused with canon, which makes sense; I've read it three times, and seen the series only once.) I'm the same with Remus/Sirius--I love them together, but no expectations, duh.

I was never really a shipper with Spike. I'd read anything as long as it was written well... though I became a bit of an anti-S/B shipper at the end there. Well, and I've got a bit of a S/A kink--not that I'd ever want them together, I hate Angel, but good S/A fic can be so hot (for the exact same fucked-up power dynamic reasons that I'd never actually approve of the relationship).

I saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on Friday. It was mediocre, though it had some funny bits; at least it wasn't bad. Zaphod was funny, probably the best part, along with the little clips from the Guide. The tacked on love story was nauseating. Marvin was stupidly designed, but Alan Rickman was good. Whenever he spoke, I imagined a teenage Snape.

My roommate called today and said he's moving out. I don't even have the energy to be upset. Anyone want to come live in the East Village in a small expensive apartment with two cats and a Brian/Michael shipper?

Yeah, didn't think so. Off to Craigslist....

Tonight, I plan to get drunk on Mexican beer.
This morning I had to give my roommate a lecture about how if he's going to use my dishes, he has to wash them and put them away afterward, not leave them dirty and sitting on my kitchen counter for three days.

I hate this. I feel like I'm babysitting a teenage boy instead of living with another adult.

But hey, at least he's rarely home.

I've been re-reading [ profile] chase820's story, The Man Who Wasn't There, which is so good it hurts. I read it the first time without knowing who Brian was, so obviously I'm getting a lot more out of it now. I've been checking out a few other QaF stories, but this is by far the most satisfying. (If you somehow missed it, it's a QaF/AtS crossover, which is sort of Brian/Michael and Spike/Angel, but is building toward Spike/Brian. Squee!)

I finished Queer as Folk season four, but I'm blocking it from my mind, so I will not mention it again. I should've just thrown the $96 in the gutter.

I've been rewatching season one for the third time. on re-watching season one and realizing I can't stand most of the characters )

Anyway. But I love the Brian stuff, and especially Brian's interactions with Michael. It just hits, like, every character and relationship kink I have. Brian's refusal to conform, his insistence on being who he is no matter what anyone else says, even his ability to use and manipulate others in order to get what he wants. His shamelessness: his refusal to play the silly little cultural games that we're all taught--he's so honest. I love that he won't say he's sorry when he's not, and I adore his disregard for religion. I love his lack of interest in pomp and ceremony, his repulsion toward marriage and domesticity. I love that when he cares about someone, he shows it through his actions, instead of through bullshit sentimental hearts and flowers romantic nonsense. I love that he has his own code, his own integrity, and lives by it.

And now I attempt to psychoanalyze Brian. It's fun! Read it and join in.

Brian Kinney as disillusioned idealist )
Saturday - Nine Inch Nails listening party. They played the new album twice. It's good. Not Downward Spiral good, but an enjoyable listen. The Hand That Feeds is nice and catchy, the one with the "Don't You Know What You Are" chorus is classic angry NIN, and the last song is really pretty and got the most interesting crowd reaction; I think people weren't sure what to make of it. It was sort of a Hurt style quiet album closer. The only thing I really didn't like was "With Teeth"--Trent sings it "with-ah teeth-ah." Lame.

So, yeah. Mainly, I can't wait to see them live.

The crowd sucked, though; lots of boring suburban people who'd never been to a club before and didn't know how to act. And I got there two hours early and stood in the rain, which wasn't fun. But [ profile] drujan showed up, so it was good to have company.

And we got rare limited edition 7" vinyl singles! They were free if you pre-ordered the album for $15. Very nice.

And my new roommate moved in Sunday. THANK GOD. This is such a weight off my shoulders. So far, so good... he's barely been around. *crosses fingers*

And I saw Sin City with [ profile] jaydk. Very disappointing. It was visually stunning, and so well made, but it was all style; there was no substance at all. The story wasn't engaging on an emotional or intellectual level. It got so repetitive: big strong tough guy saves whore-with-heart-of-gold from evil bad guy(s). Throw in some graphic violence, repeat for two hours. It got boring. Just old fashioned sexism... nothing subversive, or new, or emotionally sympathetic, or interesting. I am sad for the lost potential. (And I enjoy film noir immensely; but good films noir have more going on underneath than just the stylistic conventions of the genre.)

So, guess what I've been doing lately....

If you said "obsessively trying to collect every bit of art Raymond Watts has ever been involved with," you would be correct.

Actually, I got the coolest thing yesterday. An underground music video compilation from Berlin from 1988. It's got the video for Pig's "Shit for Brains," one of the first singles from the first Pig album. Raymond is so YOUNG!! It's absolutely precious and adorable. It's kind of a cheesy 80s-type video, with those goofy video effects that were popular back then. Raymond is in his mid-20's, with short hair, an earring, and a leather jacket. You can totally see it as an antecedent to the much darker work he would do in the future, and as a really interesting take on the sort of musical genre stuff that was going on at the time. It's an artist who hasn't quite come into his own yet, but you can see that he's got a lot of potential. Plus, did I mention that he's so young and adorable?!!!!

I've also managed to obtain, over the past few weeks, just about every Pig music video that was ever made. (Fountain of Miracles, Seven Veils, Painiac, Everything). Also, the original Schaft Arbor Vitate video, which is much better than the Watts version (which is currently available at It's very high quality, too. That video is just awesome: stylish, well-made, powerful, fits the song... like everything a music video should be. And it's got Raymond, shirtless, in leather pants.

I also got some interview footage--looks like it's from Japan, maybe 1994. He's so articulate and well-spoken, and he has such a high vocabulary and such an interesting way of putting words and concepts together. I can see why his lyrics appeal to me--he has a great command of language and ability to play with words in interesting ways. Plus it's just so cool to see him in the interview--all posh British accent and so well spoken--and then see him totally insane onstage. And it's also an interesting contrast to the KMFDM DVDs, on which he's several years older, and always goofing off, almost never serious. It's so neat to see him all young and sincere.

Oh yeah, another thing I got--a KMFDM bootleg from '95, in which Raymond is blond. He has incredible stage presence, and his performance is amazing--he's very expressive, constantly moving around, gesturing with his hands, interacting with the crowd, etc. In the middle of it, he holds up a PIG t-shirt and then lights it on fire. It's awesome.

I also got a radio interview from 2001, with Raymond and Bryan Black (from the sick city). It's kind of frustrating, because the DJ (which I think is Jared from Chemlab) talks over them and answers questions for them, the most frustrating thing an interviewer can do! But Raymond has some interesting things to say, mostly about the music industry and not getting along with TVT. (Has anyone ever gotten along with TVT? Wasn't NIN's entire Broken record a gigantic hissy fit at TVT?) Apparently they said he's not "radio" enough, which is so hilariously clueless, and so depressing. This amazing artist who's been around since the genesis of industrial music, who's been a member of several of the major acts of the history of the scene, that have had so much influence on the development of industrial music (and without which NIN and Manson etc. wouldn't exist), and you're complaining that he's not radio friendly??? Although there's quite a funny part where the DJ plays a Manson song and Raymond falls out of his chair laughing. And I was really weirded out by the fact that Raymond didn't know what eBay was. It's 2001 and you don't know eBay? I guess it's a generational divide.

So anyway, I think I've gotten most of what's commonly available. I have a few more EPs/singles/side projects to collect. Then all that's left will be KMFDM bootlegs and possibly Japanese bootlegs--apparently, Raymond toured Japan in '99 as Pig opening for Buck-Tick and again in 2001 with Schwein. There are quite a few concert reports floating around, but frustratingly they are in JAPANESE, and running them through internet translators produces tantalizing, but incomprehensible, text.

I did find one in English, though, which SO makes me want to be able to read the other ones. Click here to read it.

This is a report of Schwein (a band with 2 members of Buck-Tick, plus Raymond and various others) in 2001. The A-chan she is referring to is the gorgeous lead singer of Buck-Tick. (Actually I've been downloading a lot of Buck-Tick stuff too, because they are quite good.)

Actually I wouldn't like to recall this live anymore 'cause it's tooooooo~~~ erotic, pornographic, obscene!!!!
At first day A-chan came out with a cigarette on his mouth, and blow the smoke to the audience.
We could even smell it!!! I thought he was almost drunk at that time when I saw his eyes.
Than he went to the middle of the stage. Raymond and he held each other tight and...... had deep kisses~~~~~!!!!!
Damn! What were they doing??? A-chan couldn't resist Raymond's seduce and lay down in Raymond's arms
just like a pure girl. Woooooooo~~~~~~

more semi-obscene Japanese concert report )

Um, yeah. I really rather wish I'd been there for this!


Mar. 3rd, 2005 09:17 pm
Anyone looking, or know anyone who's looking, for a NYC apartment?

East Village, nice safe area, near Union Square, convenient subway access. Nice-sized private room (12x15), air conditioned, big closet, cable TV and internet. Share kitchen and bathroom with one female roommate (me). I have two cats; they will stay away if you close the door.

Available April 1. $1250/month. (Yeah, I know. It's the East Village. It's expensive.)

Please contact me at if interested.
My roommate's moving out December 31.

If anyone's looking, or knows anyone who is looking for an apartment in NYC, please let me know.

It's a wonderful East Village location. The roommate would get a private bedroom with air conditioner, window, big closet, furnished if desired. Also would share nice-sized kitchen and large bathroom with me and my two cats. The roommate's share of rent is $1250/month.

You can get in touch with me at

I'll just be over here panicking.
Common Rotation announced their summer tour dates. They're coming back to New York at the end of July ... when I'm going to be at Writercon. Dammit.

So I'm thinking of maybe going to this show, because it looks like I could get a LIRR train from Penn Station:

Thursday, July 22nd
39th Annual Huntington Summer Arts Festival
Chapin Rainbow Stage
In Heckscher Park
Huntington, NY
8:00 PM
Free & All Ages

And then there's this:

Saturday, July 24th
Woodstock, NY
Colony Cafe
All Ages

If I could figure out how to get to Woodstock, I would go, since it's a Saturday.

Anyone else going to any of these?

I'm totally out of touch with fandom, which I feel guilty about. I was going to try to catch up on email and maybe read some fic last night, but I fell asleep instead. Life is just so much more pleasant when you're sleeping eight hours instead of four.

Roommate hunting continues. God, I hate this. I've only met one person so far who I'd be willing to live with, and he ended up not wanting it. (I've been interviewing men as well as women. I don't want to live with a male--I'd just feel uncomfortable--but I also don't want to have to pay next month's rent by myself.) And I can't do anything after work because I'm always running home right away to meet with these strange strangers who only bother to show up about half the time.

Random: here are some photos of my cats after moving into my apartment. My favorite is this one. These came right before the Moonlight Rising photos, so as you can see, I'm working toward scanning those all in.

And, um, also random: I bought a ticket to this. I can't believe I bought this, but I think I'm going to go. I've never been to London before. I'm going to be in debt for the rest of my life, but at least I'm going to have a fun Halloween. Anyone else going?

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