I'm up to page 59 of the third Lymond book and I understood every single thing that's happened! What is this? Characters I know speaking in a language I understand??

Um, anyway. I'm thoroughly enjoying this one so far. 800 sheep wearing helmets, and Lymond in drag undressing an English commander? Yes.

And, [livejournal.com profile] 10zlaine, don't get mad. I packed, cleaned, and went to bed at midnight. :)

I did have to pack my gigantic suitcase, though, in order to fit everything I wanted to bring. And it turns out my elevator still isn't fixed. It took me 20 minutes to lug the damn suitcase down six flights of stairs this morning. :(

Oh, and I barely slept, even though I was exhausted, because of the most ridiculous nightmares ever. I bought the second Lymond book at the Strand the other day, on [livejournal.com profile] queenofthorns' recommendation (thank you!), and while I did get the book half price, I am never going back to that place. It's so claustrophobic, and everyone who works there glares at you like you're not good enough to enter.

The book I wanted was on a shelf way too high for me to reach, and while a ladder was nearby, I am terrified of ladders, and in no way willing to risk my life to obtain a book. So I stood there for about five minutes trying to figure out how to get it without embarrassing or killing myself, and finally asked a woman who works there to get it for me. She gave me the glare of DEATH, grabbed the book, handed it to me, rolled her eyes, and stalked off without speaking.

So my dream... I'd been reading the Lymond book, and they were on a ship, so I think I merged it in my head with "Pirates of the Caribbean." And in my dream, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner were raiding The Strand, and all the shelves were falling down attacking them and killing people. Hot-Scruffy-Norrington was there, and Wesley Wyndam-Price, and Cutler Beckett in disguise as someone hot, but when he died his face melted and he turned back into his ugly self. And Will got shot and was blind. And then Jack was going to take over the store and put it back together. And the whole thing was REALLY SCARY.

Stop laughing. :P

I leave at 4:30 for DragonCon. Bye!! :)

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I know no one actually cares about my dreams )
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I had the most incredibly peculiar dream last night.

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I had another one of those nightmares last night. About Spanish class. They're always very similar: I'm rushing to get to class, but I'm late, and I can't find the schedule that tells me where to go, and then when I finally get there I slink in, embarrassed and ashamed, glared at by the teacher for being late. And then I don't understand the work, and I know I should've come to class before but for some reason I didn't, and I haven't done my homework and am terrified of being found out. I'll bet Mrs. Secoda would be highly amused to learn that she is the only teacher who still gives me nightmares, six years after I graduated high school. On the plus side, the only old friend in this dream was Mike, and that's okay because we're still friends.

Also, I have this persistent feeling, which extends into my daily life, that I haven't done my homework for Mrs. Botta's math class in about three months, and that she's going to find me out any day now. (I don't think I've actually dreamed about her, though; Secoda is the only teacher whose personality continues to traumatize me.)

I tried to watch Veronica Mars last night, but there's just no compelling reason to watch. The noir elements are gone, and it's basically a perky blond teen detective show. Meh. No. Sorry. :( I turned it off and watched the end of GoldenEye.

Some thoughts on the BPAL imps I ordered:

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Oh yeah, I forgot to post about this: KITTENS! My friend Livi was out walking the other day with her girlfriend Jessica, and this stray cat started following them. They already have two cats so they weren't going to pick her up, but she was so sweet and affectionate that they brought her home. (She was totally docile and let them carry her.) They put her in their bathroom (the only room without cats and/or birds) and she immediately began having kittens. They've now got a mom cat and three kittens, plus their two other cats and their parakeet.

I went to visit on Monday after work, and got to see the kittens when they were a day old. (It brings back memories of baby Lucifer!) They're tiny and look like little hamsters; their eyes are closed but they're already crawling. One is a tuxedo cat, black with white belly and paws; one is a mix of black and white, and one is mostly white except for a gray tail and two black spots on her head. SO CUTE. And the mom is very sweet and affectionate. She's kind of dirty and scratched up and has fleas, though; they're taking her to the vet.

Anyway, but I told them that I'm going to be visiting their house at least once a week so that I can watch the babies grow up. :)
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Oh my god. It's a Colbert Report/Harry Potter crossover. Awesome.

Veronica Mars. The last few episodes haven't sucked nearly as much as the beginning of the season, so I'll post some thoughts, in no real order. spoilers for aired VM episodes )

Other stuff...

* I had a strange dream last night, in which I was back in my 12th grade history class with Ms. Moran as the mean scary teacher. I didn't bring my books, because they were heavy and I thought we wouldn't need them, so she snapped at me and then handed out a memo to everyone which included a note about how irresponsible I was for not bringing the books. And for some reason, [livejournal.com profile] ros_fod was sitting at the desk next to mine, and [livejournal.com profile] kita0610 was sitting behind her. And then there was a fire drill, and I was in trouble because we were supposed to stash our books somewhere, but I hadn't brought any books to stash. And then [livejournal.com profile] ros_fod was feeling faint, but Ms. Moran was mean and made her go to the nurse alone, even though [livejournal.com profile] kita0610 offered to go with her.

Yeah, don't ask me to explain dreamlogic.

* I randomly flipped over to NIN's "Closer" video on VH1 Classics last night. I'd actually forgotten that Trent used to be skinny and fucked-up and leather clad and hot, instead of looking like your friend's uncle who works as a bouncer. *sigh* Wish I'd seen them live back then.

* South Park hovers in this weird territory between unbelievably funny and just ... stupid. The last two episodes were quite a contrast, as the return of Chef episode was fucking brilliant, and the San Francisco episode was just... so lame. As if those "heartland" folks proclaiming their superiority over the gays and atheists on the coasts aren't just as smug? Way to completely miss the obvious. But, whatever, it's South Park; if you get offended, you're giving them exactly what they want. (I think they mostly just get off on the "subversiveness" of offending as many people as possible, especially the groups that Hollywood usually overlooks.)

I'm too busy:

* Friday night - V for Vendetta with [livejournal.com profile] drujan and [livejournal.com profile] jaydk

* Saturday night - marathon of Jonathan from Guiding Light with [livejournal.com profile] jaydk (and she's agreed to let me force PIG videos on her! Whoo!!)

* Sunday night - WriterCon meeting

* Monday night - I'm going to the Daily Show! I can't wait. :)

* Wednesday - I have jury duty. Yuck.

And somewhere in the midst of all this, I'm working on this other thing, a really cool, really complex project that is supposed to launch in a week. I have a feeling I'm not going to be getting very much sleep in the upcoming days. *deep breath* But I can do it. And it will be cool.

(And on top of it all--I'm still sick from San Francisco! Damn West Coast germs. :P)
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Everybody's doing it:
Johari Window
Nohari Window

Hey, look at the snow.

I went out briefly yesterday (my caffeine addiction overcame my laziness, so I went to the corner deli for coffee). NYC is so neat when it's snowing--there's a peaceful silence that you never get otherwise, because of the lack of traffic and the way snow muffles sound. And there's such a tranquility when everything is covered in white.

Of course, it loses its loveliness quickly when you're late for work, sliding precariously along the sidewalk and climbing over gigantic mounds of dirty snow at every corner.

I had two strange dreams last night. In one, I was in a big meeting full of business people, because my company was working somehow with Raymond Watts. Our former publicity person was talking to his lawyers and reassuring him that everyone at our company likes and believes in his work. And we were trying to convince him to come to DragonCon, and going over a preliminary schedule. We're a publisher, so in the dream it was like he'd written a book.

The other dream was very unusual for me--a sort of epic fantasy type thing in which a force of ultimate evil had caused the sun to stop rising, and I was part of a group of people on a quest to restore the sun. The part I remember most vividly is that another force for good (sort of like gods, not my group of humans) was trying to make the sun rise, but they lacked the essential ingredient, so a sort of fake-looking metal sun would rise in the sky, fall, rise again in a different form, struggle, but never cast any real sunlight.

The world was in a dreary twilight haze. I was on the side of a tall hill (covered with rocks and small shrubs), and the sun they were attempting to lift was to my left. In front of me was the emptiness where the devil (?) had taken the sun. My group was trying to fight the (devil?) so at some point a bunch of us ran down there and did something (magical?) to it, but nothing worked. I was the last person, however, and I had something up my sleeve--some kind of disc, like a Netflix DVD, of which I had the last in existence (at least that anyone knew about). I slipped it into the darkness while the devil was distracted, laughing at all the failed people who'd gone before me.

The disc wouldn't actually cause the sun to rise, but it was a warning that I knew how and was going to begin my method of restoring the sun. The disc first caused glitter to rise up, little silver sparkles in the air, which didn't do much. But then they zoomed outward, like shooting stars, so bright they were blinding and scary, leaving bright streaks in the sky. More streaks followed the silver ones, these golden, and the streaks stayed in the sky and began to glow, with real sunlight, not artificial light, and the world was lit again as if the sun had risen. This caused all the people to rally and restore their effort to bring back the sun for real.

Yeah. Strange. And I remember so vividly, standing on the hill watching the fake sun try to rise, trying to work myself up to fight to restore the real sun.
Oh my god! Corey Feldman is going to be in a play a block away from my apartment!

I totally have to go see this...

Oh yeah, and last night I had this dream that they recast Denis Leary's character in Rescue Me with some ugly old fat guy, and I was all upset because Denis Leary totally makes that show, so I was going to boycott it.

I need to start planning my trip to L.A. and San Diego. I'm leaving Friday July 8 and returning Monday July 18. So, yeah, I need to get to it... This is the longest vacation I've taken in years.

I did find a catsitter for that time, thankfully. Except I'm paying him $20/day for 10 days. *sigh* He'd better take really good care of those cats....

And I found a roommate, sort of. Some strange Italian guy came over last night and said he wanted the room and gave me half of the deposit in cash. He says he'll bring the rest tonight. So that's good--except he's only staying 2 or 3 months. And he's, y'know, strange.

No one in real life called or said happy birthday. But a ton of people emailed me or said Happy Birthday on LiveJournal. I'm trying to convince myself that's just as good, and theoretically it is, but there is something more real about stuff that, y'know, happens in reality instead of on a computer. So it was kind of a depressing birthday.

But I also have to remind myself that Saturday was my party and that was fine. So I really should not be complaining.

This weekend is the fourth of July. I think [livejournal.com profile] drujan is still in California, and I'm not sure what [livejournal.com profile] jaydk is doing. I want to do something fun, since it's a holiday and all, but I don't know what.

I'm in a really depressed mood, and I don't want to be. What can I do to cheer myself up?
a very strange nightmare )
I had this very disturbing dream last night that all the dogs of the world were rising up and taking control over their human masters.

The last part was me and my brother in this creepy old haunted house in the middle of a foggy night with a full moon. As we looked out the window we saw this huge pack of dogs overwhelm and devour a man who was running toward the house.

My brother ran into the other room to call the police, leaving me in the main room as the dogs swarmed into the house. I stood on the couch and tried to re-establish dominance by yelling at them very loudly. Then I woke up, probably right before I would've gotten killed by a pack of rebellious dogs.


I think this dream was inspired by the fact that my cats were acting insane yesterday. They refused to let me sleep for more than a half hour straight--they were constantly fighting with each other, jumping on the bed, climbing on me, biting my head, and so on. Gee, I wonder why I'd have a dream about domestic animals completely taking over their humans' lives...

Of course, they're fine when I'm petting them or playing with them; it's just when I try to do anything else that they get upset....

Aside from the cats being evil, things are going well.

- I got my final grades for this semester: two A- and one A. This brings my cumulative GPA to 3.506 which means I graduate with honors.

- For a graduation gift, my boss is paying my admission fee for an upcoming Buffy con. He came up with this himself. How cool is it that I work with people from whom I don't have to hide my interests?

- I have free time! Work during the day, yes, but the evenings are mine. (Well, mine and my cats'....)

- [livejournal.com profile] wiseacress let me archive "Beggars Would Ride." I've been bugging her about this forever. (It's a great story; check it out.)

- [livejournal.com profile] drujan is flying to Vegas with me for Writercon. We're arriving Tuesday night and leaving Monday night. (We're staying together early in the week; then I'm going to stay with my Writercon roommates since [livejournal.com profile] drujan isn't actually interested in the con.)

- Did I mention I'm done with school forever?
I can't believe so many people were interested in the website stuff. Thank you all for caring, and for visiting the website and all that...

I set it up so that all stories are listed on the front page together, in the order that they were posted or updated. You'll know a story is updated, rather than new, because it'll say "Chapter (number) added" after the title. You'll know if a story is complete because it'll have a word count at the end of the listing; if it's incomplete it'll say "WIP."

I'm trying to think of a way to make "WIP" more prominent. I tried making it bold, but it looked ugly, and if I make it red it looks really discouraging (like a teacher's mark). So for now, if you want to avoid works in progress, you'll just have to make sure to check for the "WIP" at the end.

It's really cool to talk to people about the website. I mean, you try discussing the minutia of running a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fanfiction site with someone in real life. Lots of "what the fuck are you talking about" and "you do know you're insane, right" looks. But I spend so much time on it, it's nice to talk about it with other people.

So yeah, the point being if you ever want to talk about it or ask anything about it, please do. (Like "This is a weird category" or "Why did you archive that horrible story" or "Why haven't you archived more Spike/Andrew" or whatever). 'Cause it's interesting to talk about.

Other stuff, random:

Over on the links page at headtilt.com, they've listed my site as a "Spike Receptionist Fanfic Site." I'm trying to picture Spike as a receptionist and getting very amused. Apparently their spell-checker "fixed" it that way; Dawn said she'd change it when she has a chance. I just think that's cute.

[livejournal.com profile] jodyorjen got me a paid account. Jen, you're awesome!!!!!! Thank you. :)

[livejournal.com profile] nashvillain615's latest, Crisis Management, is just amazing. I didn't realize how sick I was getting of the same old plots until I read this and was awed by what a completely original and interesting situation Kimi came up with.

Rocky is seeking a beta reader for "Believe" If you're interested, email her.

The left "control" key on my computer is broken. This is driving me *insane*. It's turned copying and pasting into a big hassle, and I keep forgetting and trying to use "control", so when I press "control-v" to paste, I just get "v". GRRR. Must buy new keyboard.

I had a nightmare the other night that I was on vacation in Florida and didn't have internet access. It was one of those anxiety dreams where you wake up feeling horribly stressed out and upset. In the dream, I was trying to escape from the hotel and go home, or at least to an internet cafe, so I could get online somehow.

They offer rehab for internet addicts, right? (Ah, but I could never give it up...) Seriously, what a pathetic topic for a nightmare.


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