This has been one of the busiest weeks of my life. It’s no fun.

I am leaving my job and starting a new one (if you’re not on my flist/in my circle, I’ve been posting about it in locked entries) and the work involved to wrap up at my current job is huge. But it’s almost over.

On top of that, SuperVegan (a NYC-focused vegan blog and restaurant guide that I co-own) is doing the Vegan Month of Food (kind of like nano, except we’re supposed to write one post about vegan food every day). Coordinating that is also requiring ridiculous amounts of effort. And we just moved servers, like I needed more on my plate.

Yesterday I picked up my penultimate CSA bounty, and so will spend the weekend trying to figure out ways to prepare and consume vast piles of arugula and leeks and sweet potatoes. Thank Isa for Veganomicon.

Oh, and I’m sick! Stupid rally germs. :P

The Dresden Dolls were good on Sunday night, but they played for freaking ever and I was exhausted by the end. The best parts were Amanda’s sense of humor, banter with the audience, and the covers of “Mein Herr” from Cabaret and Black Sabbath’s “War Machines.” Unfortunately I don’t find the actual Dresden Dolls songs themselves all that inspiring–”Half Jack” is the best, and most are better live than on record, but I’m still not sure I’d go out of my way to see the band again. It was an interesting experience, though–a lot better to see them among their own fans than opening for an impatient NIN audience.

I just finally managed to find time to rewatch SPN 6×06 last night. Brief and disjointed thoughts:

spoilers for SPN 6x06 )

Anyway, have to go do more work. Blah.

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I’ve been hibernating. Sick for two weeks, tired, depressed. I canceled my cable TV to save money, which is actually good because it means I’m getting stuff done for SuperVegan and am reading books instead of watching Futurama reruns. And I can get Colbert, Stewart, and Rachel Maddow online for free, so there’s no reason to pay $70/month for cable. But it’s kind of depressing, anyway.

We’re going to be adding more cities to SuperVegan’s restaurant guide (right now it’s just NYC). So I’ve been very busy working on the programming for that. Of course, once the programming’s done we have to actually enter the data… um, any vegans out there want to volunteer? I guess the ideal is to get local people on the ground in each city to keep the information accurate and up-to-date, but I don’t know how feasible that’ll be. We’re having enough trouble keeping NYC up-to-date, and we all live here!

I read a couple of books. I finished Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander after leaving it half-read on a shelf for a year. I didn’t like it. Like Dunnett, it’s full of historically accurate jargon that’s difficult for a modern reader to parse; unlike Dunnett, the story and characters were just not compelling enough for me to want to put in the effort. I basically just finished it to get it out of the way. I bought more books in Forester’s Hornblower series instead; I found that one much more readable and the main character so much funnier (inadvertently) and more interesting.

I also read Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book because I got a free copy at BEA. It was cute, although typical of Gaiman in that none of it really made sense. He tells stories on the level of metaphor, which is nice, but he doesn’t have the plots or logic to back them up. I always want to know hows and whys that he never provides. This isn’t really a criticism, because it’s a perfectly legitimate way of writing, it’s just not one that appeals to me personally. (I have the same problem with most Stephen King.)

I’m currently reading Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon, but it’s slow going. I’m only 50 pages in, but I just… so don’t care about dragons. I find them creepy and silly and unpleasant to read about, actually; it’s a credit to [info]grrm that I love A Song of Ice and Fire despite the dragons. (It probably helps that I was already totally into the story by the very late point that he finally introduced the dragons, and he slipped them in very slowly.) But I’ll try to finish this book; I want to give it a fair shot since I think the author is doing awesome things for fandom via her involvement with the OTW.

Oh yeah, and Writercon is still happening. Come hang out and talk about fanfic for a few days. It’ll be great.

Update on my continuing Bowie obsession: I skipped ahead 15 years after Scary Monsters and am now listening to 1. Outside. I’m just not quite ready to face 80s Bowie yet. Or Tin Machine. (I finished two Bowie bios and most of the encyclopedia and none of them had anything nice to say about Tin Machine.)

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May. 13th, 2009 07:01 pm

* Come to SuperVegan’s 3rd birthday party! It’s tomorrow (Thursday) at ’sNice Brooklyn, with an afterparty at Lucky 13 bar. We will have free cake and beer. Details here.

* Apparently there’s going to be a Lymond-focused Dorothy Dunnett fan gathering in France in autumn 2010. Um, that sounds awesome. I need more details, obviously, but there’s plenty of time to save money and make plans. Maybe I can get my mom to go with me and split the costs now that I’ve hooked her on Dunnett. *hopes* (Also, [info]10zlaine, you seriously need to read the Lymond Chronicles so that we can do some Dunnett-related traveling someday! Look, audio books!)

* Marilyn Manson has an absinthe called “Mansinthe.” I tried to say “Mansinthe” aloud and couldn’t get it out without choking on laughter.

* A David Bowie/Mick Ronson picspam. I’ll be in my bunk.

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* Album-wise, I've gotten up to Lodger. It's okay; I like "Look Back in Anger." Nothing after Station to Station has grabbed my interest the way the Ziggy-era stuff immediately did, though. I like Low intellectually and I think "Heroes" is a great song. But Station to Station is the last album that enthralled me on an emotional level. (The first is Hunky Dory, although bits of The Man Who Sold the World are amazing, and I like "Cygnet Committee" and "Space Oddity" from his 1969 album).

* I like how my interest in Bowie has led to a deeper understanding of the culture of rock music--the way concepts I always took for granted like "authenticity" and "selling out" grow from a particular ideology. Rock music was always an avenue for me to question the world around me, but I think it's also important for me to question it--many of its underpinnings are far more conservative than I'd considered.

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I’m so out of it today. I was up until 3am last night watching The Man Who Fell to Earth, and before that I was at my friend Eva’s birthday party at V-Spot, where they had unlimited mimosas for $10. Me and my friend Anne’s boyfriend Nemo were competing who could get their per-mimosa cost lowest; I got to $2.50 (four drinks), he got to $1.66 (six drinks), but he cheated because he was sneakily sharing his with Anne. Then we went back to Anne and Nemo’s place to hang out in the back yard and eat cake and drink more mimosas. Basically there was a lot of drinking. And cake!

SuperVegan got linked from the NY Times City Blog. It’s always cool when that happens.

On Saturday I cooked enough to last (hopefully) the whole week: rice and beans, maple-cinnamon cream of wheat, scrambled tofu, vegetable uppama (an Indian dish from that weird Vegan Cooking for One book). I was going to make this really good Asian noodle dish with coconut milk, but I forgot to buy fresh ginger.

We had a long Writercon phone meeting on Saturday night, and then around 11pm I remembered that there was a new Doctor Who episode. Oh yeah, that.

spoilers for this episode and spec for the future )

My mom has started Checkmate. I'm skimming along so that I can answer her questions as she goes. I'm really glad I got her the book of translations--I think Checkmate is the hardest to understand without them. I'm really excited that she's nearing the end and that we'll be able to discuss the entire series soon. I like Checkmate a lot better in retrospect, based on how excited I am to get to talk about all the passages that she's reading. Really the only book in the series that doesn't inspire joy is The Ringed Castle--it's definitely my least favorite overall. Although even it is growing on me over time, as they all seem to.

Oh yeah, and I watched The Man Who Fell to Earth last night. I liked it! Which is weird because I didn't expect to like it at all. It's strange and surreal and definitely has a lot of annoying aspects (the awful female characters for one) but it's also eerie and atmospheric and very interesting. And, okay, David Bowie is just so pretty to look at throughout. So, so, so pretty.

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Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker appeared on last night’s Chelsea Lately to tout the benefits of his latest fad diet: freshly squeezed raw puppy juice.


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Vegan Drinks is tonight in the East Village. If you want to hang out and drink with a bunch of friendly NYC vegans, join us! See for more info.

(Vegan Drinks is co-sponsored by SuperVegan, which is a snarky and informational site for NYC vegans that I co-run with a bunch of friends.)

Did I mention I’m also co-chairing Writercon this year? We’ve been very busy behind the scenes and are gearing up for a bunch of announcements soon.

Writercon is a convention for anyone who loves fanfic–writers, readers, betas, archivists, you name it. It’s really welcoming and friendly, with lots of interesting panels and topics–basically you just hang out with awesome people all weekend chatting about fandom and fanfiction. If you haven’t been before, please think about it–check out our 2006 and 2004 schedules for an idea of what to expect. You can find out more at or [info]writercon.

It’s in Minneapolis this year, but tons of airlines are cutting their prices–you may find yourself amazed by the cheap airfare this summer.

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That was just… incredible. It was like New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July times ten.

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Well, I voted. The nice thing about living in the middle of nowhere: only one person was in line ahead of me. It was nice to get out of there quickly, but I’d kind of been hoping for one of those long lines so I that I could impress my grandnieces and nephews with stories of how long I waited in line to vote for Barack Obama. ;)

I’ll be at the SuperVegan Election Night Party at Red Bamboo Brooklyn tonight, hopefully drinking to celebrate and not to drown the pain. *crosses fingers*

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SuperVegan’s having an election night party. If you’re in the NYC area and you want to celebrate/commiserate with a bunch of Obama-loving vegetarians, this would be the event for you. Here are the details:


Join SuperVegan in Fort Greene, Brooklyn for our Election Night Party as we keep a watchful eye on the results while downing discounted drink specials like Vegan White Russians, Chocolate Hawaiians, and Joe The Plumber Cocktails and munching on yummy vegan grub at Red Bamboo Brooklyn on Tue, November 4th from 8pm on.

If you are on Facebook, RSVP here.

To accommodate more peeps and after lessons learned from our awesome debate watch party, Red Bamboo Brooklyn’s first floor will serve dinner from 8pm through midnight and the second floor and patio will be cleared of tables for folks to drink and hang out until the wee hours. We’ll also have DJs on the second floor throughout the night!!!


This is where I’ll be tomorrow night, hopefully cheering instead of crying.

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Proof that the stuff I’ve been working my ass off on has some impact on the world:

* SuperVegan got a really nice plug from Ecorazzi yesterday.

* We announced Writercon! And tons of people already registered to appear on the attendees list. It’s actually happening!

* I finished the Freelance Project of Doom! Which is pretty much all I’ve been doing (aside from announcing Writercon) over the past five days. Now if I could just get the client to pay me before I leave for London… (*crosses fingers*)

I now have a giant to-do list of boring stuff like laundry, cleaning, and packing. Did I mention that I’M LEAVING FOR LONDON ON SATURDAY MORNING?!!!!!!

Um, so, what should I do in London? Who wants to meet up? What are the must-see things? I’ve been so busy trying to finish up everything before I leave that I’ve barely had any time to plan the trip.

Vague plans so far )

And then (OMG!!!) Stratford.

Am I missing anything? What's the must-do stuff when you're spending nine days in London?

I think there are several people I need to exchange email addresses or phone numbers with... send me an email at if you're one of them. :)
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* Vegan Drinks is tonight in the East Village. If you’re in NYC and want to get drunk with a bunch of vegans, here’s your chance.

* Den of Geek: 10 ways to make sure Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 gets it right. I like #9: “Cast Robert Downey Jr as something.” Have I mentioned recently how happy I am that he’s popular again? Plus, RDJ and Johnny Depp in the same movie would be the best thing ever.

* I’m thinking about the Master of Science in Internet Technology degree at Pace University. I could do it online and it doesn’t have any horrible prerequisites, and it would certainly be a good thing to have on my resume. I’m really annoyed that I can’t find any unbiased third-party information, reviews, or rankings about the program, though. Plus it’s expensive and I don’t know if I’ll have time for it next year between full-time work, SuperVegan, and Writercon. Hmm.

* Speaking of Writercon, we should have an announcement soon. Please cross your fingers!

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I blogged my first week of cooking new recipes every single night OMG over at SuperVegan. Click here to read it and see the pretty pictures.

If you leave a comment there, I will love you forever. :)

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SuperVegan was named one of the 21 best vegan blogs by VegNews Magazine. They called us “The Vegan Daily Show.” I am so proud!

Our incredibly-belated second birthday party also went off well. Tons of people showed up and devoured our giant cake at record-breaking speed. And I served free beer from a keg! Now I just need to get cracking on the hundred-million things on my to-do list…

But first, I need a vacation. I haven’t traveled anywhere for the entire year. (*sigh* I never found the time/money for Florida.) I’m going stir crazy. And it’s summer!

But I’m low on money and vacation days, so I posted here asking for advice. Several people told me to take a train to Asbury Park, swim, stay overnight, and take the train back the next day. So I booked a Saturday in July at the Empress (which is mostly a gay hotel but seems welcoming to everyone, has great reviews at TripAdvisor, is right on the beach, has a hotel bar, and looks very pretty).

My memories of Asbury Park are, um, grim (Uranium 235 played at the Stone Pony on Halloween 2000–I think that was the place where my friends had to switch hotels because the original hotel they’d booked wouldn’t let them in!), but apparently they’re remodeling the boardwalk and cleaning everything up, so it’s a good place to have a beach vacation while the prices are still fairly low. (At least, I hope so!) It’s heartbreaking how much is gone, though, and how such an amazing place could decline so badly.

It looks like I’m going alone–I’d rather have company, but it’s hard to find people I travel well with, and none of those I know I get along with can go. I’ll keep asking around, though, and I don’t really mind bringing a book and going on my own.

I also really want to go to Coney Island this year–I adore kitchy old amusement stuff, and I want to see what’s left before it all gets replaced by condos. :( Maybe I’ll go there for July 4? Not sure, it could be too crowded. Whatever, I’ll figure it out–I’m officially a Brooklynite now! (Although HopStop tells me the quickest way to get there is to go into Manhattan and transfer to the N at Union Square. :P)

Pretty much the entire past two weeks have been taken up by moving. I barely even had time to rant about Doctor Who! It’s getting better, though; my living space is starting to feel more like “home” and less like “empty space full of unpacked boxes.” So far I have:

lots of talk about moving and organizing )
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You know what’s the best thing about running SuperVegan? FREE DESSERTS. There’s this place called Vegan Honey who make the most amazing vegan desserts and mail them to you. They’ve got TWINKIES. (You don’t realize the awesomeness of Twinkies until you go twelve years without one.) Check out the SuperVegan review and the Vegan Honey online shop.

Also, I bought the most amazing boots at MooShoes on Saturday. Just… look at these things… they’re like Victorian-themed Goth ankle boots. Normally I would never spend $120 for a pair of shoes, but it was like the perfect convergence of reasons to do so:

* I like supporting vegan businesses.
* And they were having a pet adoption event, so there were adorable puppies and kittens everywhere.
* And they had free vegan cupcakes!
* And 10% of the purchase price went to fund animal rescue organizations.
* And my friend Anne was there raving about how awesome the boots were.
* And they were SO CUTE.


Anyway, now I have a completely awesome pair of boots that I’ll probably only wear three times a year. But at least they’ll fit easily into luggage and they should last a long time. (AND THEY’RE SO CUTE OMG.)

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I met Joan Jett and I was most excited because:

a) she's a badass rock star
b) she's a badass lesbian icon
c) she's a badass animal rights advocate
d) she guest starred on "Highlander" that one time



If you guessed d), you know me disturbingly well!

(Anyway, here's a picture of Joan Jett and me.)

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I was in The New York Times!

Okay, not really. But a blog post I wrote was linked from one of the New York Times blogs. And from Brooklyn Vegan, too.

*feels cool*

What else? I haven't been posting much. I've been busy, and traveling, and tired.

My office moved to Brooklyn. It sucks. I don't even have the energy to rant about it right now.

I went to Austin last weekend, for an insane mini-vacation. I had less than 24 hours to cram in my first visit to Texas, a meal, some sleep, and an Alice in Chains concert.

Laura's Austin Adventure )

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Apparently I hate gypsies. Who knew?

(God, I really do hate oversensitive pretentious vegans.)
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Common Rotation released a trailer for their upcoming DVD. It looks good. I love their mix of sincere underground ethics and cheerfully straight-faced morbid humor.

Oh yeah, and [ profile] 10zlaine and I saw them in Boston two weekends ago. Wonderful show. Who knew that folk music could send an audience into such hysterics? Their shows contain by far the most laughter of any band I like. And some of their songs are really beautiful. And their lyrics are smart!

Okay, I'll stop raving. I know lots of people avoid this band because one of the guys was on TV, but seriously, they're good. The opposite of a vanity project in every way.

Oh yeah, and the vegan pizza at TJ Scallywaggles? So awesome. Oh my god. If I were to move to Boston, it would be 90% because of this restaurant.

My last post was an April Fool's joke, btw. I actually got a number of sincere condolence messages, so, yeah, just wanted to clarify that. I thought the "chronic incontinence," "slice of Kraft cheese found on the sidewalk," and, oh yeah, "cheese made from human man milk" would make the "joke" part pretty self-apparent... (not to mention the April 1 date).

Google's prank was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Free internet through your toilet, complete with endlessly cheesy double entendres.

Google TiSP ensures reliable throughput through the power of fiber, which has been proven through extensive research to effectively facilitate consistent data flow with minimal latency. And you can rest assured that under no circumstances will the TiSP system ever expose your privates.

Yes, I'm 12. Shut up.

And probably even funnier is the Google Group devoted to it, complete with outraged posts from idiots who thought it was real.

I'm really enjoying the posts at [ profile] grave_watchers. Although strangely it's making me want to go back and re-watch season one. I forgot how good Veronica Mars originally was. Really, if you just pretend it only had one season and ended, it actually stands up really well. (I'm so glad I never bought the second season!)
If you haven't heard the bad news yet: SuperVegan's Olivia Lane and Post Punk Kitchen's Isa Chandra Moskowitz have turned their backs on veganism. Today is a sad day for vegans everywhere.

On the plus side, Tofutti has debuted what many believe to be the best vegan cheese yet: Vegan Groups Say Man Nipple Milk Cheese is Vegan.

Get the details and incredibly disturbing photos at

We Did It!

Mar. 16th, 2007 11:31 am
We threw an awesome party! We made a zillion decorations, lugged them plus a ton of donated food to the bar, sold raffle tickets and got people to sign up for our mailing list, wore party hats and stupid nametags, got incredibly drunk, and watched as several hundred people filed in over the course of the night to devour the free food.

I think the free food was the key (and holy crap! it went fast!) but still, we raised a lot of awareness about our website, and we had an awesome time. Also, we got a drink named after us. "The SuperVegan." Basically a White Russian made with soymilk, but it was ours! People were going to the bar and asking for SuperVegans! When I'm on my deathbed, I can tell my grand-nieces and grand-nephews that once upon a time, I had a drink named after a website I made.

Don't laugh at me. It was really cool. The weather was nasty and we were terrified that only twenty people would show up, so it was just so cool that people actually came.

Check out the awesome photos in our Flickr group!

my first two party photos )

(I got home around 3am. I'm so tired. And I can barely speak. I can't wait to sleep all weekend.)

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