* How come no one told me Shane Black is directing Iron Man 3!? I am now looking forward to IM3 approximately a billion times more than I was. :)

* Amanda’s Avengers review at The Mary Sue is hilarious

* Black Widow Spins Webs Around THE AVENGERS — Great article comparing the reactions of male and female reviewers to Black Widow. Talk about the women men don’t see…

* Great meta from cluegirl on the “sentiment” theme in The Avengers

* Fic rec: Shatter by [personal profile] aria. What if Loki fell instead of Thor?

I love this so much. She makes Loki sympathetic and interesting but does not gloss over what a psycho mess he is. (Also for some reason I thought it was gen and was very confused when Loki and Thor started making out halfway through.)

I was thinking it’s weird how much I like Loki, since he’s so awful, then I remembered that I am a fan of Jaime Lannister, Spike, Simm!Master, Scorpius, and Methos. It’s not weird for me at all.

Now admittedly most of those characters have redemption arcs, but you could easily fanwank that Loki is just in the pre-redemption state. Although I don’t really have to, because I don’t care about the redemption story. I just like fucked-up characters. Even the characters I’ve liked who are clearly heroes within their universes (Dean Winchester, John Crichton, the Tenth Doctor, Sirius Black, Brian Kinney, Benton Fraser) I haven’t liked because they are heroes, but because they are made of ~issues~. The moral state of the character is really irrelevant.

I’m thinking I’m going to gravitate to Loki/Thor, because it’s got that same “best enemies” dynamic I loved in Doctor/Master and Spike/Angel.

Game of Thones

* Abigail Nussbaum points out the extra-textual misogyny in Game of Thrones:

just as dead horses are the cost of doing business in the racing industry, traumatized and humiliated actresses are the cost of doing business in cable television.

I think I’m going to stop watching GoT. It has some great stuff (Tyrion! Cersei!) but the misogyny of the writing and directing makes me literally sick. Instead of looking forward to watching a new episode, I find myself actually bracing myself against whatever horrific, exploitative abomination they’re going to inflict this week. This is not an enjoyable fannish experience.

* SNL Explains the Nudity in Game of Thones – aka the funny version of the above meta.

Doctor Who

* The Project Manager’s Guide to Doctor Who — This is a series of analyses of the Master’s project management skills. As I am currently working as a project manager, this is pretty much the funniest thing ever. It’s all true!


* I have been listening to this band The Pretty Reckless, who were amazing opening for Marilyn Manson a couple weeks ago. (Only redeeming thing about an otherwise embarrasingly bad experience.) Their lead singer has amazing stage presence and a fabulous voice. Then I googled them and found that she is 18 (holy crap I am old!) and used to be on Gossip Girl. Um. But since the band really is impressive, here is a link.

I just hope she figures out soon that, with a voice like hers, she really does not have to dress like a stripper to get attention. :(

* Aside from that, I am still on a nonstop Nick Cave kick. “Oh My Lord” is an amazing song.

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Oct. 24th, 2011 10:38 pm

I don’t know WTF to do about Delicious–keep posting there even though it sucks now? Go to pinboard even though it costs money and I don’t have time to learn a new interface and does it even have Android and Chrome plugins? Wait for a fan-made alternative?

In the meantime, I keep thinking I need to post here more often, so here’s a post of stuff I would previously have bookmarked to Delicious:

Did everyone see [personal profile] luminosity’s new vid about the awesome of Dean? I will show this to people to explain why I love him. :) :) Plus it’s Luminosity so goes without saying that the vid is technically brilliant.

Excellent meta from Tumblr about how SPN others queer characters. Thank you [info]hoeg for the link.

SPN and economic instability, interesting essay by [info]amonitrate

Awww, this vid about how much Sam and Dean love each other. (Just ignore the abjectly awful song. ;P)

Really good SPN fanart, lots of hurt!Dean, some disturbing by [info]smallworld_inc

[personal profile] fajrdrako is writing wonderfully detailed annotations on “The Game of Kings,” the first Lymond book.

I have been listening to Nick Cave almost non-stop (mixed in with PJ Harvey) for about 6 months, but haven’t felt much need to seek out videos. Of the few I’ve seen, this one for Tupelo is my favorite so far.

Also there is Henry Lee with Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, where PJ Harvey is so riveting I barely notice Nick Cave is there…

And while randomly clicking around, this awesome clip of Hole doing “Pretty on the Inside”. *sigh* There is a part of me that will always adore Courtney Love.

I also have a whole pile of fic I could rec, but no time to put it together in an organized fashion. Stupid Delicious. >:(

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I’ve had almost no time for DW/LJ (*SOB* I MISS YOU GUYS) but things I have managed to see that were worth sharing:

* New ASOIAF HBO preview!! I don’t really think I’m going to like the series all that much, but it’s still so amazing to see actual visuals of a world that’s existed only in our imaginations for so many years. I guess this is how the oldschool LotR fans felt?

* Kalichan wrote a lovely and thoughtful post about loving things that fail.

I want to catch up with everyone but even if I do, my reading lists will hit skip=1000 before I see everyones’ posts, so if anything really important happened, please let me know?

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Read more... )

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I’m pretty sure that Matt Bomer is the most attractive man on television. White Collar season two starts in less than two weeks! There are ads all over the subway–it feels like they decorated just for me.

Here is a fic in which John Crichton attempts to explain the plot of Hamlet to the crew of Moya. It’s got perfect character voices and is awesome.

I’m currently listening to Blind Spot by pdragon76, read by twasadark. There is so much fantastic well-written hurt/comfort gen in SPN fandom. ♥♥♥

This review of Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while:

Another one of the ways in which this movie pokes fun at the very idea of epic fantasy: the endless confusing voice-over, in which tons of important story developments happen off-camera while we’re looking at a picture of a tree or a CG mountain. Because why do we privilege the story of the hero’s progress over the tree?, Shaymalan asks. Why does the original Star Wars insist on showing us Luke Skywalker training with a lightsaber, instead of telling us that Luke Skywalker trained with a lightsaber while showing us a tracking shot of some rocks? Why pretend that one thing is more important than the other thing? Why pretend that any of it has any meaning? As a wise man once wrote, “A menu is as good as a myth.”

Also, if the original Star Wars had given us a tracking shot of rocks, with a voiceover explaining that Luke was learning to use a lightsaber someplace else, it would have freed up more screen time for Luke to stand around shouting, “JAWAS! THERE IS SAND UNDER YOUR FEET!”

Did you read that zombie AU recap of the neverending tennis match over at the Guardian? That was hilarious, too.

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Signalboosting in case anyone’s missed it: [info]amazonziti has been compiling links related to the J2 racefail story and its fallout.

Her first post is here and contains links to an initial summary of the situation and the early reactions.

Her second post is here and contains more good links as well as some good meta about the misuse of terms like “safe space” and “silencing” by members of privileged groups who are uncomfortable with being criticized. Some of the posts linked are profoundly important in light of the derailing and tone arguing that’s been going on. If you don’t have time to read them all, she’s starred her favorites.

I’m posting links because I don’t really feel comfortable writing meta about this–I think the best way I can respond right now is to read and think, and to signalboost as a way to encourage other privileged people to do the same.

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Two posts that resonated with me, both reacting to the discussions surrounding the racist J2 fic. They both pretty much say what I was thinking after banging my head against my desk due to reading a bunch of comments to the effect of, “Won’t somebody please think about the feelings of the poor racists?”

poisontaster, here:

So if the choice is between some of us being uncomfortable while the rest of us being blissfully unaware, I say FUCK THAT SHIT. I am not invested in, nor will I buy into a system where only some of us get to be comfortable and that on the backs of other people. We can ALL be afraid and uncomfortable, as far as I’m concerned. Or we can ALL be comfortable, but either way, we’re doing it together or I’m going to keep speaking out, raising hell and harshing squee. Because I’m in this too. And as much as you, I GET A SAY.

So if people are scared, I say, “Good! Join the club!” If people are scared of what to write, I say, “Good! Maybe they’ll fail less if they think more!” If some people leave fandom because it’s too hard to think someone might disapprove, I’ll point them toward the long line of people abandoning fandom because it’s too hostile of an environment to make it worthwhile and say, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!”

musesfool, here:

I think it’s this hypocrisy – I can say whatever I like, even if it hurts a lot of people, but nobody can call me on it or they’re SO MEAN/having a chilling effect/infringing on my “rights” – that really frustrates me and makes me fear for humanity, because it’s just so fucking entitled and moronic and it makes me want to set the people who argue that way ON FIRE WITH MY BRAIN.

Oh boohoo, so you have to think a little bit about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it before you say it. Your life, so hard! If you claim to be any kind of writer at all, YOU SHOULD ALREADY BE DOING THAT, regardless of the fact that it can also help to MAKE YOU A BETTER HUMAN BEING because it leads to you NOT HURTING OTHER PEOPLE (as much, and unintentionally).

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I went to a meeting of the Supernatural NYC Meetup Group a couple weekends ago. We met at 11am in the childrens’ resource room of the Brooklyn Heights Public Library (srsly) and marathoned several Dean episodes via a laptop hooked up to a projector. It was a bit… surreal. (Also I’d slept only three hours and got up early on a Saturday, so I was barely functional, in addition to my usual pathological shyness in social situations.)

It was fun to watch the show with other real life people. The organizers obviously worked hard to run the event, and everyone was very welcoming to me. I’m not sure if it was the right place for me, though. I’ve been trying to put my finger on why and I think it ties into the posts I’ve been reading recently on [community profile] metafandom about two different approaches to fandom, affirmational vs transformational. I’m pretty firmly on the transformational side, especially when it comes to something like Supernatural, which I find incredibly problematic, and which I’m into for the fandom and fanwork and fan criticism at least as much as for the text itself.

The Meetup group was pretty firmly on the affirmational side, at least as far as I could tell (some of the others were shy, too). Only one person acknowledged being into fanfic and she did so like there was something embarrassing about it. There wasn’t much discussion and what there was wasn’t critical* or analytical–it was very positive and focused on the actors and on behind-the-scenes trivia.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this–it just hit me that what I wanted wasn’t just real life people to watch the show with, it was real life people who share something closer to my approach to fandom. (Again, I mean no offense to the people there.)

ANYWAY. The point is that I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the discussions about the differences between affirmational and transformational approaches to fandom, because they put names on phenomena that I’ve been aware of for a long time but haven’t been able to articulate. If you’re interested, this post by obsession_inc is a great starting point. I’d also recommend this post by oliviacirce and this particular comment thread, and also this post by damned_colonial. Obviously, there’s overlap between the two approaches, and the definitions are still being hashed out, but there is definitely something really interesting to explore here.

Also, [personal profile] kaigou took this as a starting point for a post about the structural differences between the two approaches to fandom–how affirmational fandom places the author at the center and how transformational fandom is far more decentralized and chaotic, complete with these amazing diagrams. (It takes a while to figure out but they’re definitely worth looking at.) I’m not sure if I agree with her conclusion about anti-fanfic pro-writers feeling threatened by BNFs, but I love her illustrations of how fandoms evolve to center around fan-created ideas, and how far removed these fan-created zones can be from the canon’s creator or hir intent.

It really rings true with my experience of Supernatural, which is that I’m far more interested in learning what [info]soundingsea or [info]netweight think about the show than about what Eric Kripke does, and I’m infinitely more interested in reading [info]jolielaide’s fanfic recs than in reading tie-in novels (the Meetup group is also doing a tie-in novel book club, which I couldn’t be less interested in). I think it also explains why I’ve always felt so much happier at fan-run conventions, the ones focused on fanworks and the voices of fans themselves, rather than at those pro cons where you worship at the altar of your superiors and if you’re lucky they’ll validate your life by acknowledging your existence (often for an offensively large sum of money). (Sorry, some residual bitterness there.)

a bit more about the meetup )

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* Here is an amazing short story: The Women Men Don’t See by James Tiptree, Jr. (who was really Alice Sheldon). It was linked in the recent rape culture discussions, so I read it yesterday and have been thinking about it since–it’s very powerful.

* I had been hoping and praying that George R. R. Martin wouldn’t open his mouth in the recent fanfiction debate, but I’m not that lucky. He’s disappointingly, ignorantly wrong, though at least he’s not as offensive as some of the other anti-fanfic authors have been. There have been some fantastic refutations of his nonsense at [community profile] metafandom recently, if you’re interested.

I’ve been through this debate so many times before that I’m not really interested in getting into it again, but I’m glad that a lot of people are, because all these inspiring, articulate odes to fanfic really do convince people. They convinced me, way back when.

On a very shallow level, I hate to see people dissing Martin’s writing because of this. Well, specifically I hate to see people dissing Jaime Lannister, because Jaime is awesome and it’s totally not his fault that his writer is such a dumbass about this issue. :P

* Here is a gorgeous Claudia Black picspam which cheered me up immensely. (I need an Aeryn Sun icon, btw, but I don’t want one of her snuggling with John or pointing a gun, so I’m still looking.)

I woke up this morning realizing that I'm actually quite happy with the SPN finale (spoilers for SPN 5x22) )

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* USA released three network promos featuring Neal and Peter from White Collar. I don’t know the characters from the other shows, but yay for more Neal and Peter!

* Some clueless pro writer posted a screed about why fanfic sucks. Old wank, I know, but it’s inspired some lovely counterarguments that have reminded me how wonderful fanfiction is, both the art form itself and the community around it. Here is a really lovely ode to fanfic from [info]pandarus.

* There’s this discussion going on in the feminist blogosphere about “Dude Music” and the comparative lack of respect female musicians and fans get. It’s incredibly interesting if you’re into rock music, and if you’re not it’s still very relevant, since it highlights a whole lot of the subtle ways that sexism works. I found it absolutely fascinating, because I’m definitely someone who grew up with a very male-dominated playlist–I’ve been working to understand why and to be a fan of more female musicians. Anyway, read the discussion in this order:

- I Went To Your Concert and There Was Nothing Going On, or, A Meditation on Dude Music

- The World At Large: How Privilege works in Rock Music

- The center and the margins, and butt hurtness

* Rare Film of Ronald Reagan, James Dean Unearthed. Is it wrong that I kinda wanted to read a slash version of this after I watched it?

* Bowie Dance Ride in NYC today. “Participants are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Bowie character and pedal away, Ziggy Stardust–style.” Uh, seriously?

* Iron Man 2 tonight! I can’t wait. This whole Supernatural obsession was incredibly well-timed; it managed to prevent me from clicking any of the Iron Man 2 spoilers that have been all over my reading list this week. :)

* [personal profile] netweight recommended Conversational Winchester for Trolls by [info]eloise_bright and it is indeed awesome.

* I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge last night (exercise! fresh air!) and then went home and cooked a real dinner (roasted acorn stuffed with spinach cous cous and topped with toasted pine nuts). And then I sat down to watch Just One Episode of Supernatural. And… ended up watching four. So much for functioning like a sane person.

They were good! I enjoyed them. Maybe my previous feeling of disillusionment was just a fluke. Maybe by lowering my expectations I was better able to focus on what’s good. Maybe I was just saddened by the prospect of not staring at Jensen Ackles’ adorable freckles for the next two days, so I appreciated these episodes more.

My thoughts:

this is not actually about 4x11; it's about why I love the movie The Legend of Billie Jean )

this is actually about 4x12, and the worst line of dialog I've ever heard )

4x13 )

4x14 was really good! )

and another thing I like about Supernatural in general )

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* John Simm will be playing Hamlet! Apparently it will open in Sheffield in September. Hmmm… I’m planning to go to the Lymond gathering in Paris in October… September is close to October… and England is close to France…

* Why Strong Female Characters Are Bad for Women - Great article that gets at the heart of why Hollywood continues to fail at creating female characters.

* [info]bodlon on character death: “I object to being told that art is a democracy, or that writers are not allowed to make people sad [with] their stories, or that one reading of a text is the only reading of a text.” Fantastic post.

* This long-haired David Bowie picspam is so very, very pretty.

* A funeral for Internet Explorer 6. Web developers, rejoice!

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* This just made me choke on my coffee. I think I enjoy The Meathead Perspective far more than I enjoy the actual band Nine Inch Nails.

* I’m not an Avatar fan, but I’m still upset by the blatantly racist movie casting. Just… what the hell? I’m glad to see that the fandom has already launched a letter writing campaign.

* This xkcd comic is awesome and totally nails the “nice guy” phenomenon. The wank it’s generated is severely depressing, though. “Women have nearly exclusive control over the nation’s sex supply, and that will never, ever change“???? *headdesk*

* [info]jaydk and [info]kalichan came over to my place on Saturday night for a very fun evening of wine and television. We watched the first episode of The Devil’s Whore, after which [info]jaydk declared that she couldn’t stand to continue watching history be raped in such a blatant manner, so we switched to the first episode of Life on Mars (which [info]kalichan had never seen!) to get the bad taste out of our mouths.

To be honest, I didn’t mind The Devil’s Whore–probably because I’m woefully ignorant about that period of English history, and because I was only watching for John Simm. He had his shirt off for a whole scene, so I got what I wanted out of the deal. :P

* This panel description has me dreading Gallifrey One. I think it might be best if I spend this convention drinking and chatting and avoiding most of the actual programming. >:( Still looking forward to seeing Phil Collinson, though. And hopefully to hearing interesting insights from the various new series writers who are attending.

* I’ve kind of reluctantly gotten into Spooks–I actually went out of my way to watch the season finale as soon as possible. I don’t love the show by any means. It’s pure genre, which makes it incredibly predictable; it never does anything that a spy drama wouldn’t do. But it’s quite a good example of a spy show, which makes it entertaining for what it is. Well, okay, mainly the entertaining thing is the lovely contrasts between Richard Armitage’s pale skin, black hair, and blue eyes. But occasionally he even gets to do some actual acting! And I kind of love the character of Ros–her competence and snark make her one of the more appealing female characters I’ve seen in quite a while.

* I’m re-reading Pawn in Frankincense despite myself. I forgot how funny this one is as it starts off! In fact, I think I forgot almost everything that happens except for the ending, which kind of blew the rest of it out of the water. It’s a totally different experience to read this series for a second time; everything makes so much more sense when you already know what’s going to happen. Dunnett’s style of keeping the reader completely in the dark for 90% of each book (and the series as a whole) is incredibly frustrating, but definitely rewarding if you’re able to put up with it. It also makes re-reading a whole new experience–you can actually appreciate the subtleties instead of just wondering what the hell is going on. It also helps that I’ve got a book of translations with me this time around, so I can figure out what the hell they’re saying when the characters suddenly switch to French or Latin.

* I’m resisting the urge to write a long song-by-song analysis of “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.” I know that no one cares about my interpretation of a 35-year-old classic album that I’ve only been listening to for two weeks. Still. It’s all I’ve been thinking about. I haven’t even turned it off at night, because it’ll play in my head if I don’t have it actually playing from my speakers.

* is an incredibly helpful website if you suddenly decide to get obsessed with “Ziggy Stardust” 35 years too late. Plus I’m learning all this stuff about glam rock–now I totally get that scene in Life on Mars where Sam meets Marc Bolan!

* I bought this Best of Bowie DVD. It’s all so totally totally awesome for about the first 50 minutes, and then… 1974 happens. Good god. I think maybe I’m a fan of Ziggy Stardust, not of David Bowie?

* I wish I’d gone to the Bowie Ball last weekend. I totally want to go see this all-female Ziggy Stardust cover band in January. And I want to go see this thing at MOMA even though I doubt 1) I can get tickets, 2) that it’s anything I haven’t already seen on the Best of Bowie DVD.

* I finally figured out how to connect my computer to my TV wirelessly. It’s a combination of this and this and it totally works! My TV is a second monitor and I can just drag video files over to it and play them. Now I should probably cancel my cable TV, but I’ve gotten addicted to The Rachel Maddow Show and now I kind of don’t want to give it up. I suppose I could just watch that online too. And I might actually continue catching up on more of those old Doctor/Master episodes now that I don’t have to waste CDs on burning them.

Although I might just watch lots of YouTube clips of young David Bowie instead.

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* Neil Gaiman continues to be awesome. See Why Defend Freedom of Icky Speech?

* I’m lurking at [info]theemptywriter and quite enjoying it. Nice to see that not everyone is caught up in the Moffat hype! And, man, he just continues to annoy the hell out of me. Here he is in 1996 calling the Doctor’s female companions “bimbos”; what, did I need another reason to loathe him?

* This list of top movie characters is currently making the news rounds. Only one woman in the top 25? Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, what about that “huge lack of respect for anything male” that tragically inflicts our society? (Could it be that Steven Moffat is … full of shit? :P) And… and… Yoda is a better character than Princess Leia???

* Scott Weiland has a new album. How come nobody told me this? His last solo album was actually really good! Hopefully this’ll make up for the entertaining-but-soulless artificiality of his work with Velvet Revolver.

I’m still getting used to this whole thing of enjoying someone’s music but not having any particular interest or respect for them as a person. I think I’m too old and cynical to worship all-perfect musical idols, and this way it’s less disappointing when they inevitably fall. I’ll just try to enjoy them when they’re good and move on to something else when they start to suck. No need to feel all heartbroken and/or betrayed by the whole thing. (I’m even starting to get over Courtney Love’s Hollywood sell-out; none of her later bullshit can take away from the pure awesome of Live Through This.)

* I’m still listening nonstop to David Bowie. The song “Velvet Goldmine” is really, really good. (Now I’m extra disappointed that the movie was so bad.) Wikipedia says the song is about Bowie making out with another man, but I’m listening to the lyrics, and… that sounds like a lot more than making out…?

Also, if you’re ever looking for motivation to weep for the state of humanity, just go to and look up your favorite song. If the inanity of the interpretations doesn’t make you want to kill yourself, I don’t know what will.

* This ad is currently plastered all over the NYC subway system. Every time I walk by I kind of have to resist the urge to stop and, I don’t know, lick it maybe? Which, eww, NYC subway. But, damn. David Bowie was reeeeeally pretty once.

pretty pretty subway ad )
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Palin’s Wasilla To Rape Victims: Bring Your Checkbook. This article has been making the blog rounds, and actually gave me nightmares last night. People, please, vote against this woman. Feminism isn’t about putting one woman in power regardless of how anti-woman her policies are; it’s about making the world a better place for all women.

And, via [info]cluegirl: Lose Your House, Lose Your Vote. Just sickening.

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My friend Tod wrote a chronicle of his adventures protecting whales from illegal whaling with Sea Shepherd. It’s an absolutely amazing story; you can go here to read it.

Tod’s the guy who took care of my cats last fall when they were replacing the windows in my old apartment. He’s also a giant Doctor Who geek. My friend Anne happened to mention the existence of Sea Shepherd to him, and Tod thought it was so cool that he quit his job and went on a mission with them.

(And… somehow this is connected to Stargate? Tod’s going to be representing Sea Shepherd at Gatecon in August.)

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* [info]selenak has hopeful thoughts on Donna’s ending in relation to “The Unicorn and the Wasp.”

* [info]versaphile has a brilliant analysis of the Doctor’s morality and his views of humanity

* and I’m counting on her fic Praxis to keep me interested in this fandom until the show comes back. (No pressure or anything. :P) But seriously, it’s the best study I’ve read of how and why the Doctor is who he is. Plus, lots of hot Doctor/Master sex. You really cannot go wrong there.

* [info]orange_crushed wrote hilarious and wonderful Doctor/Rose post-”Journey’s End” fic.

(I know there’s a tons and tons of good fic popping up right now, but I’m mostly trying to get through the meta and sort out my thoughts first before I jump into fic.)

* And really hilarious Doctor Who hed-is-pastede-on-yay wank over at Fandom Wank.

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* They found the lost scenes from Metropolis! I cannot wait to see this in the theater. The entire film! *squee*

* Biologist totally pwns creationist. Awesome.

* I’ve been listening non-stop to PJ Harvey, Portishead, Hole, Jack Off Jill, Tapping the Vein, Juliette and the Licks, Garbage… pretty much anything edgy with a female vocalist. PJ Harvey’s early stuff is so raw and amazing, and Portishead Live at Roseland is the best live CD I’ve ever heard. (I bought their new one but um, switched back to Live at Roseland after about two listens.)

* I just checked [info]fandom_wank and, wow, I knew there was a reason I’d taken [info]doctorwho and [info]ihasatardis off my flist. Sheesh. And this is just the lead-up; god only knows what wankstorm the finale will unleash.

* I’ve been so absurdly busy this week that I still haven’t had a chance to re-watch “The Stolen Earth.” I’ve seen it once, in two parts with ten hours in between, while exhausted and drunk off my ass, and with a friend screaming in my ear every two minutes. I think I might skip Coney Island tomorrow and stay home to watch Doctor Who again. Yes, I know, I’m weird. But I haven’t had a day to myself since last Friday, and I need to recharge before my Doctor Who finale party on Saturday. (I have friends coming after all! Woohoo!) And I need to make more cupcakes… I’m thinking Rum Raisin and another batch of Banana Split….

* This day in LJ history:

    * 2007: I was listening to the new Velvet Revolver album and getting excited for the upcoming Velvet Revolver/Alice in Chains tour.
    * 2006: I was (BIG SURPRISE!) bitching about an evil roommate who wouldn’t pay her rent and was mean to my cat. And I was excited to see Chemlab in DC the next day.
    * 2005: I was in the grip of a horrible, horrible crush. This is about the time I developed my aversion to tequila. The less said, the better.
    * 2004: I was going to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in IMAX over and over and over, squeeing about Remus and Sirius, re-reading the Harry Potter books, and looking forward to Writercon 2004.
    * 2003: I was trapped on the cheap crappy crumbling CRUISE OF DOOM with my parents and brother, resolving never to vacation with my family ever again and desperately missing my Spike website. On the plus side, I was reading A Song of Ice and Fire for the very first time.

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Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with America? Bet you a million dollars they change the ending to make it more palatable to delicate American sensibilities. Just… keep reminding me that it’s going to inspire more people to seek out the real version. (*clutches John Simm*)

Some cheery things to scrub this travesty from my mind:

* [info]versaphile wrote Subterranean, a beautiful coda which made me feel somewhat better about the most recent Doctor Who episode. (She’s also posting a new chapter of the amazing Praxis every week, which just gets better and better.)

* [info]violet_lane wrote absolutely wonderful meta about Rose Tyler. She pretty much gets to the heart of what I love about Rose: that she’s the rare female character who undergoes a true hero’s journey, and that her heroism is due to her own choices, not any kind of special destiny. (And that she lives her life fully: she’s impulsive, adventurous, strong-willed, makes her own decisions, has fun, and sees the beauty of the universe along with the monsters.) It’s a long post, but completely worth the read.

* There are a hell of a lot of awesome Doctor/Master porn writers out there; I’m impressed by the quality of most of the responses at the [info]best_enemies anon porn meme.

* Look how adorable young Stephen Colbert is! (Not that he isn’t still adorable now.)

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