I’ve been hibernating. Or, avoiding the internet, anyway. Moving servers turned out to be a huge pain in the ass and it still seems like a total crapshoot as to whether my websites will actually work on any given day. Kind of pointless to post an entry when I’m not sure if anyone will be able to see it or respond. I’m pissed at the server company, but sick of wasting time dealing with it.

So, here’s a post, which may or may not work. :P

A summary of my life in media over the past two weeks:

* I saw Twilight. My god. That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.

spoilers for Twilight )

* I'm thinking about seeing Milk. It looks really good and historically interesting, but Sean Penn's gigantic hulking ego makes me cringe. I'm not sure I can take it.

* I'm thinking about seeing Valkyrie. It looks historically interesting and I'm very fond of Bryan Singer (X2 is still my favorite superhero movie ever, with Iron Man a close second), but Tom Cruise's ego and presumptuousness offend me even more than Sean Penn's.

* I went to see the Cruxshadows on Thanksgiving Eve. I got there at 11:45pm and they didn't go on for another hour. Damn Pyramid Club. Luckily my new phone has internet so I read marzipan until they came on.

The Cruxshadows may be ridiculously cheesy and overly sincere, but they sure put on a hell of a show. I was crying at the end. How often do you see a band playing to a packed crowd who invites their fans onstage at the end and stays up there afterward hugging every single person who wants a hug?

* I started listening to a bunch of old David Bowie albums while I was cooking for Thanksgiving, and, oh my god, you guys, why didn't anyone tell me that David Bowie used to be this awesome??? I've had The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars on repeat all weekend. I mean, I was vaguely aware that Bowie had once been good, but all I knew was the guy with the bulge from Labyrinth and the skinny old guy who toured with NIN in the 90s. I didn't realize he'd done something this passionate and creative and amazing. I can't even articulate my response; I just want to listen to it again and again.

Although, one of the really interesting things is to pick out all the Bowie influences on the bands I grew up listening to. I can see Nirvana, and Alice in Chains, and, dude, Marilyn Manson should be paying this guy royalties. And it's fascinating how it seems to straddle this boundary between 60s and 70s music and culture, idealism and disillusionment...

Anyway. Must listen more.

* I re-read The Disorderly Knights, the third book in Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles. I think it's my second favorite, after the first, A Game of Kings.

spoilers for The Lymond Chronicles )

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New Server

Nov. 19th, 2008 01:29 pm

While LiveJournal was having its whole server migration adventure, I was having my own. I moved all my sites to a faster server this weekend, so if you noticed any downtime, that’s why. It was supposed to be a quick thing, but ended up taking two days. (*sigh*) And my email was out for two days, which nearly sent me into hysteria. You don’t realize how addicted to something you are until you lose it. (None of this was my fault, btw; after two days of frantic back and forth with the tech support guys, they were like “Oops, our bad,” and fixed some configuration thing that I had no access to. Argh.)

Apparently several people were worried that All About Spike was down for good. (Awww! People still care!) As always, I promise to give lots of advance notice before I close it, and have no plans to do so anytime soon. I apologize for not giving advance notice of the downtime, but, er, I didn’t really think anyone was still reading. Glad to know some of you still are.

Everything should be working fine now, but if you notice any problems with,,, or, let me know! Oh, and if you tried to email me on Monday or Tuesday, you should probably try again; almost everything bounced permanently during that time.

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(writing this mostly because writing it down makes me more likely to follow through)

Part of the reason it's been so difficult to leave LiveJournal is that I've been treating LiveJournal as my portal to the web. My tech saavy friends have laughed at me for this, because there are many better things out there than LJ, but I loved my little LJ community and spent so much time there that it made sense for me to have everything in one place.

But. It's really past time that I move beyond this. So here's what I'm doing:

* I've been using LJ as a feed reader (watching [ profile] henryjenkins, [ profile] janeespenson, [ profile] theonionfeed, [ profile] cuteoverload, [ profile] wilwheaton, etc). I've switched to Google Reader, which is far superior--you can sort everything into categories, mark stuff as read, and because it's so much more organized and efficient, I can actually watch far more feeds this way. (I've got a whole Doctor Who category now! Yay!) There are plenty of other feed readers out there, but I went with Google for simplicity.

* I've been using LJ's memories function to store bookmarks. This has the obvious flaw that it limits my bookmarks to LJ-only links. Now I've got a account and dammit, I'm going to make myself use it.

* Calendar. I've been using LJ as a calendar in the completely inane sense of having a locked entry that I update with stuff I need to remember to do. So uh, Google Calendar looks nice.

* I've been using LJ's scrapbook to store photos. In the future I will use Flickr.

Thus LJ (and now IJ) becomes a site I check only for the stuff it's good at, namely that my friends and fannish communities are there. But this way it's less important to my overall experience of the web, and this makes it less stressful/easier for me to move when/if LJ/IJ fucks up (again).

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I posted an entry the other day but LJ was being weird and wouldn't post so I had to backdate it in order to get it to go through. So then it didn't show up on anyone's FL apparently? (I don't really get the whole backdating thing). But it's here.

Whatever, it wasn't important, just squeeing more about Doctor Who. But the one important thing is: If you have Doctor/Master fic recs, please share. Because I am having a fanfic emergency. In the sense that I want to devour everything ever written in that pairing. Um, as long as it's written well, because I'm a snob.

I'll start with a rec of my own: over the past two days I absolutely devoured New Dawn Fades by [ profile] omphalos. It was so good that I rushed home and read it until 2am last night. Frantically clicking "next" every time a chapter ended. And very nearly crying at several points throughout the story. And constantly finding myself surprised at how genuinely well-written and in character it was. I loved it. It's the kind of fic that goes to really dark places, but doesn't leave you feeling miserable. And the kind of fic that manages to make you happy without drowning you in icky unrealistic fluff. It was so good that I watched the end of "Last of the Time Lords" three times, because it felt like seeing the characters from the fic come to life.

(Also because I got a new monitor. It's 22 inches widescreen. It's so gorgeous I might just stop watching television and view everything on my computer now. And I got it super cheap on Black Friday!)

I also read all of [ profile] versaphile's Ten/Master stories (well, except the one that went into mpreg territory--it's too big of a personal squick, sorry) and loved them. Oh, and I sent this series as a rec to [ profile] jaydk, because I thought it was written well.

What else? Oh yeah, I need Doctor/Master icons. I'm looking but just in case anyone can point me to some nice shareable icons somewhere, that'd be great.

The Doctor/Master thing... well, I already posted raving about it. But continuing that train of thought, the other thing that really works for me about it is that I don't have to distort the characters OOC in order to buy into it. Spike and Xander (sorry!) always required a little suspension of disbelief. Even Spike and Angel, to be honest, although that one's a lot more canonical.

But Doctor/Master... I mean, my god. The Master commits mass genocide and the Doctor's response is to hug him, forgive him, and give up his life of adventure in order to take care of him? Not to mention all the "I love the way you say my name" and "are you asking me out on a date" and oh yeah, the Doctor referring to the Master's wife as his beard.

And then the Master dying in the Doctor's arms, and the Doctor holding him and sobbing! (Sobbing way more than he cried for Rose, btw.) And I know, last of his kind and all that, but still. It's a wonderful ship because there's so many potential interpretations. The Doctor's forgiveness can be interpreted as a kind of heroic transcendent Jesus-thing, or it could just be a really fucked-up co-dependent neediness thing. Or both. Same with the Master--sure, he does a good job of loathing and tormenting the Doctor, but he's also totally obsessed with the Doctor and the Doctor's reactions to what he does.

I don't know. It's the kind of thing that sets up a million different possibilities for a fic writer to explore. Also part of the fun for me is that I'm largely clueless about the canon of the show, and so I don't really have particularly set ideas of the characters in my head anyway. There's not much of a boundary between fandom and canon to me at this point, since it's all new to me right now.

(Speaking of fandom, [ profile] jaydk and I were having fun reading one of the DW forums and laughing at the wank that's going on over various spoilers. However, it's definitely cemented my feeling that participating in fannish discussions tends to ruin my fun when it comes to whatever the fandom is actually about. I either get teeth-knashingly angry at the writers or at other fans. So I'm going to avoid actual Doctor Who fandom as much as possible, and just focus on the creative works that come out of it. And have fun.)

Oh, and then on... Monday?... I posted this angsty filtered whiny post (sorry) and [ profile] jaydk saw it (oops) and decided to cheer me up by inviting me over to watch David Tennant DVDs from England on her new multi-region DVD player. CLEARLY I NEED TO POST ANGSTY THINGS MORE OFTEN. Because this was so much fun. We watched Learners, which I actually thought was awful, but David Tennant plays this adorable dorky driving instructor and was just super fun to watch.

And then we watched the first episode of Blackpool and OH MY GOD! First of all the show was amazing. Super well written and beautifully filmed and just gorgeous, with its own wonderful style, dark and funny and clever, and the acting and directing and everything was just excellent. And then. David Tennant. GORGEOUS. Like Doctor Who melded with Fox Mulder, minus the aliens. He plays a detective and he's all scruffy and smart and constantly eating (EEEE! ORAL FIXATION) and it's just adorable. OH and the most important part: at the end of the episode he sings! a duet! of "These Boots are Made for Walking"!!

Naturally, we have urgent plans to watch the rest of this series this weekend, since it was a Monday night and we only got through one episode. Don't spoil me. It was so good.

What else? I'm overwhelmed with stuff. I'm still re-reading "Queen's Play" and I started "Beat to Quarters" by C.S. Forester (good so far). I'm listening to PIG again and rediscovering how awesome it is and how well Raymond Watts' lyrics go with a nice dark Doctor/Master slash fic.

Oh, and I've been helping revamp the Chemlab site. Except it's not finished yet. But it's looking good, right? At least now the tour dates are up. I made the content management system and its structural stuff; others made the banner and color scheme; and various people have been doing the actual data input. The Hydrogen Bar.

Which reminds me of another thing I forgot to mention: CHEMLAB IS ON TOUR. They are wonderful and you should go see them. Definitely. Chemlab tour dates.

I have too much stuff in my head right now. Oh, and I've been trying to keep up with LJ, but not doing well with it. I love you guys and I'm trying to comment more often....

Tonight I'm going to see My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. I bought the tickets a while ago. I wish I knew exactly when they're going on so that I don't have to wait in some dank club half the night. I'm so tired today; I really just want to go home and sleep. Or, um, read Ten/Master fic on my gigantic new LCD monitor. *sigh*
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Common Rotation released a trailer for their upcoming DVD. It looks good. I love their mix of sincere underground ethics and cheerfully straight-faced morbid humor.

Oh yeah, and [ profile] 10zlaine and I saw them in Boston two weekends ago. Wonderful show. Who knew that folk music could send an audience into such hysterics? Their shows contain by far the most laughter of any band I like. And some of their songs are really beautiful. And their lyrics are smart!

Okay, I'll stop raving. I know lots of people avoid this band because one of the guys was on TV, but seriously, they're good. The opposite of a vanity project in every way.

Oh yeah, and the vegan pizza at TJ Scallywaggles? So awesome. Oh my god. If I were to move to Boston, it would be 90% because of this restaurant.

My last post was an April Fool's joke, btw. I actually got a number of sincere condolence messages, so, yeah, just wanted to clarify that. I thought the "chronic incontinence," "slice of Kraft cheese found on the sidewalk," and, oh yeah, "cheese made from human man milk" would make the "joke" part pretty self-apparent... (not to mention the April 1 date).

Google's prank was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Free internet through your toilet, complete with endlessly cheesy double entendres.

Google TiSP ensures reliable throughput through the power of fiber, which has been proven through extensive research to effectively facilitate consistent data flow with minimal latency. And you can rest assured that under no circumstances will the TiSP system ever expose your privates.

Yes, I'm 12. Shut up.

And probably even funnier is the Google Group devoted to it, complete with outraged posts from idiots who thought it was real.

I'm really enjoying the posts at [ profile] grave_watchers. Although strangely it's making me want to go back and re-watch season one. I forgot how good Veronica Mars originally was. Really, if you just pretend it only had one season and ended, it actually stands up really well. (I'm so glad I never bought the second season!)
If you haven't heard the bad news yet: SuperVegan's Olivia Lane and Post Punk Kitchen's Isa Chandra Moskowitz have turned their backs on veganism. Today is a sad day for vegans everywhere.

On the plus side, Tofutti has debuted what many believe to be the best vegan cheese yet: Vegan Groups Say Man Nipple Milk Cheese is Vegan.

Get the details and incredibly disturbing photos at

We Did It!

Mar. 16th, 2007 11:31 am
We threw an awesome party! We made a zillion decorations, lugged them plus a ton of donated food to the bar, sold raffle tickets and got people to sign up for our mailing list, wore party hats and stupid nametags, got incredibly drunk, and watched as several hundred people filed in over the course of the night to devour the free food.

I think the free food was the key (and holy crap! it went fast!) but still, we raised a lot of awareness about our website, and we had an awesome time. Also, we got a drink named after us. "The SuperVegan." Basically a White Russian made with soymilk, but it was ours! People were going to the bar and asking for SuperVegans! When I'm on my deathbed, I can tell my grand-nieces and grand-nephews that once upon a time, I had a drink named after a website I made.

Don't laugh at me. It was really cool. The weather was nasty and we were terrified that only twenty people would show up, so it was just so cool that people actually came.

Check out the awesome photos in our Flickr group!

my first two party photos )

(I got home around 3am. I'm so tired. And I can barely speak. I can't wait to sleep all weekend.)
[For my friends in the NYC area...]

As you may be aware, a group of friends and I created the website It's a vegan culture site, featuring a blog covering every newsworthy aspect of veganism, a New York City restaurant guide, and a huge web directory.

Amazingly enough, we have managed to keep the site going for an entire year, so we're celebrating! We're going to have a huge first birthday bash at the East Village bar No Malice Palace this Thursday, March 15, from 7:30-11pm.

We've gotten a bunch of local vegan restaurants to donate yummy appetizers, and we'll also have free cake and ice cream, and a raffle with a ton of cool prizes.

I'm really proud of how the site has turned out, so I would love for some of my friends to come celebrate its first birthday with me!

No Malice Palace is at 197 East 3rd Street (between Avenues A and B). Their website: Let me know if you need any more info.

Hope to see you there!!

Oh, and don't forget to friend [ profile] superveganblog to keep up with SuperVegan on LiveJournal.
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The Swining discography is up! I've spent months working on the design and structure for this (all the content is stored in a database and entered through a content management system). I am also awed at the amount of data Filth (who does the actual content management) has put in. And more is coming soon. :)

My professor was on The Colbert Report last night! That was quite weird. Judith Stacey; I had her for something like "The Sociology of Gender." To be honest, it was kind of a lame class compared to some of the other gender courses I took, but she was nice enough.

I somehow forgot to mention that [ profile] jaydk and I went to see The Cruxshadows last Thursday night. I can't believe I've been seeing them for seven years. I've kind of grown out of them; they're a little too sincere and well-meaning, but I have a lot of nostalgic affection for them anyway.

For some reason they played the Pyramid Club, which actually made me miss Albion. Pyramid is even smaller and more tightly packed, and I think they must let in a younger crowd, because the front section was full of those little kids who whine that people are pushing them. I don't know how many times I have to say this: if you don't want to get pushed, don't stand in the front of a mosh pit. Honestly. If I'm pushing into you, it's because someone is pushing me, and someone is pushing them, going all the way to the back of the club, and you whining isn't going to do anything but make the whole experience worse, since we're still going to be stuck standing next to each other regardless. The only good thing is that these annoying kids tend to get fed up and leave halfway through, so [ profile] jaydk and I ended up right at the front.

I'm so proud of myself for corrupting [ profile] jaydk. Now she's a bigger Cruxshadows fan than I ever was. She even knows their names, and knew the new songs better than I do. She was definitely not the type of person to go to a Goth club before she met me. ::evil grin::

I was a little disappointed with their set; too much emphasis on new songs. I would've swapped a couple of the newer ones for classics; I was really surprised that they didn't play "Citadel" or "Resist/R," at least. Not that the new ones were bad; the balance just seemed off.

It does kind of break my heart that this is the last time I'll ever see Rachel, though. She is just so freaking cool, and is probably my favorite thing about the band. How often do you see kids in a Goth club freaking out because the violin solo is so awesome? And she just does her thing, looking so serious, and doesn't show off, which makes her extra-cool. :( Glad I at least got to see her one last time.

And I'm really glad [ profile] jaydk was there to share the experience. :)
All About Spike is back. *deep sigh of relief*

A bunch of things still aren't working, including:

Keyword search doesn't work
Category search doesn't work (FIXED)
Mail form doesn't work
Review email notifications don't include full URLs (FIXED)

If you notice anything else that doesn't work, let me know.

My weekend will involve fixing all the bugs and getting All About Spike and SuperVegan back up and running.
I'm pleased to announce the launch of the WriterCon 2006 Website. Check it out at

The site has the most up-to-date info about WriterCon 2006, as well as info on the hotel, frequently asked questions, news, a forum, and more.

Click here to register for the convention. You'll also find this link in the menu under "Registration & Store."

You can also register for the cocktail party and/or buy a WriterCon 2006 t-shirt.

If you have any questions or concerns about the site, you can write to me at Registration questions should go to

Please feel free to repost this message to whoever is interested.


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