Stuff I’ve been up to (when not working on Writercon and SuperVegan and, y’know, work):

* Saw Common Rotation at the Living Room on the Lower East Side. Apparently it was a record release party, as it was packed, and Danny Strong and Amber Benson were there. (I said hi to Danny and bought the new CD from Amber.) It was an okay show, but … yeah, I’m really losing interest in these guys. Makes sense, as I’ve been going to see them since 2003 and still feel completely awkward and out-of-place at their shows. Folk music isn’t my thing, and while I enjoy their lyrics and vocal harmonies, I am deeply creeped out by the stalkery celebrity-worshiping type fans they attract and just really don’t feel comfortable being there. There’s not really anything they do in their live show that’s worth the trouble of going.

* Had a birthday. And a party. I made the coconut lime cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (heavenly) and two vegan pizzas, one broccoli-mushroom-green pepper-garlic and one artichoke-sundried tomato-olive-caper. A lot of my friends canceled (or didn’t bother canceling and just didn’t show up) but a good crowd came and we had a lot of fun. Somehow my parties always turn into a bunch of people sitting in a circle sharing a single conversation, which is actually fine because (if I don’t say so myself) my friends are interesting and the conversation is insightful. Plus the food is good. :)

Read Whose Body?, the first in Dorothy Sayers' Peter Wimsey mysteries )

Watched the first two seasons of Dexter )

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Suddenly I’m seeing Bowie references everywhere. Magazine covers, movie titles, on and on. It’s like when you learn a new word and suddenly you start noticing it at every turn.

The commentary on The Man Who Fell to Earth is awesome. I think this is the only time in my life I’ve wanted to listen to a DVD commentary again. It’s all really thoughtful–art as an attempt to connect with other human beings, the imperfect nature of it, the final product as a result of the interaction of the creative piece with the person interpreting it and bringing all of their opinions and experiences. Plus Bowie manages to predict Twitter… in 1992. It’s really quite nifty!

I’ve been thinking about how the music I’ve been listening to over the past few years has led to my ability to appreciate Bowie’s work, which I doubt I’d have gotten into at any earlier point in my life*. As my initial WTF reaction to Station to Station reveals, my musical horizons still have a lot of expanding to do, but at the same time I can directly trace my ability to appreciate various Bowie elements to the bands I’ve been into most recently.

* It’s also because Bowie is dark and complex but less outright angry than most of what I’ve been into in the past. I find I have increasingly less patience with white/masculine/teenage rage as time goes by. Oh, god, I’m getting old.

Common Rotation and Bowie's early folk music )

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PIG and generic experimentation )

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Tonight I got to see one of my favorite bands with two of my favorite people in the universe.

[info]chenanceou and [info]jaydk met up with me at Pukk, the yummy vegetarian Thai restaurant. Then we headed to The Living Room to see Common Rotation.

It was a good show, although way too short. The band members were in good moods; the stage banter was adorable and the songs were all entertaining. But it felt incomplete, because they didn’t play a single one of the staples I’ve gotten used to at Common Rotation shows; no “Everything Under the Sun” or “Gone Dyin’” or “Clear Channel” or “Party People” or “Indie Rockin.” Just, good, but I wanted another hour. Remember those living room shows, when they’d play and play? I got so spoiled back then…

I made [info]chenanceou get their autographs afterward, because, dude, she’d come halfway across the world and timed her trip to see them. She was all adorable and shy. And of course the band was nice, as they always are. Adam Busch is the nicest “celebrity” I met in the entirety of Buffy fandom.

Amber Benson was there, and it always freaks me out to see her, because she is tiny. Like, ethereal. And when you remember that people complained about her being “fat” when she was on BtVS, you realize that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan must be, like, doll-sized, to look small next to her. It also made me feel like some kind of hulking giant. But anyway. She is also nice.

And tomorrow I’m going to Asbury Park. I’m going to lay on the beach and breathe salty air and read something light (maybe Harry Potter) and just be glad to be out of NYC. I can’t believe I haven’t gone anywhere in eight months. I’m not made to stay in one place for so long!

(Is it really annoying to choose three mood icons? I can’t decide if I’m more drunk, tired, or happy.)

Current Mood: drunk emoticon drunk & happy emoticon happy & tired emoticon tired

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Common Rotation released a trailer for their upcoming DVD. It looks good. I love their mix of sincere underground ethics and cheerfully straight-faced morbid humor.

Oh yeah, and [ profile] 10zlaine and I saw them in Boston two weekends ago. Wonderful show. Who knew that folk music could send an audience into such hysterics? Their shows contain by far the most laughter of any band I like. And some of their songs are really beautiful. And their lyrics are smart!

Okay, I'll stop raving. I know lots of people avoid this band because one of the guys was on TV, but seriously, they're good. The opposite of a vanity project in every way.

Oh yeah, and the vegan pizza at TJ Scallywaggles? So awesome. Oh my god. If I were to move to Boston, it would be 90% because of this restaurant.

My last post was an April Fool's joke, btw. I actually got a number of sincere condolence messages, so, yeah, just wanted to clarify that. I thought the "chronic incontinence," "slice of Kraft cheese found on the sidewalk," and, oh yeah, "cheese made from human man milk" would make the "joke" part pretty self-apparent... (not to mention the April 1 date).

Google's prank was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Free internet through your toilet, complete with endlessly cheesy double entendres.

Google TiSP ensures reliable throughput through the power of fiber, which has been proven through extensive research to effectively facilitate consistent data flow with minimal latency. And you can rest assured that under no circumstances will the TiSP system ever expose your privates.

Yes, I'm 12. Shut up.

And probably even funnier is the Google Group devoted to it, complete with outraged posts from idiots who thought it was real.

I'm really enjoying the posts at [ profile] grave_watchers. Although strangely it's making me want to go back and re-watch season one. I forgot how good Veronica Mars originally was. Really, if you just pretend it only had one season and ended, it actually stands up really well. (I'm so glad I never bought the second season!)
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I fly up to Boston early tomorrow to spend the weekend with [ profile] 10zlaine and to see Common Rotation. Yay!

Also, I'm nearly as excited at the opportunity to eat at TJ Scallywaggles as I am to see Common Ro. I still think that a 100% vegan pizzeria with a huge menu is pretty much the coolest thing EVER.

Wish me luck! :)
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Allen conceded! Democrats have the Senate! YES! (*fingers crossed that they don't screw up, etc.*)

Happy birthday, [ profile] 10zlaine! :) We're off to Boston this weekend on a random last-minute trip to see Common Rotation and to hang out since we haven't seen each other since, erm, was it DragonCon? Anyway, should be fun.

And after (three years?), I've finally managed to talk [ profile] jaydk into seeing Common Rotation with me! They're playing in my neighborhood tonight. Yay! :)

Also, I'm in a good mood, because this Sharpe fic is really freaking funny. And I found it in the Pit of Voles, no less!
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Dude... insane hoyay in old comics.

And also, I just caught up reading [ profile] chase820's latest post of "The Man Who Sold the World," which is so dark and angsty and awesome. I've pretty much forgotten what happened on the actual Queer as Folk; Chase's story is so infinitely better that who even needs the TV version?

Go check out the New York City restaurant guide at SuperVegan. I built this whole nifty little mechanism for users to rate restaurants and post reviews, so if you've ever visisted a veg-friendly restaurant in NYC, please go there and share your thoughts. :) (And if you find anything that doesn't work or seems weird, let me know so I can fix it!)

I saw Depeche Mode at Jones Beach last Saturday with [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan. It was freezing, but the band was good. I'm seeing them again this Saturday in Atlantic City at the Borgata (have I mentioned how much I SO don't want to go to Atlantic City again? Maybe I can get my mom to go with me...)

On Monday I'm flying to Boston to see Alice in Chains, because I couldn't get tickets to the show in New York. This does feel kind of insane, but whatever... you only have one "all time favorite band EVER," right? Even though it's not really the band I loved *sigh*.

Got a new roommate. So far, so good. I get the feeling she doesn't really like the place, though. I'm just waiting for bad news...

Real life has been so crazy and busy and stressful... ugh.

Oh yeah, I did see the Veronica Mars finale. I thought it was good, not great. VM finale spoilers )

I'm looking forward to a couple of media things: the new X-Men movie (please for the love of god let it live up to the Bryan Singer version) and the new season of Rescue Me (wasn't Denis Leary awesome on the Daily Show the other night?).

Oh, and [ profile] 10zlaine is visiting soon and we're going to see Spamalot and Common Rotation. (Haha, look at the comment they left on my MySpace profile: "don't be afraid to list us as a band you like. we promise to growl more.")

AND early June (PIG TOUR!!!!) is coming up faster than I could imagine. I've got a one way ticket to Fort Lauderdale; now I have to decide whether to go to the Tampa show, too.

Damn, I need to get my hair cut. And dyed. Not enough time in the day!!!

Oh, and I'm working on THREE huge website projects, in addition to work (I now run the entire web department by myself.)

I really just want to go take a nap for about three months.
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I got up at 5am this morning (5am!!!) and waited in line, in the cold, for 2 1/2 hours, so that I could get a wristband which will allow me to wait in another line tonight to meet Depeche Mode. Sadly, the wristbands aren't numbered, so even though I was near the front of the line this morning, I'll most likely be near the end tonight. (I have to, y'know, work today. *sigh*) Cross your fingers for me. If I'm really lucky I'll get to meet Depeche Mode! :)

Common Rotation is playing tonight, and I'm sad to miss them, but I've seen them so many times and I just couldn't resist the possibility of meeting Depeche Mode.

In other news... is it just me, or was the Colbert Report kind of lame? Okay, the headline reading face-off part was really funny. But Stephen Colbert's parody of a egotistical news anchor, while wonderful in small doses, began to annoy me over the course of a half-hour show. I felt bad for the guest, too. With Jon Stewart, you get the sense that Jon is genuinely trying to communicate with the other person, whereas here, you get the sense that the other person is just being pulled in as a prop to Colbert's performance. It's uncomfortable, and not nearly as interesting.

Plus, I think that, for me, the essential aspect of a talk show is that I like and trust the anchor, that I enjoy watching him and I relate to him. This is part of why I adore Jon Stewart--I've been watching him (off and on) for eleven years and I like him immensely. That's also why I liked watching Conan, too (although Andy was the really likeable one, and Conan's gotten much less enjoyable without him). And that's why, no matter how interesting the guest, watching Jay Leno or Craig Kilborn is like pulling teeth, because I can't stand either of them. Anyway, the point being that Colbert is funny as an anchor, but there's no depth to him, and so far I don't really look forward to seeing him lead a half hour show.

Also--I'm really going to miss the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert interaction. They are twice as funny when they're together, and none of the other correspondents are nearly as good as Colbert. The Daily Show is going to suffer without him. :(

I want to post a Pig song (Hot Hole, it's perfect for my mood lately), but unfortunately I don't have it here at work. Note to self: upload MP3 for tomorrow.
I had a great time seeing Common Rotation tonight.

[ profile] drujan and I ate first at an Indian restaurant nearby on Bleecker, which was very good. (Their papadam--the crunchy bread stuff--kicked ass.)

We headed over to the Bitter End a bit before 8pm, and it actually wasn't that crowded--I was surprised by the small audience. We got seats easily, to the left of the stage, with a great view. And I must say, their 2-drink-minimum rule is a nice enticement to get drunk. :)

I was really impressed by the show, more so than the last one I saw there. It was just Adam and Eric, with occasional Jordan, and this guy who I didn't know. Since my favorite aspect is the lyrics and vocal harmonies, I was in heaven. The performances were great, particularly "Clear Channel" and "Belfast." They played a slowed-down version of "Gone Dyin'" which was freaky since the cool thing about that song is the irony of such depressing lyrics to such a happy tune. But overall, it was excellent.

I really recommend these guys; if they're in your area, check them out. :)
[ profile] annakovsky wrote Super Mario Brothers fic. And it's really good. Rated G, but subtexty. Mario & Luigi.

Sometimes I totally love fandom. :)

Although speaking of fandom--I don't have one. It's weird. Nothing is tapping into that obsessive side of my brain. I will still post occasional fannish stuff in this journal, but I think for the most part it's turning into a personal journal. If you're JUST reading for fannish stuff, you may want to defriend. I won't be offended. (Chances are I'll get hooked on a new fandom eventually, but I don't know when or what it'll be.)

Oh, and Common Rotation tonight. [ profile] drujan and I are going. I'm done with Buffy fandom, but I still genuinely like their music, and it's always fun to chill at the Bitter End, get drunk, chat with your friends, and enjoy the band. (I'm frustrated that [ profile] 10zlaine can't go, though, because this would've been the perfect weekend to hang out, but she's trapped with her mother and no internet in FL--eek!--the substance of my nightmares...)

My roommate's moving out on June 29. [On my birthday, no less.] Anyone looking for a place to... oh, never mind. Back to Craiglist and no social life for a month. >:(

You know how everyone was complaining about how this spring was really cold and how they couldn't wait for the warmth of summer? I would like to slap everyone who said that. *dies from heat*

Yeah, there's really no point to this post, except to pimp that Mario Bros fic, because damn, that rocked. I can't tell you how many hours of my life I've spent playing SMB3 on an ancient NES.... and now I'll never think of Mario & Luigi the same way again... ;)
If you guys aren't reading [ profile] chase820's latest, you are seriously missing out. The most recent chapter knocked me dead. In a good way. Chase writes Spike/Angel brilliantly ... and if you like fanged four, or Will/Angelus, you've got to read this.

The story is also an Angel/Queer as Folk crossover. I keep meaning to watch QaF, just so I'll understand this story better....

Catch up here.

So the weekend was interesting. [ profile] 10zlaine came to visit and stayed with me. We saw Common Rotation on Friday night; they were pretty good. You know, like I enjoy seeing them, but I don't love them. Good times, though.

Then we headed over to TeaNY with [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan. It was nice to hang out and catch up. And TeaNY is always so yummy. :)

[ profile] 10zlaine and I stayed up insanely late watching videos and movies and such. I forced KMFDM and NIN and Alice in Chains on her--she seemed to really like KMFDM, yay! And we watched some "Rescue Me" and "The Empire Strikes Back," which is always fun to watch with other Star Wars fans. Man, I adore that movie.

We had brunch Saturday at The Organic Grill, where the moronic waitress ignored us and got both of our orders wrong. So we gave her a miserable tip. But the food was decent. I much prefer to order takeout than to actually eat there, though, because their staff sucks beyond belief.

Then we went shopping on St. Mark's/8th street, which is always fun. I got a black dress with silver lining, and two cute t-shirts, one of Depeche Mode and the other of Thundercats (my favorite TV show when I was VERY little!). [ profile] 10zlaine got an Oscar the Grouch t-shirt, which is very cool. And we bought some surprises for her sister, [ profile] lonners ... I think sometimes it's more fun to shop for someone else!

So yeah, that was the weekend. [ profile] 10zlaine left Sunday morning, so I've been basically cleaning/catching up on email since then. And hanging out with the cats... Lucifer and Angel loved having company!

neat stuff

Nov. 10th, 2004 03:21 pm
Common Rotation is playing the Bitter End on Friday night. You can get tickets from; the show is supposed to start at 8pm. Should be good; Common Rotation is smart, funny, talented, and always entertaining.

I am re-reading A Storm of Swords, the third book in the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. I love this book. I adore Jaime Lannister. *sigh* asoiaf spoilers )

And I really like the series as a whole, too. I love the grey areas and moral ambiguity and complex characters. I like Tyrion nearly as much as Jaime; Sandor Clegane fascinates me; Arya and Brienne are pretty cool; and I'm dying to know whatever happened between Rheagar and Lyanna. I love that the world of the series is so intricately and interestingly constructed.

Anyway. So there's that.

I'm bored, can you tell?
I'm heading off to Oakland in about two hours. Will return on Monday night (right in the middle of the Republican convention, so who knows whether I'll actually get back on time).

I'm looking forward to seeing bunches of you there. If anyone wants to have my cell phone number, email me at drinkthepoison -at- within the next two hours.

I'm going on an outing to San Francisco tomorrow morning. And I'm also going to the Common Rotation living room show in Vacaville tomorrow night. (Don't laugh!) So perhaps I'll also see people there. :)
Have you guys read this? The Third by Thamiris. It's a Harry Potter/Smallville crossover (Lex Luthor goes to Hogwarts) that's actually, surprisingly, exceptionally good. (NC-17, Sirius/James, Remus/Lex, Remus/Sirius, Sirius/Lex.) I had a hard time getting past the premise, but ended up loving the story.

I also read everything so far of [ profile] shoebox_project this weekend. It's entertaining and all, and the pictures are amazing, but there's only so much teenage boy goofiness you can read before you start wishing for something more substantial. (Though I thought it got more compelling as it progressed.)

I didn't read any Spike fic this weekend. Yes, I feel guilty. Please don't kill me.

I'm really not a masochist at all, so I can't figure out why I keep reading Sirius Black centric fic when it ends up depressing the hell out of me. Even happy silly marauders stories upset me, because we all know what happens in the end. And even in the happiest school days fic, the writers always have to be "clever" and throw in some veiled foreshadowing--"Gee, wouldn't it suck if we all turned evil, died horribly, or ended up entirely alone?" And then how are you supposed to enjoy the rest of the story?

I hate that I get so emotionally involved in fictional worlds.

Also, this weekend, I listened to a lot of Common Rotation (as I read fic, did laundry, cleaned house, and played catch-the-laser-light with my cats). I'm really looking forward to seeing them again in Oakland (it's been almost three whole weeks since I've seen them live!). And I'm feeling annoyed at myself for going to two Eric Kufs solo shows and not really caring. I wish I'd paid attention, because he actually sings really pretty. (The hidden track at the end of the The Big Fear is my favorite.)

I was going to say other stuff, but I can't remember what it was and I'm tired and I have to go work now. Stupid energy-draining job.

Oh, and I got my photos back from Writercon, and I will post them once I figure out how to get my scanner working again.
I just had a great time following Common Rotation around to three shows. Wednesday a living room show at [ profile] psubrat's in PA; Thursday a free show in the park in Huntington, Long Island; and Saturday at this neat old cafe in Woodstock, NY.

Woodstock is a really cool town. I guess lots of hippies stayed there and made it their own; it's full of really interesting shops, and tons of vegan food.

Anyway, so we made a road trip of it and stayed overnight, since they weren't playing until 10pm. (But we couldn't find a hotel near Woodstock, so ended up staying an hour away in Poughkeepsie). We drove up Saturday afternoon, dropped our stuff off at the hotel, then headed over to Woodstock. (We inadvertently took the, uh, scenic route, though we only got really lost a bit in Saugerties).

We arrived in Woodstock just as the band was getting there--in fact, we were loudly discussing our skills as stalkers when we glanced over to realize that they were right there. Then [ profile] fruitynut ran over to their car, threw something into the back, and then ran away without saying anything. (It was candy that she got for them, but still....)

We went to eat at a nice little deli; I was really impressed that almost every restaurant had vegan and vegetarian options. Then we went into a candy store, which had a ton of cool stuff. I ended up buying a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, because I am, after all, in the grip of a Harry Potter obsession.

Can I just say that these are, without a doubt, the most repulsive things I've ever tasted? (None of the ingredients were explicitly not-vegan, so I was eating them, although I wonder what the "natural and artificial flavors" might mean). First I had a spinach flavored one, which really tasted like spinach. Then spaghetti, which really tasted like spaghetti--garlic and cheese and everything. Then a vomit flavored one, that seriously tasted like vomit! It was repulsive! Then dirt flavored one--again, EWW!! And then to follow up the dirt, a soap flavored one. My god! The box ended up consisting almost entirely of vomit and spaghetti, which were hard to tell apart, so I fed them to [ profile] 10zlaine. I did get a couple of good ones--lemon drop, green apple, tutti-fruitti, toasted marshmallow, cherry, cinammon. But mostly it was stuff like grass, booger, and--the absolute worst--sardine.

Anyway. That grossness (and my weird compulsion to keep eating them) aside, it was a very fun night. We finally got to the cafe, where we met up with [ profile] chenanceou and [ profile] jerrymcl89. We sat up in the very front, because we're dorks like that. Well, and we came all the way to Woodstock, so we may as well have a good view, right? There were a few other Common Ro fans, and a lot of older people who'd seen the spoken word thing beforehand. The older people drifted away throughout the night, though, so it ended up being mostly just those of us up front. (Jordan told us afterwards that they were really glad we were there because it would have sucked without us.... awww!)

So first Eric came out alone, barefoot (they explained later that they were barefoot because their footsteps were disturbing the spoken word thing from earlier), and sang "Dancer." He really got into it, too, and was like, jumping around and stuff. It was a great performance. (I said in an entry the other day that I like music that seems to have strong, genuine emotion behind it, so those are the songs I enjoy best. The smart/witty/funny songs are interesting intellectually, but I respond to the ones that display more emotion.) Eric seemed to be putting a lot into his performance that night--"Offstage Lines," which they did later, was absolutely gorgeous, and "Everything Under the Sun" is always pretty. (My god, I'm actually learning song titles!)

So anyway, they played a pretty long set, all very good. It was really fun; they interact so well with the audience, and seemed really relaxed.

Marlaine had asked them at Leslie's on Wednesday if they would play "Fortunate" the next night in Long Island. They didn't, but they all said to her afterwards "Sorry we didn't play 'Fortunate.'" So this night, they did, indeed, close with "Fortunate," for Marlaine. She was so excited. She grabbed the set list after, upon which they had written "Pawn" as the last song, and then written "Fortunate" over it, because they'd remembered to play that for her. Awwwww. Did I mention how cool these guys are? And they all signed the set list for her.

Afterwards they just hung out for a long while--I think we probably stayed there another half hour, chatting, and they were around most of the time. Adam sat at our table and talked, mostly with Ingrid, but we were all just talking, like about high school and stuff. (The guys in the band all went to school together, apparently.) I finally caved and bought their two studio records (I have all the live ones) and got the guys to sign them. Eric gave me this weird look and asked "Why are you buying these again?" and I explained, um, actually, I never owned them before; I just like seeing the band live. Then when I was talking to Adam I told him about the vomit-flavored Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and I think I grossed him out because he left pretty quickly after that! But Joann was the worst; she asked Jordan "So, how are we doing as groupies?" I think we all nearly died of embarrassment, and had to explain to her afterwards that "groupie" has the connotation of someone who has sex with the band. Which we definitely don't!

me and my boring social insecurity issues )

So then we drove back to the hotel, listening to Billy Idol (which was annoying because we had a great system of listening to Common Rotation because it's the only thing we all agree on, and Billy Idol is way before my time and most of his stuff is boring, but whatever). Then we hung out and chatted until 3am, although at some point I fell asleep and Ingrid had to drag me to the shower. (Sorry guys). Then we woke up, Tammy left, and the rest of us went back to NY. Very fun trip, overall. :)

Then that night I hung out with [ profile] jaydk to see "The Bourne Supremacy," which I highly do not recommend to anyone who gets motion sick. We were in the front row, because we got there late, and I had to leave halfway through, go stand in the back, and sort of squint sideways at the screen in order to try to figure out what was going on without actually making myself vomit. It sucked. Don't they teach you in film school how to hold a damn camera without shaking it up and down and sideways every second? I know they're going for "realism" or whatever, but what's the point if you're making people ill? It just comes out looking like a bad home video, anyway. The worst part is that I think it was actually a good movie--I quite liked the ambiguity of the main character and the anti-essentialist idea that you can make choices and change who you are. But it would've been nice if I could've actually watched most of the movie.

Okay, so now, got to go buy luggage, and then pack for Writercon. Oh, and uh, work.
Last night, [ profile] soulmate815, [ profile] thefangirl, [ profile] fruitynut, and I took the LIRR out to Long Island to see Common Rotation. It was so freaky. We all rushed right after work to catch the train at 6:30 at Penn Station, then we took this hour train ride out into the wilds of suburban Long Island.

They were playing this summer arts festival where they have some kind of performance each night. It's free, in the park; people sit on blankets or lawn chairs. (Though it's fenced in because apparently the park is overridden by geese.) The audience consisted almost entirely of elderly people and very young children. We city girls very much stood out.

So, at first we were sitting on the grass (icky) but when the band started we were informed that the pit area was open for "dancing." No one else was going up there, though, so [ profile] thefangirl and I were debating about whether we really wanted to be the only ones. Finally [ profile] fruitynut just got up and went, so the rest of us followed. And we started a trend! Several other people also came down to the front area.

Meanwhile, behind us, the elderly folks were reclining in their chairs, and little children were running around everywhere with glow sticks. Yes, it was a strange show. Apparently lots of the band members' friends and family were there, too; I guess they're originally from Long Island. It was Eric's grandmother's birthday, so they all wished her happy birthday from on stage.

The show itself was very good; they played a long set and clearly had fun interacting with the crowd, changing the lyrics to fit the situation, and so on. They chatted with us afterwards, too, which was cool. Adam didn't seem bothered by the fact that we're, like, following them around a bunch of places; he said they've done the same thing with bands they like, and was telling us how they followed a certain band around to five shows, and spent two days seeing Phish, or something like that. So I feel less weird about it now.

We took the LIRR home and didn't get back until after midnight, so I'm completely wiped out today. I think I'm going to make today a day of rest (after work), but then tomorrow we're going to go see them again in Woodstock.
You know how sometimes you're just eating, like, the perfect food? I mean, it's not always the perfect food, but at that particular moment it's exactly what you were craving so it feels so incredibly fulfilling?

That's what I'm eating right now, from a restaurant called Souen on 13th between University and 5th that I usually don't even like. But I'm having tofu scrambled with broccoli, carrots, and onions, with brown rice and greens, and it's so basic and plain and perfect right now.

Or perhaps it could be the rush of caffeine from the energy drink I just consumed that is giving me this happy feeling....

Anyway. Aside from that, I'm rather annoyed at myself right now. See, I realized that Common Rotation was so much better when I didn't like them. Because then it was just, y'know, "if I remember, I'll walk over after work and see this band play." Hang out and have fun; no big deal.

But now that I actually like them, I start to worry. It becomes an event. "Oh, I'm seeing Common Ro, I have to enjoy this." Trying to force myself to enjoy it makes me worry that I won't and then I spend the time worrying instead of enjoying myself. And I worry about getting there on time, and what should I wear? and all that stupid crap that never bothered me before. And like, before, if a band member talked to me, I didn't care, because they're just people and so what? But now I get flustered and sound stupid, or shy and run away.

And the funny thing is, I still don't even like them that much. I mean, I respect their talent, and I believe in supporting independent music, and I'm glad that they exist, and I'm always entertained because they put on a creative and entertaining show. But it's not my kind of music--and I don't say that as some kind of elitist goth person or whatever. The kind of music that I'm drawn to, that connects with me deeply, is very passionate and powerful and concerned about the strongest emotions and the most beautiful or horrible topics. (Or preferably both together). Like, if I were to describe it in colors, I like music that's jet black, midnight blue, intense blood red, deep purple. Whereas Common Ro is more, like, earth tones. Incredibly well done earth tones that I respect, but not something that's going to make me cry because it's so beautiful. It doesn't connect wth me on that deeper level.

Can you tell I'm bored at work? What else is there to do besides spam LJ with inane babble....?

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