Should I watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles? I almost never watch TV shows as they air unless I know that they've already managed to pull off at least one decent season. But Sarah Connor is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters, and The Terminator is in my list of top five movies of all time. (I'm one of those freaks who prefers the original to the sequel; it's just so raw. And it's infiltrated my subconscious to the point where I have nightmares about being chased by the Terminator on a regular basis.) I'm kind of freaked out that Linda Hamilton isn't in it, although I understand that wouldn't really work because of the age issue. And I'm glad that the character, and the whole fictional world, is having a life beyond its original writers and actors. So. Is it worth watching, or am I just going to end up ranting about how disappointing it is?

I'm kind of boggled that so many of my friends are getting into Torchwood. I mean, yes, there's bisexuality, but the show is so badly written. I'm just hoping that people will follow the Torchwood trail back to Doctor Who, and see how much better that show is, and discover the slashtastic awesomeness of the Doctor and the Master.

Today's fic recs:

John Simm did an interview in which he confessed to having worked as a cage dancer when he was young and needed the money. No, seriously! So [ profile] versaphile wrote fic in which a young inexperienced David Tennant meets cagedancer!Simm. And then they have some of the hottest sex I've ever read. And the end almost made me cry. Read it here: Kiss Me Quick.

[ profile] versaphile also wrote more Doctor/Master. ([ profile] versaphile, I swear I am not stalking you. I just kind of want to live inside of your brain.) Three for a Wedding. It's actually Doctor/Master and Doctor/TARDIS, and it's extremely disturbing, but it's the good kind of disturbing.

[ profile] yahtzee63 wrote The Yankee's Loot, in which the Tenth Doctor picks up Scarlett O'Hara as a companion. And it works, brilliantly, because she perfectly captures Scarlett's inner voice. That woman is a sociopathic megalomaniac, and somehow you can't help but love her. I'd never have imagined that these two fandoms could be combined, but Yahtzee makes it work.

Here's another Life on Mars fic that I greatly enjoyed. It's like an episode--70s police show plot, entertaining dialog--just with the bonus of gay sex. You wouldn't think those things would blend together so well, but, obviously, they do. (Sorry, I know there's tons of slashy police show fandoms out there, I've just never been into one before.)

I've been following the [ profile] metafandom discussions about the Organization for Transformative Works, and I continue to think that it's awesome. One of the things that boggles me about the internet is that people just take for granted that things disappear. You can read a story that's stunning, life-changing, brilliant, and then look it up one morning and find that it's completely gone.

here is me rambling on about the OTW, as if you haven't read enough about it already )

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All About Spike is back. *deep sigh of relief*

A bunch of things still aren't working, including:

Keyword search doesn't work
Category search doesn't work (FIXED)
Mail form doesn't work
Review email notifications don't include full URLs (FIXED)

If you notice anything else that doesn't work, let me know.

My weekend will involve fixing all the bugs and getting All About Spike and SuperVegan back up and running.
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I'm trying not to panic about the fact that All About Spike and SuperVegan are both down, because it's some mysterious server issue and there's nothing I can do about it.

*deep breath*

*not panicking*

*rescinding all recommendations of Cybertarp hosting company*

Also, there is a meme:

Ask My Fandom Opinion

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts.

I probably don't have any fandom opinions that my friends don't already know, but whatever, let's see if anyone feels like asking anything.


I watched "Sharpe's Revenge" last night. It's hard to enjoy that one; I just spend the whole thing cringing for Jane. babble about Sharpe's Revenge )

I also watched a bit of "Extremely Dangerous." Yes, I finally caved and bought the movie. I was ambivalent at first, but I kept wanting to watch it again, and finally just decided that I needed my own copy. I'm glad I did, as it makes me very happy. The story is interesting, the characters are complex, and Sean Bean is just so damn gorgeous. I like how it takes its time and thoroughly establishes all the characters, and I enjoy that it doesn't talk down to its audience (though I wish it had captions, since a bunch of important stuff gets mumbled quickly and almost incomprehensibly). I like that Sean Bean gets to play a complex character, showing off his scary and menacing side, but also his vulnerable, sympathetic side. I liked this review very much:

In Extremely Dangerous Bean is, does, or radiates something--I don't know what--that makes it so only his presence matters.... Unbelievable though it may sound, after you've watched him for hours, even seeing him play a few bars on the piano (though I suspect a stunt pianist's hands there) or taking out his contact lenses becomes erotic. D.A. Pennebaker was right when he said that watching somebody for hours through a camera is like falling in love with them--it's impossible to resist the power of such close scrutiny.

Also, I decided to join the modern era and convert my LJ to a S2 style. Then I got bored halfway through. So it kind of looks stupid, but I'll make it pretty eventually.
I think that if there was a heaven, it'd be a lot like WriterCon. You're surrounded by hundreds of brilliant, talented people, all of whom share your interest in delving deep into the meaning of TV, movies, books. Everywhere you turn, there's an old friend who you haven't seen in ages, or have never even met in person, or else there's someone you don't know but would love to meet. There's even yummy vegan food in the hospitality suite, so you never have to starve. And random strangers keep coming up to you and either 1) thanking you for your website or 2) complementing your shoes. And then when you finally go back to your room, there's three people so cool that, even though you're exhausted, you stay up another hour chatting.

Heaven would probably have a nicer hotel, though, and in (my personal) heaven no one wakes up until at least noon. Aside from that, it was pretty much perfect. I just wish I'd had more time to talk to and meet everyone--there were so many awesome people that I did get to hang out with, but plenty more than I either missed entirely or passed in the hallway and went "OMG, it's you! We'll have to talk later!" and didn't see again.

There's no way to list everyone, but just, y'know, to everyone who was there: I miss you! I want to go back! The whole weekend was awesome!

Here's a more specific con report )

So, yeah. The point is: WriterCon was awesome. And, seriously, if I could choose any social group in the world to hang out with, it would be the WriterCon crowd.
Seriously. I get at least one of these a month.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
[name removed to protect the innocent] on Friday, June 30, 2006 at 12:22:42

comments: Hello Spike.
My name is Celena, i am 13 years old and i wondering if you could send a autografh to me? I lives in Sweden and i have write a book
abot you and Angel, you see that i am in love with a guy i think is VERY sexiii and the book´ name is: Love?? Vampirelife?? It its
come out to the world you maby could read it??
You will reconice it, i promes.... And i love when you are a vampire!! Yeah thats it´s i hope you will read my book!
And my adress is:
[name and address removed]
63343 Eskilstuna

In other news: JetBlue, I hate you.
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I'm home! I love New York City. I love my own bed, my computer, my apartment, my cats, and my MANY MANY VEGAN RESTAURANTS WITHIN ORDERING DISTANCE.

Despite sleeping 12 hours last night--totally missing Veronica Mars--I'm still completely exhausted. Some kind of trip report will come later, when I start to feel alive again.

For your amusement, the top phrases searched at All About Spike last week:
Read more... )
Um, I'm working on a Pig fansite.


You knew it would eventually come to this, didn't you?

Anyway, I promised myself that I would clean house at All About Spike first, before I get too deeply involved in this new project.

So here is my FINAL All About Spike update. *sniffle*

What? Updates at All About Spike? Really?

Yes, there have actually been a few final updates at All About Spike.

I went ahead and added most of what's been on my "To Archive" list for the past year or so. You'll find all the new stories (well, not actually new; these are older stories by Herself, FayJay, and Colleen) at this page:

I also added three new(ish) chapters to Ginmar's "Ever After," which you'll find at:

All About Spike is now officially closed to new stories. I will continue to update works in progress, series', existing stories, and author information, at the request of the author. I'm not actually keeping up with Spike fic myself, so authors, please email me directly if updates are needed.

The site will continue to stay online, as I've always promised. I've set the homepage to link to five random stories; this is my way of encouraging readers to check out the 1,000+ excellent stories housed in the All About Spike archive:

I'd also like to encourage everyone to check out WriterCon, the upcoming convention for fanfic readers and writers. WriterCon 2004 was a huge hit and WriterCon 2006 is going to be even better (and I'm not just saying that because I'm on the concomm this year!). Check it out at:

I should also note that, in looking through old emails, I have an overwhelming amount of unanswered correspondence related to the website and to Spike fandom. I'm REALLY sorry to those I didn't answer, I REALLY appreciate all the nice things that were said, and I just don't have time to reply to everyone. Every email was read and appreciated, and I suck for not always replying.
just some mostly-irrelevant fannish stuff )
Um, so I just realized yesterday that I haven't been getting email from All About Spike for over a month.

I figured out the problem and fixed it, but it's kind of insane that it took me a month to notice. (Admittedly I was on vacation for much of it, but still.)

So, er, sorry about that. If you sent me anything important through the web form there, you may want to re-send it.

And if you see any nasty reviews on the site, let me know, as I wasn't able to check them.

Ahh, so now that it's working, look at the gems I am getting once again:

I wanted to conteact Mr. Joss Whedon about casting for Wonder Woman. Catherine Zeta-Jones is the perfect person to play her. It would be a dis-service to put Katie Holmes in that position. I have always thought that Wonder Woman should be out there. Like so many, I am a die-hard fan. I understand you worked with Katie, but you want this movie to shine and do justice to Lynda Carter; you definately need Catherine Zeta-Jones, and maybe even her husband as Steve Trevor.
Sincerely, a fan who created a screenplay of her own.

This is actually quite a bit better than the usual ten year old girls begging James Marsters to have sex with them.
Spent much of today catching up on updates at All About Spike.

This stuff is completely overwhelming. Stories to read and archive, going back years and years....

Really nice comments from people that I put aside to answer later, but now it's been over a year and there's not much point in responding. If you've ever sent me any nice comments about All About Spike -- just know that I appreciate it a lot.

This site is so old, and it's such a pain to update, but I don't have the motivation to redo the whole structure. So basically it's going to stay up as a relic, for people to enjoy the stories. And I will, occasionally, VERY RARELY, perhaps, post something new.

So, yeah, that's basically it. If I owe you a response, I'm sorry.
I have a very important announcement.

My new OTP, Marilyn Manson/Stuart Townsend, will be appearing together on "Last Call with Carson Daly" tonight at 1:35am on NBC.

Unfortunately you won't get to see how incredibly into each other they were during the commercial breaks. But it's still worth it to see the awe-insiring beauty of the two of them onstage together. Clearly, it's a love that is meant to be.

So, um, don't miss it. And look for me and [ profile] jaydk in the audience. (I'm the one with really red hair and she's the one hiding under her coat in embarrassment because she's in the audience of "Last Call with Carson Daly.")

In other news, Mary sent me the draft version of the next part of "Journeys," which I'll be posting at All About Spike shortly. Keep an eye out. And I know I have a bunch of other authors to archive/reply to/etc. I'm working on it. Just, slowly.
[ profile] anniesj wrote this gorgeous, amazing, heart-breaking Sirius/Remus fic that made me cry at work. Read it here.

I'm currently compulsively reading my way through [ profile] musesfool's RL/SB recs list, which is awesome. Very helpful to someone who is new to the pairing....

I've never had an OTP before, but I really do love this pairing....

I'm eating a varied box of gorgeous, delicious heirloom tomatoes from the Union Square greenmarket. I love that place.

apartment bitching )

I haven't been reading Buffyverse fic. I'm at the point now where my instant reaction is to recoil at even the mention of it. I'm just so not into that universe anymore at all, and I so hate what Mutant Enemy did to it. I was a fan of soulless Spike, not of soulled Spike, and yet I spent ages watching miserably this character who replaced/destroyed the character I loved. The idea of doing that for even one second longer is pretty horrifying. Sorry.

Here's an idea, though. I'm feeling guilty about ignoring fanfic writers who might want their recent work archived on my site. If you're one of those people who I've archived before, could you possibly send me a list (with links) to your recent finished-ready-to-be-archived work that might fit All About Spike? I find that quite a few writers have a hesitancy to promote themselves this way, but believe me, this will make it much easier on me. Otherwise I worry and panic and think "I've missed so much that she's written lately; there's no way I'll ever catch up, so why even bother?" Whereas if you just list it for me, I can catch up easily and not feel like I'm missing something.

[ profile] ck594us did this, and notice, I read and archived her recent work very quickly.

Of course, if it's a pain to do this, don't bother. But if you're wishing your stuff was archived at AAS, this would make it happen much more quickly.

I think I'm probably going to stick to reading Spike fic from authors I've read and archived before, or else stuff that's hugely highly recommended. I'm not going to just randomly pick up a Spike fic and start reading it anymore. I'd like to; I really enjoyed running my website. But I'm just so not interested in the topic at all.

And this damn Harry Potter fanfic keeps calling me....

And just to clarify for the millionth time, I'm not going to shut All About Spike down. Not for years and years and years, if ever. It's an archive, it should be there for people to read and reference, even if I'm not updating it anymore.


Jun. 25th, 2004 11:11 am
So, I'm sort of slowly drifting my way back toward Buffy fandom.

Well, that's not exactly true. More like there are two very different sorts of Buffy fandom (in which I'm involved), and I've drifted from one (the fanfic side) toward another (the convention side). But I'm tentatively inching back toward the fanfic side (I'll still be doing cons all summer, but I really need to catch up on fic for Writercon anyway....)

My god, this fandom is a strange place. I didn't quite realize the extent until I came back after a month away from LJ. I started reading my friends' list again yesterday and just ... what the fuck? Or maybe right now is just a particularly weird transitional period. I'm thinking of stuff like fanfic_hate -- how stupid and juvenile and pointless, petty anonymous cruelty directed at writers who have the generosity and courage to share their work with strangers.... (I'd like to see this community become more comfortable with criticism, too, but cruelty is an entirely different thing.) Well, Kita said it better than me, anyway.

So, I did update my website finally (I know, I suck). And I'll be continuing to try to catch up with fic. If you've written something you think I should archive, or you've seen something someone else wrote that would be appropriate for my site, please let me know. Especially if you're an author I've archived before--I really want to read what you've written lately. A couple of people have done this already and I thank them immensely.

And if you haven't submitted your author bio yet, please do.

And in other news, I brought Lucifer with me to work the last two days. He hated being in the cat carrier (I put him in it and took a cab), but he quite enjoyed the office. He's a people-cat; he needs to be around others in order to be happy. He hates being left alone all day.

Everyone in the office fell completely in love with him. He's the perfect office cat--lounges around, sits near people or on their laps, totally well behaved and affectionate. People kept coming in and saying how calming our office was--no one ever says that. It was Lucifer's influence.

Probably the only problem was his name--I got quite a few weird looks. We are supposed to be this progressive, spiritually in-tune place, so why is the cat named Lucifer? Y'know, when you're a sixteen-year-old goth girl, naming your cat Lucifer seems perfectly normal. When you're a twenty-two-year-old professional bringing your cat to work ... well, "The cat in Cinderella was named Lucifer" isn't much of an excuse. Ah, well -- everyone calls him Lu or Luce or Lucie anyway.

He was exhausted after two days of "work" (we decided that he's officially responsible for office morale) so I let him stay home today. Hopefully I'll be able to bring him in at least once a week, though--it's good for him to meet new people and have some excitement in his life. He's an adventurer/explorer in spirit.

I still haven't found a roommate. Five days until rent. *panic* I think I'll go put another ad on Craigslist....

And also, btw, I scanned my Ghost of the Robot in Long Island photos. Go here to see:

My favorite photo is one that Ingrid and I took of ourselves scrunched together in the front row, but alas, Ingrid has it, not me. If I can get a copy I will scan it, however.... these are just photos of the band. (And I will say, one more time, at this show in Long Island, they played well, they were in good moods, they were "on" creatively--they were not too drunk to play well. That came two days later....)
I am ready to begin collecting author biographies for All About Spike. If you're an author with at least one story on All About Spike, I'd love to get a bio from you.

This is not obligatory. You may send it to me at any time and may make changes at any time. Your bio can be as long or as short as you like--a one-line bio is fine if you prefer that. This is just anything you'd like to share with your readers about yourself or your writing.

Also, if you'd like, you may use the following questionaire. You're welcome to ignore any questions that you prefer not to answer. You may also insert additional questions and provide answers to them. Or just totally ignore this and write your own bio.

For example, see Doyle's bio here. (ETA: Scroll down; it's below the list of stories. The layout might change a bit but this is the basic way that it will appear.)

The Questionaire )

Answers can be provided right here in LJ comments or sent to me via email at Emails can be in plain text, HTML attachments, or MS Word attachments. If you want any special formatting (links, italic, bold, and so on) you can code that yourself or just make a note in brackets and I'll format it for you.
A while ago, I had asked people what features they'd like to see added to All About Spike. One of the most popular choices was author biographies. Now that I'm out of school, I finally have time to set this up. And I have a feeling that if I don't do it now, it'll never get done.

So. This will be completely optional, of course, and will go on the author pages at All About Spike. Authors who don't fill this out will continue to have what they have now: a page listing all of their stories that are archived at AAS, plus their email and website addresses if those exist. Those who fill this out will have all that plus their bio.

I'm going to provide a questionaire, which authors can fill out if they so desire, or can choose to completely ignore. (It's just to give an idea of what to say--authors can also just write up a text bio instead of answering questions.)

Before I go sending this to everyone, I want to make sure the questionaire works. So if you're interested, please take a look and let me know if you think of any other questions I should add, or if any of these are silly and should be removed, or if any need to be reworded/clarified.

Preliminary Optional Author Questionaire )

If you're an author, you can go ahead and answer now, or wait until I have a final version. (I'll post again when I do, then send emails to those who don't answer through LJ.)

Answers can be provided in LJ comments or sent to me via email at Emails can be in plain text, HTML attachments, or MS Word attachments. Length can be as long or short as you want.
A million thank yous to everyone who offered Highlander fic suggestions (and to those who pimped my request in their own journals, thus leading to Highlander fans that I'd never met offering excellent suggestions). I just read one so far, by Sylvia Volk (whose Spike fic I adore) and I can't wait to start on the others.

Are there still active places in HL fandom, and if so, where might I find them? (Methos centric, preferably).

Also, a bunch of thank yous to the people who congratulated me on passing my colloquium. I haven't had time to reply individually but I really appreciate all the nice things everyone said.

I finally tried to catch up with my friends list this weekend. I got to skip=980, then it wouldn't let me go any further back. So I missed everything between Friday April 2 and Monday April 5. If you posted something especially interesting during that time (especially fic), please let me know.

I just skimmed my list (and even then it took hours) and didn't comment. No offense intended--I was up till 4am, and just needed to catch up quickly and go to sleep. I also took a couple of people off of my reading list--nothing personal, I just can't keep up, so I tried to remove people who post often and whose interests have totally diverged from mine.

It was astounding how much *free time* I had this week, since I wasn't reading LJ or fic. It's so nice to have relaxation time, or playing-with-cats time, or cooking time, or TV time. I expect to continue cutting back on internet use, though I do plan to keep reading fic. I have this file with links to all the fic I'm supposed to read, and I just keep adding to it--at some point, I will catch up, and start asking archiving questions, and all that stuff.

A couple of people asked if I'm going to close my site when the show ends. The answer is still no--I plan to keep the site up as long as possible. (As in, years and years; unless there's some really compelling reason to close it, I will keep paying the maintenance bills as long as I can.) I will stop updating as often (um, I have stopped updating as often) but the archive will remain. And I probably will start updating regularly again soon, at least for a little while.

I regard quite a bit of the fiction on my site as Art (capital A) and I want it to be easily accessible. I honestly don't understand why people close their sites so superfluously all the time--even if I'm no longer that interested in Spike fic, many other people are, and if I have the site I may as well make it available. Some of this fiction is so astoundingly good--I want it to be as widely available as possible for those who are interested.

My weekend was fun, btw. I hung out with a whole ton of people both Friday and Saturday nights (including [ profile] 10zlaine, [ profile] thefangirl, [ profile] soulmate815, [ profile] drujan). We ate Spanish food, got drunk at the Times Square Brewery, saw Common Rotation at the Bitter End, etc. Common Ro were very good, as usual, but the real fun was in the company. [ profile] 10zlaine and [ profile] soulmate815 came over to meet my cats (who got all nervous around the company, but it was still cool). And [ profile] thefangirl and I decided that we absolutely must have a sleepover, because she has the European versions of all the Highlander episodes, and these I've just got to see. (Plus, there are actually Methos episodes that I haven't seen at all...) And she's got this movie with naked Roy Dupuis (Michael from La Femme Nikita) ... so yes, we have much to watch.

more babbling about Highlander )
Since my site is a fairly popular Spike site, I think that by looking at its statistics, one can extrapolate some general trends about Spike fandom (especially the fanfic side). Of course, my site is skewed toward the segment of Spike fic readers that happen to visit my particular site, so that should be kept in mind.

I've compiled some statistics and my analysis of what they mean. So what do my stats suggest about Spike fanfic/fandom trends? )
After vast amounts of effort and stress on my end (my god, my cell phone bill this month is going to be insane) and dealing with rude, incompetent tech support people, I finally decided to just move my site to a new server. So I did, and of course, my scripts work fine, because the problems were not my fault. Don't ever host a website with iPowerWeb.

The domain is in the process of propogating, which usually takes at least 24 hours. I've set up a redirect so that if you try to access the old site, it'll go to the new site. But the URL is going to look funny until the domain propogates. Don't let it bother you. Everything should work--if you find something that doesn't, please let me know.

And, hey, authors -- review alerts work again!

And, I can send out my daily updates. :)

Right after some tylenol and a nap....

Oh, and if you notice any "u suk! spiek is not gay!!!" type reviews, please let me know. Normally I monitor all reviews posted, but of course, over the past five days I was unable to do so.
4 days of big website crippling problem caused by webhost, NOT ME
10 hours trying to fix the problem myself or figure out what they did to cause it
6 calls to tech support
5 hours on hold
15 increasingly frustrated emails
5 deleted support requests
4 support requests listed as "solved"
0 responses from iPowerWeb support people
0 apologies
1 horrible pounding headache



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