Lucifer had a follow up vet visit today (to test his kidneys again 3 months after the not-great results came in.)

We saw a different veterinarian than before and, as usual, the vet marveled at how calm and friendly Lucifer is.

The funny part was that he also seemed awed and fascinated by Lucifer’s fur. Lucie is black and white, and as he gets older, the black is turning red. His mom was a black cat and the same thing happened to her when she got older.

This vet said he’s seen thousands of cats and he’s never seen a red cat before. He was really marveling about it, like, “Where did he come from???”

So apparently Lucifer is some kind of genetic freak red cat from the wilds of suburban New Jersey… ;)

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Aug. 14th, 2011 09:29 pm

The vet just called to tell me Lucifer is in the early stages of kidney failure. Early, so he doesn’t need intravenous fluids yet, and they don’t want to switch his diet because they don’t want the diabetes to come back.

He might live a few more years, but it’s incurable and fatal.

You can probably imagine, I’m not dealing very well. He’s 13.5 so I know he’s not going to live forever, but… obviously a concrete diagnosis is different.

He’s my best friend. He wakes up with me in the morning and he greets me with a hug as soon as I walk in the door at night. He climbs into bed next to me and snuggles, then he sleeps in the bed next to me. He presses his forehead to me and just purrs. I look at him and know exactly what he’s thinking, and know that he knows exactly what I’m thinking. I rescued his mother; I felt him kicking in the womb; I watched his birth; I held him when he was less than a day old; I watched him learn to crawl and walk and eat and play. I love him more than anything. I was 15 when he was born; we grew up and grew together; I’ll never have a bond like this with anyone for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine living without him.

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Just got back from the vet. He said Lucifer seems fine based on the exam, but I should watch him closely to see if anything changes. I’m going to work from home the rest of today and probably tomorrow so I can keep an eye on him.

I miss sleeping. Every single noise wakes me up now because I’m afraid it’s Lucifer having a seizure or Lucifer throwing up. :(

Anyway. Distracting myself with Doctor Who stuff before I go do more work:

* Excerpts from Russell T. Davies’ new book about writing Doctor Who. Have I mentioned how much I love this guy? I adore his enthusiasm and positive attitude and, yes, his crazy cracked out ideas. I can’t wait to read the whole book.

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Here’s Lucifer’s first blood glucose curve. I think it means I need to increase the insulin dose? I’ll call the vet tomorrow.

Sorry for all the talk about my cat, but, well, it’s my journal and this is what’s going on in my life right now. I promise to write something controversial about Doctor Who soon.

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My blood glucose level is 99. Lucifer’s is 282.

Also, cats really do not appreciate it when you stab them in the ear with a lancet.

I just hope I gave him enough cooing and treats that he’ll let me do it again.

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It sucks being at work. I just want to be at home hovering over Lucifer and watching him like a hawk. Yes, I’m an overprotective cat mommy. (I decided not to bring him here with me because traveling stresses him out and makes him eat less, and it’s important for him to eat.)

His morning shot went fine. He didn’t even react to it, actually, but it definitely went in. He’s such a sweet, gentle little guy. And his behavior has been normal–he’s alert and playful and fine.

I think I’m going to have to install a door in the middle of my apartment (there’s an empty doorway) so that I can separate the cats. I want Lucifer eating a set amount of wet food twice a day, but Angel throws fits if she doesn’t have dry food to graze on all the time.

In other news, I’m thinking about Gallifrey One. I really enjoyed talking to the New Who fans I managed to find at DragonCon. And it’s relatively cheap and easy to get to, and the guest line-up is great. I haven’t found much info on the programming, though, and on how interesting the topics are and how friendly they are to New Who fans. (I’m far more interested in fan-run programming than in celebrity guests, to be honest. I’d rather participate in a discussion than just be spoken down to from on high.)

Anyway. I’m thinking about it. Anyone ever been there?

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I’m trying a new cookbook, Vegan Cooking for One. It’s got a bunch of weekly meal plans, for spring/summer and fall/winter, for quickly-prepared single-serving meals. It even provides a shopping list at the start of every week. This solves a bunch of my cooking issues: I hate making shopping lists, I get sick of eating leftovers, I don’t want to go to the grocery store more than once per week, I don’t want to spend hours preparing a single meal.

So I’m trying the first week’s meal plan. Everything’s been good so far. But I feel sad not having anyone to share with, so here, friendslist, have some photos.

Italian Pasta Salad )

Potato and Lentil Bake )

Apricot Brown Betty )

Plus: Rum Raisin Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World )

And Bonus: Angel the evil lunatic monster cat )
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May. 8th, 2008 11:20 am

I’ve been organizing my collection of digital photos, so while I was at it, I pulled out the cutest cat pictures from over the years.

Here’s highlights encompassing thirteen years of the cutest things my cats have ever done (that I’ve managed to capture on film).

( Click for adorable cat photos )

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So I get home today to find that my roommate has broken my lamp. It's in the kitchen, and he tripped on its wire while doing laundry. Okay, but the glass part around the top shattered, and left shards of glass everywhere, and he did a crappy job of picking it up. There were bite-sized shards of glass next to my cats' food bowl. And he offered to pay for another glass rim part "if I could find one." Why do I have to find it? He's the one who broke my lamp!

Oh, and the reason the lamp was in the kitchen? Both of the kitchen lights stopped working. I replaced the bulbs; they still don't work. Something with the wiring. And I can't call maintenance because of my cats. Apparently I'll be cooking in the dark now.

And then I got my lease renewal notice. Rent is increasing by $200/month for one year, and $400/month for two years. $2800/month for a one-bedroom with a leaky roof and lights that don't work? I know Manhattan's nicely located and all, but I don't mind moving anyway because the culture is really going to suck when only insanely rich people can afford to live here.

Fuck it. Brooklyn, here I come.
Oh my god, LiveJournal's pink hearts theme makes me want to break something. Die, LiveJournal, DIE!!!!

Um, that aside, today is good because I'm about to leave work early to wait in line for The Colbert Report. Even freezing rain can't keep me away from Stephen Colbert. :)

Today is also good because it's Lucifer's birthday. Nine years ago today, Shadow (a stray cat I'd rescued) gave birth to four kittens in my laundry room. Lucifer was the second, and the sweetest.

Lucifer photos )

Oh, and Veronica Mars last night. Still a silly show, but I had to watch it because vague spoilers )

Anyway, even though this "holiday" sucks, I hope you all find something to enjoy about it. Have a good day! :)
I'm very grateful for the new remake of The Hitcher. Yeah, it looks like a dumb movie, but it's resulted in Sean Bean being on my TV every five minutes due to the incessant commercials. He's even in the subway in gigantic scary-looking ads! (Not that I find him scary; you know I'm totally going to be rooting for his character. How could the guy who played Sharpe really be bad?)

Also, OMG CUTE!!! (Photos of young Sean Bean.)

[ profile] 10zlaine visited this weekend. It was very last minute, so I wasn't terribly prepared, but we had a good time anyway. Mostly we hung out at my place and talked, while watching The Adventures of Brisco County Jr DVDs. (Damn, that show is classic.)

The point of the visit was for [ profile] 10zlaine to collect one of Livi's kittens and bring him home with her. So we went to Livi's house last night, and [ profile] 10zlaine fell in love with Otto (who greeted her by giving her hand a cat-bath with his tongue). Livi and Jessica made vegan taco-things, and then we hung out with the cats for hours. They are insanely playful at this age (about three months); my hands and arms are covered in little cat-scratches (which are totally worth it). [ profile] 10zlaine brought this bouncy toy that got Marty to do insane flying leaps, like three feet in the air; you wouldn't imagine that such a little cat could jump so high. And then she gave them catnip, which drove them all even more insane. It was very fun.

[ profile] 10zlaine slept over at Livi's place and left early this morning; she's on the train right now going back to Maine, and has been sending me cell phone photos of Otto in his carrier and on her lap. It's really sad to think about him being separated from his brothers, but he's going to have an awesome life with [ profile] 10zlaine and her cat and dog. (And I'm so jealous! She's got a fresh new kitten to take home with her!)

We also went to see Children of Men on Saturday night with [ profile] drujan (and then we had horrible drinks at this chain Mexican restaurant, because we were in the culinary wasteland that is Times Square). I thought Children of Men was a good movie, but I didn't actually enjoy watching it.

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Remember how I was telling you how awesome Lucifer is when he balances on top of my computer chair?

I just found these...

Lucifer cuteness )


Dec. 30th, 2006 02:34 pm
rusty_halo: (kkbb: gato!)
I love my digital camera. :)

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I had another one of those nightmares last night. About Spanish class. They're always very similar: I'm rushing to get to class, but I'm late, and I can't find the schedule that tells me where to go, and then when I finally get there I slink in, embarrassed and ashamed, glared at by the teacher for being late. And then I don't understand the work, and I know I should've come to class before but for some reason I didn't, and I haven't done my homework and am terrified of being found out. I'll bet Mrs. Secoda would be highly amused to learn that she is the only teacher who still gives me nightmares, six years after I graduated high school. On the plus side, the only old friend in this dream was Mike, and that's okay because we're still friends.

Also, I have this persistent feeling, which extends into my daily life, that I haven't done my homework for Mrs. Botta's math class in about three months, and that she's going to find me out any day now. (I don't think I've actually dreamed about her, though; Secoda is the only teacher whose personality continues to traumatize me.)

I tried to watch Veronica Mars last night, but there's just no compelling reason to watch. The noir elements are gone, and it's basically a perky blond teen detective show. Meh. No. Sorry. :( I turned it off and watched the end of GoldenEye.

Some thoughts on the BPAL imps I ordered:

Read more... )

Oh yeah, I forgot to post about this: KITTENS! My friend Livi was out walking the other day with her girlfriend Jessica, and this stray cat started following them. They already have two cats so they weren't going to pick her up, but she was so sweet and affectionate that they brought her home. (She was totally docile and let them carry her.) They put her in their bathroom (the only room without cats and/or birds) and she immediately began having kittens. They've now got a mom cat and three kittens, plus their two other cats and their parakeet.

I went to visit on Monday after work, and got to see the kittens when they were a day old. (It brings back memories of baby Lucifer!) They're tiny and look like little hamsters; their eyes are closed but they're already crawling. One is a tuxedo cat, black with white belly and paws; one is a mix of black and white, and one is mostly white except for a gray tail and two black spots on her head. SO CUTE. And the mom is very sweet and affectionate. She's kind of dirty and scratched up and has fleas, though; they're taking her to the vet.

Anyway, but I told them that I'm going to be visiting their house at least once a week so that I can watch the babies grow up. :)
I'm posting this on behalf of our office window-washer. If you know anyone who can help, please get in touch with him:

A sweet all black female kitten, about six weeks old, is in need of a good home.

If you can help, please call Gregory at 862-588-5916. You can call at any hour.

The kitten is in New Jersey, near the NYC area.

Please call the number above; do not contact me as I'm just posting this on behalf of Gregory.
Apparently my current roommate missed the part about the SIX MONTH MINIMUM.

*breaks things*

Apparently Lucifer "eats too loud" and keeps her awake at night. The fuck?

Hey, who wants to live with me?
Today is a wonderful day...

It's Lucifer's birthday!!!!

Eight years ago today, in the laundry room of my parents' house in New Jersey, Lucifer's mother Shadow (a beautiful, sweet black stray cat who I'd made friends with) gave birth to Lucifer and his three siblings. Lucifer was the second born (I have it on videotape) and his head got stuck coming out. We all thought he was going to die, but Shadow eventually pushed him out and started licking him, and finally he started making teeny little squeaking baby kitty noises that meant he was breathing.

And ever since then, he's been the greatest cat ever. Sweet, fun, adventurous, but most of all--cool. Being in Lucie's presence could calm anyone; he's just totally accepting and trusting and relaxed.

I gave him a pile of treats for breakfast. I'll have to find something fun at Petco to bring home to him tonight.

I took some photos of him the other day in the bathtub (trying to drink out of the faucet). I'll post those here later so you can all see how adorable he is. >:)

Movie Meme )

Last night I was working until 8pm and talking to my former coworker Sarah about "relationships." Interesting conversation. Sarah's awesome.

Forgot to mention this: I watched two movies over the weekend, Velvet Goldmine and American Psycho.

weird rant about Velvet Goldmine, American Psycho, Fight Club, and the emptiness of consumer culture )

PS: Excellent thread over at the Hydrogen Board imagining a Chemlab/Pig tour. *sigh* If only.

And I must say, I love it when the bands write their own slash fiction:

petegala (here): If you go into the men's room between sets, you might just find Raymond and Jared making out in a stall.

jared: and, in reference to Pete from the Cracknation board, Raymond and i would only be having sex in the bathroom if we could sandwich you. we've discussed it, and i call the south side of your street, honey.

And it goes from there.... ("The Brokeback Techrat tour anyone?" "BROKE-DICK METRONOME" "Rivetback Mountain" "Tesseract Fountain"....)

PPS: Did you guys watch the Daily Show last night? The Cheney thing actually didn't strike me as that funny when I first heard it, but when Jon got ahold of it, I thought I was going to die laughing.

PPPS: Celebrate International Quirkyalone Day. (Great link; check it out.)
I didn't actually bring my camera to the Bella Morte show, but here's some post-show photos.


Oh yeah, and the show was fun. Hot guys, homoeroticism, and songs about zombies; what's not to love?

Hey [ profile] 10zlaine, how about this? I think the Monday is a holiday.

Bella Morte
Sunday, February 19th, 2006
New York, NY
The Slipper Room (The Court of Lazarus)
167 Orchard St
This will be an unplugged performance
21+, 8pm

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