So now that LJ has removed the “parent” link from comment threads, if you click on a fic rec from delicious and it takes you to a kink meme fill, how in the world do you find out what the prompt was?

(Sorry for all the questions, I have been away from the fannish internet for a while [trapped in a vortex of WORK], and now that I am venturing back, things have changed in strange ways.)

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I’ve read so much wincest that I can now barely read gen, because the stories feel incomplete if Sam and Dean don’t sleep together.


Fandom corrupts.

I also can barely stand to read stories about Castiel, because pretty much every time he shows up in fic, it’s to edge Dean out of the way and hog attention for himself. While I enjoy Castiel in canon (and find him way more attractive than Sam), I only want to see him as a supporting character–he’s just not interesting enough to be at the center of a story. (To me. Obviously this is all totally subjective.) I’m still open to Dean/Castiel fic, but I’m increasingly cautious–as soon as the focus starts to center on Cas, I’m gone.

This is pretty much the opposite of what I expected when I jumped into SPN fanfic.

I’m bookmarking every decent SPN fic I read here and saving my favorites here, if, I don’t know, anyone is interested. I like longfic, plot, angst, dark humor, and Dean whumpage*; I don’t read AU or RPS and I’m mostly allergic to fluff.

* In the course of plot and involving action; for the love of god, get those illness/hospital/long-term disability stories far, far away from me.

Podfic, btw, is making my life far more pleasant. It kills the tedium of my hour and a half daily subway commute like nothing else. I’d like to try reading some myself, but the whole thing about figuring out what to read and getting the author’s permission is too stressful to deal with at the moment.

It’s lovely to hear all the different voices–fandom via computer is so removed, but having someone’s voice in your ear for hours is oddly intimate. It’s cool to hear the diversity of ages and accents in the various voices (although, man, the quality of reading really varies–some I’ve had to stop because the background noise or hiss was too loud, or because the reader was too fast or too slow, or there was some kind of weird echo that made me wonder if the reader had even previewed it before posting…). It also sheds a lot of light on the story–you really notice poor pacing or lack of narrative tension in a podfic, because you can’t just skim ahead. But it’s pretty awesome when everything comes together well–podfic can be so immersive in a way that reading online usually isn’t for me.

Anyway, I’m mostly busy with real life stress at the moment, but just wanted to post briefly. I am still reading everyone in my DW circle and LJ flist, though I don’t often have time to comment.

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Oddly enough, after reading quite a bit of Sam/Dean and Dean/Castiel, the genre of Supernatural fanfic that’s most pinging my interest is… gen. (This is a little bit threatening to my identity as primarily a slash reader!)

I think it’s because I go to fanfic to zoom in on and delve deeper into the bits of canon that most appeal to me, and in Supernatural that’s Dean, his martyr complex, his dark side, his defense mechanisms, his hidden layers–and all of these things are so tied into the way he interacts with his family. Dean’s most intense relationships in the text are gen relationships, with Sam and John.

So far no Sam/Dean slash story has really hit my narrative kinks, although quite a few of them are wonderful stories, well-written and totally worth reading. The problem is that they fundamentally alter the dynamic that appeals to me and makes me want to read fic in the first place–they make it about Sam and Dean dealing with their romantic/sexual feelings for each other, when what interests me is them dealing with their relationship as brothers, the effect of their (at best) negligent father, Dean as the substitute parental figure, Sam trying to assert his independence, Dean trying to take all the responsibility onto himself, sacrificing his own needs to protect Sam, and Dean so obsessively needing Sam as family because he never learned how to live for anything else. What exists in canon is already more interesting to me than a romance would be, so I want more of it, not a transformation of it.

Of course, most of the slash ships I get into aren’t technically canon either, but in most of those cases it’s much easier for me to read a slash subtext–adding the romance aspect just makes the relationship more interesting and doesn’t alter what interests me about the dynamic. Like, what interests me in Peter and Neal is their growing respect and admiration and fondness and trust for each other, and if you add romance to that it just intensifies it. Whereas if you add romance to Sam and Dean, it crowds out the aspects of the relationship that I’m really there for.

Here’s a fic rec that I totally loved: Red by [info]big_pink. It’s a well-written, excellent-paced plotty adventure, which is awesome, but what I particularly love is its intense focus on Dean and what he’s willing to do for his family. Maybe it overdoes the woobification and angst, but OTOH, nothing in it feels implausible as part of the Winchester family backstory. It’s like someone wrote an entire fic to fill in the history behind Dean’s “[John] wouldn’t be proud of me–he’d tear me a new one,” and John’s “I put too much on your shoulders, I made you grow up too fast. You took care of Sammy, and you took care of me. You did that. And you didn’t complain, not once.” I’m going to have a hard time watching the show and and not thinking of this fic as canon. (It’s also one hell of an absorbing story.)

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So you know when you’re in that super-enthusiastic phase of a new fandom where everything’s shiny and new and you just want MORE? I’m in that voracious stage with White Collar right now, and I have to say, reading everything is maybe not the best idea. Clicking the links to the pit of voles or to the squicky kinkmeme prompts — I have to stop. I’m going to ruin it for myself if I keep doing this. Because, people, seriously, NEAL CAFFREY IS NOT A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL.

(Don’t get me wrong; there is a ton of good!fic out there, too. I’m saving my personal recs here.)

Also, does anyone else find that when you’re reading a fic that’s set in Peter’s car, you find yourself waiting for the awkwardly-inserted Taurus ad? And it kind of feels like something’s missing when it doesn’t show?

… Or probably that’s just me.

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Where do I go for Farscape fic? Anyone have recs? Ideally centered on John, Aeryn, and/or Scorpius (or Harvey).

Good: Hurt/comfort, long epics, alternate seasons, humor, darkfic, slash.

Bad: Schmoop, babyfic, agendafic, anything OOC or too AU.


Yes, everyone who tried for years to talk me into watching Farscape was right. I loved it.

I just finished the series. I began to really like it in seasons two and three, but didn’t find myself totally in love until season four. It took a while for the show to actually gel into the quality they were attempting all along, but once it did it became absolutely brilliant. I had no idea how dark, odd, twisted, and kinky the show would get! And yes, I did fall totally in love with John Crichton. He’s an insane, hilarious, fucked-up mess of a character. He ended up hitting all my fictional kinks and probably creating a few new ones. Aeryn Sun just got better and better, passionate and vulnerable without compromising her strength and competence. John and Aeryn might be the best portrayal of a relationship of equals that I’ve ever seen on television.

You were all right. I should have watched it sooner. And I would really like to smack in the face whatever moron at the Sci Fi Channel decided to cancel this amazing show!

a couple of complaints and a bunch more things I loved )

I am so totally going to watch it again. And again.

And... fic recs? Please? Must... have... fanfiction...
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Writercon is coming up soon (July 31 through August 2 in Minneapolis), and you’re coming, right?

The lovely [info]missmurchison is in charge of the fic library in the hospitality suite. The library is a collection of hard copy fics that people can pick up and read during the con. On the last day, most of the stories are put up for “adoption” so congoers can grab something to read on the way home. It was quite popular at the last Writercon. We need more fics in a wider variety of fandoms and types, so please consider submitting a story!

This is a great way to find new readers and to help out people who are looking for something good to read. Click here for details on how to submit your fic.

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Dear clueless fanfic writers,

Please do not write out characters' accents. I already know they're from various regions of Britain. There's no need to replace every "h" with an apostrophe. Just capture the rhythm and cadence of their speech, use words that they'd be likely to use, and it'll sound like them.

Plus, I'll be able to read it without wanting to bang my head into my desk repeatedly.



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Oh, Torchwood fandom. You do know how to bring the wank.

Have I mentioned recently that Neil Gaiman is awesome?

And yes, I proudly admit that I'm watching Torchwood S1 for the sole purpose of laughing at how awful it is. Why? Because it's funny.


Does anyone have recommendations for Tenth Doctor fanfiction that is just really well-written? Any pairing, rating, or genre, but no agenda (other than exploring the characters and/or telling an interesting story)?

I've been venturing beyond my comfy little Ten/Master niche, and ... maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? Because if it's not blatant shipper!fic, it's like that one episode of South Park where Cartman makes a list of all the rotten things he's done in previous episodes and then goes around trying to make amends. Only instead of Butters making a list of all Cartman's sins, it's Rose/Jack/Martha/Mary Sue, and instead of Cartman apologizing in order to weasel his way into heaven, the Doctor does it in order to win his way back into the author's good graces (or maybe because she just wants to see him grovel).

The problem with "fixing" the characters is that ... then they're no longer the characters I love. *snuggles delightfully fucked-up favorite characters*

Here's a good one [ profile] jaydk recced: The Man With No Name by Frostfyre7. It's a Doctor Who/Firefly crossover, gen except for some Mal/Inara (which I skimmed). Not as dark as I prefer, but it's got good characterization and a nice adventure story; it kept me entertained and I never got the urge to bang my head against the desk.


Tonight: Marilyn Manson! Twiggy's back! I know this band has been washed up for at least eight years, but... nostalgia! *is inordinately excited*

The big question: should I Goth it up for old times' sake, or admit that I'm a grown-up now and go the lazy jeans and t-shirt route?


And apparently Stone Temple Pilots are reuniting. Nifty! (As long as they don't take my Velvet Revolver away....)

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One of my New Year's resolutions was to leave more feedback. I'm getting better at it; I still suck at saying anything interesting, but I generally at least post a brief comment to acknowledge that I enjoyed the story and thank the author for creating it.

But what about the stories that I didn't like? Not that ones where I skimmed the first paragraph and clicked away; I mean the ones where I stared in fascinated horror and couldn't keep my eyes off. The ones where I rush to read the latest update because I want to see what new kind of jaw-dropping horror the author has come up with. I feel kind of rude, getting all excited about something and then not acknowledging the author for it.

I mean, obviously I can't say "Your story has blown my mind with its awfulness; please keep writing more because I want to see what new horror your brain can create." But maybe I could just say "Thanks; I'm enjoying this!" (not admitting that the enjoyment I'm getting is certainly not what the author intends). But then I worry that someone I know could see that I commented on that fic, and think that I actually like it, and worry that I've gone insane.

Hmm. I should probably stick with silence.

What about the stories that I'm disturbed to be enjoying? (Do other people do that, read stories that they're kind of horrified with themselves for liking?) Generally my policy is that if the writing style is amazing, I'll leave feedback based on that, and not mention the subject matter. But if the writing is just mediocre, I won't say anything, because I don't want to acknowledge that I'm reading something for reasons that kind of creepify me.

Oh, I'm angsting over nothing. I'm just kind of curious what other people do in these situations.


Also, I think I'm starting to understand why so many people avoid het. When I scan the [ profile] who_daily newsletter, I only click on the slash pairings (unless I recognize the name of a good author).

At first, I was randomly clicking on anything that had an interesting title, but whenever it was a het pairing, nine times out of ten it wasn't a story; it was an attempt to push a shipper agenda. Y'know, "Ten was so rude and mean to poor precious Martha; he needs to grovel and acknowledge her awesomeness!" or "Rose was the most important person ever in the Doctor's life, and he'll never move on because no one could ever matter as much as her!" or whatever.

Whereas if I click on a slash fic, chances are I'll be getting an actual story, or at least a hot sex scene, rather than some biased agenda-driven rant barely disguised as fiction. (And slash in general tends to avoid that "there is one person that you are meant to be with forever" meme that makes me gag in a lot of het fic.)

Yup. I'm becoming one of those "eeewwww, het!" people.

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Um, does anyone out there have Ten/Master fic recs? Please? (At this point I'll read anything Ten/Master as long as it's written well.)


This is all [ profile] jaydk's fault. She sent me a bunch of DW fanfic recs and the next thing you know I spent my whole Thanksgiving 4-day weekend (minus the gorging on food part) devouring Doctor Who fanfic.

(You know what's completely awesome? So many Spike/BtVS writers also write Doctor Who! I kept recognizing authors' names: [ profile] lordshiva, [ profile] doyle_sb4, [ profile] chase820... I probably knew you guys were into Doctor Who, I just never paid attention before. But now it's like, tons of new stories from authors I already love, how nifty is that?)

But anyway, this Doctor/Master obsession... see, I was reading anything with Ten in it at first... then I started skipping the Martha ones because damn, she's annoying, and then I started skipping the Rose ones because, eh, het, and then I started looking specifically for the Master because, OMG, so much hotness and wrongness and fucked-up awesomeness...!

I emailed Jane a bunch of comparisons, trying to figure out why this pairing *PINGS* something in my brain... it's that whole love turned to hate, friends turned into enemies thing... but they still know each other so well, they're so deeply connected despite everything... love and hate and betrayal and NEED.... like... Methos/Kronos... James Bond/Alec Trevelyan... Dumbledore/Grindelwald... even kinda Spike/Angel.... or dark!Wes/Angel... Xavier/Magneto... Obi-Wan/Anakin... okay, I'll stop.

I really should watch more Doctor Who before I try to talk about this, shouldn't I? I'm bound to make an ass of myself having seen so few episodes. I'm still not much further than OMG David Tennant HOT.

Oh, yeah, Thanksgiving. How was yours? I went to three vegan Thanksgivings and had an awesome time. One in Woodstock at an animal sanctuary (there were adorable baby lambs!), one a potluck in Brooklyn (it went on until 3am and nearly all my vegan friends were there) and then a leftovers party with three tofurkeys (here's a pic). Good stuff.

That said, I'm also freaking out about a million real-life stresses that I don't want to think about... so I'm going to go read more fanfic instead. Yay fanfic!
I want to keep a record of Sharpe fic I've enjoyed, so why not do it here? I'll add to this when/if I find more.

These are mostly Sharpe/Harper (with a few Sharpe/Teresa, and some gen). Most are at least somewhat hurt/comfort-ish, presumably because the canon itself is basically Sharpe/Harper hurt/comfort.

If there is good Sharpe fic out there that I don't have listed here, please point me to it!

Sharpe fic recs )
AAAHHHHH, if I open one more fic where Sharpe

* is a space captain a hundred years in the future

* is really an immortal and is sleeping with Methos and/or Duncan MacLeod

* was really a male whore sleeping with superior officers the whole time

* just needed to meet the Mary Sue of his dreams to be happy

* cries like a little girl at the slightest provocation

* thinks about nothing but sex and spends the entire Napoleonic wars plotting ways to sneak off privately with Patrick Harper

I'm going to kill someone!

Seriously, the proportion of badfic in this fandom is blowing my mind. Someone, please, help! There's got to be recs page, or a secret site of good fic, somewhere out there that I'm missing, right? Right???

(I've already been through the Sharpetorium and through and through several LJ communities.)

*deep breath*

Okay, maybe I'll get some work done instead.
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The following word should be banned from fanfic forever: ministrations.

That's all.

(Seriously, it's a useless word. Has anyone used it well, in any context, ever?)
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Allen conceded! Democrats have the Senate! YES! (*fingers crossed that they don't screw up, etc.*)

Happy birthday, [ profile] 10zlaine! :) We're off to Boston this weekend on a random last-minute trip to see Common Rotation and to hang out since we haven't seen each other since, erm, was it DragonCon? Anyway, should be fun.

And after (three years?), I've finally managed to talk [ profile] jaydk into seeing Common Rotation with me! They're playing in my neighborhood tonight. Yay! :)

Also, I'm in a good mood, because this Sharpe fic is really freaking funny. And I found it in the Pit of Voles, no less!
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Last night: two Sean Bean movies, mainly because they were both so awful that I wanted to get them over with quickly.

The Dark is another one of those horror movies about scary little girls, psychically intuitive mothers, and clueless-but-well-meaning fathers. The "scariest" thing in this movie was a bunch of rampaging suicidal sheep. I'm trying to figure out which is a goofier attempt at horror; these suicidal sheep or the garbage disposal spewing applesauce in In Dreams.

Sean Bean's role was pretty much the same as in Silent Hill, although happily he got more screen time. He looked hot, as usual, but mostly I spent the movie wondering why he's been in so many bad movies.

Fool's Gold was like a tame version of Essex Boys. Sean Bean plays a tough guy criminal who gets in over his head. On the plus side, he loves his kids, and we get some cute scenes of him playing with them. But mostly he's being tough and scary and angry, which he's good at, but it's kind of limiting for such a good actor. He does get some really good scenes near the end, though, when his character starts to realize just how utterly screwed he is. And he's young in this one, which makes him extra-hot, so I enjoyed it for the eye candy. But it's not a very good movie.

South Park last night was awesome. They're having a great season; I haven't seen a single lame episode so far.

Veronica Mars yesterday ... um, what did I ever see in this show? Wallace's plot was directly out of a "cheating is bad, mmmmkay?" after school special. And feminists ... faking rapes ... does not compute ... what the fuck? *sigh*

I've been seeking out Sharpe fic. I find myself gravitating toward slash, even though I'm not really interested in reading anything sexual. I just want good fic, gen even, but slash seems far more likely to be good. I know people are always fighting about how slash is no better than het, but really, at least when I open a slash fic I don't face a 70% chance of running into a Mary Sue within the first four paragraphs.

Slash fic is much more likely to explore a premise that I'm interested in, namely the relationships between the existing characters. I'd much rather read about the powerful emotional connection between Sharpe and Harper (which is canon), and if it happens to get sexual, so what? At least it's exploring something I'm interested in, unlike random Mary Sue fic. Maybe this is because there aren't many interesting canonical female characters. Though I wouldn't mind reading Sharpe/Teresa, if was actual badass Teresa and not lame author-insertion "Teresa."

Not that all the slash is good (not even close); it's just less likely to be bad. In this fandom. In my opinion.

I realize I haven't said anything about the election yet. Obviously I'm delighted (Santorum's gone! Rumsfeld's gone! Democrats got the House! and probably the Senate!) and I'm just praying that the Democrats won't screw it up too quickly. (*fingers crossed*) Yay democracy!

Plus The Colbert Report was to die for last night. Ah, poor Stephen in denial. And you know, anytime he sings the national anthem, it's bound to be a good episode. ;)
Things that are amusing me today:

* This wank.

My Personal Unbreakable Vow to Severus...
My Unbreakable Vow to Severus Snape

I promise to be always faithful in body and mind, and never love another man.

Don't miss the song parodies on page 22 of the comments.

* The fact that people are still sending me angry letters disagreeing with a Buffy essay I wrote four years ago. I guess it's kind of cool that it still occasionally strikes a nerve, but I should probably put some kind of warning up that I don't really care anymore and am not going to respond to a 20-page counter essay.

* I love fandom because it's the only place where Alec Trevelyan and Kronos work together to destroy London, James Bond, and Methos. And I so can't believe that I spent the last two days reading Bond/Trevelyan fic. For some reason, it had never occurred to me that there'd be fic about them, maybe because the movie came out so long ago (you mean there was fic before LiveJournal!? :P ).

My observations: there's a huge percentage of darkfic, presumably because the canon is so dark. Much of it reminds me of Spike/Angel, another pairing which blurs love and hate, villain and hero. Most of what isn't darkfic is straight up porn, and most of the porn reminds me that Repossession-style melodrama is not limited to Spander. There's very little pure crap (probably not too many 12-year-olds are drawn to writing fic about a ten-year-old Bond movie) but only a couple stories that I'd rate excellent. A lot of mediocrity, but most of its entertaining enough to read quickly. (I'm automatically skipping anything that says "OFC," or calls either man the other's "lover"). I am getting annoyed at how many stories were written apparently because people wanted to fantasize about Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean getting it on, without acknowledging either character or paying any attention to the fact that Trevelyan is full of hate and plotting to betray Bond. Way to remove all the interesting stuff about the pairing. :P

Funny, I like Sharpe way better than GoldenEye (actually, I disliked GoldenEye), but I haven't been inspired to read much Sharpe fic. Maybe because the canon's already satisfying, whereas GoldenEye has great ingredients (deep friendship and devastating betrayal between two ultra-hot action heroes) that it doesn't do much with on the level of character exploration--it's practically begging for fanfic.

Also, what was up with Veronica Mars last night? (I had it on in the background, because I'm not Officially Watching it.) Veronica Mars: patron show for the "I'm not a feminist, but I sure love having rights!" crowd. Seriously, what's with this cynical POV that says it's great to have social justices, but that we'll incessantly mock anyone actually cares enough about these issues to try to do something about them? I suppose activists are easy to mock, because they're the type of people who care passionately about something and don't try to hide it, but honestly, have any of these writers ever met a feminist? Most of us are capable of logic--and some of us even have senses of humor (!!).

Anyway. But the Logan plotline was entertaining. You really can't have too much angsty Logan... if only those other characters didn't keep getting in the way. My favorite thing about the show is the Echolls family, and I'm highly annoyed that most of them have been killed off, so I'm glad the writers have brought in another, even through cheesetastic long-lost-brother means. Hopefully he'll show up again.
I'm having a crappy day (long story) but suddenly I'm grinning from ear to ear because I just found [ profile] forengland. It's a James Bond/Alec Trevelyan slash community. This is why I love the internet; no matter how weird my obsessions, chances are there's an entire LJ community out there devoted to them.

Most of this fic is on the, er, amusing side, but here's a drabble that's actually quite good.

::loves fandom::
[ profile] chase820 has (finally!) finished her wonderful Queer as Folk fic "The Man Who Sold the World."

I pretty much gave up on Queer as Folk (the show, and the fic) because so much of it is mind-numbingly awful. (So awful that even the hotness of Brian Kinney failed to redeem it.) Chase's fic is the rare exception, because she's one of the best writers I've encountered, in fic or elsewhere.

This is Brian/Michael as it should have been, dark and beautiful. It's also one of the best examples I've seen of music worked into a story, perfectly evoking a mood and an era. And it's finished, so you can read the whole thing now!

It's also got an excellent sequel-in-progress, The Man Who Wasn't There, which is a crossover with Angel (imagine throwing Brian Kinney in with Angel, Spike, and Wesley...). ;)

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