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I had no idea that Duncan Jones left a comment on AO3 – so cool!

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I really do not understand why some fans take it upon themselves to lecture other fans about what they should and shouldn’t like.

Like, if you don’t like woobie!Loki, okay fine, don’t read it. There’s plenty of other fic out there for you. Do you think lecturing the fans who like woobie!Loki is going to change their minds? People like what makes them happy. It’s fandom; it’s for fun. They’re not hurting anyone. Leave them alone.

Sure, I will admit that woobie!Loki is somewhat of an extrapolation from canon. So is, say, Steve Rogers having Tony Stark’s baby, but I don’t see the same level of OMG-YOU’RE-DOING-IT-WRONG outrage directed there, at least from within the female-dominated side of fandom.

It’s weird how we are so willing to defend “You kink is not my kink, but your kink is okay” when the kink is sexual, but when it’s narrative, suddenly all bets are off.


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I love that 90% of the posts in my circle/flist today are of fabulous geek women ripping that sexist, condescending NYTimes GoT review to shreds.

(It was women who got me to read the books, women who waited in line with me to hear GRRM speak, women who are coming to my house to watch the GoT premiere… My mom who called me in hysterics in the middle of the night because she’d just read that one scene with Theon and Asha…)

ETA: Oooh, io9’s response is particularly awesome.

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I worked today from 9:15am – 10pm. I miss you guys so much. :( :( :(

On the plus side, a new person joined our team today, so maybe I’ll have more free time in the future? *hopes* Now I’m on two nightly calls (8pm Mondays at 9pm Thursdays) and early morning calls keep popping up too. :(

I miss fandom. And I miss my fandom friends.

You know, what’s amazing is that even though I hardly post here anymore and haven’t been fannishly active in ages, my fannish friends are still the best friends ever. Just in the past month I’ve:

* Hung out with the lovely [info]10zlaine and attempted to introduce her to the vegan wonders of NYC (she’s a new vegan!). She’s been coming for plays at BAM–we saw John Gabriel Borkman earlier in the year (complete with scary Snape fangirls in the actor Q&A) and Diary of a Madman recently. And then she so generously stayed over at my place for 6 extra days and catsat while I was out of town. ([info]10zlaine, in case I didn’t tell you yet, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. The place was perfect and the kitties were so well-cared for and happy.)

* Went to Puerto Rico with [info]jaydk for her birthday. (I’ve never needed a vacation more in my life.) We spent 3 days at El Conquistador (this crazy resort with a water park, a private island, a bunch of pools, and an amazing spa) and then 3 days at La Concha in San Juan. The best part was the rainforest, though–I went in the waterfall again! I could totally live in that place and as long as I had internet I’d never leave.

* Visited with [info]chenanceou, who was in town briefly, although sadly I barely got to see her because I had to leave unexpectedly. But it was so good to catch up and hopefully she’ll be here this summer so we can spend more time together. :)

* Visited with the fantabulous [info]soundingsea a couple weekends ago. She came over to my place for a day of fangirling (although sadly she’s not so into SPN anymore, but we still had plenty to talk about). And the night before, we hung out with [info]deepad, who is lovely and always a pleasure to hang with.

Who all is going to Wincon? I think a lot of Writercon people will be there. I’m going and rooming with [info]soundingsea and [info]10zlaine. I want to spend some time actually in New Orleans too, at a downtown hotel–wish I had time to actually make plans! But the Wincon tickets are purchased and hotel booked, so it’s definitely happening. :)

Hmm, what else? I saw Book of Mormon on Broadway (thanks Chen for forwarding me the sale!). It was very good, like Orgazmo merged with that South Park episode about the boy from Africa, set to music. It’s interesting to see how Trey Parker revisits the same themes throughout his life but in all these different forms. And very odd to see a fairly typical Broadway crowd coming out of such an obscenity-filled show! But the performances, music, and choreography really were fantastic. I’d actually like to see it again, from a closer seat.

spoilers for the last aired episode of SPN )

spoilers for aired episodes of White Collar )

Oh yeah! And Game of Thrones. I can't even tell you how happy I am to see posters of Sean Bean on the Iron Throne all over the subway! It's like fandom is taking over the real world! I watched some of the previews from the HBO site and I'm amazed how faithful to the books they're being. I'm looking forward to seeing if the actual show lives up to my hopes.

Everything else I'd talk about is related to work, which--the security at my job is crazy, I feel like Big Brother is always watching, plus this is the first Real Grown Up Corporate Job I've had, so I don't feel comfortable talking about it much. Alas.

Miss you all. (And I'm still reading! Just sporadically and not having as much time to comment, but I really do care about keeping up with everyone on my flist/circle.)

PS: Can you tell almost all the writing I've done recently has had to be either in list form or in Excel spreadsheets?

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Last night I watched Supernatural 5×09, “The Real Ghostbusters.” You guys, I freaking love this episode. It’s the most accurate and flattering depiction of a fan convention that I’ve ever seen in the mainstream media.

A long rave about why The Real Ghostbusters is a love letter to fandom )

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I went to a meeting of the Supernatural NYC Meetup Group a couple weekends ago. We met at 11am in the childrens’ resource room of the Brooklyn Heights Public Library (srsly) and marathoned several Dean episodes via a laptop hooked up to a projector. It was a bit… surreal. (Also I’d slept only three hours and got up early on a Saturday, so I was barely functional, in addition to my usual pathological shyness in social situations.)

It was fun to watch the show with other real life people. The organizers obviously worked hard to run the event, and everyone was very welcoming to me. I’m not sure if it was the right place for me, though. I’ve been trying to put my finger on why and I think it ties into the posts I’ve been reading recently on [community profile] metafandom about two different approaches to fandom, affirmational vs transformational. I’m pretty firmly on the transformational side, especially when it comes to something like Supernatural, which I find incredibly problematic, and which I’m into for the fandom and fanwork and fan criticism at least as much as for the text itself.

The Meetup group was pretty firmly on the affirmational side, at least as far as I could tell (some of the others were shy, too). Only one person acknowledged being into fanfic and she did so like there was something embarrassing about it. There wasn’t much discussion and what there was wasn’t critical* or analytical–it was very positive and focused on the actors and on behind-the-scenes trivia.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this–it just hit me that what I wanted wasn’t just real life people to watch the show with, it was real life people who share something closer to my approach to fandom. (Again, I mean no offense to the people there.)

ANYWAY. The point is that I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the discussions about the differences between affirmational and transformational approaches to fandom, because they put names on phenomena that I’ve been aware of for a long time but haven’t been able to articulate. If you’re interested, this post by obsession_inc is a great starting point. I’d also recommend this post by oliviacirce and this particular comment thread, and also this post by damned_colonial. Obviously, there’s overlap between the two approaches, and the definitions are still being hashed out, but there is definitely something really interesting to explore here.

Also, [personal profile] kaigou took this as a starting point for a post about the structural differences between the two approaches to fandom–how affirmational fandom places the author at the center and how transformational fandom is far more decentralized and chaotic, complete with these amazing diagrams. (It takes a while to figure out but they’re definitely worth looking at.) I’m not sure if I agree with her conclusion about anti-fanfic pro-writers feeling threatened by BNFs, but I love her illustrations of how fandoms evolve to center around fan-created ideas, and how far removed these fan-created zones can be from the canon’s creator or hir intent.

It really rings true with my experience of Supernatural, which is that I’m far more interested in learning what [info]soundingsea or [info]netweight think about the show than about what Eric Kripke does, and I’m infinitely more interested in reading [info]jolielaide’s fanfic recs than in reading tie-in novels (the Meetup group is also doing a tie-in novel book club, which I couldn’t be less interested in). I think it also explains why I’ve always felt so much happier at fan-run conventions, the ones focused on fanworks and the voices of fans themselves, rather than at those pro cons where you worship at the altar of your superiors and if you’re lucky they’ll validate your life by acknowledging your existence (often for an offensively large sum of money). (Sorry, some residual bitterness there.)

a bit more about the meetup )

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So, there’s this, which you’ve probably read by now, and if you haven’t you probably should, because it involves the fandom community and it’s important.

[info]rm responded by saying pretty much everything I was thinking.

I’ll add one thing, which is that it is both the concom’s right and responsibility to ban someone who behaved so inappropriately. I applaud the Wincon organizers for doing so, for making a responsible choice to keep their con safe for their attendees.

I’ll also say that, when something like this happens, I feel that it’s my responsibility to follow the links and understand as much as I can about what happened before I speak out about it. It’s clearly not appropriate to respond to this by criticizing how the victims handled the situation. Here is post that gets to the heart of why victim-blaming is so fucked up and horrible: Saying No by [info]fickle_goddess. (Thanks to [info]a_white_rain for linking to this.)

Here is a post about how rape culture works and here is a post about misogyny in fandom, both of which have been sadly demonstrated in action in this debacle.

Also, here is one of my favorite links ever: Sexual Assault Prevention Tips, Guaranteed to Work! (Thanks to [info]jolielaide for pointing me to it.)

I feel so sick and sad about this whole thing.

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I have just managed to amuse myself greatly, and I feel compelled to share the entertainment with others who will understand.

I found a chart I made of “Men Who Are Or Once Were CUTE” as of January 1994, when I was eleven years old. This is like the prototypical document of the obsessive fangirl.

It’s an attempt to compile a list of every attractive male actor, ever. In alphabetical order, with a color-coded key to identify the traits of each one.

Notice anything odd about the list of traits? )
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I’m selling some fannish stuff on eBay:

* Buffy the Vampire Slayer Initiative Xander Action Figure (New York Comic Con 2007 Exclusive)

* Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Scruffy Norrington Action Figure

The Norrington one is really cute. Um, for an action figure. (Look at the close up of his face!)

I’m also selling a new, unopened 120GB Playstation 3 (with all accessories) if, uh, anyone wants one. (Long story–I decided to buy an HDTV on Black Friday but to make it worth the cost I had to buy it in combo with a Playstation and then sell the Playstation.)

I’m also selling some books and DVDs. Everything’s listed here. I’ll give free shipping to any of my fandom friends who buy any of these. (If your eBay name doesn’t match your fandom name, let me know who you are so I know to take the shipping cost off.)

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I don’t normally talk about current events here–I try to keep this blog as my shiny escapism place. But the world seems extra insane right now, so here’s an attempt to exorcise some of the thoughts that have been disturbing my sleep lately.

First, something good: is evolutionary psychology finally getting discredited? )

I feel just a bit sorry for Mark Sanford )

Michael Jackson WTF )

I'm really worried that effective health care legislation won't get passed )

Probably stupid, but my thoughts on yaoi (aka the latest iteration of the warnings debate) )

Neda Agha Soltan's death )
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Fandom Meme

Feb. 6th, 2009 04:36 pm


[info]goldy_dollar wrote a nifty little fandom meme. It’s one of those how-well-do-you-know-me things, but I’m just doing it as a normal meme; feel free to gack.

fandom meme )

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This thread is not doing anything to change my mind about the significant percentage of GIGANTIC FUCKING ASSHOLES in Doctor Who fandom.

Seriously. Some guy rips off a bunch of fan reviews without permission, publishes them (as filler, without analysis) in a for-profit book, and has the gall to complain that his feelings are hurt when the people he stole from get upset? Because it was too much of a burden for him to ask permission from twelve people?!

I archived several hundred people on All About Spike and I asked for permission from every single one (and that site’s not even for profit). It’s not hard to show a bit of common courtesy. Some of the authors I most loved didn’t give me permission, so, you know what? I didn’t archive them. Because if you respect someone’s work enough to want to use it, you also owe them the respect of asking their permission and abiding by their wishes.

Oh, but posting in public is exactly like giving the world permission to use your work in any way it sees fit! *eyeroll*

And, of course, it comes down to the know-it-all men talking down to the “shrill and hysterical” women who for some silly reason don’t like having their words stolen and used for someone else’s gain.

*headdesk times infinity*

* Some of the more egregious bits are quoted here if you can’t access DWF. It’s also on Fandom Wank.

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If you have any opportunity to see The Dark Knight in IMAX, go. It’s really just completely amazing; it feels like you’re in Gotham City.

I liked it better the second time. )

I've been following the recent fannish wank with an increasing sense of WTF. I mean, first a crazy chick outs other fans in real life as an attention ploy, which, okay, at least she's getting the shunning she deserves.

Then "cult of nice" vs "cult of mean," round 4938394, which I can see both sides of, though I firmly believe fandom is a better place when we can talk openly about our reactions to a work, whether it's created by a professional or a fan. IMO it's more respectful to treat fanfiction as deserving of serious critical analysis (both positive and negative), and it's disrespectful to assume that all fic writers are speshul snowflakes who can't take anything but unreserved praise. And sometimes it's not about the writer at all; it's about the community being able to learn and grow and understand itself better through discussion and analysis of fanwork and fannish trends.

But now the SPN wank just has me boggled. Can someone in SPN please explain this to me? A bunch of fans of one of the actors started a campaign about him being retarded and illiterate? And they were surprised when his management sent them a C&D? And they're wanking about their hurt feelings? But they're his fans? And this is how they showed their fannishness? Why? I'm ... confused. Just ... incredibly confused.
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So there is this woman in fandom for the sole purpose of making money by gathering information on us, tricking us into adding more details, selling our data to “media corporations,” and using this “business plan” as an excuse to get a tax write-off on her cell phone and computer.

In order to generate traffic for her website, this woman is purposely creating wank by publicly outing other fans who prefer to keep their RL identities private.

This post sums up, using her own quoted words, the fact that her entire purpose in fandom is to exploit other fans for her own gain.

I’m not linking to her site because I don’t want to provide traffic for her. Her name is Laura Hale/Michaela Ecks/partly_bouncy/purplepopple and her site is FanHistory / the FanHistory Wiki. I’d advise not going there, since her whole goal here is to get traffic and attention.

I’m just posting this to help spread the word and make sure people know to watch out for her, because she’s gotten away with this for a long time by preying on fandom’s trust and expectation of basic decent behavior from other fans.

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* They found the lost scenes from Metropolis! I cannot wait to see this in the theater. The entire film! *squee*

* Biologist totally pwns creationist. Awesome.

* I’ve been listening non-stop to PJ Harvey, Portishead, Hole, Jack Off Jill, Tapping the Vein, Juliette and the Licks, Garbage… pretty much anything edgy with a female vocalist. PJ Harvey’s early stuff is so raw and amazing, and Portishead Live at Roseland is the best live CD I’ve ever heard. (I bought their new one but um, switched back to Live at Roseland after about two listens.)

* I just checked [info]fandom_wank and, wow, I knew there was a reason I’d taken [info]doctorwho and [info]ihasatardis off my flist. Sheesh. And this is just the lead-up; god only knows what wankstorm the finale will unleash.

* I’ve been so absurdly busy this week that I still haven’t had a chance to re-watch “The Stolen Earth.” I’ve seen it once, in two parts with ten hours in between, while exhausted and drunk off my ass, and with a friend screaming in my ear every two minutes. I think I might skip Coney Island tomorrow and stay home to watch Doctor Who again. Yes, I know, I’m weird. But I haven’t had a day to myself since last Friday, and I need to recharge before my Doctor Who finale party on Saturday. (I have friends coming after all! Woohoo!) And I need to make more cupcakes… I’m thinking Rum Raisin and another batch of Banana Split….

* This day in LJ history:

    * 2007: I was listening to the new Velvet Revolver album and getting excited for the upcoming Velvet Revolver/Alice in Chains tour.
    * 2006: I was (BIG SURPRISE!) bitching about an evil roommate who wouldn’t pay her rent and was mean to my cat. And I was excited to see Chemlab in DC the next day.
    * 2005: I was in the grip of a horrible, horrible crush. This is about the time I developed my aversion to tequila. The less said, the better.
    * 2004: I was going to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in IMAX over and over and over, squeeing about Remus and Sirius, re-reading the Harry Potter books, and looking forward to Writercon 2004.
    * 2003: I was trapped on the cheap crappy crumbling CRUISE OF DOOM with my parents and brother, resolving never to vacation with my family ever again and desperately missing my Spike website. On the plus side, I was reading A Song of Ice and Fire for the very first time.

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While I appreciate that fandom is banding together to elect a pro-fandom candidate in the LJ elections, I would encourage people to take the time to learn about the prospective candidates. I’ve seen a lot of people voting in alphabetical order or for most recognizable name, without realizing that, say, current lead [info]legomymalfoy supported LiveJournal during Strikethrough, while [info]rm made some of the most calm and articulate arguments against it.

You might want to consider reading their platforms and updating your vote.

(Yeah, I don’t actually think that this election will matter. But I like to live in hope, and if anyone can do something positive with the position, it’s [info]rm.)

In happy fannish news, this Life on Mars vid, set to the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage,” is a thing of beauty. A pastiche of a pastiche! There’s got to be an essay about postmodernism in that. (Thanks to the person who linked it from [info]lifein1973.)

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Random thing that’s annoying me lately: people justifying their fannish opinions by claiming that the show isn’t “supposed” to go a certain way. Like, y’know, “It’s not that I hate Rose, it’s just that the Whoniverse isn’t supposed to be so focused on one companion.” Or “It’ll destroy the moral structure of the Buffyverse if Spike is good without a soul.”

Please. Own your own freaking opinion. You don’t like Rose or Spike? Fine. Say so. But quit trying to pretend you’re just some neutral party trying to defend the integrity of the show (against us destructive interlopers who like the characters you dislike). TV shows change directions all the time, and the ones that do change to pursue a more interesting story are generally better for it.

I don’t give a fuck about “preserving the integrity of the initial set up”–it’s just a TV show premise, not a religious doctrine. If something better comes along, good. I want a well-written story, and if that means adjusting the rules, I’m all for it.

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*joins OTW*

(Because they’re awesome.)


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