I went to the Candle 79 5th anniversary party last night )

Other things I'm meaning to do sometime soon:

* Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night at MOMA

* Gothic: Dark Glamour exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Meanwhile, [ profile] jaydk and I have booked our London hotel and are now planning the specifics of our trip (OMG! Less than a month!!!) and I think I've found a catsitter who is experienced and isn't going to charge me an arm and a leg to watch my cats (*fingers crossed*). There are no words for how much I'm looking forward to this London/Stratford trip; it's the one thing that's kept me going all year.

And... we booked a hotel and bought tickets for Gallifrey One, so I guess that means we're going. I remain wary, but I suppose it's worth trying it out once, and if it's awful I never have to go back. I did very much enjoy chatting with the new Who fen I managed to find at DragonCon, so let's hope it's worth it. Plus I really am curious to hear what the new Who writers have to say. :)
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I fly up to Boston early tomorrow to spend the weekend with [ profile] 10zlaine and to see Common Rotation. Yay!

Also, I'm nearly as excited at the opportunity to eat at TJ Scallywaggles as I am to see Common Ro. I still think that a 100% vegan pizzeria with a huge menu is pretty much the coolest thing EVER.

Wish me luck! :)
I spent my weekend watching Spike TV's James Bond marathon. I'd forgotten how awesome Sean Connery was, gorgeous and suave and dangerous, and how lame and annoying Roger Moore was in comparison. I tried to watch one of the Timothy Dalton ones (mainly because my favorite BtVS line ever is Andrew's "Timothy Dalton should win an Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!"), but it was on at 3am and I fell asleep.

I wasn't entirely unproductive, as I also cleaned out my room and listed a ton of stuff on eBay.

I watched the director's commentary on "Don't Say A Word" (he compares Sean Bean to Robert Shaw, that's pretty nice) and a kids' movie with Sean Bean's voice called "Pride." Can you tell I'm getting to the end of the Sean Bean movies in my Netflix queue? "Pride" was very stupid, sort of an awkward attempt at blending feminism with actual lion behavior, but there was a two-second clip in the "making of" showing Sean Bean cracking up while doing the voice recording, so it was probably worth it for that. So gorgeous.

I watched "Sharpe's Mission" last night. The ones not based on Cornwell books are always a bit goofy, aren't they? Though it is great when Sharpe shoves the guy down the well; how very Jaime Lannister of him. I was also struck by how, when I first watched the series, I didn't understand why [ profile] queenofthorns was harping on Jane. Now that I've seen the whole series and read the books, I spent most of the episode screaming what a bitch Jane is. Oh, how I hate her. How horrible is it that Sharpe totally ignores the awesome, intelligent, badass Lady Anne in favor of the stupid, naive, nasty pathetic little Jane? *sigh* How could he go from a woman as amazing as Teresa to Jane??? How could he marry someone he doesn't even know just because she pinged his "rescue helpless girl in trouble" instinct? How could she choose Alexis Denisof over Sean Bean??? I mean, don't get me wrong, Alexis Denisof is hot and all, but ... Sean Bean!!!


I also watched "Sharpe's Challenge" again and I realized that my favorite scene in the entire series is actually an outtake: the moment where Sharpe falls asleep at the table and Harper carries him off to bed. I mean it just so perfectly captures their relationship, how much they love and depend on each other, and understand each other like no one else. Not to mention, so slashy, it could've been taken directly out of a fic. Sharpe may not be in love with Harper (though he certainly loves Harper, and spends the whole episode rescuing Harper and worrying about Harper), but Harper is so in love with Sharpe. I mean, every time Sharpe gets depressed, Harper's there telling him how awesome he is and then carrying him off to bed.

I watched "Sharpe's Mission" immediately before bed last night and was hoping to dream about Sean Bean as a result. I did; I dreamed that we were eating vegan fast food at a new restaurant in Union Square opened up by Woody Harrelson, and the Chinese woman who was running the place was asking me for advice on what to serve (I suggested utthapams, like Indian-style pizzas), and then she mixed up our bill with someone else's. Sean Bean and I were sharing some kind of small chocolatey thing, and I was worrying that I was late for work, and kept asking him to repeat himself because I was distracted and only half listening. He was telling me that someone in England had mistaken his tattoo for a line from the Toadies song "Possum Kingdom," which I hate, and I woke up with the song stuck in my head. THAT WAS NOT WHAT I MEANT WHEN I SAID I WANTED TO DREAM ABOUT SEAN BEAN. Damn subconscious.

family )
Am I the only person in the world who doesn't think that Daniel Craig is hot? He looks ridiculously goofy, with funny little ears that stick out, and a weird round nose, and a bulky too-big ill-proportioned body on top of which his head looks tiny. Nothing hot there except maybe the eyes, which are at least a nice color.

He's a good actor, though, with depth and charisma and all that good stuff. The movie was great; sort of a "Batman Begins" for the Bond franchise. Casino Royale )

I also should note that anyone who enjoyed this movie/likes Bond in general should pick up a DVD of Sharpe's Eagle ($10.76 at Deep Discount DVD) which has both Daniel Craig (looking slightly hotter on account of being much younger) and Sean Bean (Bond's nemesis/slashy true love in "GoldenEye"). Plus it's also a good movie on its own merits.


Tomorrow my parents are coming here and eating with me at Candle 79. It's probably the nicest vegan restaurant in NYC, so here's hoping my dad isn't too nasty about the food. I still can't believe they agreed to come up here and eat vegan with me. I guess it makes sense, though, because they're going on vacation the next day and can't have any leftovers, plus it's not like they have anyone else to have Thanksgiving with. It'll be my first Thanksgiving with family in four or five years. *fingers crossed*
I've been busy.

Wednesday I saw Tim Burton's Corpse Bride with [ profile] chenanceou, [ profile] jerrymcl89, and [ profile] drujan. I was minor spoilers )

Afterward I dragged Chen and Jerry to a vegetarian Thai place called Pukk. Chen was very skeptical, but as she soon discovered, the food there is delicious. :)

Afterward we ended up at this bar on St. Mark's that we've been at continually--the same place where we met the Irish guys and Chen had her first lemonade. We talked for a while, Jerry left, then we saw a rat so we left.... (Oh yeah, did I mention we found one of the Irish guys on google? Keith Keds. Alas, no info on his friend, though.)

Damn, these days are blurring together. I can't remember if we did anything after that or not.

On Thursday, we decided to go to Gobo, but it ended up being packed and having a half hour wait. So we went instead to Vegetarian's Paradise 2, which is also good. Chen couldn't believe that the Crispy Soul Chicken wasn't made from real chicken. Being a vegan in NYC is awesome. :)

After that we went to The Pyramid Club, because they have an 80s new wave night on Thursdays. We hung out there for a while--the music was good, and they were playing the Depeche Mode 86-98 video without its sound, and Chen danced for a bit. It was fun. We ended up leaving after a while, though--the crowd wasn't that great, lots of touristy types and young college kids.

Afterwards we ended up... where? We stopped by the bar on St. Mark's, and were told that they didn't have lemonade (despite Chen having it there like three days in a row beforehand). So we ended up back at the Mexican place on 3rd and 13th, where she had quesadillas, and I had rice and beans, and we both drank Negra Modelo.

Then we ended up back at my place, because Chen wanted to see some of my old Jon Stewart show tapes. I was more than happy to share the Jon Stewart love. So we watched the one with Marilyn Manson (the second-to-last episode) and cooed over how adorable Jon was. But Chen was very disturbed by Marilyn Manson, and insisted that she really dislikes him. I think the guy is smart, a talented artist with a lot to say, and at the worst, a dorky guy from Ohio wearing makeup and dealing with some inflated ego issues. Certainly nothing to get intimidated by.

So I showed her his book (which she started reading and quickly went out and bought). And I showed her his 1997 Politically Incorrect appearance with G. Gordon Liddy, Florence Henderson, and (some psychotic nut) Lakita Garth. That show is one of the most surreal and ridiculous things ever, but Manson is awesome on it. Chen went from cringing every time he appeared to listening, riveted, to his every word. Pretty cool. >:)

Anyway, so my roommate didn't really appreciate this (even though we had the volume as low as possible and were whispering to each other). So Chen eventually left (also, it was 4am).

I had Friday and Saturday to myself--I caught up on sleep, listed stuff on eBay, and finished The Goblet of Fire. *sigh* I love Sirius as much as ever, and am having a very hard time forcing myself to read The Order of the Phoenix. *sob*

Yesterday (Sunday) Chen was back. We went to see The 40-Year-Old Virgin, which was very funny, but strangely, not as funny as I expected given the massive praise it's received. spoilers )

Meh, but I'm being bitter. It was funny, and we were laughing our asses off during most of it. (Except when the assholes behind us started kicking Chen's chair and telling her to shut up. People really suck sometimes.)

Afterwards we went to Pukk again, which was as yummy as always. Oh, and on the way, as we were at Astor Place walking toward St. Mark's, guess who we passed. Seriously... think for a minute... who do I not know and yet see every weekend?

Yes, that's right, Voltaire! Poor guy must think he is being stalked. He was out with his son, and we were walking right past, so I smiled and Chen said hello, and we hurried by. I felt bad, even though, y'know, it's not my fault. We run in the same circles, or something. (I've never gone anywhere specifically to see him, yet we were both at ComicCon, that wacky Long Island con, Dragoncon, the Bella Morte show, the Neil Gaiman reading, and Astor Place last night. That was the fourth time I've seen him this month.)

Anyway, so after Pukk, Chen and I walked to TeaNY, which was delicious--we each had a pot of tea and shared tea sandwiches and a brownie. Later, I really wished I hadn't had a whole pot of tea, though--it took a very long time to fall asleep last night.

After TeaNY we headed back toward St. Mark's place, where the guy from the lemonade-and-Irish-guys bar saw us and invited us in. So we drank Negra Modelo and talked for quite a while, but left (relatively) early. I was home by 1:30am, since I had to work today.

It's been such fun--I live in such a wonderful neighborhood, and it's great to hang with someone who appreciates it and wants to explore it. And of course, Chen is awesome.

And now... back to work. :(

PS: How is "working" a mood? If I choose it, will it put me in the mood to get work done?

PPS: New Pig November 8!!!!!!!! :)
If you guys aren't reading [ profile] chase820's latest, you are seriously missing out. The most recent chapter knocked me dead. In a good way. Chase writes Spike/Angel brilliantly ... and if you like fanged four, or Will/Angelus, you've got to read this.

The story is also an Angel/Queer as Folk crossover. I keep meaning to watch QaF, just so I'll understand this story better....

Catch up here.

So the weekend was interesting. [ profile] 10zlaine came to visit and stayed with me. We saw Common Rotation on Friday night; they were pretty good. You know, like I enjoy seeing them, but I don't love them. Good times, though.

Then we headed over to TeaNY with [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan. It was nice to hang out and catch up. And TeaNY is always so yummy. :)

[ profile] 10zlaine and I stayed up insanely late watching videos and movies and such. I forced KMFDM and NIN and Alice in Chains on her--she seemed to really like KMFDM, yay! And we watched some "Rescue Me" and "The Empire Strikes Back," which is always fun to watch with other Star Wars fans. Man, I adore that movie.

We had brunch Saturday at The Organic Grill, where the moronic waitress ignored us and got both of our orders wrong. So we gave her a miserable tip. But the food was decent. I much prefer to order takeout than to actually eat there, though, because their staff sucks beyond belief.

Then we went shopping on St. Mark's/8th street, which is always fun. I got a black dress with silver lining, and two cute t-shirts, one of Depeche Mode and the other of Thundercats (my favorite TV show when I was VERY little!). [ profile] 10zlaine got an Oscar the Grouch t-shirt, which is very cool. And we bought some surprises for her sister, [ profile] lonners ... I think sometimes it's more fun to shop for someone else!

So yeah, that was the weekend. [ profile] 10zlaine left Sunday morning, so I've been basically cleaning/catching up on email since then. And hanging out with the cats... Lucifer and Angel loved having company!
You know how sometimes you're just eating, like, the perfect food? I mean, it's not always the perfect food, but at that particular moment it's exactly what you were craving so it feels so incredibly fulfilling?

That's what I'm eating right now, from a restaurant called Souen on 13th between University and 5th that I usually don't even like. But I'm having tofu scrambled with broccoli, carrots, and onions, with brown rice and greens, and it's so basic and plain and perfect right now.

Or perhaps it could be the rush of caffeine from the energy drink I just consumed that is giving me this happy feeling....

Anyway. Aside from that, I'm rather annoyed at myself right now. See, I realized that Common Rotation was so much better when I didn't like them. Because then it was just, y'know, "if I remember, I'll walk over after work and see this band play." Hang out and have fun; no big deal.

But now that I actually like them, I start to worry. It becomes an event. "Oh, I'm seeing Common Ro, I have to enjoy this." Trying to force myself to enjoy it makes me worry that I won't and then I spend the time worrying instead of enjoying myself. And I worry about getting there on time, and what should I wear? and all that stupid crap that never bothered me before. And like, before, if a band member talked to me, I didn't care, because they're just people and so what? But now I get flustered and sound stupid, or shy and run away.

And the funny thing is, I still don't even like them that much. I mean, I respect their talent, and I believe in supporting independent music, and I'm glad that they exist, and I'm always entertained because they put on a creative and entertaining show. But it's not my kind of music--and I don't say that as some kind of elitist goth person or whatever. The kind of music that I'm drawn to, that connects with me deeply, is very passionate and powerful and concerned about the strongest emotions and the most beautiful or horrible topics. (Or preferably both together). Like, if I were to describe it in colors, I like music that's jet black, midnight blue, intense blood red, deep purple. Whereas Common Ro is more, like, earth tones. Incredibly well done earth tones that I respect, but not something that's going to make me cry because it's so beautiful. It doesn't connect wth me on that deeper level.

Can you tell I'm bored at work? What else is there to do besides spam LJ with inane babble....?

Thanks :)

Jun. 30th, 2004 02:38 pm
Many thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. :)

I had an excellent day. For one thing, [ profile] anniesj wrote birthday fic for me! Click here to read it; it's lovely. And I've missed Annie so much. (*hugs her tightly and refuses to let go*) Here's hoping our fannish interests will continue to intersect.

Plus, yesterday, my coworkers took me out to lunch. We shut down our office for two hours and partied! (My boss was away and never has to know). We had great food at this place on 12th between University and Broadway called Terra 47. The best part was a chocolate cake with strawberry filling that was *so* good; it tasted sort of like those truffle candies you get in boxes of chocolate. Heavenly.

Then I met [ profile] soulmate815, [ profile] thefangirl, and [ profile] jaydk for dinner. We went to GoBo, which is one of my favorite restaurants. The food was great and we had fun chatting. Then they embarrassed the hell out of me by having the waiters bring out a piece of chocolate cake with a candle and sing "Happy Birthday." It was a fun dinner, though.

After that, we headed over to this place on 6th Ave and 9th St--I forget the name, but it's a brewery. They have this *amazing* raspberry beer that you'd have to taste to believe (I know it sounds weird, but it's so good). So we hung out and chatted more--arguing about politics, mostly, but in a friendly way.

So, I'd say that was a good birthday. :)

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