very mild spoilers for Philip Glenister's horrific new show Demons )

why The Legend of Billie Jean is awesome )

I just watched the first season of Queer as Folk US because Brian Kinney reminds me of Francis Crawford of Lymond )

and I'm reading Queen's Play again )

Oh yeah and in Bowie world, I've thoroughly exhausted Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory, don't particularly like The Man Who Sold the World (except the title track) or Aladdin Sane, and am currently giving Diamond Dogs its chance. Did I mention that I went to see that all-girl Bowie cover band and it sucked? So sad. :(

I've been drinking wine as I wrote this--has it gotten less coherent as it's gone on? Apologies for rambling.
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[ profile] chase820 has (finally!) finished her wonderful Queer as Folk fic "The Man Who Sold the World."

I pretty much gave up on Queer as Folk (the show, and the fic) because so much of it is mind-numbingly awful. (So awful that even the hotness of Brian Kinney failed to redeem it.) Chase's fic is the rare exception, because she's one of the best writers I've encountered, in fic or elsewhere.

This is Brian/Michael as it should have been, dark and beautiful. It's also one of the best examples I've seen of music worked into a story, perfectly evoking a mood and an era. And it's finished, so you can read the whole thing now!

It's also got an excellent sequel-in-progress, The Man Who Wasn't There, which is a crossover with Angel (imagine throwing Brian Kinney in with Angel, Spike, and Wesley...). ;)
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Dude... insane hoyay in old comics.

And also, I just caught up reading [ profile] chase820's latest post of "The Man Who Sold the World," which is so dark and angsty and awesome. I've pretty much forgotten what happened on the actual Queer as Folk; Chase's story is so infinitely better that who even needs the TV version?

Go check out the New York City restaurant guide at SuperVegan. I built this whole nifty little mechanism for users to rate restaurants and post reviews, so if you've ever visisted a veg-friendly restaurant in NYC, please go there and share your thoughts. :) (And if you find anything that doesn't work or seems weird, let me know so I can fix it!)

I saw Depeche Mode at Jones Beach last Saturday with [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan. It was freezing, but the band was good. I'm seeing them again this Saturday in Atlantic City at the Borgata (have I mentioned how much I SO don't want to go to Atlantic City again? Maybe I can get my mom to go with me...)

On Monday I'm flying to Boston to see Alice in Chains, because I couldn't get tickets to the show in New York. This does feel kind of insane, but whatever... you only have one "all time favorite band EVER," right? Even though it's not really the band I loved *sigh*.

Got a new roommate. So far, so good. I get the feeling she doesn't really like the place, though. I'm just waiting for bad news...

Real life has been so crazy and busy and stressful... ugh.

Oh yeah, I did see the Veronica Mars finale. I thought it was good, not great. VM finale spoilers )

I'm looking forward to a couple of media things: the new X-Men movie (please for the love of god let it live up to the Bryan Singer version) and the new season of Rescue Me (wasn't Denis Leary awesome on the Daily Show the other night?).

Oh, and [ profile] 10zlaine is visiting soon and we're going to see Spamalot and Common Rotation. (Haha, look at the comment they left on my MySpace profile: "don't be afraid to list us as a band you like. we promise to growl more.")

AND early June (PIG TOUR!!!!) is coming up faster than I could imagine. I've got a one way ticket to Fort Lauderdale; now I have to decide whether to go to the Tampa show, too.

Damn, I need to get my hair cut. And dyed. Not enough time in the day!!!

Oh, and I'm working on THREE huge website projects, in addition to work (I now run the entire web department by myself.)

I really just want to go take a nap for about three months.
New Star Wars tomorrow!! I'm excited, and praying that it'll be good. And if it sucks, well, it's not like my estimation of the prequels could get any lower....

Wow. There's a ton of amazing Veronica Mars fic out there. I read a bunch last night (and left some half-assed one line feedback comments, sorry). This is so much more satisfying than my expedition into Queer as Folk fic.

Queer as Folk has been on the air much longer, but has very little in the way of decent fic. I wonder if it has to with audience--does VM appeal to a demographic that is more likely to write good fanfiction? Or is it that VM is a better show? Or maybe it's just that I like a popular character on VM--Logan--whereas I have an unpopular viewpoint regarding QaF--I don't want Brian to "settle down," and if he does, it should be with Michael.

Oh, and, sidenote: it's amazing how many Buffy fans are also in VM fandom. I think that more Buffy fans than I realized watched BtVS in spite of the supernatural, not because of it. Whereas it's not very likely that I'll get into something that doesn't have sci-fi or supernatural or at least action.

I thought this was funny. My friend [ profile] jaydk reads LJ, but hasn't seen VM. So she calls me:

[ profile] jaydk: I'm bored, entertain me.
[ profile] rusty_halo: You should try watching Veronica Mars; I just watched the whole first season, and it's decent.
[ profile] jaydk: Oh god, you're not one of those mad obsessed Logan fans now, are you?

Oh, yeah, I keep meaning to post about this. In addition to watching the first season of Veronica Mars this weekend, I also went to three concerts.

Saturday - Velvet Revolver )

Sunday - Nine Inch Nails )

Monday - Nine Inch Nails )

...and a bunch of memes and quiz results )
So for the past hour, we've been looking out our office windows watching people set up a gigantic red blow-up float thingy of Santa Claus riding a huge lobster. Anyone have any idea what this means? We figure they're selling something--lobsters? Christmas decorations:? Is it some kind of early cinco de mayo celebration? Are they promoting bestiality between fat men and lobsters?

Also. Every day the mail guy comes and he calls me "princess." I hate it. It's not funny. And everyone laughs about it and I feel obligated to smile and be nice, but really I just find it terribly condescending and not funny and irritating and I wish it would just stop, and I wish I was a great big intimidating man so that no one would ever call me "princess."

We ordered Indian food today, and they completely screwed up our orders, and then they were assholes on the phone and wouldn't send us the right food. And my female coworker freaked out and got really upset, so she gave the phone to my male coworker and he convinced them to send replacement food. This also upsets me.

Reading LJ. People are still kerfuffling over Marsters? God, that's like, so two years ago. :P

Actually, I rediscovered this last night. Ah, the good old days--I sort of miss being able to start a kerfuffle with just a bitchy JM post. It was pretty funny. (Though I'm also somewhat embarrassed by my devotion to something I now find so completely... irrelevant.) I think that post got on fandom_wank, and was the inspiration for me leaving some snooty elitist yahoo list in a huff because they were bitching about me without realizing I was on the list, and then [ profile] witling started writing that boglescatverse story for me because I was all upset.... although maybe I'm confusing things; I think I had multiple kerfuffley posts. Way back when. I was such a newbie, I cared so much about this inane social bullshit that I don't even notice anymore.

It's weird seeing who I used to talk to back then--some people who ended up becoming close friends, and some who I've totally lost touch with. It's weird that I've had a LJ for over two years; it still feels sort of new, like something I'm experimenting with, rather than something I just do. Truthfully, I'd probably have been long gone, except people kept gifting me with paid time, so I felt obligated to stay, and now I'm pretty much stuck with it, because now I maintain some important relationships solely through LJ and I don't want to lose those.

Yesterday someone linked to this, and I thought I was going to die laughing. I mean, no offense to those who like him, to each his own and all, but, dude. Seriously. Are you kidding?

I miss [ profile] 10zlaine already. How dare she go to New Zealand and not have internet access for a week?!

[ profile] monanotlisa asked that I put together a QaF recs list, since I'm reading so much of it lately. That's my role in fandom, isn't it? Starting kerfuffles and screening out badfic. (Could be worse; at least I've got good taste. ;)

Anyway, I'm mainly going to rec authors rather than stories, because most people who write well tend to do so consistently.

My half-assed Brian-centric Queer as Folk rec list )


May. 3rd, 2005 03:30 pm
A funny post about fangirls.

Great post about history/interpretation/narrative.

I'm still all achy from that Audioslave mosh pit. Stupid drunk assholes.

Watched a bit of Queer as Folk last night, and realized that I've become an actual B/M shipper. I suppose this is a result of all the discussion and fic-reading I've engaged in recently. This was the first time I've watched the show from this perspective, and it was weird. In this episode, Michael snuck away from Dr. Asshole to bring Brian junk food and get drunk, because Brian got accused of sexual harrassment. They were so adorable together OMG!

Not that I expect them to be together on the show or anything, I just enjoy watching them. And reading fic about them. (I keep getting bits of Chase's story confused with canon, which makes sense; I've read it three times, and seen the series only once.) I'm the same with Remus/Sirius--I love them together, but no expectations, duh.

I was never really a shipper with Spike. I'd read anything as long as it was written well... though I became a bit of an anti-S/B shipper at the end there. Well, and I've got a bit of a S/A kink--not that I'd ever want them together, I hate Angel, but good S/A fic can be so hot (for the exact same fucked-up power dynamic reasons that I'd never actually approve of the relationship).

I saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on Friday. It was mediocre, though it had some funny bits; at least it wasn't bad. Zaphod was funny, probably the best part, along with the little clips from the Guide. The tacked on love story was nauseating. Marvin was stupidly designed, but Alan Rickman was good. Whenever he spoke, I imagined a teenage Snape.

My roommate called today and said he's moving out. I don't even have the energy to be upset. Anyone want to come live in the East Village in a small expensive apartment with two cats and a Brian/Michael shipper?

Yeah, didn't think so. Off to Craigslist....

Tonight, I plan to get drunk on Mexican beer.
I realized that Brian/Michael hits the same kinks for me as Sirius/Remus.

Seriously, aren't those couples, like, so similar?

Best friends who are just a little too close to be just friends. Known each other since they were very young. There's the wild, brilliant, fucked-up one, and the steadier one who keeps his friend grounded.

You can totally see Sirius wanting to protect werewolf-Remus, becoming an animagus to accompany him, just like you can see Brian wanting to protect Mikey from bullies or whatever. And you can totally see Remus or Mikey being there for Sirius or Brian when they'd otherwise have totally lost it from having to deal with their fucked-up families. And Sirius and Brian totally hit the same character kinks with me, that arrogant brilliant fucked-up asshole type.


Christ, I'm comparing Queer as Folk to Harry Potter.

I spent an inordinate amount of time reading QaF fanfic this weekend. thoughts on the Queer as Folk fic I just read )


Apr. 29th, 2005 12:34 pm
Queer as Folk fic doesn't seem to be working for me. Probably because most fic is a reflection of the genre of the show itself: schmoopy soapy goo, or melodramatic soapy goo. Ick. I don't like schmoop at all, and I like my angst violent and fucked-up, not melodramatic and ridiculous. *sigh*

The other problem is with pairing. I haven't found a single Brian & Michael friendship story that captured the characters, was written well, and was interesting. And when it comes to relationships, well, Brian/Justin is hot, but their relationship is completely uninteresting to me. And Brian/Michael is incredibly interesting, but not at all hot.

I've enjoyed a few stories, but entirely because the authors are so good that they can make anything work. And (big surprise) they're all authors I know from Buffy fandom, and have in fact archived on my website: Mint Witch, Valerie, Rachel Anton. They all write Brian well, which is great to read. But, alas, I'm just never going to be into the Brian/Justin thing.

The exception to all this is Chase's story. By moving Brian (and Michael, sort of) into the Angelverse, she has free reign to bring in all the violent and supernatural stuff that I love. Plus, she gets rid of Justin (yay!) and makes the angsty stuff about Brian/Michael (yay!). Plus it's also just a really good story; I've probably gotten more enjoyment out of it than I've gotten from the actual show.

So is there any other writers I should be reading? Anyone out there at all who writes dark/angsty/violent Brian/Michael, well?


Yeah, didn't think so.

(I'm such a picky reader. Years of reading almost literally every Spike fic I could find have left me with very little tolerance for bad writing. Misspelled word, cheesy line, too much exposition? Nope, sorry, not wasting my time by reading further. I probably close 90% of the stories I start after the first paragraph. Looking through general QaF archives has reminded me of how lucky we were in Spike fandom, and how much of the vast majority of fanfic sucks.)

Meme: What my birthday says about me )

Tonight, [ profile] jaydk and I are going to dinner and then seeing Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm looking forward to it, though it's gotten mixed reviews. The last time I read the book, I was probably no more than 12, so hopefully I won't remember enough to be disappointed at whatever's lacking.

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut. I'm thinking about maybe getting bangs. (I think the last time I had bangs, I was 9.) I feel the need for a change, though. Plus my hair currently looks terrible, the way it's grown out.

Then tomorrow I'm going to see Audioslave. I've never heard them; guess I ought to pick up a CD tonight. All I know is that Chris Cornell sings, and one of the great unresolved issues of my life is the fact that I never saw Soundgarden live. (They were one of my all-time favorite bands.) So I couldn't resist this opportunity, even if it's not really the same thing.
This morning I had to give my roommate a lecture about how if he's going to use my dishes, he has to wash them and put them away afterward, not leave them dirty and sitting on my kitchen counter for three days.

I hate this. I feel like I'm babysitting a teenage boy instead of living with another adult.

But hey, at least he's rarely home.

I've been re-reading [ profile] chase820's story, The Man Who Wasn't There, which is so good it hurts. I read it the first time without knowing who Brian was, so obviously I'm getting a lot more out of it now. I've been checking out a few other QaF stories, but this is by far the most satisfying. (If you somehow missed it, it's a QaF/AtS crossover, which is sort of Brian/Michael and Spike/Angel, but is building toward Spike/Brian. Squee!)

I finished Queer as Folk season four, but I'm blocking it from my mind, so I will not mention it again. I should've just thrown the $96 in the gutter.

I've been rewatching season one for the third time. on re-watching season one and realizing I can't stand most of the characters )

Anyway. But I love the Brian stuff, and especially Brian's interactions with Michael. It just hits, like, every character and relationship kink I have. Brian's refusal to conform, his insistence on being who he is no matter what anyone else says, even his ability to use and manipulate others in order to get what he wants. His shamelessness: his refusal to play the silly little cultural games that we're all taught--he's so honest. I love that he won't say he's sorry when he's not, and I adore his disregard for religion. I love his lack of interest in pomp and ceremony, his repulsion toward marriage and domesticity. I love that when he cares about someone, he shows it through his actions, instead of through bullshit sentimental hearts and flowers romantic nonsense. I love that he has his own code, his own integrity, and lives by it.

And now I attempt to psychoanalyze Brian. It's fun! Read it and join in.

Brian Kinney as disillusioned idealist )
Saw Garbage live last night at Hammerstein Ballroom. They were awesome; better than I expected. I think I knew every single song; they played a ton of stuff from their first album, which is one of my all time favorite records. And they tended to play the harder, heavier stuff, which I prefer.

Garbage live review )

I got Queer as Folk season three last night. I'm up to 3.07. (Between that and Garbage, I didn't sleep very long last night.) This show is so bad. But, Brian. *sigh* I have a strong suspicion that I'm going to be highly annoyed by the developments this season. We'll see. Don't spoil me.

Everyone else is commenting on the new pope. I suspect that anything honest I had to say would get me defriended by more than one person. cut to spare my catholic friends )
Joss Whedon will be at Dragoncon. So, you guys are going, right? ;)

And apparently, I am the one person left in the world who didn't know that Vincent Kartheiser is doing a play in NYC. That's what I get for skipping out on LiveJournal for weeks on end....

But now I know, and apparently I will be seeing a bunch of you guys there this Saturday at the 9pm show. And the pre-show meetup, probably. :)

Last night I fell asleep on my couch while re-watching season one of Queer as Folk. I adore Brian Kinney so much. But I have to fast forward through every scene with Michael's boring doctor boyfriend. I hate that guy. I hate the character because he's a manipulative, condescending asshole, and I've never been able to stand the actor (he just rubs me wrong; I could never get into Kung Fu: The Legend Continues as a kid, because I disliked him). And Ted is so boring and creepy; I can't stand him either. But it's all worth it, because Brian.

It's Friday, so we're eating vegan cupcakes. *is happy*
Hey, ummm...

anyone have recommendations for Queer as Folk fic with no spoilers for anything after the end of season two?

'Cause season three is in the mail, but it could take 5-10 days to get here. I need something to tide me over.

I'm looking for Brian-centric fic, either dark/angsty or funny, not soppily romantic. Pairing irrelevant (but I like Michael better than Justin). Length irrelevant. Rating irrelevant. Good characterization essential.

A rec for a good archive would also help. One that lists what episode the fic is set after, so that I don't get spoiled.

[And I still think the show sucks.]

Thanks in advance, if anyone answers. :)
Wow. Season two of Queer as Folk was pretty awful. It wasn't even half as good as season one--and I had major problems with season one.

Too bad. Does it ever get any better? (No spoilers, please.)

It was like, season one had all these important life changing events--birth, death, loss of virginity, coming out, gay bashing, first long-term relationships, etc.

And season two just kinda coasted, with almost nothing happening at all.
[ profile] 10zlaine visited this weekend. We ate lots of yummy vegan food, dropped by a hideously lame sci-fi convention in Long Island, and attended an incredibly cool horror convention in Manhattan (where we observed lovely nightmare art and heard Harlan Ellison gossip about Samuel L. Jackson).

Also we watched the first season of Queer as Folk. And really I have only two words:

Brian Kinney

I have other thoughts (the writing is so cliched that not only did I know every "plot twist" in advance, I could actually recite lines of dialogue before they occurred; and what's with the reliance on essentialist biological gender stereotypes--men just want to fuck as many people as possible and women just want to coo nauseatingly over babies?)

But these thoughts are pretty much overruled by Brian Kinney.

(I'm not sure if it's more I want to be Brian Kinney or that I want to fuck Brian Kinney.)

The whole thing with him not embarrassed to drive the spraypainted car...? That's who I want to be.

I think maybe I should re-read Chase's story. But first I have to go buy and watch more seasons.... (don't spoil me!)

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