So I thought I was going to be all about Loki/Thor (which I am, but) you guys I NEED TO READ ALL THE LOKI/TONY, NOW.

New fandom obsessions are fun. :)

Here are my recs; please share if you have more. I am in ~insane obsession~ mode enough that I will even read WIPs. Or gen that has Tony and Loki interacting. Anything.

My favorites:

* Desiderata by stereobone – Loki gets cursed to fall in love with Tony. 30,000 words of goodness! Great characterization, plot, action, and porn–what more can you want?

* Debt by Storynerd – Another 30,000+ epic. :) This one gets the characterization so perfect and the action scenes are fabulous. I love how she writes the characters being drawn to each other, Tony being drawn to danger and intellectually fascinated by one of the rare things he doesn’t understand (magic) and Loki’s underlying emotional neediness pulling him in despite himself.

And others I liked:

* The Loki Problem by elizamechanicka – In which Loki catches a cold that makes his magic go wild. (I read a humor fic! Me!)

* Blood and Mercy by theorytale – Which has lots of tension and characterization and a good mix of ~woobie Loki~ who is also a dark scary villain.

* From a Seed by theorytale – I read mpreg? IDEK.

Part of why this ship works is that they are both self-destructive and made out of ~issues~ but also they are both witty and entertaining and smart… they end up sparking off of each other in so many interesting ways. I’m finding myself reading things I would never usually read, because the characters are so entertaining together.

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I bring recs! All inspired by conversations or vids at Vividcon.

As I was telling several people, the story that had me in tears at the corner of Third and St. Mark’s was For Keeps For Good Forever by [info]candle_beck. I guess you’d say it’s a darkfic–I found it creepy but also very lovely in a haunting way. It’s basically season three if Sam never found out about Dean’s deal. (And also if they were having sex and if Sam didn’t notice his own encroaching dark side.) I was listening to the podfic, which you’ll find here–I’ve been listening to all of her recorded Supernatural stories and so far every single one has been fantastic.

And now my favorite vids of the con (with the caveat that I skipped a bunch of vidshows so I may discover other favorites later):

Vid Recs! )

I came home from the con desperately wanting to see more Supernatural vids, so if you have favorites, please share your recs. :)

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I’m pretty sure that Matt Bomer is the most attractive man on television. White Collar season two starts in less than two weeks! There are ads all over the subway–it feels like they decorated just for me.

Here is a fic in which John Crichton attempts to explain the plot of Hamlet to the crew of Moya. It’s got perfect character voices and is awesome.

I’m currently listening to Blind Spot by pdragon76, read by twasadark. There is so much fantastic well-written hurt/comfort gen in SPN fandom. ♥♥♥

This review of Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while:

Another one of the ways in which this movie pokes fun at the very idea of epic fantasy: the endless confusing voice-over, in which tons of important story developments happen off-camera while we’re looking at a picture of a tree or a CG mountain. Because why do we privilege the story of the hero’s progress over the tree?, Shaymalan asks. Why does the original Star Wars insist on showing us Luke Skywalker training with a lightsaber, instead of telling us that Luke Skywalker trained with a lightsaber while showing us a tracking shot of some rocks? Why pretend that one thing is more important than the other thing? Why pretend that any of it has any meaning? As a wise man once wrote, “A menu is as good as a myth.”

Also, if the original Star Wars had given us a tracking shot of rocks, with a voiceover explaining that Luke was learning to use a lightsaber someplace else, it would have freed up more screen time for Luke to stand around shouting, “JAWAS! THERE IS SAND UNDER YOUR FEET!”

Did you read that zombie AU recap of the neverending tennis match over at the Guardian? That was hilarious, too.

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I just finished reading [info]big_pink’s Red series. It consists of six stories, conveniently available in PDF form via her website.

I just have to rave, because this is some of the best fiction I’ve ever read, fan- or no. It’s like she honed in on the most profound, emotionally powerful aspects of the series, and used these fics to delve deeper than the show ever went. She writes beautifully about family, loss, grief, and love.

She also creates incredibly well-researched and vivid environments for each story, from loggers and protesters in the Pacific Northwest, to a high school in Niagara Falls, to an old silver mine in Nevada, to a shantytown in Nebraska during the Great Depression. Plus, she writes a variety of fabulous three-dimensional female OCs (if you’re looking for a primer on how to write a female OC without wandering into Sue territory, read these). They are also very well-plotted, well-paced, and snappily written.

I think my favorite was the last one, The New Deal– it’s basically about how Sam and Dean deal (or fail to deal) with Dean’s impending death in S3. It could so easily have fallen into angsty tropes, but instead she uses imagery and symbolism to create something more evocative and thought-provoking than I’ve seen from fanfic in a long time.

(Now I’m off to read her standalone stories.)

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Oddly enough, after reading quite a bit of Sam/Dean and Dean/Castiel, the genre of Supernatural fanfic that’s most pinging my interest is… gen. (This is a little bit threatening to my identity as primarily a slash reader!)

I think it’s because I go to fanfic to zoom in on and delve deeper into the bits of canon that most appeal to me, and in Supernatural that’s Dean, his martyr complex, his dark side, his defense mechanisms, his hidden layers–and all of these things are so tied into the way he interacts with his family. Dean’s most intense relationships in the text are gen relationships, with Sam and John.

So far no Sam/Dean slash story has really hit my narrative kinks, although quite a few of them are wonderful stories, well-written and totally worth reading. The problem is that they fundamentally alter the dynamic that appeals to me and makes me want to read fic in the first place–they make it about Sam and Dean dealing with their romantic/sexual feelings for each other, when what interests me is them dealing with their relationship as brothers, the effect of their (at best) negligent father, Dean as the substitute parental figure, Sam trying to assert his independence, Dean trying to take all the responsibility onto himself, sacrificing his own needs to protect Sam, and Dean so obsessively needing Sam as family because he never learned how to live for anything else. What exists in canon is already more interesting to me than a romance would be, so I want more of it, not a transformation of it.

Of course, most of the slash ships I get into aren’t technically canon either, but in most of those cases it’s much easier for me to read a slash subtext–adding the romance aspect just makes the relationship more interesting and doesn’t alter what interests me about the dynamic. Like, what interests me in Peter and Neal is their growing respect and admiration and fondness and trust for each other, and if you add romance to that it just intensifies it. Whereas if you add romance to Sam and Dean, it crowds out the aspects of the relationship that I’m really there for.

Here’s a fic rec that I totally loved: Red by [info]big_pink. It’s a well-written, excellent-paced plotty adventure, which is awesome, but what I particularly love is its intense focus on Dean and what he’s willing to do for his family. Maybe it overdoes the woobification and angst, but OTOH, nothing in it feels implausible as part of the Winchester family backstory. It’s like someone wrote an entire fic to fill in the history behind Dean’s “[John] wouldn’t be proud of me–he’d tear me a new one,” and John’s “I put too much on your shoulders, I made you grow up too fast. You took care of Sammy, and you took care of me. You did that. And you didn’t complain, not once.” I’m going to have a hard time watching the show and and not thinking of this fic as canon. (It’s also one hell of an absorbing story.)

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I’ve been facing a dilemma, which is that all winter I’d been looking forward to walking around NYC once the weather warmed up, but for the past month and a half I’ve been so obsessed with Supernatural that I can’t seem to tear myself away from my computer/television.

Yesterday I found the solution. I decided to walk partway home from work, but after about five minutes the fanfic withdrawal became too intense. So I pulled out my Android phone, typed in “Supernatural podfic recs,” downloaded the first interesting thing that came up, unzipped it with a free app, and listened to it as I walked along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, over the Brooklyn Bridge, up Mulberry Street, up 2nd Ave, to Viva Herbal Pizza, to the L train, to home.

The fic was We Walk The Same Line by [info]poisontaster; the podfic is read by [info]twasadark and can be downloaded here. This story is ideal for audio form, an atmospheric adventure with perfectly in-character dialog, just enough humor and action to keep it interesting, and absolutely superb show-not-tell characterization of Dean and Sam. I love how the author shows how much the boys love each other underneath their snarky banter and the fact that they drive each other crazy. Her characterization of Dean’s martyr complex and protective instinct toward Sam is particularly excellent.

I had never listened to a podfic before–I guess I always thought it would be weird. But that was awesome! Listening to it in audio form forced me to slow down and really immerse myself in the world of the story in a way that reading doesn’t. Now I need to download more podfic! Does anyone have Dean-centric recs? I spend an hour and a half on the subway every day and this would be a great way to kill time. (I’ve been reading fic on my phone, but the tiny bright screen is not really made for long-term reading and is starting to give me headaches. Podfic definitely sounds like a better plan.)

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I’ve read some amazing fic recently. My favorites from the past few days:

* Suck It Up by [info]strangeandcharm
Supernatural, post-S4, Dean/Castiel, NC-17.

Author’s summary: Dean’s hungry. Dean’s very hungry.

My notes: Vampire!Dean. This is ultra-dark, scary, disturbing, and angsty, with a good plot and [highlight for spoiler] a delightful schmoopy ending. You get all the traumatic angst of Castiel breaking down trying to save scary vampire Dean, and then all the traumatic angst of re-humanized Dean having to deal with his memories of tormenting Castiel and Sam. Excellent characterization of Dean and Castiel, with awesome Sam characterization, too.

* All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men by [info]alyse
Dark Angel, post-S2, Alec/Logan, R.

Author’s summary: Logan had grown used to the quiet in the evenings, but that was before he took a sharp left into Surrealsville, population two. (From the prompt, “Alec having seizures and Logan helping him through it.”)

My notes: Fantastic, visceral, vividly-detailed hurt/comfort with wonderful characterization. Great exploration of Alec’s vulnerabilities; perfectly tolerable even if you hate Logan.

* Every single Dark Angel fic by aflightoffancy. To be honest, they’re not actually all that good, but they’re fantastically satisfying. They’re all Max/Alec romantic adventures, with great plots, great banter, and ridiculously indulgent hurt/comfort (obviously, for some of us, that’s a plus). Unfortunately they tend to make Alec a little too perfect and to sideline Max more than I’m comfortable with, but on the plus side I’m totally in favor of their dismissal of Logan. These stories are exactly what I was craving after yelling at my screen for most of Dark Angel season two.

(I don’t know if anyone else will get these references, but basically what these fics do is turn Alec/Max into a classic Spike/Buffy shipfic–it’s all about how they’re equals and can have adventures and banter and Max can be her true self and how Alec can match Max on a level that Riley Xander Logan never could. And they turn Alec into Lymond*–so it’s all about getting through Alec’s charismatic mask to the epicly traumatized woobie underneath, and hurting him gratuitously while reveling in how superhumanly competent he is.)

* I feel like I’d be a lot more successful at getting people to read the Lymond books if I could just explain that past all the obscure Renaissance literary references and convoluted 16th century politics lies the greatest hurt/comfort epic ever written.

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* USA released three network promos featuring Neal and Peter from White Collar. I don’t know the characters from the other shows, but yay for more Neal and Peter!

* Some clueless pro writer posted a screed about why fanfic sucks. Old wank, I know, but it’s inspired some lovely counterarguments that have reminded me how wonderful fanfiction is, both the art form itself and the community around it. Here is a really lovely ode to fanfic from [info]pandarus.

* There’s this discussion going on in the feminist blogosphere about “Dude Music” and the comparative lack of respect female musicians and fans get. It’s incredibly interesting if you’re into rock music, and if you’re not it’s still very relevant, since it highlights a whole lot of the subtle ways that sexism works. I found it absolutely fascinating, because I’m definitely someone who grew up with a very male-dominated playlist–I’ve been working to understand why and to be a fan of more female musicians. Anyway, read the discussion in this order:

- I Went To Your Concert and There Was Nothing Going On, or, A Meditation on Dude Music

- The World At Large: How Privilege works in Rock Music

- The center and the margins, and butt hurtness

* Rare Film of Ronald Reagan, James Dean Unearthed. Is it wrong that I kinda wanted to read a slash version of this after I watched it?

* Bowie Dance Ride in NYC today. “Participants are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Bowie character and pedal away, Ziggy Stardust–style.” Uh, seriously?

* Iron Man 2 tonight! I can’t wait. This whole Supernatural obsession was incredibly well-timed; it managed to prevent me from clicking any of the Iron Man 2 spoilers that have been all over my reading list this week. :)

* [personal profile] netweight recommended Conversational Winchester for Trolls by [info]eloise_bright and it is indeed awesome.

* I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge last night (exercise! fresh air!) and then went home and cooked a real dinner (roasted acorn stuffed with spinach cous cous and topped with toasted pine nuts). And then I sat down to watch Just One Episode of Supernatural. And… ended up watching four. So much for functioning like a sane person.

They were good! I enjoyed them. Maybe my previous feeling of disillusionment was just a fluke. Maybe by lowering my expectations I was better able to focus on what’s good. Maybe I was just saddened by the prospect of not staring at Jensen Ackles’ adorable freckles for the next two days, so I appreciated these episodes more.

My thoughts:

this is not actually about 4x11; it's about why I love the movie The Legend of Billie Jean )

this is actually about 4x12, and the worst line of dialog I've ever heard )

4x13 )

4x14 was really good! )

and another thing I like about Supernatural in general )

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I’m saving all my White Collar fic recs at Delicious, but enjoyed this one enough to also post a rec here: Impossible by zelda_zee.

I like it because:

1) I can actually hear this dialog coming out of the actors’ mouths. It’s very well-written and sharp and even matches the characters’ speech patterns.

2) It’s more in-character than most Peter/Neal fic. Neal is driven by his id, but Peter thinks about consequences. It’s all about the push and pull between them, Peter trying to get Neal to think responsibly and yet often seeming to want to be pulled where Neal leads him, despite his objections.

3) There’s an inherent edge of darkness that this fic captures while still remaining true to the banter and humor that makes us love the characters. They have so many reasons not to get together, so many power and trust and communication issues, and oh yeah, the fact that getting caught would destroy both their lives.

4) The fic also manages to be hotter than 98% of what I’ve read on the kink meme recently, despite being PG-13. The writer does such a great job of building up the glances and little gestures that show us how much need and desire is going on beneath the surface. And she just writes the physical interaction so well–this fic is basically just kissing, but she describes hands and head tilts and fast breathing and heat and just totally captures the way it really feels to kiss someone you desperately want for the first time.

(It’s a sequel to Lucky Man which is also good and only 1,500 words, so read that one first.)

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* [info]x_los wrote Eighth Doctor/goosnake!Master. And it’s… actually kind of awesome? If you enjoy crackfic, I highly recommend it.

* I. Um. I think I want to see Twilight. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. But… it’s just… you know… Robert Pattinson is really really cute!

Apparently somewhere inside me there still lurks a twelve year old girl, whose Pretty!Boy!Vampire! alert has just been triggered. I will have to hide my face in shame and sneak into the theater hoping that no one I know will recognize me. Or at least claim that I’m there only to snark. :P

* I saw the new James Bond this weekend and was disappointed. I’m all for emotional continuity, but it didn’t feel like the movie really went anywhere. Nothing made a big impression, and I was mostly bored. Apparently I’m one of the three human beings on the planet who do not find Daniel Craig attractive, so without a compelling story there just wasn’t much to hold my interest. Casino Royale was so much better. :(

* I just read this book called The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, about a Jesuit expedition to Alpha Centauri (seriously). It was brilliantly written, but I didn’t love it.

spoilers for The Sparrow and for the Lymond Chronicles (possibly offensive to religious types) )
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The Naming of Things by [info]ariafic. This is the best Theta/Koschei fic I’ve ever read, although I’d actually say it’s more “the becoming of the Master” than a Theta/Koschei romance. But since the Doctor is always at the center of the Master’s existence, their relationship is central here.

This story is brilliantly written, sweet, chilling, and, in the end, heartbreaking. Everything is so in-character and well-developed, especially Koschei’s descent into madness, and how he and Theta each fail the other. These two are so my OTP; nothing gets to me more than childhood friends who fall out and can’t put the pieces back together no matter how much they still love each other.

*sniffles* Now I need to go read something really fluffy where the Doctor and the Master live happily ever after.

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I’ve been sorting through the, um, several hundred tabs I had open on Firefox (because it’s really not a good idea to have 300 tabs open…) and, anyway, I bring three amazing Doctor/Master fic recs:

* Burning Ground by [info]bagheera_san. Doctor + Master + Hindu mythology.

* Resonance Structures by [info]mercurial_wit. Doctor + Master + chemistry.

Which continues in…

* Uncertainty Principles. Doctor + Master + physics.

These really put to shame the notion that fanfiction is nothing but romantic wish-fulfillment written by fourteen-year-olds. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that; there are far worse things fourteen-year-olds could be doing than writing. But I love that there’s so much more to the possibilities of fanfic.)

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I’m mostly rolling my eyes at “Journey’s End” fix-it fic (because, y’know, I thought it was brilliant and doesn’t need to be “fixed”) but I have been enjoying [info]dwseason5. Mostly because it’s got the Doctor, the Master, and subtext, and what could be better than that? (Well, to be written well, which this is also.)

I finally started watching some of the old Doctor/Master episodes. I don’t think I’ll have anything new to say about a serial that aired over 35 years ago, but I’ll give you my reactions to “Terror of the Autons” anyway. I’ll warn in advance that this is filtered through my RABID and largely tongue-in-cheek Doctor/Master filter.

There is nothing in this episode to convince me that the Doctor and the Master *aren't* playing one long convoluted intergalactic sex game )
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* [info]selenak has hopeful thoughts on Donna’s ending in relation to “The Unicorn and the Wasp.”

* [info]versaphile has a brilliant analysis of the Doctor’s morality and his views of humanity

* and I’m counting on her fic Praxis to keep me interested in this fandom until the show comes back. (No pressure or anything. :P) But seriously, it’s the best study I’ve read of how and why the Doctor is who he is. Plus, lots of hot Doctor/Master sex. You really cannot go wrong there.

* [info]orange_crushed wrote hilarious and wonderful Doctor/Rose post-”Journey’s End” fic.

(I know there’s a tons and tons of good fic popping up right now, but I’m mostly trying to get through the meta and sort out my thoughts first before I jump into fic.)

* And really hilarious Doctor Who hed-is-pastede-on-yay wank over at Fandom Wank.

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Why is London After Midnight playing in NYC the same night as the Cure? I would’ve liked to see them. That’s just weird.

I went to Ikea last night. Dude. I felt like I was trapped in the hedge maze from Harry Potter 4. It took me two hours to get out of there, dodging strollers and shopping carts and trying not to get distracted by all the shiny things. And I missed Vegan Drinks. :(

I chose a different bookshelf )

Did I mention that I got my plane tickets for DragonCon? Yep, I'm going. I might want to hide under a burka, but dammit, I can't miss DragonCon. I always have so much fun there. I wonder what the Doctor Who panels are like... (the good thing about DragonCon is that, if they suck, I can always find something else entertaining to do).

I tried out that Wordle thing with my "Midnight" review. Nifty!

Oh, and here's a short post-"Midnight" fic rec: Humans by [ profile] rosa_acicularis. Very insightful look at the various characters.

(Anyone have more post-"Midnight" fic recs? That episode is practically begging to be explored further in fanfic. And dammit, I need something to entertain me seeing as 95% of the links on my flist are off-limits due to spoilers.)

Also: a yummylicious John Simm picspam from [ profile] lozenger8. :)

Other nifty links: really interesting Doctor/Master discussion at [ profile] best_enemies and two compilations of Doctor/Rose squee here and here.

(I don't know why I love Doctor/Rose so much in canon--romantically or as best friends, either interpretation is fine with me--but am completely uninspired to read about them in fanfic. Maybe because their relationship is already a lot like what you get in fanfic--full of character moments and bonding and actual happiness and it's already got such a perfect ending that I'm not inspired to seek out more? Or maybe because my interpretation tends to differ from the mainstream in that I don't care whether they're having sex or not, and I get kind of sick thinking about them "settling down"? Whereas I can't get enough Doctor/Master, maybe because the stuff I'm interested in there is always heavily hinted at in canon, but it never goes as far as I'd like. It's just the kind of relationship that fanfic was invented for. Thus the fact that I could probably read Doctor/Master fic forever without getting bored.)

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I don’t know how long I can hold out! Now would be a really good time to go hibernate in a cave somewhere with no internet access.

Let’s talk about something completely unrelated to the SPOILERS THAT ARE CALLING ME. Hmm.

Oh! I chose some furniture.

furniture and other random stuff )

More distractions; have some recs:

* [ profile] selenak wrote a great post comparing "Midnight" and "Voyage of the Damned." (I could swear I read a good one somewhere comparing it to "42," also, but now I don't remember where it was.)

* [ profile] lordshiva wrote the Doctor and Anya from Buffy! So much win.

* I adored the New York Times article about Russell T Davies. So far three people I know in real life have come up to me to chatter about it, too.

* I read this entire book about the 1977 blackout in NYC. I'm weird. I clicked on it while researching the history of Bushwick and ended up completely fascinated by the sociology, psychology, and history it explores. (Plus it's fascinating because I had a great time during the 2003 blackout--I got drunk in the gay bar across the street and bonded with my soon-to-be-friend Anne, who stayed at my place rather than walk home to Brooklyn.) It's amazing to compare how the various blackouts reflect the social conditions of their eras.

* I made this bread (substituting a mix of molasses and agave nectar for the honey) and it's delicious.

Do you have any recs for stuff that'll distract me from spoilers? Please share. :)
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Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with America? Bet you a million dollars they change the ending to make it more palatable to delicate American sensibilities. Just… keep reminding me that it’s going to inspire more people to seek out the real version. (*clutches John Simm*)

Some cheery things to scrub this travesty from my mind:

* [info]versaphile wrote Subterranean, a beautiful coda which made me feel somewhat better about the most recent Doctor Who episode. (She’s also posting a new chapter of the amazing Praxis every week, which just gets better and better.)

* [info]violet_lane wrote absolutely wonderful meta about Rose Tyler. She pretty much gets to the heart of what I love about Rose: that she’s the rare female character who undergoes a true hero’s journey, and that her heroism is due to her own choices, not any kind of special destiny. (And that she lives her life fully: she’s impulsive, adventurous, strong-willed, makes her own decisions, has fun, and sees the beauty of the universe along with the monsters.) It’s a long post, but completely worth the read.

* There are a hell of a lot of awesome Doctor/Master porn writers out there; I’m impressed by the quality of most of the responses at the [info]best_enemies anon porn meme.

* Look how adorable young Stephen Colbert is! (Not that he isn’t still adorable now.)

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I’m writing a freaking essay in response to “Planet of the Ood.” One of these days I’ll actually manage to post the damn thing. Meanwhile…

[info]versaphile wrote a great post about why Jack Harkness is a villain.

A rec: Paleolinguistics (The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Remix) by [info]kindkit. An insightful and beautifully written Doctor/Master fic.

And on tonight’s Colbert Report

Colbert Report spoilers )

personality test meme )

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