I watched two more Bowie DVDs: Black Tie White Noise (1993) and VH1 Storytellers (1999).

The thing is, Bowie as an older man is wise, funny, cultured, entertaining, charismatic, and… just not 1/10 as interesting as crazy fucked up genius 70s Bowie. You get the sense that he uses his charm and sense of humor to deflect his interviewers and avoid revealing anything particularly personal, whereas in the early years of his fame he was often quite passionate and sincere about whatever disturbing, odd, interesting things happened to be going on in his head.

(Or maybe he just grew up and mellowed out. *shrug*)

Black Tie White Noise )

VH1 Storytellers )

And in other news, Sean Bean has been cast as Ned Stark in HBO's adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire.

I'm... confused.

On the one hand, I love A Song of Ice and Fire and I love Sean Bean, so... yay!

But... but... Ned Stark? Does he have to be Ned Stark? Can he shave his head and be Tywin Lannister instead? Can we get him a TARDIS and have 30-year-old Sean Bean play Jaime Lannister? Ned Stark is a boring goody-two-shoes loser! Sean Bean is better than Ned Stark. Bean's whole schtick is being able to play dark, disturbing, complicated characters, the opposite of humorless honor-bound Ned. Does this mean they're going to change Ned? Because I don't want to have to like Ned Stark!

spoilers for ASOIAF )

And then there's the fact that I've always pictured Jaime Lannister as very similar to young Sean Bean (thanks to [personal profile] queenofthorns who helped get me into the series in the first place). Ned and Jaime are opposites and enemies, but if Sean Bean is Ned, then am I going to side with him or with Jaime? And how can I picture Jaime like Sean Bean if Ned is Sean Bean? And that's not even getting into the fact that Sean Bean is way too old to play Ned Stark!

And... and...

*does not compute*

*brain explodes*
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I'm very grateful for the new remake of The Hitcher. Yeah, it looks like a dumb movie, but it's resulted in Sean Bean being on my TV every five minutes due to the incessant commercials. He's even in the subway in gigantic scary-looking ads! (Not that I find him scary; you know I'm totally going to be rooting for his character. How could the guy who played Sharpe really be bad?)

Also, OMG CUTE!!! (Photos of young Sean Bean.)

[ profile] 10zlaine visited this weekend. It was very last minute, so I wasn't terribly prepared, but we had a good time anyway. Mostly we hung out at my place and talked, while watching The Adventures of Brisco County Jr DVDs. (Damn, that show is classic.)

The point of the visit was for [ profile] 10zlaine to collect one of Livi's kittens and bring him home with her. So we went to Livi's house last night, and [ profile] 10zlaine fell in love with Otto (who greeted her by giving her hand a cat-bath with his tongue). Livi and Jessica made vegan taco-things, and then we hung out with the cats for hours. They are insanely playful at this age (about three months); my hands and arms are covered in little cat-scratches (which are totally worth it). [ profile] 10zlaine brought this bouncy toy that got Marty to do insane flying leaps, like three feet in the air; you wouldn't imagine that such a little cat could jump so high. And then she gave them catnip, which drove them all even more insane. It was very fun.

[ profile] 10zlaine slept over at Livi's place and left early this morning; she's on the train right now going back to Maine, and has been sending me cell phone photos of Otto in his carrier and on her lap. It's really sad to think about him being separated from his brothers, but he's going to have an awesome life with [ profile] 10zlaine and her cat and dog. (And I'm so jealous! She's got a fresh new kitten to take home with her!)

We also went to see Children of Men on Saturday night with [ profile] drujan (and then we had horrible drinks at this chain Mexican restaurant, because we were in the culinary wasteland that is Times Square). I thought Children of Men was a good movie, but I didn't actually enjoy watching it.

Children of Men )
Christmas has come early! It's Marsters wank! Here, here, here, and here.

I'm at least as amused by all the fangirls jumping to defend poor, misunderstood James as I am by the king of pretentious cluelessness, Marsters himself.


Last night's Sean Bean movie was A Woman's Guide to Adultery. I got through a half hour, then I had to fast forward and just watch the Sean Bean scenes. I don't know if I've ever seen a more annoying movie. My understanding of the plot is that a whole bunch of self-absorbed morons ramble on incessantly. Also, they cheat on their spouses and get punished for being awful people. But not even in a fun way, in a endless talky boring way.

On the plus side, Sean Bean was naked, and a major plot point was a photo of his ass that they kept showing. Yay! Also he was young and gorgeous and arrogant, which makes him extra hot. On the minus side, his haircut made my eyes burn. Mullets are not attractive. Ever. On anyone.

I should probably just stop on this Sean Bean marathon and watch "Extremely Dangerous," "Stormy Monday," and "Sharpe" a few more times instead. What's next in my Netflix queue? "Troy"? "North Country"? "Black Beauty"?? "Scarlett"??? Gaah!!! Help!!!!


I did take a break from Sean Bean movies and rented The Living Daylights, the first Timothy Dalton Bond movie. I actually liked this better than expected. Timothy Dalton was ahead of his time with a harder-edged Bond. He was pretty hot, too, but weird looking. The movie itself was okay, a product of its time with an AIDS-inspired monogamous Bond. It felt really dated, though, particularly with its Russian villains and Afghan heroes. But it was entertaining enough.
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I'm trying not to panic about the fact that All About Spike and SuperVegan are both down, because it's some mysterious server issue and there's nothing I can do about it.

*deep breath*

*not panicking*

*rescinding all recommendations of Cybertarp hosting company*

Also, there is a meme:

Ask My Fandom Opinion

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts.

I probably don't have any fandom opinions that my friends don't already know, but whatever, let's see if anyone feels like asking anything.


I watched "Sharpe's Revenge" last night. It's hard to enjoy that one; I just spend the whole thing cringing for Jane. babble about Sharpe's Revenge )

I also watched a bit of "Extremely Dangerous." Yes, I finally caved and bought the movie. I was ambivalent at first, but I kept wanting to watch it again, and finally just decided that I needed my own copy. I'm glad I did, as it makes me very happy. The story is interesting, the characters are complex, and Sean Bean is just so damn gorgeous. I like how it takes its time and thoroughly establishes all the characters, and I enjoy that it doesn't talk down to its audience (though I wish it had captions, since a bunch of important stuff gets mumbled quickly and almost incomprehensibly). I like that Sean Bean gets to play a complex character, showing off his scary and menacing side, but also his vulnerable, sympathetic side. I liked this review very much:

In Extremely Dangerous Bean is, does, or radiates something--I don't know what--that makes it so only his presence matters.... Unbelievable though it may sound, after you've watched him for hours, even seeing him play a few bars on the piano (though I suspect a stunt pianist's hands there) or taking out his contact lenses becomes erotic. D.A. Pennebaker was right when he said that watching somebody for hours through a camera is like falling in love with them--it's impossible to resist the power of such close scrutiny.

Also, I decided to join the modern era and convert my LJ to a S2 style. Then I got bored halfway through. So it kind of looks stupid, but I'll make it pretty eventually.

I really hate him. It's an irrational and totally visceral thing, I just absolutely cannot stand him. He is so smarmy and creepy and horrible. MAKE HIM GO AWAY.


Anyway, it's entirely Sean Bean's fault that last night I had to watch the monstrosity that is known as Don't Say a Word. *shudders*

Don't watch it. It's stupid, nonsensical, boring, and unbelievably irritating. Like Patriot Games it's got a disgustingly perfect all-American family (complete with a gigantic NYC apartment, oh how I hate them) threatened by an ultra-hot scary British guy (Sean Bean, playing a thoroughly one-dimensional version of the role he played in National Treasure, Essex Boys, and Fool's Gold). It's even got a threatened little girl, and between this, Flightplan, Silent Hill, and The Dark, I'm starting to think that Sean Bean chooses his movies based entirely on the fact that they feature threatened little girls.

He's such a good actor. And he's so gorgeous. SOMEONE PUT HIM IN A GOOD MOVIE. Meanwhile, I'll just be over here with my Sharpe DVDs. And this photo, which makes me happy every time I see it.

Oh and hey, [ profile] vm_fic just recced a bunch of hurt!Logan fic. I think my h/c kink is overcoming my VM distaste. There's some good stuff here.

Do you have any advice for vegans at Thanksgiving? Help me out, go post in the comments here.
Oh, [ profile] bean_daily, you bring such joy to my life. Especially when you post naked photos of Sean Bean.

Look, I made Sharpe icons! They're not very good, because I suck at making graphics, but whatever, they're heartfelt. Please credit/comment if taking. Caps came from [ profile] bean_daily.

Sharpe icons )
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Last night's Sean Bean movie was Flightplan. This movie made me sad, because it was so meticulously and thoughtfully made. The director's commentary is absolutely fascinating--everything in this movie was done carefully and for a reason.

And yet no matter how well-made it is, you can't get around the fact that the premise is stupid and the movie is boring. It's basically Jodie Foster running around on a plane for an hour and a half, screaming "Where's my daughter?!" and it gets old fast.

On the plus side, I quite enjoyed Sean Bean as the captain. He actually gets to show more than one dimension--he's concerned and sympathetic toward Jodie Foster, but angry and tough when it comes to protecting his passengers. He's also a bit of a red herring, so he gets to play his part ambiguously--is he angry because he wants to keep the crazy woman from crashing his plane, or is he angry because he's really the bad guy?

They mentioned in the "making of" feature that he's so often typecast as a villain, yet he's actually very sweet, so they wanted to show that side of him in the movie. Awww.

Plus, he got to be multidimensional and conflicted and sympathetic and angry and in uniform, and it all added up to him being quite hot. If only he'd been in the movie more.

I got a bunch of BPAL scents in the mail yesterday. Today I'm wearing Pumpkin Queen, which smells delicious and is making me hungry. It starts out really sweet and buttery, then dries to a light kind of ginger-pumpkin mix.

I realized I forgot to comment on the scents [ profile] harmonyfb sent me:

Jezebel wasn't what I expected--I thought it would be a little stronger or more interesting. It starts out kind of fruity, then dries to a warm baby-powder type smell. Meh. It might be cozy for a day huddling at home while it's cold outside, but I expected something better from a scent called Jezebel.

Eos I really, really like. It's light and floral, but not too sweet, and the jasmine (which I love) is strong. It also lasts a while, which is nice, and unlike the other jasmine scents, I had no allergic reaction to it. I'll be wearing this often.
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Last night: two Sean Bean movies, mainly because they were both so awful that I wanted to get them over with quickly.

The Dark is another one of those horror movies about scary little girls, psychically intuitive mothers, and clueless-but-well-meaning fathers. The "scariest" thing in this movie was a bunch of rampaging suicidal sheep. I'm trying to figure out which is a goofier attempt at horror; these suicidal sheep or the garbage disposal spewing applesauce in In Dreams.

Sean Bean's role was pretty much the same as in Silent Hill, although happily he got more screen time. He looked hot, as usual, but mostly I spent the movie wondering why he's been in so many bad movies.

Fool's Gold was like a tame version of Essex Boys. Sean Bean plays a tough guy criminal who gets in over his head. On the plus side, he loves his kids, and we get some cute scenes of him playing with them. But mostly he's being tough and scary and angry, which he's good at, but it's kind of limiting for such a good actor. He does get some really good scenes near the end, though, when his character starts to realize just how utterly screwed he is. And he's young in this one, which makes him extra-hot, so I enjoyed it for the eye candy. But it's not a very good movie.

South Park last night was awesome. They're having a great season; I haven't seen a single lame episode so far.

Veronica Mars yesterday ... um, what did I ever see in this show? Wallace's plot was directly out of a "cheating is bad, mmmmkay?" after school special. And feminists ... faking rapes ... does not compute ... what the fuck? *sigh*

I've been seeking out Sharpe fic. I find myself gravitating toward slash, even though I'm not really interested in reading anything sexual. I just want good fic, gen even, but slash seems far more likely to be good. I know people are always fighting about how slash is no better than het, but really, at least when I open a slash fic I don't face a 70% chance of running into a Mary Sue within the first four paragraphs.

Slash fic is much more likely to explore a premise that I'm interested in, namely the relationships between the existing characters. I'd much rather read about the powerful emotional connection between Sharpe and Harper (which is canon), and if it happens to get sexual, so what? At least it's exploring something I'm interested in, unlike random Mary Sue fic. Maybe this is because there aren't many interesting canonical female characters. Though I wouldn't mind reading Sharpe/Teresa, if was actual badass Teresa and not lame author-insertion "Teresa."

Not that all the slash is good (not even close); it's just less likely to be bad. In this fandom. In my opinion.

I realize I haven't said anything about the election yet. Obviously I'm delighted (Santorum's gone! Rumsfeld's gone! Democrats got the House! and probably the Senate!) and I'm just praying that the Democrats won't screw it up too quickly. (*fingers crossed*) Yay democracy!

Plus The Colbert Report was to die for last night. Ah, poor Stephen in denial. And you know, anytime he sings the national anthem, it's bound to be a good episode. ;)
Well, I voted. Now I officially have the right to complain about whatever happens.

Last night's Sean Bean movie was Essex Boys. Sean plays an incredibly creepy criminal; it's a testament to his acting ability that I was thoroughly convinced by the creepiness. He was still hot, at least, which made the movie somewhat enjoyable. Overall it was pretty pointless, though, and clearly biased in favor of the narrator. And the whole thing left me feeling kind of icky.

I am going to go fight election nervousness by watching Alice in Chains videos. And possibly "Veronica Mars" or the other Sean Bean movie, "Fool's Gold." And definitely the Daily Show / Colbert Report thingy tonight.
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GoldenEye: from 1995, the first James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan.

My thoughts:

* I kept coming up with paper topics. "The evolution of feminism as reflected in the James Bond films" or "The changing concept of masculinity as embodied by James Bond." I wrote a paper in college about how Dr. No reflects the Playboy ideal of masculinity, so maybe that's why. I was amused by the nods to female competence and to the sensitive man of the 1990s.

* I don't dislike Pierce Brosnan, but he's no Sean Connery. Connery always gave this impression, no matter what was going on around him, that he was above it all, like the whole world was his own private joke. Brosnan has all the Bond moves technically correct, but he's like an automaton. There's nothing beneath the exterior.

* Two X-Men! Alan Cumming and Famke Janssen were both good in their roles. And both kind of hot back then.

* They totally got the casting wrong. If they'd switched Sean Bean's role with Pierce Brosnan's, it'd have been perfect. Sean Bean could've pulled off that Connery thing of "more going on beneath the surface." (In my fantasy world, young Sean Bean perfectly embodied Jaime Lannister in the epic ASOIAF movies, then went on to become the best James Bond ever.)

* The hand-to-hand fight at the end was very well done. I get bored when there's lots of random disconnected violence, but there was actually some drama and characterization going on with this fight (the rivalry between former friends Bond and Trevelyan).

* If I'd have written the movie, it would've been all about the relationship between Bond and Trevelyan. This film took pains to make sure there was no subtext between the two; that they hated each other now and that neither regretted having to kill the other. (Okay, there was one scene of Bond looking angsty which was quickly healed by the hot chick of the week, and nothing from Trevelyan, who they went out their way to show was totally nasty and irredeemable now by having him sexually assault random-hot-chick.)

Of course, I'd have done the opposite, and made it clear that Bond and Trevelyan still totally cared about each other and missed their friendship, but that their duties to their respective ideologies came first, and so it would've been all about the angst. And hotness. And ho!yay. *sigh* Actually I'm rewriting the movie in my head right now, and my version is so much more interesting....


Oct. 14th, 2006 09:51 pm
Clarissa: What a nauseating, joyless monstrosity of a movie. In fact, it reminded me most vividly of the nightmare that was Buffy season six.

*shudder of absolute horror*

On the plus side, Sean Bean was awesome in his role, and way hotter than James Marsters. But like S6, the hotness was ultimately not worth the preachy, moralistic, self-righteous crap.

(PS: Men are evil and they exist solely to consume and destroy women. In case you were wondering. :P)
Last night's Sean Bean movie was Patriot Games. I really hated this movie, probably more so than it deserved. Something just totally rubbed me wrong; I think maybe it was that the main family reminded me on the family in Fatal Attraction: Read more... )

The next DVD is Clarissa, which I'm really kind of dreading because me and period costume dramas are not mixy things. Fingers crossed that I won't fall asleep.

Also, I hate to admit this, but I finally got the imps from BPAL that I ordered ages ago. I'm wearing Blood Kiss today, which I love. In my defense, I'm not jumping on the fandom bandwagon; I got a bunch of free imps at Convergence, that goth con in New Orleans that [ profile] drujan and I attended this spring, and just recently figured out that they're the same thing that [ profile] harmonyfb is always talking about. I can totally see how people get addicted to this stuff.

I put the audio book of Sharpe's Tiger on my MP3 player. I had no idea how delightful this would be. Sean Bean's lovely voice caressing my ears as I walked to work this morning--I must've been grinning like an idiot. I have little tolerance for audio books because I'm impatient, but I've already read this one, so I'm just listening to savor Sean Bean's yummylicious voice.

[ profile] drujan called me last night to squee over "Sharpe's Rifles," the latest book I lent her. She liked it even better than "Sharpe's Sword"; in fact she seems to be more excited about Sharpe than I am. This is amusing me immensely. Hopefully today I'll get the Sharpe DVDs that I ordered from Deep Discount DVD, so that we can have another Sharpe day this weekend.

I have also been reading bits of Sharpe fanfic, and I find myself consistently amused at how they all start out like a Cornwell book: soldiers, dirt, war, etc., but then somehow they end up maneuvering the characters into very un-Cornwell-like situations, y'know, usually by somehow finding an excuse to get Sharpe naked and/or wet.

I've been reading Fandom Wank a lot lately. It's funny, when I first got into fandom I thought Fandom Wank was horrible and mean and pretty much an example of the worst impulses of fandom. Somehow my thoughts have shifted--maybe it's a combination of realizing that above all fandom should be fun and I need to not take it so seriously, plus the whole Cassandra Claire/Ms Scribe thing making me realize that the currency of fandom is social popularity, and so a venue for social ridicule is really the only way to deal with those who violate its social codes. Or maybe I realized that fandom is often just fucking hilarious. I was looking over the Fandom Wank wiki and I found what is pretty much my favorite wank ever: Perhaps I have a special anus. Every time I re-read this, I can't stop laughing. (Don't forget, Superman is a careful rapist.)

So, strangely enough, Fandom Wank originally made me kind of hate fandom, but now it reminds me why I love fandom.

Also this weekend, I'm going to this thing called "Night of Too Many Stars," which has been advertised incessantly on Comedy Central. I just went to Ticketmaster to peek, and when I tested it, it pulled up such a great seat that I couldn't not buy it. I really need to stop blowing cash on ridiculous things. But dammit, I should take advantage of the fact that I live in NYC, and plus, Jon Stewart is hosting, and Stephen Colbert is going to be there, so really, how could I not go? (::squee!::)

Also, The Colbert Report pretty much, y'know, won, this week. First there was an episode celebrating the "American Lady," in which Stephen baked an apple pie (and received several kisses) from Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, then declared everyone in the audience, including himself, "Mrs. Colbert," in a parody of the Miss America contest. Then in the next episode, he announced the finalists of his lightsaber challenge (note to any company trying to figure out how to tap into user-generated content and participatory fan culture: Colbert does it perfectly), and I actually screamed when George Lucas showed up, and then screamed again when Lucas "lost" to some random girl from the internet. And then screamed a third time for good measure when the show ended with a lightsaber battle between George Lucas and Stephen Colbert. ::adores::

I know that I should download this week's episode of Veronica Mars (I missed it because we had Columbus Day off and I thought Tuesday was Monday). But I'm kind of dreading it. Fandom's supposed to be fun, but VM leaves me feeling annoyed and condescended to. I might wait until the season's done and then decide, based on fan reactions, whether to catch up with it. Though I do miss participating in discussions as the show happens.

Also, how does the LiveJournal spellchecker not recognize the word "fandom"? I mean, come on. This is LiveJournal. :P I wish they'd stop doing stupid shit like adding IM features and finding ways to help corporations shut down fandom. Why not, say, fix all the annoying stuff first? Like, a better spell checker, and easier way to customize styles and mood themes, a way to turn off that horrid nav bar everywhere....
Well, I finished the Sharpe series!

My conclusion is Sharpe spoilers )

This weekend's Sean Bean movies:

Ronin, which was a slightly-more-interesting-than-usual action movie. It was made pretty well, and if you like car chase scenes it probably counts as great art. Alas, I'm immune to car chase scenes, and sadly I'm also immune to whatever everyone else sees in Robert DeNiro, so I was mostly bored. Sean Bean was barely in it, but he was good in his part.

The director's commentary is very interesting. It's highly technical, and he comes across as kind of pompous, but it's interesting to hear how they did the car chase scenes (with actual actors in cars going ridiculously fast).

National Treasure. Okay, there's a reason I didn't see this in the theater, and I basically put it on my Netflix queue to get it over with as quickly as possible. Here's an excerpt from my Netflix review, because I don't want to have to think about the movie again:

This ludicrous excuse for a movie is so awful that it honestly hurts my SOUL to contemplate it for too long. It's riddled with shallow characters, non-sensical plot developments, and utter stupidity at every turn. I could write a 20 page essay pointing out every horrid thing, but see above about how soul-crushing that would be. The thing that annoyed me the most is probably that the "heroes" were all willing to sacrifice actual human lives and actual human friendships for a piece of paper whose only value is historical. If you want mindless patriotism and characters so simplistic that "one dimensional" would be a complement, this is the movie for you.

For some strange reason, no one on Netflix seems to find my reviews helpful... :P
* South Park is awesome.

* Veronica Mars is boring.

* [ profile] queenofthorns was right; young Sean Bean would make the perfect Jaime Lannister.

I say this because I just watched the latest from Netflix, Inspector Morse 24: Absolute Conviction. This is an episode of an English detective series from 1992, guest-starring Sean Bean.

He's only in it for about 10 minutes, but between this and Sharpe, I'm thoroughly convinced that he's the ideal Jaime Lannister. His character in this is a semi-bad guy: cold, arrogant, and mocking, but with a simmering anger underneath, and apparently some genuine love for his wife. You could *so* totally see him as Jaime in all those classic moments: coldly ordering Ned's men killed, flashing his cruel smirk, while underneath he is terribly worried about Tyrion and bitter towards Ned; telling Cat that he tossed her kid off a tower, indifference and mockery masking his self-loathing; threatening to send Edmure's newborn baby back to him with a trebuchet.

And, of course, with Sharpe we see Sean Bean playing a character who is a warrior, whose first reaction to any problem is to solve it with violence, and who has an idealistic/romantic core. So he could also play the impetuous warrior side of Jaime and the decent side of Jaime, disillusioned idealist that he is.

Oh yeah, and he's stunningly beautiful, with golden hair, green eyes, and high cheekbones.

See, it didn't quite work for me before, probably because I was thinking of older Sean Bean, who is too rugged to fit that "mirror image of his twin, the beautiful queen," thing that Jaime has going. But younger Sean Bean? Perfect.

Speaking of Jaime, there's a nice discussion of his character development here on the ASOIAF forum.

* I also watched Lady Chatterly (thanks to Sean Bean I've watched more British television in the past two months than I've ever seen in my life). It reminded me that I despise love stories. On the plus side, Sean Bean is very beautiful and occasionally naked in it. And I did like the end; the characters actually had the guts to do what I would've done, which was to say "fuck you" to society and to run away (to Canada!) together. On a metaphorical level, it was more about the irrelevance of the class system, so that was cool.
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Sharpe books )

Profit: the greatest TV show ever? )

Two Sean Bean movies, Bravo Two Zero and Extremely Dangerous )

More Robert Downey Jr movies: Only You )

Restoration )

In Dreams )

Two amusing links:

Quiet Guy Mistaken For Nice Guy at The Onion. Because I love how you can be totally silent and people will project their expectations onto you and see what they want to see.

And Sharpe's Piss Pot at Something Awful. "1813. Sharpe is tasked with rescuing Wellington's favorite Piss Pot from the clutches of General Ennui, but a filthy new sergeant with evil schemes and a mysterious damsel with a great deal of cleavage have..."

Having just watched the entire Sharpe series, I could not stop laughing while reading this.
I just finished watching the Sharpe series. (Sorry, [ profile] queenofthorns! I certainly wouldn't mind watching some of it again if you're still up for another Sharpe night.) What particularly struck me was the seemingly unrealistic buffoonery of so many of the officers that Sharpe is constantly clashing with. How could these people possibly stay alive--let alone maintain power--while being so utterly stupid?

And then I'd turn off the DVD player and watch The Daily Show, and realize that the world really hasn't changed very much.

(Speaking of The Daily Show, if Jon and Stephen don't stop this crossover stuff soon, I'm going to be forced to start reading Stewart/Colbert slash....)

My other thoughts on Sharpe: spoilers )

Also, thank you [ profile] grrm for saying some stuff that really needed to be said. Now go write your book!
I'm working on setting up All About Spike at its new server (*cries*). I just copied the database over, so I won't be able to add/update anything until I get the rest all switched over. Which means: I know I have a ton of stuff to read and archive, I have it all recorded somewhere, and I will get to it at some point. But not very soon.

(Please let the new server work out. Please don't let them kick me off.)

I've been rather stressed lately. Last night I tried to copy the database over, but you can't use telnet on the new server (gah!) so I had to do it through phpmyadmin, but it's a 36 MB database, so of course phpmyadmin timed out and gave me a bunch of errors. So now I have to get the server people to do it for me.

Then I tried to do my laundry (my building has a washer & dryer in the basement). I washed three loads only to discover that the dryer was broken (again!) so now I have clothes hanging all over my bedroom air-drying.

Anyway, hopefully the weekend will be better. Tonight [ profile] jaydk, [ profile] queenofthorns and I are gathering at [ profile] jaydk's place and watching some Sean Bean series thingy. Hopefully that will be good; even if I don't like it I'm sure I'll enjoy just hanging out. Then tomorrow [ profile] jaydk, [ profile] drujan, [ profile] soulmate815, and I are having a Johnny Depp party at my place. We're going to watch Sleepy Hollow, Cry Baby, and some old 21 Jump Street episodes (if [ profile] soulmate815 brings them). (Hopefully my stupid laundry will be dry by then!)

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