Loki might have been the most popular costume at DragonCon this year. It was really cool that 95% of the Lokis were cosplayed by women.

I have this whole theory about why Loki seems to be more popular among women, but instead of typing it up, here are pretty pictures I took instead:

Lokis at DragonCon )

Here's more DragonCon Lokis from tumblr:

Lady Loki/Male Loki
Lots of Lokis

And from flickr:

Many Lokis in a sea of superheroes
Lokis and Thors
Lokis and Thors (closeup)
Lokis and Thors (closeup)
Lokis and Thors (closeup)
Lokis and Thors (closeup)

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Aug. 27th, 2012 09:16 pm

I know a few people on my flist are going to DragonCon. I would love to meet up for drinks, fannish gossip, drooling over Tom Hiddleston, people watching, eating vegan food, etc.

If you want to meet up, please send me an email at laura at and I’ll send you my phone number so we can text. :)

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Anyone going to Dragoncon this year? [info]10zlaine and I got a Marriott room and memberships, so I guess we’re going. ;) I’m looking forward to it; it’s hard to get bored at a con where there’s so much content and even when none of the programming interests you, just sitting in the lobby people-watching provides hours of entertainment.

Work has been ridiculous. Like staying in the office until 10:30pm and working from home until 1am and coming in at 8:30 the next morning ridiculous. It’s so stressful I don’t even have time to process how stressful it is, because it’s always on to the next thing, and any free time I get, I just want to sleep. I slept until 1:30pm today. I should be exercising or cleaning, but, ugh, I can’t work up the energy to get off the couch, because I know tomorrow morning the mad rush is going to start up again.

I got assigned to be the manager of a big project about a month and a half ago, which I guess is a good thing because it’s a lot more interesting than the little afterthought projects I was working on before, and I’m actually working with people who are really smart and competent, and it’s a topic that I’m interested in. It’s just, OMG, so much, and going so fast. I can’t even think about vacation because this project is going nonstop until at least next March. Ugh.

Anyway, I ended up spending much of today reading posts about the OTW election. It all makes me sad, because as far as I can tell, there aren’t actually any villains, just a lot of people trying to do good work who don’t necessarily have the skills to accomplish their goals successfully, which unfortunately often ends up hurting other people.

(The post I found most compelling was this one, because it expresses a lot of the same concerns I have that the fannish golden age we’re living in now isn’t likely to last forever.)

Also, having spent the past year learning to be a project manager, I have to say: no matter how smart and well-intentioned you are, being a good manager is really hard. And it’s a hell of a lot easier with a good mentor than when you are trying to figure it out on your own. Maybe the OTW should either recruit experienced volunteers or hire consultants to teach project management skills to people in key roles within the org?

Anyway, I think the ideas behind the OTW are wonderful, and I hope that these are growing pains that they’ll be able to work through and emerge from in a better state.

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I really wish I’d been at DragonCon over the weekend. The Cruxshadows, Misha Collins and other Supernatural people, gigantic hotels full of every type of geek, all the costumes, the zillions of panels, the alcohol, just sitting in the lobby people-watching…. I went six years in a row and wish I hadn’t stopped. :(

Next year. I hope. (How do you even get a room at the Marriott anymore???)

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I’m home.

DragonCon 2008 Con Report )
Current Mood: blah emoticon blah

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Hey, so um, who’s going to DragonCon?

I’ve been so excited about London and Stratford that I haven’t given much thought to D*C. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing this year; I’ll probably divide my time between the Doctor Who panels on the BritTrack and the music panels on the Dark Fantasy (formerly Goth) track. I might also drop in on some of the YA Lit track’s Harry Potter panels, although the fact that they allow plagiarists as panelists is not winning them many points in my mind. And I might even peek in on Gareth David-Lloyd or James Marsters, assuming the lines aren’t too long. (Although I was permanently traumatized by that woman who ran onstage with Marsters and took her shirt off in 2003, so maybe not.)

Given the DragonCon community’s wanktastic reaction to the OSBP (which more or less amounted to “STFU, feminists, and stop being so uptight; you should be flattered that strange men want to grope you”) I’ll probably dress conservatively and go to bed early. The whole thing has left such a bad taste in my mouth; in part I’m dreading the con, and thinking about not attending next year. Which makes me really sad, because this will be my sixth year in a row, and I’ve always really loved it. But it’s something about knowing the sexism and objectification that’s going on in the minds of so many of the people around me–it was always there, but now that I’ve seen it out in the open, I can’t unsee it.

Anyway, but I’m going to try to have a good time while I’m there. I’ll keep my eye out for my LJ friends; say hi if you see me. :)

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Why is London After Midnight playing in NYC the same night as the Cure? I would’ve liked to see them. That’s just weird.

I went to Ikea last night. Dude. I felt like I was trapped in the hedge maze from Harry Potter 4. It took me two hours to get out of there, dodging strollers and shopping carts and trying not to get distracted by all the shiny things. And I missed Vegan Drinks. :(

I chose a different bookshelf )

Did I mention that I got my plane tickets for DragonCon? Yep, I'm going. I might want to hide under a burka, but dammit, I can't miss DragonCon. I always have so much fun there. I wonder what the Doctor Who panels are like... (the good thing about DragonCon is that, if they suck, I can always find something else entertaining to do).

I tried out that Wordle thing with my "Midnight" review. Nifty!

Oh, and here's a short post-"Midnight" fic rec: Humans by [ profile] rosa_acicularis. Very insightful look at the various characters.

(Anyone have more post-"Midnight" fic recs? That episode is practically begging to be explored further in fanfic. And dammit, I need something to entertain me seeing as 95% of the links on my flist are off-limits due to spoilers.)

Also: a yummylicious John Simm picspam from [ profile] lozenger8. :)

Other nifty links: really interesting Doctor/Master discussion at [ profile] best_enemies and two compilations of Doctor/Rose squee here and here.

(I don't know why I love Doctor/Rose so much in canon--romantically or as best friends, either interpretation is fine with me--but am completely uninspired to read about them in fanfic. Maybe because their relationship is already a lot like what you get in fanfic--full of character moments and bonding and actual happiness and it's already got such a perfect ending that I'm not inspired to seek out more? Or maybe because my interpretation tends to differ from the mainstream in that I don't care whether they're having sex or not, and I get kind of sick thinking about them "settling down"? Whereas I can't get enough Doctor/Master, maybe because the stuff I'm interested in there is always heavily hinted at in canon, but it never goes as far as I'd like. It's just the kind of relationship that fanfic was invented for. Thus the fact that I could probably read Doctor/Master fic forever without getting bored.)

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rusty_halo: westley from princess bride (pb: drop your sword)

I (just a bit belatedly!) posted my photos from DragonCon 2006.

I’m generally a terrible photographer, but I get lucky sometimes. These ended up being some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken:

The Method from Godhead and Sarah from the Cruxshadows )

There’s also photos of the Cruxshadows, Godhead, Voltaire, George Romero, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Billy West, random pirates, the Snape trial, R2-D2, and lots of random convention stuff. If you’re interested.

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I got home at 2:30am last night and am exhausted and starving and had SO MUCH FUN.

More later. :)

I'm up to page 59 of the third Lymond book and I understood every single thing that's happened! What is this? Characters I know speaking in a language I understand??

Um, anyway. I'm thoroughly enjoying this one so far. 800 sheep wearing helmets, and Lymond in drag undressing an English commander? Yes.

And, [ profile] 10zlaine, don't get mad. I packed, cleaned, and went to bed at midnight. :)

I did have to pack my gigantic suitcase, though, in order to fit everything I wanted to bring. And it turns out my elevator still isn't fixed. It took me 20 minutes to lug the damn suitcase down six flights of stairs this morning. :(

Oh, and I barely slept, even though I was exhausted, because of the most ridiculous nightmares ever. I bought the second Lymond book at the Strand the other day, on [ profile] queenofthorns' recommendation (thank you!), and while I did get the book half price, I am never going back to that place. It's so claustrophobic, and everyone who works there glares at you like you're not good enough to enter.

The book I wanted was on a shelf way too high for me to reach, and while a ladder was nearby, I am terrified of ladders, and in no way willing to risk my life to obtain a book. So I stood there for about five minutes trying to figure out how to get it without embarrassing or killing myself, and finally asked a woman who works there to get it for me. She gave me the glare of DEATH, grabbed the book, handed it to me, rolled her eyes, and stalked off without speaking.

So my dream... I'd been reading the Lymond book, and they were on a ship, so I think I merged it in my head with "Pirates of the Caribbean." And in my dream, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner were raiding The Strand, and all the shelves were falling down attacking them and killing people. Hot-Scruffy-Norrington was there, and Wesley Wyndam-Price, and Cutler Beckett in disguise as someone hot, but when he died his face melted and he turned back into his ugly self. And Will got shot and was blind. And then Jack was going to take over the store and put it back together. And the whole thing was REALLY SCARY.

Stop laughing. :P

I leave at 4:30 for DragonCon. Bye!! :)

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Oh my god, I'm halfway through the second Lymond book, and I had to stop reading to go to work, and OMG I'M DYING TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT.

(Don't spoil me!)

Okay. *deep breath* Somehow, I'll survive until work ends.

Change of topic:

Who's going to DragonCon? I know a bunch of people on my FL will be there. Does anyone want to meet up? (For dinner or drinks or at a panel, whatever.) I can't really plan a place/time yet since my schedule always ends up last-minute and crazy, but I'd be happy to exchange cell phone numbers with anyone who's going to be around. Or let me know where you're going to be. Whatever. My e-mail address is if you want to trade numbers.

I'm going to be staying in the Marriott with [ profile] jaydk, [ profile] drujan, and [ profile] 10zlaine. I'll probably spend most of my time on the music panels of the Goth track, the Harry Potter panels of the YA Lit track, the Cruxshadows, Bella Morte, and Voltaire concerts, and, of course, people-watching, wandering the halls and into random panels, and drinking. (And possibly hiding in a corner with a Lymond book, but, no, must resist!)

Anyway. Let me know if you'll be around, and keep an eye out for me. (Uh, here's me, btw.)

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I'm making InsaneJournal my main journal for now, but for the time-being, I'll also be cross-posting to my LiveJournal. (Eventually I will stop posting in LJ, but I'll give plenty of warning when that happens.)

I picked InsaneJournal because, compared to its rivals, the server is faster and the code seems more up to date. The account-creation process is easier than that of JournalFen and its dictator is more benevolent than that of GreatestJournal (which is no better than LJ in terms of random deletion of users). I am still awaiting a real non-profit alternative, though.

So, anyway, a couple of things about InsaneJournal, if you're also thinking of moving:

* It's ugly, but you can fix it! Go here to change the default site layout. Some of the options are still ugly, but the text-only version is as clean and simple as you can get. (This is not your journal style; it's the site style).

* You can change your journal style; InsaneJournal supports S1 and S2 styles. (Go here to do so if you already have an account.)

* You can still read your LJ friends via syndication. Instructions here.

* Free users could only have 100 friends. Well, they just changed it to 250. Yay!

* You can buy a permanent account for only $40. It comes with tons of features. I bought one.

* I'm trying to keep my FL at InsaneJournal up-to-date (ie, I'm trying to add anyone on my LJ friendslist who creates an InsaneJournal). I'm terribly haphazard about this, though, and have probably missed people. It's not intentional; just let me know if you want to be on my FL in any of the other places.

(Thanks to [ profile] miggy for pointing some of this out.)

Other stuff:

* I loved [ profile] fodian's post about why disturbing art should not be banned.

* [ profile] elfgirl summed up the repulsiveness of Six Apart's stance on pro-anorexia communities. While frequently contradicting themselves, Six Apart has said that even if artwork depicting underaged characters engaging in sexual acts is legal, they think it's icky and don't want it on their servers. But they allow hate speech and groups that teach young women how to kill themselves, "because it's legal." Having already said that they'll delete legal stuff if it offends them, we can only assume that they're okay with racism and girls starving themselves?

(I'm not saying these disgusting communities should be deleted; I'm hugely in favor of free speech. But if you're going to selectively decide which "legal but icky" stuff you're going to delete, isn't actual people being hurt worse than fictional characters having sex?)

* "User Generated Content" & Ownership: The User as Citizen - a great post about the larger issues at stake here.

* We're on Slashdot.

And in real-life news:

* I went to see Juliette and the Licks (Juliette Lewis's band) play five acoustic songs at the Union Square Virgin Megastore the other day. They were really good. Juliette is a passionate singer and amazing performer, and the band was energetic and fun. Plus, the crowd was pretty small--you could just walk right up to the stage, and the band was just walking around interacting.

I bought their album, and it's okay, but the live performance was much better. If you get a chance to see them, I highly recommend it.

* [ profile] jaydk and I went to see Harry Potter 5 in IMAX again last night. That's the fourth time I've seen the movie, and the second in IMAX. It's just so cool! (Still not Alfonso Cuaron cool, but what is?) Then we stayed out late having dinner and talking endlessly about Harry Potter. It's fun to share an obsession! (She loves Remus, I love Sirius, so we squee over the same moments but for totally different reasons.)

She keeps telling me that I *must* read a story called "Beyond the Veil" by Helene, but I can't find it anywhere. (All the Google results lead to broken links.) I don't suppose anyone out there knows where I could find it?

We're ridiculously excited about DragonCon; check out the YA Lit Track schedule. (I am totally going to check out at least one Cassandra Clare panel this year! And I'll totally be polite and sit in the back and not snicker.)

And the Goth Track schedule is looking pretty good, too, although I'm upset that they've scheduled what looks like the most interesting panel ("The Craft of Songwriting" with Andy Deane, Rick Joyce, Rogue, and Voltaire) on Monday at 2:30pm, when I'll already be gone. :( (Although the good news is that I'm going to Disney World for the Pirate Party on Monday night with [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan--yes, [ profile] drujan is finally coming to DragonCon!)

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DragonCon was awesome! )

I really don't have anything new to say regarding the hurricane... it's absolutely horrifying, and I can only hope that it'll be a wake-up call that this country seriously needs to change. Jon Stewart's monologue last night was perfect (you can watch it at this link), and this rant also rang very true to me.

Stuff that's going on with me:

Read more... )
just some mostly-irrelevant fannish stuff )
Well. That was an interesting weekend.

Friday I transferred keys from [ profile] stakebait (who was going out of town) to [ profile] kita0610, [ profile] ros_fod, and [ profile] swmbo (who were staying in her apartment). Which was actually a very good thing, as I wouldn't have even known everyone was coming to NYC if they hadn't contacted me. (That's what I get for not paying attention to LiveJournal....)

So then Saturday I met up with about 25 LiveJournal people at this bar/restaurant called Blue Mill in the West Village, then saw Vincent Kartheiser in a play about teenage prostitutes, then walked around the village and ended up in a bar with maybe 10 (?) LJ people.

The play was awful. But I don't think many people were there for the play. VK was pretty. And naked. And that's really all that counts. (I have to admit, he's not my type at all, but the enthusiasm was infectious). Oh yeah, and Minnie Driver was sitting in front of us; how random.

Of course, the best part was seeing everyone. It was awesome to see [ profile] _jolielaide and [ profile] saussy again. And I'm very proud of [ profile] _jolielaide for actually going up to VK after the play and getting his autograph for [ profile] witling (who I'm sorry couldn't make it). It was great to see [ profile] kita0610 again, and though I don't know [ profile] ros_fod well, her VK obsession is adorable. [ profile] justhuman ended up sitting next to me, so it was cool to chat with her in person. I ended up squeeing over Queer as Folk with several people, which was way fun. (I love fannish people! You can never have that kind of "OMG ISN'T BRIAN KINNEY THE COOLEST EVER!!??" type conversation with boring real-life people.) I can't remember everyone's LJ name; there were a lot of people I didn't know, or only sort of knew (my fault, for drifting away from fandom; I don't mean offense to anyone). Next time: nametags. :P

So anyway. It was a little weird, and a little rushed (I wish I'd had more time to chat with a bunch of people), but ultimately really cool to catch up with people I knew, and great to meet new people.

P.S. DragonCon. C'mon, you know you want to. :)
Joss Whedon will be at Dragoncon. So, you guys are going, right? ;)

And apparently, I am the one person left in the world who didn't know that Vincent Kartheiser is doing a play in NYC. That's what I get for skipping out on LiveJournal for weeks on end....

But now I know, and apparently I will be seeing a bunch of you guys there this Saturday at the 9pm show. And the pre-show meetup, probably. :)

Last night I fell asleep on my couch while re-watching season one of Queer as Folk. I adore Brian Kinney so much. But I have to fast forward through every scene with Michael's boring doctor boyfriend. I hate that guy. I hate the character because he's a manipulative, condescending asshole, and I've never been able to stand the actor (he just rubs me wrong; I could never get into Kung Fu: The Legend Continues as a kid, because I disliked him). And Ted is so boring and creepy; I can't stand him either. But it's all worth it, because Brian.

It's Friday, so we're eating vegan cupcakes. *is happy*
Got home from DragonCon last night. It was fun, but going to two cons in a row was exhausting. Not sure if I'll want to do that again.

The Firefly guests (Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite, and Adam Baldwin) were the surprise hits of the con. Very popular, packed the Q&A and autograph rooms, and were very funny and entertaining.

I didn't do any of the Buffy stuff, as I wasn't interested. I wanted to do Harry Potter panels, but frustratingly, the few Harry Potter panels coincided with other stuff that I wanted to do more. So the only Harry Potter thing I saw was Harry Potter Jeopardy, for little kids. Well, all the HP programming was for little kids--it was the YA Track. They NEED a totally-Harry Potter track, with ADULT programming! All the HP stuff was packed, with lines, while the rest of the YA stuff was barely filled. I don't think I'll return next year if they don't have separate HP programming for grown-ups.

The best surprise for me was Rogue from the Cruxshadows. He was on two of the panels for the new Goth track and he was WONDERFUL. Brilliant and articulate and interesting and funny. One panel was specifically about the history of Goth music while the other was about the Goth subculture in general. Rogue discussed the ideology/mindstate of "Goth" going back to the Romans vs. "passionate, non-logical, individualistic" outsiders. He talked about Beethoven as the first Goth musician, Byron and Goth as "modern Romanticism," early horror films like Nosferatu, plus the development of New Wave from Punk and all the obvious stuff. He was just so interesting and thoughtful. All the discussions were really fair and open-minded--they were talking about the positives and negatives of stuff like Hot Topic and Marilyn Manson from a really balanced perspective. Lots of celebration of the diversity of the Goth movement. I wish someone had recorded those panels; they were wonderful.

The Cruxshadows themselves were awesome, of course. Unfortunately they didn't play until 2am, and we were let in at 10:30pm, plus had to wait in line to get in. Standing for four hours SUCKED. The opening band, Faith and the Muse, was terrible. Voltaire was good, but not worth standing for. My feet still hurt. But the Cruxshadows were worth it. And I got [ profile] jaydk to stand up front with me, and she loved the show (even though she's so not goth and she doesn't like live music). Rogue sang to her, and autographed a CD for her, and gave her a hug. :)

I saw a kid dressed as Remus Lupin (with the scars!), and shrieked, and took his photo. There were also a bunch of Harrys floating around, and a good amount of Snapes and Hagrids. Plenty of pirates, as well--several captain Jacks, at least one Captain Hook, and a bunch of generic pirates. They also did an interactive showing of PotC, but as it was at 10am, I didn't go.

It was fun to go to the con, and good to spend time with [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] elizard100 and [ profile] rockgoddes, plus the various other people I ran into like [ profile] elfgirl and [ profile] dwivian, Froggy and Jamie, April B. and Donna, [ profile] poshcat and [ profile] fer1213, etc....

And now, I must work, and then sleep for a very long time.
I'm leaving tomorrow night for Dragoncon. (Squee!) They're going to have lots of Harry Potter stuff, and the Cruxshadows are playing .... I'm very excited. Anyone else going to be there who might want to meet up at some point? :)

I realized I never posted anything publicly about Vulkon Oakland. So I'll just say that Common Rotation is awesome (everyone should check them out), the Trio is so entertaining, Alexis Denisof is articulate and beautiful and adorable, Vulkon is EVIL and I will never attend another of their cons, and the best part was seeing people and hanging out with my friends. And, y'know, I strongly encourage y'all not to give money to Vulkon, ever. But do buy lots of Common Ro CDs!

So I feel bad about leaving again, because my cats will be lonely ... but it's only for four days, and my roommate is taking care of them. And I'll spend LOTS of time with them when I get back. I can tell they're being clingy, though--Angel spent last night sleeping pretty much on my face. (She was soooo cute, so I let her, even though I've been sneezing all day because of it.)

Well, anyway, must go squeeze a bit more work in before I head off to another con.
[ profile] jaydk has convinced me to go see Harry Potter 3 again tonight. For the third time in IMAX. Eighth time total. That doesn't include the numerous times I've watched the Remus/Sirius scenes on my own copy. I'm such a dork. (But it is really cool to see in IMAX....)

(Is OoTP still considered spoilery? Well, it's been out over a year; I'm not going to hide every spoiler from it, so be warned.)

Here is a great essay about why Remus/Sirius might be canon. Not that I really care if they're officially canon or not, because I don't give a damn about authorial intent, but it's nice to see their relationship being examined so closely.

[ profile] jaydk has tried to convince me that Sirius isn't really dead. I mean, there's no body, and who dies from falling through a veil anyway? Why would Rowling set up such a weird death unless something more was going to come of it?

I still think he's dead, personally. But now I have this idea in my head, which gives me hope, which is very bad because it makes me want to read more fic....

I'm going to be so devastated when the next book comes out and my poor darling Sirius is still dead!

Speaking of fic, I quite loved The Host and His Guest by Diane Coffin. (That's a rec; go read it if you haven't.) Not to mention the amazing stuff that [ profile] anniesj has been writing.

So, btw, is anyone in R/S fandom for Sirius? Everyone seems to prefer Remus. I don't get it at all.... I totally identify with Sirius, and find him fascinating, and like him best. (Though I was more like Snape than Sirius in school ... but that whole flashback didn't bother me. Just made me love Sirius even more, and made me more heartbroken that he didn't really get a chance to grow up properly.)

God, I'm babbling. This is horrible. This is why [ profile] jaydk and I are going to hang out tonight--so we can babble to each other about this.

We were also happy to learn that DragonCon has added a "Young Adult Literature" track. Which is going to have Harry Potter stuff! Woohoo!! (Given that there was only one HP panel last year, this is a major improvement.)

Anyone else going to DragonCon this year? [ profile] jaydk and I decided to go because we had so much fun last year--so much to do, great music, amazing costumes, etc. Something for everyone.

Anyway, in boring RL news, over the weekend my dad came to the city and helped me install a new air conditioner. I should save on the electric bill, in the end, and at least the fuse won't blow, and I'll probably have better luck keeping roommates in a room that isn't sweltering.

My dad also brought the cats back, and the new roommate moved in. The cats seem fine; Lucifer is being very clingy, which he does whenever he's away from me for long. He needs lots of attention. The new roommate seems cool--vegan and likes cats. I've got my fingers crossed that it'll work out.

I went into work two hours early today, so that I can take off two hours early tomorrow. (Working ten hours = really boring). But tomorrow I'm going to see Common Rotation at [ profile] psubrat's! With tons of cool people like [ profile] chenanceou, [ profile] elizard100, [ profile] rockgoddes, [ profile] redeem147, and so on. Should be fun. :)

And then I want to see Common Ro again the next night in Long Island, and then maybe Saturday night in Woodstock ....

I'm such a fangirl.
Finally got my DragonCon photos posted:

My favorites?

Me and Captain Jack!
Annie and me
Jane, Circe, and me
Many more ...

I'm not going to link this page from All About Spike (though it's in the AAS format) because it's mostly pictures of people hanging out--none of the celebrity photos are very good. So this is the only place I'm posting the link.

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