I woke up this morning all sad about the Doctor Who finale. (And after being all pollyanna!)

but I mostly cheered myself up again )
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Go read this great analysis of Dead Man's Chest.

I particularly liked this description of Davy Jones:
like jabba the hutt with a portable sarlacc that he can sic on other people by remote control
My photos of the Chemlab show in DC are here.

In other news, [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan came over after work on Thursday and we had a little pirate party. Watched the first film, ate lots of takeout and got drunk, then headed to the theater for the 12:01am premiere at the AMC 25 (most comfortable theater in the city).

It was good. So good, in fact, that we went to see it again Friday night at the Ziegfeld. So I've seen Pirates 2 twice in 24 hours. :)

It's amazing how shallow the mainstream reviews are. As if they assume the genre is inherently shallow, so they utterly refuse to see any depth in the film itself. Like willful blindness. I don't get it.

Meh, whatever. Maybe I'll write up my own review at some point. I'm sure I'll end up seeing it plenty more times. ([ profile] drujan is at the theater now, but I bowed out of a third viewing in three days.)

Also, I really wanted to see Macbeth; it's Shakespeare in the Park and tomorrow is the last day. I went to get tickets on Friday, but the line was INSANE, and I didn't feel like getting up at 6am today. *sigh*
I was up all night writing a final paper. No fun. Now I have to work all day ... I'm zombie Laura. Drinking lots of coffee. (And I can't even go home and sleep tonight, because I have to study for a final tomorrow morning, too. Grrrrr.)

Of course, I should have written last night's paper earlier, but [ profile] chenanceou is in town and I couldn't miss hanging out with her. Last weekend we had a Pirates viewing at [ profile] drujan's place, which was very fun, although we ended up stranded there until nearly 5am because of the snowstorm.

This weekend a bunch of us ([ profile] chenanceou, [ profile] jerrymcl89, [ profile] drujan, [ profile] jaydk, and I) went to see Big Fish. I actually thought it was really good, which is rare for me, since I usually don't like movies that lack action or sci-fi. I thought it was very well done, very creative, and very sort of "heartfelt," in a real way, not a cheesy Lifetime movie way. Also, at the end, all four of us women were crying. Awwww. (I wonder if Spike redemptionists have a greater likelihood of getting emotionally involved in movies or TV?) Then we went to eat at GoBo, which has really yummy vegan food, so I was happy.

We're doing a great big huge super important urgent project at work, which, in combination with finals, is really stressing the hell out of me. So, naturally, I'm going to take my lunch break to babble about fandom nonsense.

Weirdly enough, I've been archiving a lot of Spike/Buffy on my site recently. This is coincidence, largely because I've made an effort to catch up with some older authors whose work I hadn't gotten to yet, and they've tended to be S/B oriented. (I also contacted a few slash writers, but they haven't written back to me yet *hint hint*.) I'm not back on the Spuffy ship or anything like that; I still find Buffy to be one of the most repulsive characters I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. But I do try to judge each story on its individual merits, and I also think it's easier to perceive actual human qualities like, say, the potential for compassion (for someone she doesn't see as an extension of herself or as a useful tool) in the Buffy of earlier seasons.

But I am looking to get back to other pairings and more recent stories, so if anyone has any recommendations for current writers that I'm missing out on, please let me know. The extent to which I seek out new writers has been rather limited lately, so I'm sure I'm missing out on some great fic. (I do, btw, plan to play a bit of catch up over the holidays, once finals are over, though I'll also have colloquium preparation to worry about then, too. *cue panic attack*)

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my weekend, with Angel spoilers )

Totally random:

I think I'm the only one who doesn't get what's so special about the extra Smashed footage. There's no more Spike than we already had; it's just SMG humping the ground. I care why?
This is the best review of "Chosen" I've read so far.

Last night was fun. I met up with [ profile] chenanceou, [ profile] soulmate815, [ profile] jaydk, [ profile] drujan, [ profile] villagechick, Jerry, Cascante (who posts on the gutter), and JodyE50 (who used to write fic as JodithGrace). It was a fun group. We gathered around 6pm and were there until after 1am, just hanging out and talking. We covered quite a few topics. I think the funniest thing was when we were all sitting around, conversing like perfectly normal adults, and then the topic turned to Buffy and suddenly we were all talking at once, loudly and vehemently. It was like, "oh, right! we're all extreme Buffy fans."

I love venting about Buffy (the character) with [ profile] drujan. I think we just need [ profile] miggy and our Buffy-hating group would be complete. (And [ profile] jaydk would be really annoyed). And it was great to talk to [ profile] chenanceou about the numerous reasons Spike shouldn't have been given a soul. (As [ profile] jaydk got even more annoyed. Sorry Jane!). Chen told me she has a t-shirt that says "Soul? Schmoul!" I want one!

Anyway, I'm babbling. Kind of in a bad mood today; post-con blues. [ profile] soulmate815, [ profile] jaydk, [ profile] drujan, and I are going to go see Pirates of the Caribbean again. (This is my third time). We keep planning all this other stuff: we're going to see T3 and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, we're going to see Shakespeare in the park, we're going to have a Johnny Depp movie marathon sleepover, we're going to watch AtS S1 DVDs ... instead we just see Pirates over and over. And, y'know, I really can't complain. That movie is fun.
[ profile] rabid1st wrote Spike/Captain Jack Sparrow slash. Hehehe. Go read, if you haven't already.

I just started reading the slashficathon stories; my favorite so far is [ profile] wiseacress's schmoop written for [ profile] eliade. Read it here. Some silly people I know don't like to read [ profile] wiseacress's fic because it's too dark, so if you're one of those people, try this anyway. It's sweet and in-character and fun and entertaining; not too angsty at all.

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean Friday night with [ profile] jaydk, [ profile] soulmate815, and [ profile] drujan. (Isn't it cool how I met these people through online Buffy fandom, and now we hang out and do stuff together? I can't get over how neat that is.) I loved the movie, which surprises me, since it's based on a Disney ride and all that. But Johnny Depp gave an amazing performance, Orlando Blood was very pretty, and the plot and characters were all quite entertaining.

I finished the George R. R. Martin "Song of Ice and Fire" books (well, the three that are out; I'm looking forward to the release of the fourth). I liked them a lot, and as expected, I did end up loving Jaime Lannister in the third book. He's a very Spike-like character. spoilers for all three books )

So, now I'm re-reading A Game of Thrones, the first book, because it makes so much more sense now that I know who all the characters are. The first time I read it, it felt like I was just having hundreds of names thrown at me without reason; it was terribly frustrating and made it take forever for me to get into the book. But now that I know who they are and what most of them want, it's so much more interesting. (Is there SoIaF fic? There's got to be Renly/Loras slash, right?)

I spent so much time this weekend reading (books) that I still haven't caught up with LJ for the week that I was away. I'm not sure if I ever will, so I'll just ask: If you posted fic, or you read a fic that you really liked, and you think it would fit AllAboutSpike, can you let me know? I'm sure I must have missed quite a bit, so I'd appreciate any help. Also, sometimes I find out months later that authors were mad at me for "snubbing" them (even though it's usually just that I haven't had time to read their work yet, or to contact them yet), so if you're an author wondering why I haven't contacted you, please feel free to contact me first.

I'm facing another busy week this week. Tuesday (dear god, that's tomorrow!) my former favorite band, Uranium 235, is playing a reunion show at Don Hills in NYC. I'm going with my old friend [ profile] dizenchanted and hopefully I will get to meet up with many of my other old friends at the show. For those who don't know, U235 was my pre-Buffy obsession; they were a very talented electronic/industrial/goth type band who mostly played along the East Coast. I'm rather nervous about seeing ... some people ... but I will go anyway because I want to see friends that I haven't seen in ages. (And man, I so miss getting all gothed out and going to a show!)

Then Wednesday [ profile] jaydk, [ profile] queenofthorns and I are going to see Pirates of the Caribbean again, because [ profile] queenofthorns missed it the first time. And I'm happy to see it again (Johnny Depp! Orlando Bloom!).

And then of course, this weekend is the Tampa con! [ profile] jaydk and I are flying together, and we're staying with some people I know and some people I don't know, and I'm finally going to get to meet so many people that I currently only know online. I'm so excited. And I'm making a promise to myself to ignore anything stupid that JM says, forgive him because he's pretty, and focus my attention on the friends that I'm going to be hanging out with.

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