Judge rules for Rowling in ‘Lexicon’ book case.

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Jul. 29th, 2008 10:49 pm

The new Harry Potter trailer looks really awesome!

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no way!

Oct. 22nd, 2007 03:35 pm
Dude. I go off LJ for a couple of weeks, and no one bothers to tell me that Dumbledore is gay?

I mean, I read him as gay anyway (Dumbledore/Grindelwald was the slashiest thing since ... well, since Remus/Sirius), but I see the world through slash goggles. I'm pretty stunned that she actually came out and said it.

Yes, I'm annoyed that it's not canonical. Yes, my shipper heart is pissed that she didn't follow it up with "and Remus and Sirius were bisexual."

But. Mostly I think it's cool that she said it at all.

I'm making InsaneJournal my main journal for now, but for the time-being, I'll also be cross-posting to my LiveJournal. (Eventually I will stop posting in LJ, but I'll give plenty of warning when that happens.)

I picked InsaneJournal because, compared to its rivals, the server is faster and the code seems more up to date. The account-creation process is easier than that of JournalFen and its dictator is more benevolent than that of GreatestJournal (which is no better than LJ in terms of random deletion of users). I am still awaiting a real non-profit alternative, though.

So, anyway, a couple of things about InsaneJournal, if you're also thinking of moving:

* It's ugly, but you can fix it! Go here to change the default site layout. Some of the options are still ugly, but the text-only version is as clean and simple as you can get. (This is not your journal style; it's the site style).

* You can change your journal style; InsaneJournal supports S1 and S2 styles. (Go here to do so if you already have an account.)

* You can still read your LJ friends via syndication. Instructions here.

* Free users could only have 100 friends. Well, they just changed it to 250. Yay!

* You can buy a permanent account for only $40. It comes with tons of features. I bought one.

* I'm trying to keep my FL at InsaneJournal up-to-date (ie, I'm trying to add anyone on my LJ friendslist who creates an InsaneJournal). I'm terribly haphazard about this, though, and have probably missed people. It's not intentional; just let me know if you want to be on my FL in any of the other places.

(Thanks to [ profile] miggy for pointing some of this out.)

Other stuff:

* I loved [ profile] fodian's post about why disturbing art should not be banned.

* [ profile] elfgirl summed up the repulsiveness of Six Apart's stance on pro-anorexia communities. While frequently contradicting themselves, Six Apart has said that even if artwork depicting underaged characters engaging in sexual acts is legal, they think it's icky and don't want it on their servers. But they allow hate speech and groups that teach young women how to kill themselves, "because it's legal." Having already said that they'll delete legal stuff if it offends them, we can only assume that they're okay with racism and girls starving themselves?

(I'm not saying these disgusting communities should be deleted; I'm hugely in favor of free speech. But if you're going to selectively decide which "legal but icky" stuff you're going to delete, isn't actual people being hurt worse than fictional characters having sex?)

* "User Generated Content" & Ownership: The User as Citizen - a great post about the larger issues at stake here.

* We're on Slashdot.

And in real-life news:

* I went to see Juliette and the Licks (Juliette Lewis's band) play five acoustic songs at the Union Square Virgin Megastore the other day. They were really good. Juliette is a passionate singer and amazing performer, and the band was energetic and fun. Plus, the crowd was pretty small--you could just walk right up to the stage, and the band was just walking around interacting.

I bought their album, and it's okay, but the live performance was much better. If you get a chance to see them, I highly recommend it.

* [ profile] jaydk and I went to see Harry Potter 5 in IMAX again last night. That's the fourth time I've seen the movie, and the second in IMAX. It's just so cool! (Still not Alfonso Cuaron cool, but what is?) Then we stayed out late having dinner and talking endlessly about Harry Potter. It's fun to share an obsession! (She loves Remus, I love Sirius, so we squee over the same moments but for totally different reasons.)

She keeps telling me that I *must* read a story called "Beyond the Veil" by Helene, but I can't find it anywhere. (All the Google results lead to broken links.) I don't suppose anyone out there knows where I could find it?

We're ridiculously excited about DragonCon; check out the YA Lit Track schedule. (I am totally going to check out at least one Cassandra Clare panel this year! And I'll totally be polite and sit in the back and not snicker.)

And the Goth Track schedule is looking pretty good, too, although I'm upset that they've scheduled what looks like the most interesting panel ("The Craft of Songwriting" with Andy Deane, Rick Joyce, Rogue, and Voltaire) on Monday at 2:30pm, when I'll already be gone. :( (Although the good news is that I'm going to Disney World for the Pirate Party on Monday night with [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan--yes, [ profile] drujan is finally coming to DragonCon!)

[Cross-posted to my InsaneJournal].
I went to see Chris Cornell last night. It turned out to be one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen.

I'm a huge Soundgarden fan--I grew up with "Badmotorfinger" and "Superunknown"--but I figured he'd be playing solo stuff and Audioslave stuff and maybe grace us with one of two Soundgarden songs. But...

He opened with "Let Me Drown" (from "Superunknown") and followed it up with "Outshined" (from "Badmotorfinger") so I was ecstatic and knew that it was going to be a great show.

the (INCREDIBLE) setlist )

Four from "Badmotorfinger"! Three from "Superunknown" (including "Let Me Drown" which wasn't a big hit and I'd never have expected to hear live)! Two from "Down on the Upside"! And "Say Hello to Heaven," which is from "Temple of the Dog"!! I cried through the whole song.

His voice was absolutely astounding and he was in such great spirits. He kept joking with the audience and laughing and telling stories about the songs. Then he brought out his two young children and kept them onstage with him for an entire song. It was adorable and so sweet. I've been a fan of his for um... 13 years! ... so it was wonderful to see him so happy. And it translated into an amazing performance and the whole room was just filled with the most incredible energy.

At the end, it was so cool to walk out of the venue and find myself surrounded by people in Soundgarden and Pearl Jam t-shirts. It was like traveling back in time. That was my era! (Yes, I know I was 12, but it was still my era. I love that music the way you can only love something that you fall for as a child and grow up being shaped by.)

There are some great photos down in this forum thread.

Unfortunately I missed the opening band, which was Juliette and the Licks. I arrived late and didn't realize that it was Juliette Lewis! But I did get to meet her and got her CD signed by her. I loved her singing in the movie "Strange Days" (one of my all time favorites) and she's been in a bunch of other movies I've liked as well ("From Dusk Till Dawn," "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"). So I'll definitely have to catch her on tour next time....

Oh yeah, and in other good news: the reports coming back from San Diego Comic Con sound amazing. I'm so excited about Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man.

And the "Indiana Jones 4" panel sounded awesome. They're bringing back Marion! I loved Karen Allen in that role and I never thought they'd have the guts to bring her back.

Oh yeah, and I finally saw "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" in IMAX 3D. It was so cool--it felt like you were IN the Department of Mysteries during the final scene. And I love how IMAX lets you see every little detail. I want to go again! (And again and again...)

I realized that I hadn't posted about the movie at all (I saw it the first time a while ago, on opening night). I like it a lot. It's still not as good at the third one, but it's far better than the others. It felt true to the characters and story. And, though I'm annoyed with a few little cuts (Lily in the flashback; Snape, Sirius, and Remus interacting) I'm impressed with how much of the plot they managed to keep. The story flowed well and Daniel Radfcliffe is turning into quite an actor. I loved Luna and Bellatrix and Umbridge; they did an amazing job with the casting. And Jason Isaacs continues to kick ass as Lucius; I'm glad he was so prominent in this one. (I don't even need to say how awesome Gary Oldman and Alan Rickman are, do I?) The only one I continue to dislike is Michael Gambon, who captures Dumbledore's ruthlessness and but totally misses his sense of whimsy. Minor quibbles.

Anyway, yes. Must see it again....
Oh my God!

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and managed to remain completely unspoiled until the end.

Mostly positive reaction, full of SPOILERS!!!! )
There are NO SPOILERS in this post. None at all. This is just my observations of the four Harry Potter parties I went to on Friday night. I'll post my book reaction in my next post.

Wow, so um, I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I got started late because I went to four Harry Potter release parties. I mean, I figure, if you live in Manhattan and Manhattan gets taken over by Harry Potter mania, you ought to experience it. Once in a lifetime thing, you know?

Union Square B&N )

Scholastic's 'Harry Potter Alley' )

McNally Robinson's 'Harry Potter for Adults' )

And I finally get the book at the Lincoln Center B&N )

And my reaction is coming up, um, as soon as I write it....
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I am Severus Snape )

*is highly amused*
SPOILER WARNING: Contains spoilers for the entire Harry Potter series

So I went to this thing called "Harry, Carrie, and Garp" at Radio City Music Hall last night. (In fact, I bought tickets months ago and nearly forgot about it; happily someone on LJ mentioned it and I remembered that afternoon!)

To my immense frustration, I learned that Jon Stewart had been there the previous night, but wasn't there the night I went. (WAH!!!)

However, I did get to see JK Rowling, Stephen King, and John Irving. They were introduced by Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Robbins, some actor I didn't know, and Kathy Bates. Each read a short amount, then answered a few questions (moderated by Soledad O'Brien, who I've only heard of because apparently Stephen Colbert has a crush on her).

Stephen King was very down to earth and funny. When asked what stories scared him, he answered that "Lord of the Flies" scared him as a child, and that the Death Eaters in Harry Potter scared him recently (in response Rowling exclaimed "I scared Stephen King!").

John Irving, who I've never read, was very articulate and thoughtful, and made me want to read some of his work. I wish the others had answered questions as sincerely as he did.

JK Rowling was rather quiet and apologetic (every time she gave a long answer she apologized, even though John Irving often rambled on much longer than her). She did announce that she had nicer shoes than the other panelists (they were pretty cool shoes). The other two had read stories involving vomit, so she apologized for not knowing that was going to be the theme, and instead read part of book 6 where Dumbledore first meets young Tom Riddle. She had noticed the audience cheering for Snape (during a video clip that introduced her) and said that while she could kind of understand us cheering on Snape, we should not cheer on Tom Riddle.

She was asked a few interesting questions. One wondered which of her characters she'd actually like to be real; she answered "Hagrid," (ick) then added "Because when I'm confronted with fundamentalist Christians, I could just say 'Would you like to discuss the matter with Hagrid?'" That I liked.

spoilers )

At the end the three were asked which five of their characters would they most like to sit down to dinner with. Stephen King wanted to sit down with other people's characters, not his own. JK Rowling finally answered "Harry, so I could apologize," then added Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore spoiler ) and finally Hagrid. (Gaaaah!! How boring! People were yelling out "Sirius!" and "Snape!" of course).

This got me to thinking which five of her characters I would want to have dinner with: Sirius, obviously, and you can't have Sirius without Remus. Snape, for the conflict, and Tom Riddle, who'd be fascinating to observe. I was a little torn on the final slot--maybe Bellatrix or Draco. Probably Draco, actually, since he's a more layered, morally-ambiguous character than Bellatrix.

Anyway, it was pretty cool to see these people in person, and to hear them read from their stories. Wish the answers had been a little more interesting, though. I suspect JK Rowling will be a lot more interesting once the series is over and she doesn't have to worry about revealing spoilers with every answer.

Rescue Me

Jun. 26th, 2006 05:13 pm
Peter Tolan's posting over at the Rescue Me TWOP board.

Quite interesting. Though, of course, he had to get in the middle of an argument about whether a recent scene was or wasn't rape, so there's wank. His posts start on this page.

If you're not watching Rescue Me.... come on! It's good!

In other news, I went to a big brunch on Sunday. [ profile] drujan and I were discussing the recent Harry Potter wank, and slowly the entire table (7 non-fandom people) fell silent and gaped at us with mouths open as we explained the thing. It really is boggling.


Jun. 21st, 2006 05:48 pm
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I know this already making the rounds within fandom, but for anyone who's managed to miss it, you really must read this: apparently a huge amount of the wank that's gone on in Harry Potter fandom for the past few years was all caused by one batshit insane fan and her zillion sockpuppets. I was over here (barely) participating in Spike fandom, yet even I remember a bunch of this stuff happening. Crazy to see that it all ties together like this.

It's quite a fascinating study in human social interaction--almost a guide on how to manipulate people and play on their biases in order to gain social power. Very much worth reading, even just to recognize the signs and avoid such people in the future.

[ profile] 10zlaine, you'll find it quite interesting.

personal/tmi )

In other news, now that I've had a good night's sleep and washed off the ickiness of the Hartford train station, I've decided that going to Hartford wasn't a mistake after all. I mean, you know, it was PIG. And ... yeah.

Now I'm trying to decide--should I go to San Francisco and LA, or should I try for the three Texas dates, Austin, Dallas, and Houston? I want to go to the ones that'll have better crowds. I'm leaning toward SF and LA, but those guys I hung with in Florida might be going to the Texas ones, in which case it would be fun to have traveling partners. And then, should I go to the final show in Nashville, too? I'm tempted, but it's on a Thursday, meaning I'd have to take two vacation days. Argh. I'm going to wait and see.
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Oh my god. It's a Colbert Report/Harry Potter crossover. Awesome.

Veronica Mars. The last few episodes haven't sucked nearly as much as the beginning of the season, so I'll post some thoughts, in no real order. spoilers for aired VM episodes )

Other stuff...

* I had a strange dream last night, in which I was back in my 12th grade history class with Ms. Moran as the mean scary teacher. I didn't bring my books, because they were heavy and I thought we wouldn't need them, so she snapped at me and then handed out a memo to everyone which included a note about how irresponsible I was for not bringing the books. And for some reason, [ profile] ros_fod was sitting at the desk next to mine, and [ profile] kita0610 was sitting behind her. And then there was a fire drill, and I was in trouble because we were supposed to stash our books somewhere, but I hadn't brought any books to stash. And then [ profile] ros_fod was feeling faint, but Ms. Moran was mean and made her go to the nurse alone, even though [ profile] kita0610 offered to go with her.

Yeah, don't ask me to explain dreamlogic.

* I randomly flipped over to NIN's "Closer" video on VH1 Classics last night. I'd actually forgotten that Trent used to be skinny and fucked-up and leather clad and hot, instead of looking like your friend's uncle who works as a bouncer. *sigh* Wish I'd seen them live back then.

* South Park hovers in this weird territory between unbelievably funny and just ... stupid. The last two episodes were quite a contrast, as the return of Chef episode was fucking brilliant, and the San Francisco episode was just... so lame. As if those "heartland" folks proclaiming their superiority over the gays and atheists on the coasts aren't just as smug? Way to completely miss the obvious. But, whatever, it's South Park; if you get offended, you're giving them exactly what they want. (I think they mostly just get off on the "subversiveness" of offending as many people as possible, especially the groups that Hollywood usually overlooks.)

I'm too busy:

* Friday night - V for Vendetta with [ profile] drujan and [ profile] jaydk

* Saturday night - marathon of Jonathan from Guiding Light with [ profile] jaydk (and she's agreed to let me force PIG videos on her! Whoo!!)

* Sunday night - WriterCon meeting

* Monday night - I'm going to the Daily Show! I can't wait. :)

* Wednesday - I have jury duty. Yuck.

And somewhere in the midst of all this, I'm working on this other thing, a really cool, really complex project that is supposed to launch in a week. I have a feeling I'm not going to be getting very much sleep in the upcoming days. *deep breath* But I can do it. And it will be cool.

(And on top of it all--I'm still sick from San Francisco! Damn West Coast germs. :P)
I asked for VM fic recs the other day, and [ profile] amerella totally went above and beyond. If anyone else is looking for non-LoVe Logan fic, check out the recs she posted for me. My favorite would be That's Amore by [ profile] dark_roast (post 1x22). Well written, very disturbing, and totally Logan.

I've been so busy lately. Random life update:

Thanksgiving was fun. [ profile] jaydk and her mom were really accomodating, and made the side dishes using vegan margarine and soy milk, so I could eat the mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green beans. And her mom bought me some frozen dinner type things, so I had plenty. Oh, and she made a yummy vegan pumpkin pie, using my favorite recipe. (Plus, they have a Trader Joe's, so I was able to stock up for the rest of the weekend.)

We watched 18 episodes of Veronica Mars, and [ profile] jaydk got into it and was totally a Logan fan, despite starting with a "I hate Logan, I'm so sick of everyone raving about him" attitude. Hee! And she shared my utter lack of patience with the boringness of Duncan.

We also saw Harry Potter again (it was better the second time, felt less rushed) and saw Rent (awful, but of course, it made me cry my eyes out anyway). And we took care of her mom's dogs (cute, but man, dogs are annoying) and visited Target (huge! and creepy! but I did get season three of Family Guy for $18, so not entirely bad).

It was good to get home, though. I missed my cats so much, and I could tell they missed me too. Lucifer still hasn't stopped following me everywhere I go, and he's been much more patient toward my whole "picking him up and hugging him" thing. (He totally loves being held, but he usually has to pretend to get sick of it after a few minutes, otherwise he loses his cat credibility or something).

What else? Oh yeah, Writercon! There will be another Writercon in 2006! Of all the Buffy-related conventions I've been to (and there are many), Writercon is by far my favorite. There's really a great community of people who run and attend that convention. And this year I'm helping out! So, please do consider going, if you haven't already decided. :)
So, I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. IMAX good. Movie... not so good. Alfonso Cuaron, come back!!

spoilers )
I've been busy.

Wednesday I saw Tim Burton's Corpse Bride with [ profile] chenanceou, [ profile] jerrymcl89, and [ profile] drujan. I was minor spoilers )

Afterward I dragged Chen and Jerry to a vegetarian Thai place called Pukk. Chen was very skeptical, but as she soon discovered, the food there is delicious. :)

Afterward we ended up at this bar on St. Mark's that we've been at continually--the same place where we met the Irish guys and Chen had her first lemonade. We talked for a while, Jerry left, then we saw a rat so we left.... (Oh yeah, did I mention we found one of the Irish guys on google? Keith Keds. Alas, no info on his friend, though.)

Damn, these days are blurring together. I can't remember if we did anything after that or not.

On Thursday, we decided to go to Gobo, but it ended up being packed and having a half hour wait. So we went instead to Vegetarian's Paradise 2, which is also good. Chen couldn't believe that the Crispy Soul Chicken wasn't made from real chicken. Being a vegan in NYC is awesome. :)

After that we went to The Pyramid Club, because they have an 80s new wave night on Thursdays. We hung out there for a while--the music was good, and they were playing the Depeche Mode 86-98 video without its sound, and Chen danced for a bit. It was fun. We ended up leaving after a while, though--the crowd wasn't that great, lots of touristy types and young college kids.

Afterwards we ended up... where? We stopped by the bar on St. Mark's, and were told that they didn't have lemonade (despite Chen having it there like three days in a row beforehand). So we ended up back at the Mexican place on 3rd and 13th, where she had quesadillas, and I had rice and beans, and we both drank Negra Modelo.

Then we ended up back at my place, because Chen wanted to see some of my old Jon Stewart show tapes. I was more than happy to share the Jon Stewart love. So we watched the one with Marilyn Manson (the second-to-last episode) and cooed over how adorable Jon was. But Chen was very disturbed by Marilyn Manson, and insisted that she really dislikes him. I think the guy is smart, a talented artist with a lot to say, and at the worst, a dorky guy from Ohio wearing makeup and dealing with some inflated ego issues. Certainly nothing to get intimidated by.

So I showed her his book (which she started reading and quickly went out and bought). And I showed her his 1997 Politically Incorrect appearance with G. Gordon Liddy, Florence Henderson, and (some psychotic nut) Lakita Garth. That show is one of the most surreal and ridiculous things ever, but Manson is awesome on it. Chen went from cringing every time he appeared to listening, riveted, to his every word. Pretty cool. >:)

Anyway, so my roommate didn't really appreciate this (even though we had the volume as low as possible and were whispering to each other). So Chen eventually left (also, it was 4am).

I had Friday and Saturday to myself--I caught up on sleep, listed stuff on eBay, and finished The Goblet of Fire. *sigh* I love Sirius as much as ever, and am having a very hard time forcing myself to read The Order of the Phoenix. *sob*

Yesterday (Sunday) Chen was back. We went to see The 40-Year-Old Virgin, which was very funny, but strangely, not as funny as I expected given the massive praise it's received. spoilers )

Meh, but I'm being bitter. It was funny, and we were laughing our asses off during most of it. (Except when the assholes behind us started kicking Chen's chair and telling her to shut up. People really suck sometimes.)

Afterwards we went to Pukk again, which was as yummy as always. Oh, and on the way, as we were at Astor Place walking toward St. Mark's, guess who we passed. Seriously... think for a minute... who do I not know and yet see every weekend?

Yes, that's right, Voltaire! Poor guy must think he is being stalked. He was out with his son, and we were walking right past, so I smiled and Chen said hello, and we hurried by. I felt bad, even though, y'know, it's not my fault. We run in the same circles, or something. (I've never gone anywhere specifically to see him, yet we were both at ComicCon, that wacky Long Island con, Dragoncon, the Bella Morte show, the Neil Gaiman reading, and Astor Place last night. That was the fourth time I've seen him this month.)

Anyway, so after Pukk, Chen and I walked to TeaNY, which was delicious--we each had a pot of tea and shared tea sandwiches and a brownie. Later, I really wished I hadn't had a whole pot of tea, though--it took a very long time to fall asleep last night.

After TeaNY we headed back toward St. Mark's place, where the guy from the lemonade-and-Irish-guys bar saw us and invited us in. So we drank Negra Modelo and talked for quite a while, but left (relatively) early. I was home by 1:30am, since I had to work today.

It's been such fun--I live in such a wonderful neighborhood, and it's great to hang with someone who appreciates it and wants to explore it. And of course, Chen is awesome.

And now... back to work. :(

PS: How is "working" a mood? If I choose it, will it put me in the mood to get work done?

PPS: New Pig November 8!!!!!!!! :)
DragonCon was awesome! )

I really don't have anything new to say regarding the hurricane... it's absolutely horrifying, and I can only hope that it'll be a wake-up call that this country seriously needs to change. Jon Stewart's monologue last night was perfect (you can watch it at this link), and this rant also rang very true to me.

Stuff that's going on with me:

Read more... )
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Anyone know, what's a good place for in-depth Half-Blood Prince discussion? On LJ or elsewhere. I'm not familiar with Harry Potter fandom--from what I can tell, it's huge and full of kerfuffles and little kiddies--where do grown-ups go to talk rationally?

Just wondering. I'm in the midst of re-reading the HP series.

So I joined Netflix, in an attempt to see those movies that I've "always been intending to see but never got around to."

Anyone have movie recommendations?

Last night I watched "Stand By Me," because I'd never seen the whole thing. What a cast! River Phoenix was so good, Wil Wheaton was adorable, Corey Feldman was... Corey Feldman!, Keifer Sutherland and John Cusack both brought such depth to small roles... It's really interesting to see, just for the actors.

I have issues with the screenplay, the sort of fantasy-nostalgia and idealization of childhood, but I also liked how real the kids were in certain ways: drinking, cursing, more "South Park" than scmoopy kid movie. (Isn't it interesting how adults can nostalgically view children with complexity, but when it comes to their own kids it's always ultra-clean and sanitized?)

Whatever. I mostly rented it because it's a Corey Feldman movie I hadn't seen (I might go see his play again, they're offering $20 rush tickets an hour before the show) and because I'd been reading (Wil Wheaton seems so cool--really smart and honest and dorky--I'll have to read his book.)

Next up: Evil Dead.
I read two good stories today:

The Philosophy of Breathing by [ profile] regala_electra. (Harry Potter fandom.) Remus/Sirius, NC-17. It's Remus, after the war, believing he's been betrayed by Sirius. It's really beautifully written, one of the best versions I've read of how Remus would have dealt with that situation. Totally in character. Sad and hopeful at at the same time.

Pain by [ profile] sophia_bee. (Veronica Mars fandom.) This is a Logan POV piece, post 1x18. Dark, angsty, nicely written. This is one of the best Logan characterizations I've read, and a plausible imagining of how he'd feel about the events of his life up until that point. Casts an interesting light on the Veronica/Logan relationship.

Look at me, all multi-fannish. ;)

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