I went to the Candle 79 5th anniversary party last night )

Other things I'm meaning to do sometime soon:

* Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night at MOMA

* Gothic: Dark Glamour exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Meanwhile, [ profile] jaydk and I have booked our London hotel and are now planning the specifics of our trip (OMG! Less than a month!!!) and I think I've found a catsitter who is experienced and isn't going to charge me an arm and a leg to watch my cats (*fingers crossed*). There are no words for how much I'm looking forward to this London/Stratford trip; it's the one thing that's kept me going all year.

And... we booked a hotel and bought tickets for Gallifrey One, so I guess that means we're going. I remain wary, but I suppose it's worth trying it out once, and if it's awful I never have to go back. I did very much enjoy chatting with the new Who fen I managed to find at DragonCon, so let's hope it's worth it. Plus I really am curious to hear what the new Who writers have to say. :)
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Here’s week two of my attempt to follow the vegan meal plans in Vegan Cooking for One.

I’m proud of myself for sticking to this fairly well; it’s certainly cheaper and healthier than eating out all the time, although I think the recipes in this particular book leave a lot to be desired.

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I’m trying a new cookbook, Vegan Cooking for One. It’s got a bunch of weekly meal plans, for spring/summer and fall/winter, for quickly-prepared single-serving meals. It even provides a shopping list at the start of every week. This solves a bunch of my cooking issues: I hate making shopping lists, I get sick of eating leftovers, I don’t want to go to the grocery store more than once per week, I don’t want to spend hours preparing a single meal.

So I’m trying the first week’s meal plan. Everything’s been good so far. But I feel sad not having anyone to share with, so here, friendslist, have some photos.

Italian Pasta Salad )

Potato and Lentil Bake )

Apricot Brown Betty )

Plus: Rum Raisin Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World )

And Bonus: Angel the evil lunatic monster cat )
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Jul. 22nd, 2008 02:12 pm

It’s completely silly to hope for a Stratford B&B that will actually have food that I can eat, isn’t it?


Whatever. I’ll be on such a high from seeing David Tennant two days in a row that it won’t matter. And even if I can’t eat the B&B breakfast, there should be somewhere in town where I can find something more substantial than fruit.

Also, dear Google: “vegetarian” and “vegan” are not the same thing. Stop showing me results for one when I’m looking for the other. It’s nice that most of the B&Bs in Stratford offer vegetarian options, but it really doesn’t help me when they consist of eggs, cheese, milk, fake meat made with eggs, and vegetables cooked with butter. :P

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I don’t know how long I can hold out! Now would be a really good time to go hibernate in a cave somewhere with no internet access.

Let’s talk about something completely unrelated to the SPOILERS THAT ARE CALLING ME. Hmm.

Oh! I chose some furniture.

furniture and other random stuff )

More distractions; have some recs:

* [ profile] selenak wrote a great post comparing "Midnight" and "Voyage of the Damned." (I could swear I read a good one somewhere comparing it to "42," also, but now I don't remember where it was.)

* [ profile] lordshiva wrote the Doctor and Anya from Buffy! So much win.

* I adored the New York Times article about Russell T Davies. So far three people I know in real life have come up to me to chatter about it, too.

* I read this entire book about the 1977 blackout in NYC. I'm weird. I clicked on it while researching the history of Bushwick and ended up completely fascinated by the sociology, psychology, and history it explores. (Plus it's fascinating because I had a great time during the 2003 blackout--I got drunk in the gay bar across the street and bonded with my soon-to-be-friend Anne, who stayed at my place rather than walk home to Brooklyn.) It's amazing to compare how the various blackouts reflect the social conditions of their eras.

* I made this bread (substituting a mix of molasses and agave nectar for the honey) and it's delicious.

Do you have any recs for stuff that'll distract me from spoilers? Please share. :)
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You know what’s the best thing about running SuperVegan? FREE DESSERTS. There’s this place called Vegan Honey who make the most amazing vegan desserts and mail them to you. They’ve got TWINKIES. (You don’t realize the awesomeness of Twinkies until you go twelve years without one.) Check out the SuperVegan review and the Vegan Honey online shop.

Also, I bought the most amazing boots at MooShoes on Saturday. Just… look at these things… they’re like Victorian-themed Goth ankle boots. Normally I would never spend $120 for a pair of shoes, but it was like the perfect convergence of reasons to do so:

* I like supporting vegan businesses.
* And they were having a pet adoption event, so there were adorable puppies and kittens everywhere.
* And they had free vegan cupcakes!
* And 10% of the purchase price went to fund animal rescue organizations.
* And my friend Anne was there raving about how awesome the boots were.
* And they were SO CUTE.


Anyway, now I have a completely awesome pair of boots that I’ll probably only wear three times a year. But at least they’ll fit easily into luggage and they should last a long time. (AND THEY’RE SO CUTE OMG.)

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If you haven't heard the bad news yet: SuperVegan's Olivia Lane and Post Punk Kitchen's Isa Chandra Moskowitz have turned their backs on veganism. Today is a sad day for vegans everywhere.

On the plus side, Tofutti has debuted what many believe to be the best vegan cheese yet: Vegan Groups Say Man Nipple Milk Cheese is Vegan.

Get the details and incredibly disturbing photos at
Am I the only person in the world who doesn't think that Daniel Craig is hot? He looks ridiculously goofy, with funny little ears that stick out, and a weird round nose, and a bulky too-big ill-proportioned body on top of which his head looks tiny. Nothing hot there except maybe the eyes, which are at least a nice color.

He's a good actor, though, with depth and charisma and all that good stuff. The movie was great; sort of a "Batman Begins" for the Bond franchise. Casino Royale )

I also should note that anyone who enjoyed this movie/likes Bond in general should pick up a DVD of Sharpe's Eagle ($10.76 at Deep Discount DVD) which has both Daniel Craig (looking slightly hotter on account of being much younger) and Sean Bean (Bond's nemesis/slashy true love in "GoldenEye"). Plus it's also a good movie on its own merits.


Tomorrow my parents are coming here and eating with me at Candle 79. It's probably the nicest vegan restaurant in NYC, so here's hoping my dad isn't too nasty about the food. I still can't believe they agreed to come up here and eat vegan with me. I guess it makes sense, though, because they're going on vacation the next day and can't have any leftovers, plus it's not like they have anyone else to have Thanksgiving with. It'll be my first Thanksgiving with family in four or five years. *fingers crossed*


Nov. 1st, 2006 01:48 pm
I'm so very tired.

I had jury duty Monday, went to work afterward and worked until 10pm, then had jury duty again the next morning. Jury duty requires getting up early and taking the subway and walking far. WAH.

I did have a nice lunch in Chinatown -- vegan dim sum at Buddha Bodai. And I read the equivalent of a Sharpe book over the two days (the last half of "Sharpe's Eagle" and the first half of "Sharpe's Enemy"--this is definitely the best period of the Sharpe series).

I didn't get called to a trial yesterday until 3:20--we were all cursing, because we'd been so close to getting out. I got called up to the jury box and interviewed (god, it's scary), so I answered the questions honestly and glared miserably at everyone. They dismissed me. Yay! Apparently the key to getting out of jury service is to look really mean, or perhaps to wear a purple shirt decorated with glittering silver spiders and webs. (Hey, it was Halloween.)

They actually told us (the eight people who'd been interviewed and dismissed) that we'd have to come back the next morning to pick up our forms, since it was already after 5pm, but we objected and they printed out the forms for us there. Yay! I'm done! Four years of freedom!

Then I rushed to the Astor Place Barnes & Noble, bought Courtney Love's book, and got a wristband which allowed me to wait outside in line for two and a half hours. I finally got in around 7:15 and got my autograph at about 8pm.

The book is huge and cool and expensive. It's mostly drawings, diary entries, and clippings.

Courtney was trying to look serious in black framed glasses, was wearing lots of makeup to cover her bad skin, and she's clearly had lots of plastic surgery. I have mixed feelings about her--she represents a lot of contradictions in American culture, I suppose. She's smart and observant and her critiques of society's attitude toward women and celebrity are great, and yet she wants to be part of everything she criticizes. I was really sad when she quit being punk rock and went to Hollywood.

But anyway--I waited in line and went up to get her autograph. She said "Nice to meet you, Laura" (we'd written our names on post-its so she could personalize the autographs) and I said "Nice to meet you," and that "Live Through This" is an amazing album and that it really means a lot to me. (True.) She said thanks, I said bye and happy Halloween, and that was that. She was nice.

Then I went to meet [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan at a place on 14th and 9th that has Belgian beer, but it was impossible to get across 6th Avenue because of the parade. It took me a half hour just to walk from 8th St to 9th St on 6th (and was a little scary, with all the people trying to get through and the crowd not moving) so I walked to Union Square instead, dropped off my heavy stuff at the office, and took the L train over to 8th Avenue. "Borat" sat next to me on the train and spoke to me in character, but I grinned and ignored him.

There I met my friends and had the only vegan dish on the menu (pasta with garlic, pretty good) and three delicious beers. One was a raspberry lambic that was awesome--not as sugar sweet as the more mainstream ones, richer flavor.

Then we went up to "Evil Dead: The Musical," and got there just in time. Third row! But [ profile] jaydk hadn't realized we were in the splatter seats, so she moved back at intermission, and [ profile] drujan covered herself in plastic. I was all like "Bring on the fake blood, it's Halloween!" but it missed me. The guy next to me got soaked, though.

The play was awesome. It was just what you'd expect--Evil Dead, only a musical, and funny, and the guy playing Ash was good, and the crowd was awesome and went insane at every reference to the movies. I couldn't imagine a better time to see it. (Although I will be missing Bruce Campbell, because he's there tomorrow and I'm seeing Alice in Chains then.)

So I got home at 1:30am, and then had to come to work today. (And my boss called me at 8:30!!! WTF???) Because yesterday while I had the gall to be busy with jury duty, one of our sites got mentioned on Slashdot and the server slowed way down. Now I am trying to explain The Slashdot Effect to my boss so that I will not have to move all of our sites to some gigantic new server based on the remote possibility that we get mentioned on Slashdot again someday. *sigh*

On the plus side--a site I built got mentioned on Slashdot!

And tonight (and tomorrow) -- Alice in Chains! And let's just hope that I manage to stay awake and remain standing for it.

I am wearing my new favorite t-shirt today: babydoll size, full (and accurate) color, sun logo. I used to draw this thing in all of my school notebooks--Layne Staley designed it and it's on the inside of "Dirt"--so I am very happy that they finally made it into a tshirt that fits me.
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It's deadline time. Last week I was at work until 8pm, 9pm, and finally until midnight on Friday night.

Then I had to take a wacky detour home, because a crane working on a building I pass every day decided to collapse and land on a taxi. Several blocks were blocked off and I was very lucky that my apartment was just out of the range of inaccessible buildings. It was quite weird, walking home after midnight, past all the people waiting at the police barriers to be allowed back into their apartments.

I've been listening to Marilyn Manson's album Antichrist Superstar. It's making me incredibly nostalgic for the mid-1990's, for being a teenager, and for some of the best concert experiences of my life. Manson used to put on such a great show, and I was naive and enthusiastic enough to enjoy it thoroughly. Wish he hadn't gotten old and lame. :( I think "The Reflecting God" is still one of my all time favorite songs, and Antichrist Superstar really is an amazingly cohesive album full of interesting ideas. Manson's more a writer than a musician ... but a good writer, and back then he was working with actual good musicians.

I have two more Sharpe books to read, but I'm not rushing because they're the final two (Waterloo and Devil) and I'd rather drag them out. Once they're done, that's it for the Sharpe book series, and despite its cheesiness and predictability, I've really been enjoying it. Sharpe is totally my kind of hero, with his social awkwardness and inability to fit in and ruthlessness and need to prove himself...

[ profile] drujan and I hung out on Thursday night (commiserating over work problems and how much the INS sucks) and she stopped by so that I could lend her Sharpe's Sword (book). I also showed her the cover of the Sharpe's Eagle DVD. She stared at it for 30 straight seconds and I was afraid she was going to start drooling on it. We now have plans for a Sharpe movie night. ;)

Saturday I watched a 1988 movie starring Sean Bean called Stormy Monday. It also starred a surreal group of actors including Melanie Griffith, Sting, and Tommy Lee Jones. It was an atmospheric, moody film noir that didn't really go anywhere, though I think it was trying to make some kind of comment about the destructive power of American capitalism. Mostly I was distracted by how ridiculously gorgeous young Sean Bean was. Like, ridiculously, insanely, mind-boggling gorgeous. I watched it twice, despite it not being all that good. Sean Bean played a naive young man getting disillusioned by life, and falling in love, and walking around in jeans and a Walkman and looking adorable... ; it was nice seeing him as something other than a historical figure or a supervillain.

Then I had to go to Brooklyn. Twice in one weekend, which, in my opinion, is two times too much Brooklyn. I really, really, really hate that borough.

Saturday night I went to some concert ("industrial festival") because my friend April was going to be there. She's the one who just got married, so I wanted to see her. Unfortunately this involved getting on the L train, which took a half hour to arrive, then went only two stops into Brooklyn before stopping and announcing that this would be the last stop. So a whole mob of pissed off people had to get out and get on a bus, which took us the rest of the way. My stop was some empty wasteland full of abandoned warehouses, and I had to walk five blocks to get to the venue. (Happily I found a girl who was going to the same place, so we walked together.)

Then when we got there, we had to wait in line 45 minutes (with people smoking, ick) because the ticket takers were so stunningly disorganized. (The only good part was that there was a hot guy milling around who looked like Brian Kinney.) Once we finally managed to pay our $18 fee ($28 if you weren't on some promotions list), we had to go upstairs for the concert. "Upstairs" meant up the rickety metal outdoor fire escape. It was barely more than a ladder. And it shook. And it was see-through, not nice for all the girls in skirts. Half of us were clutching the sides in terror as we climbed up.

Once inside, the place turned out to be an utter shithole. Some old crumbly warehouse, horrid fire hazard (with wooden floors and only that one stairway), sweltering from all the people packed in. I entirely missed the band April was there to see (Imperative Reaction), but I did manage to find her. We headed to the bathroom, had to wait a half hour, then it was so gross that I decided to wait until I got home. So we went to the bar and it took literally a half hour to get a bartender's attention; it wasn't even a real bar, just some coolers and people running around. And did I mention how it was swelteringly hot, and the only air came from the fire escape, which you weren't allowed to stand on (probably because it would've collapsed from the weight of people trying to get air)? At least April drove me home so that I didn't have to rely on the L train bus, and of course, it was awesome to spend time with April, who is a good and true friend.

Still, in my many years of attending shithole music venues, this place was the very worst.

Sunday was better. My friend Livi organized this "Vegan Buddies" gathering at Red Bamboo Brooklyn (a veg restaurant in a much nicer neighborhood), which had some interesting speakers, good food, and a surprise birthday party and cake for Livi. I got there around 5pm and didn't leave until midnight, but it was worth it for the fun of hanging out with Livi and our fellow SuperVegans.

And now back to work. And, happily, Netflix is sending me more Sean Bean movies as we speak. :)
[ profile] drujan informed me this weekend that BAPS is closing, which makes me sad, particularly because they're deleting the archives.

I haven't been back there in years, but that's where I entered fandom. (And my opinions have certainly changed dramatically since!) Still, the nostalgia is strong.

I'm looking through old posts now. 2001, and everyone's wondering what's going to happen when Riley returns. (Kelly suggests that Buffy will have to kill him to save Spike--oh, those were the good old days!) There's [ profile] drujan, [ profile] 10zlaine, [ profile] kellyhk, [ profile] redeem147, [ profile] chenanceou, [ profile] ww1614, [ profile] spikewriter, [ profile] jerrymcl89, [ profile] jaydk, [ profile] shipperx, [ profile] klytaimnestra, [ profile] cindermom... and plenty of others, but I can't spend all day scrolling through BAPS. To think, the different places we were in our lives back then.

It's amazing, looking through the list of people posting, how many of those people I later met in person, and how many I still know today. Fandom is crazy. In a good way.

The weekend was fun. [ profile] jaydk and I finally celebrated [ profile] drujan's birthday with a dinner at Pukk, which involved lots of their excellent sangria, and I secretly squeed over the fact that I'd gotten my two omnivorous friends to be enthusiastic over a vegan restaurant. seeing The Illusionist and other movies )

On Sunday I got some actual work done, and then watched my three latest Netflix movies, which were Less than Zero, Richard III (with Ian McKellen), and Wonder Boys.

Wonder Boys )

Richard III )

Less Than Zero )

Sharpe's Honor, the book )

Oh, and I'm leaving for DragonCon tomorrow. I'm not really into anything fannish at the moment, but I'm sure I'll find stuff to do, and I'll definitely be seeing Godhead, the Cruxshadows, and Voltaire, and hanging out with [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] 10zlaine.
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I'm home! I love New York City. I love my own bed, my computer, my apartment, my cats, and my MANY MANY VEGAN RESTAURANTS WITHIN ORDERING DISTANCE.

Despite sleeping 12 hours last night--totally missing Veronica Mars--I'm still completely exhausted. Some kind of trip report will come later, when I start to feel alive again.

For your amusement, the top phrases searched at All About Spike last week:
Read more... )
Oh my god, I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow.

I would really love to meet up with some of my online friends in the area. :)

I'm arriving Thursday afternoon and leaving Monday morning, and I'm staying in the Union Square area. Friday night I'm seeing Chemlab, but otherwise I have no plans yet. (I'm thinking museums, vegan restaurants, and lots of walking around various neighborhoods. Any suggestions for other fun stuff?)

If you want to hang out, send me an email at with your contact info. I'll reply with mine.
[This post jumps randomly from topic to topic. I apologize.]

OH my god. This is one of the funniest things I've ever read.

This is ridiculously lame. What the hell is wrong with Sascha Konietzko?

Clearly, I've been reading the sick city board way too much. It's kind of addictive, and immensely entertaining, even though I don't think I'd fit in at all, and so haven't posted. Plus it seems like everyone there has known each other for years, and they enjoy ripping newbies to shreds.

But... entertaining. (I'm actually starting to know all the regulars and their personalities, which is just sad.)


I'm depressed that KMFDM is coming out with a new DVD and Raymond Watts probably won't be on it. He is the most entertaining thing, by far, in any of the previous DVDs. I'm not sure there's much point in buying it without him. I mean, otherwise it's just the dour German guy and the boring American chick. The whole point of the KMFDM backstage footage is to laugh at Raymond being a dork. And onstage, he's got the most presence by far.

Maybe they'll include some old footage or something. They've got to have some interesting unreleased stuff in their archives....

I thought this Pig obsession was going to go away quickly, but it only seems to be getting stronger. It's been over four months, now, and hasn't waned at all. The man has been releasing material for over 20 years and has been incredibly prolific. I've finally got all the Pig albums, but there's still singles, EPs, Japanese versions, LPs, remixes, covers, compilations, side projects, appearances on KMFDM albums that I don't own, etc. Then there's Pig videos (which I have no clue how to obtain, though people on thesickcity have them and won't share), live bootlegs of Pig and of Watts with KMFDM... not to mention interviews and internet archives to search through for information: old newsgroups, yahoo groups, ezboards, old websites, some only visible through And so on. Massive amounts of stuff to keep me entertained for a while longer.

It is weird being in the grip of obsession like this. I absorb so much, so quickly. I mean, honestly, when else would I have the patience or motivation to glean through hundreds of old website postings for every speck of information?

Musically it's been delightful. The man is a genius. I am continually astounded by the cleverness and depth of lyrics, and the intricacy and passion of the music.

It sucks terribly that nothing's happening now, though. I'd drop everything and fly to London tomorrow if Watts were playing a show. But it looks likely that this is pretty much a dead/dying fandom.

Today is a very exciting day. It is the official opening of the Whole Foods at Union Square. I am incredibly excited. It's huge and they have everything, all the natural organic vegan stuff that I buy, at better prices than anywhere else, and it's so close to my home and work. Normally I'm not fond of big chain stores driving out the little guys, but I'm hoping and praying that they'll drive the hideous local health food store out of business. (It's called Healthy Pleasures/Wholesome Market, and is known for lying about what's vegan, passing off crappy old canned vegetables and meat as organic, and having horribly unsanitary conditions).

So for lunch today, I had vegan chocolate truffles, vegan pesto tortellini, falafel, baked plantains, cranberry-walnut cous cous salad, tofu egg salad, an Indian medley (chickpeas, eggplant and potatoes, vegetable biriyani), fried rice, and guacamole). Everything is well labeled so that you can tell easily what's vegan, and the options are endless: juice bar, coffee bar, sushi bar, fresh salad ingredients, Indian food, Mexican food, pretty much any type of food you can imagine with massive amounts of well-labelled vegan and vegetarian stuff. Plus baked goods, a chocolate section.... I could go on. I could eat here every day if I want; it's virtually next to my office.

I repeat: vegan pesto tortellini.

I'm really inordinantly excited about this.

[ profile] dizenchanted, did you see this? Or this? The new bio is hilarious; for example:

At the height of their career, LAW AND ORDER garnered significant video airplay on MTV with their singles "We Don't See God" and "Soul Inside". The band also received a "KKKKK" review (the highest honor) in the UK's infamous Kerrang Magazine, as well as touring with the likes of Platinum artists such as Pearl Jam and Blind Melon.

And other such bullshit. Yeah, they were big time. I didn't realize that a few airings on Headbanger's Ball counts as "significant."

I wonder if the record is worth buying. The idea of paying money for something like that is kind of funny.
You know how sometimes you're just eating, like, the perfect food? I mean, it's not always the perfect food, but at that particular moment it's exactly what you were craving so it feels so incredibly fulfilling?

That's what I'm eating right now, from a restaurant called Souen on 13th between University and 5th that I usually don't even like. But I'm having tofu scrambled with broccoli, carrots, and onions, with brown rice and greens, and it's so basic and plain and perfect right now.

Or perhaps it could be the rush of caffeine from the energy drink I just consumed that is giving me this happy feeling....

Anyway. Aside from that, I'm rather annoyed at myself right now. See, I realized that Common Rotation was so much better when I didn't like them. Because then it was just, y'know, "if I remember, I'll walk over after work and see this band play." Hang out and have fun; no big deal.

But now that I actually like them, I start to worry. It becomes an event. "Oh, I'm seeing Common Ro, I have to enjoy this." Trying to force myself to enjoy it makes me worry that I won't and then I spend the time worrying instead of enjoying myself. And I worry about getting there on time, and what should I wear? and all that stupid crap that never bothered me before. And like, before, if a band member talked to me, I didn't care, because they're just people and so what? But now I get flustered and sound stupid, or shy and run away.

And the funny thing is, I still don't even like them that much. I mean, I respect their talent, and I believe in supporting independent music, and I'm glad that they exist, and I'm always entertained because they put on a creative and entertaining show. But it's not my kind of music--and I don't say that as some kind of elitist goth person or whatever. The kind of music that I'm drawn to, that connects with me deeply, is very passionate and powerful and concerned about the strongest emotions and the most beautiful or horrible topics. (Or preferably both together). Like, if I were to describe it in colors, I like music that's jet black, midnight blue, intense blood red, deep purple. Whereas Common Ro is more, like, earth tones. Incredibly well done earth tones that I respect, but not something that's going to make me cry because it's so beautiful. It doesn't connect wth me on that deeper level.

Can you tell I'm bored at work? What else is there to do besides spam LJ with inane babble....?
Hey look, I'm back. Thank god. *gives NYC a big hug and promises never to leave again*

I may write about my vacation later, or maybe not; I'm trying to be less whiny, and I have very little to say that is positive. One good thing: there is an amazing new vegan restaurant in Fort Lauderdale called Sublime, which just opened, and which I encourage anyone in that area to try. Even my dad, who has never once liked vegan food in his life, enjoyed it. We went there the evening of my birthday, and had a very nice dinner.

Unfortunately that's just about the only positive.

I've not yet caught up with my friends list, and I'm loath to start posting without doing so (I have this compulsive need to be thorough, and it feels wrong to post without first catching up with my friends list). Is there a way to display posts in chronological order? That would make it a lot easier ...

However, I'm not going to catch up with LJ until I finish the book I'm currently reading, which is the third in George R. R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series. I finished the first two on vacation, and got this one yesterday. I'm greatly enjoying the series, and like I said, I'm obsessively thorough; I'm not going to be able to do much of anything until I finish this book. (I'm the type of person who reads all night and into the next day, because once I'm into a book I cannot stop until it's finished).

I also re-read Stephen King's "The Gunslinger," which is the first book in his "Dark Tower" series; he re-wrote bits of it, and it has improved quite a bit (I always thought that "The Gunslinger" was the weakest in the series, but I found it immensely engaging this time around). If you have a chance, I strongly recommend the series. I'm not a big King fan at all, but I love this particular series; it's very different from most of his other work. I'll probably be re-reading it as well, as soon as I get a chance.

And I will of course be catching up with my website; I had only about 30 minutes of internet access for the entire vacation (and was getting yelled at by all the people in line behind me), so I managed only minimal updates over the week. (And they were cheats, actually; I'd archived those stories before I left, but hidden them; I just put them on the home page and sent updates while I was gone. So it looked like I'd done some archiving, even though I actually hadn't).

Anyway, must go work now, and I'll catch up with LJ and fanfic and websites and all that as soon as I finish this book. (Everyone tells me I'm going to love Jaime Lannister, but right now I'm finding Tyrion the most engaging; he's an outcast and a freak, and just about everyone hates him, yet he's smarter and better-hearted than anyone in his family. Jaime is very Spikish though ... I've been having all these thoughts about different ethical systems, one based on rigid principles and the other based on love and personal connections, and how they connect, and how they are gendered, and how they relate to the Buffyverse ... so if I get more free time I'll type that up into an unpolished mini-essay as well.)

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