Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are hosting rallies in Washington DC. Click the link for details and clips. I am so totally going. Just booked a hotel room nearby to make sure I have one before they sell out.

spoilers for the SPN S6 CW promos )

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Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with America? Bet you a million dollars they change the ending to make it more palatable to delicate American sensibilities. Just… keep reminding me that it’s going to inspire more people to seek out the real version. (*clutches John Simm*)

Some cheery things to scrub this travesty from my mind:

* [info]versaphile wrote Subterranean, a beautiful coda which made me feel somewhat better about the most recent Doctor Who episode. (She’s also posting a new chapter of the amazing Praxis every week, which just gets better and better.)

* [info]violet_lane wrote absolutely wonderful meta about Rose Tyler. She pretty much gets to the heart of what I love about Rose: that she’s the rare female character who undergoes a true hero’s journey, and that her heroism is due to her own choices, not any kind of special destiny. (And that she lives her life fully: she’s impulsive, adventurous, strong-willed, makes her own decisions, has fun, and sees the beauty of the universe along with the monsters.) It’s a long post, but completely worth the read.

* There are a hell of a lot of awesome Doctor/Master porn writers out there; I’m impressed by the quality of most of the responses at the [info]best_enemies anon porn meme.

* Look how adorable young Stephen Colbert is! (Not that he isn’t still adorable now.)

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Home from work. I know everyone’s thinking this, but thank god it’s Friday.

It’s dreary and horrible outside, but I braved the weather in order to pick up important Doctor Who watching supplies. Namely beer and coffee. I wanted Abita Strawberry Ale, but didn’t feel like waiting in line for a half-hour at Whole Foods, so I went with Magic Hat #9 from the deli. And the coffee is freshly ground pumpkin spice.

I see that people are angsting about the upcoming Doctor Who episode, but I’m unspoiled and willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Spoilers always give you a distorted and out of context picture, anyway. I can’t tell you how many things I freaked out about in Buffy fandom that turned out to be minuscule in retrospect. Of course, the episode could totally suck, but I want to see it first before I judge anything. I’ve been happy with this season so far, so I’d be surprised if it wasn’t good.

(It kind of sucks not being able to participate in a lot of the discussion, though. Alas, the curse of the spoiler-free.)

I guess we’ll also watch the last Sarah Jane Adventures two-parter. (Did I mention I loved “Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?” So good. It made me cry.) And maybe “The War Games.” It’s first on this list, and [info]jaydk loves the Second Doctor, so hopefully she’ll want to watch it with me.

Note to self: get web work done this weekend. And go apartment-hunting if the weather clears up. (There. I wrote it down; now I have to do it.)

Did you guys see Stephen Colbert talking to the astronaut last night? I thought he was going to explode from glee. So, so cute.

Since this entry is pretty boring, I’ve added an icon of John Simm looking gorgeous to brighten it up. Isn’t he adorable? :)

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Tonight’s Daily Show kind of made me ship Jon Stewart/Fareed Zakaria. Hmm.

(I know, I should be thinking about their political discussion. It’s these slash goggles, they won’t come off!)

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I’m writing a freaking essay in response to “Planet of the Ood.” One of these days I’ll actually manage to post the damn thing. Meanwhile…

[info]versaphile wrote a great post about why Jack Harkness is a villain.

A rec: Paleolinguistics (The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Remix) by [info]kindkit. An insightful and beautifully written Doctor/Master fic.

And on tonight’s Colbert Report

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I somehow managed to stay up until 3:30am last night fiddling with my blog. I:

made comment replies prettier; added comment previews; pulled in commenter userpics from LJ, IJ, and JF; and improved posting functionality )

Other random stuff:

I had a very difficult time waking up in the morning (I wonder why!). My alarm was blaring, but somehow I had the idea that as long as I woke up on the same date, it didn't matter what time I woke up. Stupid half-asleep brain. And I was having some kind of strange dream about the ending of The Princess Bride trying to trick the audience into thinking that Fezzik had been the villain all along. (But I wasn't falling for it.)

On the plus side, my half-asleep brain is far more creative than my awake brain, so I plotted out an entire Doctor/Master fic on my train ride to work. (Not that I'll ever write it.)

I bought a ticket last night for this benefit at the Nokia Theater featuring Slash, Jerry Cantrell, Tom Morello, and Perry Farrell. I don't actually know what it is, but with that line-up, who could resist?

I also see that Stone Temple Pilots tickets are going on sale for a show in New Jersey. Um, New Jersey? C'mon guys, please announce a NYC date. I want to see you, but not badly enough to trek out to Jersey. :P

(ETA: And how did I miss that Scott Weiland left Velvet Revolver? Not that it's much of a surprise. I saw them seven or eight times last year and half the time the other band members were visibly rolling their eyes at Weiland's antics. I'm still a bit sad, though. Formulaic though they may have been, their shows were fun.)

I'm watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report again. They made a Highlander joke on TDS last night! And Stephen Colbert pulled John Oliver out of a suitcase! And Colbert interviewed REM while wearing their album as a codpiece! (I was eating as that happened and ended up inhaling a large amount of cous cous.)

South Park has been more cracked-out than usual this season; last night was a total waste. But I watched the new Futurama movie and it was *awesome*. They managed to reference pretty much every cool thing that happened in the series, plus tell a good new story too.

I saw this ad (a giant Darth Vader head with the caption "A guy can only be called 'Annie' so many times before he snaps") and burst out laughing in the middle of the subway station. Yay geek humor! (*ignores underlying misogyny*)

I finally got that vanilla-themed BPAL order. I am in love with Antique Lace. It's sweet vanilla with a hint of white musk, but not at all cloying; more like distant and cool. But it's strong and lasted all day. It's similar to my favorite scent ever, Dorian, but different enough that I'll probably end up buying a whole bottle.

All of this is just killing time until Saturday. DOCTOR WHO!!!! *incoherent flailing*

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[ profile] versaphile is finally posting the Doctor/Master epic she's been teasing about for ages. Chapter one is here.

And if you didn't see it: she also made a Doctor/Master archive! My plan for the weekend is to scour that place for fic I haven't read yet. >:)

(How much do I love that the show canonically gives us the set up of the Master keeping the Doctor prisoner for a year? And gives us the set up of the Doctor "settling down and caring for" the Master? No wonder there's such good fic about those two.)

Today sucks. Evil web clients are being even more evil than usual. Nothing is more annoying than building a beautiful website only to be ordered to deface it hideously by a client with no aesthetic sense. I WANNA GO HOME. *is happy it's Friday*

The neighborhood cat just showed up to sprawl on my desk and drool on everything. Right now he is the only thing I like about this job.

I've concluded that it's time for a vacation. I'm thinking... warm air, sunlight, beach. Maybe Florida? Unfortunately, Spring Break is coming up and I'm sure everyone is thinking the same. I suppose it could be fun to go anyway; just take a three day weekend, find some slightly falling apart but adequate hotel on a beach somewhere, and sprawl in the sun with a book for three days. It could work.

I finally caught up with all of the Daily Show and Colbert Report episodes since January. You know how I said I was over Jon Stewart? That fit of insanity has passed. I do read the news in, y'know, newspapers and everything, but somehow none of it feels real until I see Stewart and Colbert mock it.

(What was with Howard Dean's flirty goodbye to Stephen the other night? I laughed for five minutes straight.)

Doctor Who series four spoilers keep coming out, with all the associated wank. It's hard to bring myself to care; I'm already pretty sure I'm going to get what I want, which is not really spoilery, but just in case )

It's time for a new order of BPAL imps, and I've found eight that I really want. I need to narrow it down to six. Anyone have any advice (recs or anti-recs) on any of these?

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I met Stephen Colbert! For real this time! Well, kind of...

He did a signing Monday night at the Columbus Circle Borders, so I rushed over there after work and stood in line for two and a half hours. Stephen was late because he was introducing Nancy Pelosi at the Glamour Awards, and when he finally showed up it was with most of his writing staff.

I'll have to go home and count the signatures... there was a HUGE table of people, with Stephen in the middle, all of them signing our books. (Incidentally? The Colbert Report writing staff looks exactly like mid-20s versions of the geeky boys I hung out with in high school.)

It went quickly and was a bit overwhelming; mostly I smiled and said "Good luck with the strike," which they seemed to appreciate. I didn't really have a chance to say anything to Stephen, although he said "Nice to meet you" and I grinned like an idiot and mumbled "You're awesome." [ profile] jaydk asked one of the writers if they'd been out holding signs that day, and Stephen answered that they had been. (He seemed very supportive of the writers, obviously.)

So, I've got my copy of "I Am America" signed by the whole writing staff. Coolest collectible item EVER!

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I was just browsing the Daily Show archives and this description caught my attention:
Had the government alerted the public on the dangers of West Nile Fever, Colbert wouldn't have had intimate relations with a crow.

Yes, it's as funny as it sounds. (How had I not seen this before??)

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Man, I don't read LJ for a few days and I totally miss Veronica Mars fandom exploding into a giant wankfest!

I've been catching up by reading [ profile] grave_watchers. I have to say, it's pretty impressive for a show to suck so badly that it inspires its own fans to start a campaign to get it canceled. (Of course, that's mostly hyperbole; the community is basically a place for fans to snark about the show, not waste their time actually campaigning to end it when 1) there are many more important issues going on in the world and 2) everyone knows it's going to get canceled anyway.)

Anyway. I spent an inordinate amount of time reading that community today and I found it highly entertaining. And, I admit, cathartic for the part of me that still held out a tiny bit of hope based on how awesome VM's first season was.

Actually what I'd really like to see is a campaign for 1) less offensive portrayals of strong women on television and 2) the immensely talented Jason Dohring to get a job far, far away from the VM writers.

There also interesting conversation about male writers and their clueless attempts at "feminist" protagonists going on at [ profile] gendervision. I'm not participating, because I think I pretty much got that rant out of my system during Buffy, but it's good to see the conversation continuing.

Other thoughts on the world of television...

* I keep seeing that baseball video game commercial that uses the Nirvana song "Breed." I think I can actually hear Kurt Cobain turning over in his grave every time the damn thing airs. I really want to track down everyone who was involved with making this happen and slap them across the face. HARD.

Surely someone out there is organizing a boycott against this company and every product it's ever been involved with, right?

* South Park is having a good season, although I thought last night's episode was the weakest so far. I loved the plot around the kids, but nearly fell asleep during the lice part. Clever idea, boring execution, maybe?

* John Bolton is an unbelievable asshole! I mean, I knew he was widely regarded as an asshole, but I was still mindblown by how horrible he actually was on The Daily Show the other night. He wouldn't even let Jon end the interview! (And it's his fault that the interview ran long and they didn't have time for Stephen!!) And also, dude, facts don't stop being true no matter how vehemently you deny them. And it was awesome that Jon brought Doris Kearns Goodwin on the next night to back up his argument about the diversity of Lincoln's cabinet.

* I would say The Colbert Report is on a roll lately, but I think it's been on a roll since it premiered, actually. Still, it seems that nearly every night I watch it I am struck by how brilliant it is. This week's Willie Nelson episode was particularly classic. Between the hilarity of the comedy and the stunningly incisive and biting wit of the satire, I regularly think that this show is one of the greatest things I've seen in my life.

Hmmm. I should try and get tickets again. And I never did write up a report last time. Let's see... the highlights:

     * I got there at 3pm; it was snowing so they let everyone wait inside.

     * [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan joined me and we were seated in the front row.

     * Stephen ran along the front row giving everyone five from both directions; both of my hands touched Stephen's!

     * Someone asked him about his ice cream flavor and he said he gave a pint of it to Jon Stewart who "ate half and had sex with the other half." The slashers went insane with laughter and squee.

     * He kept screwing up The Word and having to do it over, but he remained hilarious and good-natured the whole time. You can actually see it jump a bit in the aired episode where they had to cut it together to get it to run continuously. At the end he apologized to us and thanked us for remaining enthusiastic despite his mistakes.

     * After the first segment, when he talked about NYC-distributed condoms, he began throwing condoms into the crowd like parade candy. I now own three NYC condoms touched by the hand of Stephen Colbert.

Oh, and Tuesday was Stephen Colbert day in Oshawa. How awesome is that? Is there nothing that Stephen Colbert can't do?
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The Swining discography is up! I've spent months working on the design and structure for this (all the content is stored in a database and entered through a content management system). I am also awed at the amount of data Filth (who does the actual content management) has put in. And more is coming soon. :)

My professor was on The Colbert Report last night! That was quite weird. Judith Stacey; I had her for something like "The Sociology of Gender." To be honest, it was kind of a lame class compared to some of the other gender courses I took, but she was nice enough.

I somehow forgot to mention that [ profile] jaydk and I went to see The Cruxshadows last Thursday night. I can't believe I've been seeing them for seven years. I've kind of grown out of them; they're a little too sincere and well-meaning, but I have a lot of nostalgic affection for them anyway.

For some reason they played the Pyramid Club, which actually made me miss Albion. Pyramid is even smaller and more tightly packed, and I think they must let in a younger crowd, because the front section was full of those little kids who whine that people are pushing them. I don't know how many times I have to say this: if you don't want to get pushed, don't stand in the front of a mosh pit. Honestly. If I'm pushing into you, it's because someone is pushing me, and someone is pushing them, going all the way to the back of the club, and you whining isn't going to do anything but make the whole experience worse, since we're still going to be stuck standing next to each other regardless. The only good thing is that these annoying kids tend to get fed up and leave halfway through, so [ profile] jaydk and I ended up right at the front.

I'm so proud of myself for corrupting [ profile] jaydk. Now she's a bigger Cruxshadows fan than I ever was. She even knows their names, and knew the new songs better than I do. She was definitely not the type of person to go to a Goth club before she met me. ::evil grin::

I was a little disappointed with their set; too much emphasis on new songs. I would've swapped a couple of the newer ones for classics; I was really surprised that they didn't play "Citadel" or "Resist/R," at least. Not that the new ones were bad; the balance just seemed off.

It does kind of break my heart that this is the last time I'll ever see Rachel, though. She is just so freaking cool, and is probably my favorite thing about the band. How often do you see kids in a Goth club freaking out because the violin solo is so awesome? And she just does her thing, looking so serious, and doesn't show off, which makes her extra-cool. :( Glad I at least got to see her one last time.

And I'm really glad [ profile] jaydk was there to share the experience. :)
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this quiz is better than most - what's your dating persona? )

Hmmm, pretty accurate.
You'd absolutely refuse to date someone dumber than you, for instance.

Also, a link to Stephen Colbert cracking up. Because you can never have too much Stephen Colbert.

Also, what is this Atlanta Comics Expo in April? It's some spun-off part of DragonCon? Should I go? Thus far it seems that the only interesting guest is Voltaire, and I'm getting sick of stalking him. But I have been lamenting lately that DragonCon is so far away....

I like this article by Wil Wheaton about arcade video games. Reminds me of the Pizza Hut in Puerto Rico when I was nine; I'd get a mini-supreme pizza and a virgin pina colada and play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as long as my mom would let me, with my brother and whatever random kids happened to be there at the time. Or the old Star Wars game at Showbiz Pizza Place when I was ... eight? and I thought it was the coolest thing ever that you could fly through the trench and blow up the Death Star, and Obi-Wan would say "the Force will be with you, always." *sigh* Wil Wheaton columns always seem to bring up nostalgic memories.

Okay, one more quiz:

this quiz is just silly - which classic dame are you? )
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Last night: two Sean Bean movies, mainly because they were both so awful that I wanted to get them over with quickly.

The Dark is another one of those horror movies about scary little girls, psychically intuitive mothers, and clueless-but-well-meaning fathers. The "scariest" thing in this movie was a bunch of rampaging suicidal sheep. I'm trying to figure out which is a goofier attempt at horror; these suicidal sheep or the garbage disposal spewing applesauce in In Dreams.

Sean Bean's role was pretty much the same as in Silent Hill, although happily he got more screen time. He looked hot, as usual, but mostly I spent the movie wondering why he's been in so many bad movies.

Fool's Gold was like a tame version of Essex Boys. Sean Bean plays a tough guy criminal who gets in over his head. On the plus side, he loves his kids, and we get some cute scenes of him playing with them. But mostly he's being tough and scary and angry, which he's good at, but it's kind of limiting for such a good actor. He does get some really good scenes near the end, though, when his character starts to realize just how utterly screwed he is. And he's young in this one, which makes him extra-hot, so I enjoyed it for the eye candy. But it's not a very good movie.

South Park last night was awesome. They're having a great season; I haven't seen a single lame episode so far.

Veronica Mars yesterday ... um, what did I ever see in this show? Wallace's plot was directly out of a "cheating is bad, mmmmkay?" after school special. And feminists ... faking rapes ... does not compute ... what the fuck? *sigh*

I've been seeking out Sharpe fic. I find myself gravitating toward slash, even though I'm not really interested in reading anything sexual. I just want good fic, gen even, but slash seems far more likely to be good. I know people are always fighting about how slash is no better than het, but really, at least when I open a slash fic I don't face a 70% chance of running into a Mary Sue within the first four paragraphs.

Slash fic is much more likely to explore a premise that I'm interested in, namely the relationships between the existing characters. I'd much rather read about the powerful emotional connection between Sharpe and Harper (which is canon), and if it happens to get sexual, so what? At least it's exploring something I'm interested in, unlike random Mary Sue fic. Maybe this is because there aren't many interesting canonical female characters. Though I wouldn't mind reading Sharpe/Teresa, if was actual badass Teresa and not lame author-insertion "Teresa."

Not that all the slash is good (not even close); it's just less likely to be bad. In this fandom. In my opinion.

I realize I haven't said anything about the election yet. Obviously I'm delighted (Santorum's gone! Rumsfeld's gone! Democrats got the House! and probably the Senate!) and I'm just praying that the Democrats won't screw it up too quickly. (*fingers crossed*) Yay democracy!

Plus The Colbert Report was to die for last night. Ah, poor Stephen in denial. And you know, anytime he sings the national anthem, it's bound to be a good episode. ;)
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When I read that Rick Santorum compared the Iraq war to "Lord of the Rings," my immediate thought was "EEEE!!!! HOW WILL STEPHEN COLBERT RESPOND????"

Stephen did not disappoint. Plus, he had action figures. I love it when he gets all fanboyish, and I'm not even a LotR fan. ::adores:: If you're not watching The Colbert Report, seriously, you're missing the best thing on television.

Also, John Ashcroft made my skin crawl on The Daily Show last night. Did he seriously just compare the volume of music in the studio to the torture of human beings? Notice he didn't respond to a single thing Jon said, but instead made up and tore down ridiculous straw man arguments in response. I do have respect for Jon Stewart for actual trying to deal with this creep on a human level, but, y'know, ick.

South Park was good last night. All the episodes of this season so far have been great, actually.

It does kind of weird me out that the only shows I'm watching regularly are comedies.
Last night I went to Night of Too Many Stars. This was super fun, for several reasons:

* I had a great view. First balcony, second row, center-right, three seats from an aisle. If you have a huge high resolution TV screen, you can probably see me in the audience shots. ;)

* Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, together and in the same room as me!

* Getting to see everyone scurrying around during the commercial breaks and discussing what comes next.

* Jon *completely* cracking up during one of the bits--I think it was Will Ferrell's--did they show his reactions on TV? He was laughing so hard he was jumping up and down, and then he fell to the floor, but he still managed to speak all his lines with a semi-straight face.

* Jon chatting with us beforehand and during the commercial breaks and telling us what a great audience we were. (He's so sweet!)

* Jimmy Fallon, who was apparently not content merely answering phones, and so spontaneously stood up and (yelling without a microphone) got whole audience to do the wave repeatedly during a commercial break. (They showed just a snippet of this on the broadcast.)

* Pretty boys making out! I'm apparently way out of touch with modern television, because I had no idea who they were, but they made out a lot longer than aired on the broadcast.

* Getting to see the whole Elvis Costello performance (which was cut off by a commercial during the broadcast).

* I got to see the guy behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. (Not that I really cared, but still, nifty.)

* I'm embarrassed that Moby is the apparent representative of veganism in popular culture, but at the same time glad that he is at least spreading awareness of its existence.

* Did I mention how adorably sincere Jon Stewart is?

What was weird:

* They didn't show us the David Letterman thing at all; that just seemed to be an extra-long commercial break.

* Being surrounded by such disturbingly rich people was just weird. Before the show started, they had a couple of auctions, including one for a walk-on part on Saturday Night Live which went for $20,000. I know, good cause, I just can't fathom those amounts of money.

* Also, it needed more Stephen Colbert. :P
Last night's Sean Bean movie was Patriot Games. I really hated this movie, probably more so than it deserved. Something just totally rubbed me wrong; I think maybe it was that the main family reminded me on the family in Fatal Attraction: Read more... )

The next DVD is Clarissa, which I'm really kind of dreading because me and period costume dramas are not mixy things. Fingers crossed that I won't fall asleep.

Also, I hate to admit this, but I finally got the imps from BPAL that I ordered ages ago. I'm wearing Blood Kiss today, which I love. In my defense, I'm not jumping on the fandom bandwagon; I got a bunch of free imps at Convergence, that goth con in New Orleans that [ profile] drujan and I attended this spring, and just recently figured out that they're the same thing that [ profile] harmonyfb is always talking about. I can totally see how people get addicted to this stuff.

I put the audio book of Sharpe's Tiger on my MP3 player. I had no idea how delightful this would be. Sean Bean's lovely voice caressing my ears as I walked to work this morning--I must've been grinning like an idiot. I have little tolerance for audio books because I'm impatient, but I've already read this one, so I'm just listening to savor Sean Bean's yummylicious voice.

[ profile] drujan called me last night to squee over "Sharpe's Rifles," the latest book I lent her. She liked it even better than "Sharpe's Sword"; in fact she seems to be more excited about Sharpe than I am. This is amusing me immensely. Hopefully today I'll get the Sharpe DVDs that I ordered from Deep Discount DVD, so that we can have another Sharpe day this weekend.

I have also been reading bits of Sharpe fanfic, and I find myself consistently amused at how they all start out like a Cornwell book: soldiers, dirt, war, etc., but then somehow they end up maneuvering the characters into very un-Cornwell-like situations, y'know, usually by somehow finding an excuse to get Sharpe naked and/or wet.

I've been reading Fandom Wank a lot lately. It's funny, when I first got into fandom I thought Fandom Wank was horrible and mean and pretty much an example of the worst impulses of fandom. Somehow my thoughts have shifted--maybe it's a combination of realizing that above all fandom should be fun and I need to not take it so seriously, plus the whole Cassandra Claire/Ms Scribe thing making me realize that the currency of fandom is social popularity, and so a venue for social ridicule is really the only way to deal with those who violate its social codes. Or maybe I realized that fandom is often just fucking hilarious. I was looking over the Fandom Wank wiki and I found what is pretty much my favorite wank ever: Perhaps I have a special anus. Every time I re-read this, I can't stop laughing. (Don't forget, Superman is a careful rapist.)

So, strangely enough, Fandom Wank originally made me kind of hate fandom, but now it reminds me why I love fandom.

Also this weekend, I'm going to this thing called "Night of Too Many Stars," which has been advertised incessantly on Comedy Central. I just went to Ticketmaster to peek, and when I tested it, it pulled up such a great seat that I couldn't not buy it. I really need to stop blowing cash on ridiculous things. But dammit, I should take advantage of the fact that I live in NYC, and plus, Jon Stewart is hosting, and Stephen Colbert is going to be there, so really, how could I not go? (::squee!::)

Also, The Colbert Report pretty much, y'know, won, this week. First there was an episode celebrating the "American Lady," in which Stephen baked an apple pie (and received several kisses) from Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, then declared everyone in the audience, including himself, "Mrs. Colbert," in a parody of the Miss America contest. Then in the next episode, he announced the finalists of his lightsaber challenge (note to any company trying to figure out how to tap into user-generated content and participatory fan culture: Colbert does it perfectly), and I actually screamed when George Lucas showed up, and then screamed again when Lucas "lost" to some random girl from the internet. And then screamed a third time for good measure when the show ended with a lightsaber battle between George Lucas and Stephen Colbert. ::adores::

I know that I should download this week's episode of Veronica Mars (I missed it because we had Columbus Day off and I thought Tuesday was Monday). But I'm kind of dreading it. Fandom's supposed to be fun, but VM leaves me feeling annoyed and condescended to. I might wait until the season's done and then decide, based on fan reactions, whether to catch up with it. Though I do miss participating in discussions as the show happens.

Also, how does the LiveJournal spellchecker not recognize the word "fandom"? I mean, come on. This is LiveJournal. :P I wish they'd stop doing stupid shit like adding IM features and finding ways to help corporations shut down fandom. Why not, say, fix all the annoying stuff first? Like, a better spell checker, and easier way to customize styles and mood themes, a way to turn off that horrid nav bar everywhere....
I just finished watching the Sharpe series. (Sorry, [ profile] queenofthorns! I certainly wouldn't mind watching some of it again if you're still up for another Sharpe night.) What particularly struck me was the seemingly unrealistic buffoonery of so many of the officers that Sharpe is constantly clashing with. How could these people possibly stay alive--let alone maintain power--while being so utterly stupid?

And then I'd turn off the DVD player and watch The Daily Show, and realize that the world really hasn't changed very much.

(Speaking of The Daily Show, if Jon and Stephen don't stop this crossover stuff soon, I'm going to be forced to start reading Stewart/Colbert slash....)

My other thoughts on Sharpe: spoilers )

Also, thank you [ profile] grrm for saying some stuff that really needed to be said. Now go write your book!
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Livi and I went to see The Colbert Report last night. It was excellent.

We got there around 4:15 and waited in line until around 6pm. We were up pretty close to the front (the numbers on our passes were 16 and 17) and the line was in a nice shaded area.

We had to go through a metal detector to get in, then we all waited, 100 people crammed into a very small room, with only a few seats. (And only one ladies' bathroom, which meant one long line of women.)

They let us in, in exact numerical order (yay!), around 7pm. VIPs first, then us plebeians. But this actually turned out lucky for us, because they filled the rows from the back to the front, so Livi and I ended up in the front row, in the center of the first section (there's two sections of seats, one in front of Colbert's main desk and the other in front of the interview table). When he did The Word, he was looking almost exactly at us!

Once everyone was seated, they brought out this comedian guy to warm up the crowd (Livi immediately squealed because she'd seen him doing the same thing at the Greg-something show). I forget his name, but he was actually pretty funny. (Unlike the guy at The Daily Show, who was dull.) He asked us some Colbert trivia and gave t-shirts to the winners (Two of the questions were "What's the name of Stephen's high school girlfriend?" [Charlene] and "What's the name of the segment where Stephen debates himself?" [Formidable Opponent]).

Unfortunately they had a computer crash or something, so this poor guy had to stay out there and keep us entertained for what seemed like forever (it was at least a half hour). He was going through the audience asking questions of everyone (and making incessant fun of this one guy who was a banker). He called some kid up on the stage to let him touch Stephen's desk, then asked him to touch his (the comedian's) ass--and the kid responded by giving him a huge slap to the ass. The comedian totally didn't expect that, so it was hilarious. He also told us some stories about Stephen--how he would get people to ask Stephen questions in other languages, and Stephen would respond without missing a beat.

So after a long, long time with this guy, they finally announced that they'd fixed the problem and were ready to start. So they introduced Stephen and he came running out, ran circles around the studio, ran in front of the audience and gave everyone fives (my hand was touched by Stephen Colbert!). He was apologetic about the wait and kept complementing us on our patience (I don't think anyone minded; the audience was SO into it, even more so than at the Daily Show).

He took a few questions from the crowd. Someone asked him what it was like being only a few feet away from the president, and he said "My character loved it. To my character it was the greatest place he could be, right there with his hero." Someone else asked him if he'd ever played any sports, and he got all offended and asked if Dungeons and Dragons counted. Then he went to the shelf and pulled out a picture of himself doing some kind of wind-surfing thing, and showed it to the crowd, and then said that, thanks to Photoshop, he can do any sport he wants. There were a couple other questions, nothing too memorable though.

Then he brought out Chris Matthews' son, who is apparently studying to be an actor or something like that, and explained that they'd had the same voice coach. So then Stephen, Chris Matthews' son, and one of the guys from the crew (Mark?) asked us to rise, and the three of them sang the national anthem in a three part harmony. It was *hilarious*. I have no idea why they did it, but it rocked.

Then the show started. Like I said, Stephen was *right in front of us*. It was so cool. It was a really funny episode, too; if you saw it, you know what I mean. Stephen kept making incessant puns about balls, since the guest was Chris Matthews from Hardball. He also made a reference to "Snakes on a Plane," played part of his "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)" 80s video, complained about the "transexual barnyard animals" of an upcoming animated film, talked about "Pirates of the Caribbean" (and explained that Keira Knightly had to be in drag because no one is allowed to be prettier than Orlando Bloom), and stayed in character while ordering everyone to go see "Strangers with Candy" and pay full price, even if elderly.

Then they moved over for the interview segment, which wasn't as cool because it was on the other side of the room from us. But it was still a really cool interview. For one thing, they got up and did some insane wrestling thing in the middle--and then went back to doing the interview. And it was just funny.

Once the show ended, they filmed Stephen walking over to his bookshelf and examining something, while the audience clapped for a long time, but sadly that didn't air. So you couldn't see us on the show--but we were there!! :)
Livi and I just went to see the Colbert Report. (Awesome!!)

Look for us--front row.

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