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Usually with tumblr you append /rss, but it’s not working here.

Not that I’m trying to subscribe to or anything…

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1. Are the Supernatural DVDs worth buying? Are there any good commentaries or extras? I enjoy commentaries that shed light on the story and characters, but I’m not so into the ones that bore me with technical details and irrelevant anecdotes. Is there a particular season that stands out as worth owning?

2. Is anyone going to Book Expo America? Is there anything there worth seeing or doing? I have to go for work, but aside from a few meetings I’m basically free to roam. I didn’t see anything particularly exciting listed on the website, though.

3. I’m thinking about maybe watching Ashes to Ashes. A lot of my flist has been buzzing with positive thoughts about its finale. I really do like Keeley Hawes and, of course, I love the Bowie references. However, I’m worried because I thought the premiere was terrible, because I loved the ending of Life on Mars and don’t want to see it ruined, and because I really can’t stand the glorification of Gene Hunt. He’s a racist, sexist, ableist homophobe–I liked him on LoM because he was (mostly) presented as a flawed character and because Sam was there to point out how wrong he was. But even LoM was starting to get caught up in the glorification of Gene, and from what I’ve heard it only gets worse in A2A. I really just cannot take a bunch of white male writers glossing over Gene’s flaws as if they’re somehow minor or lovable, when in fact they’re deeply hurtful and wrong. So I’m curious if anyone else has this issue, and how they thought A2A handled it overall, and whether or not A2A is, in the end, worth watching.

Many thanks to anyone who answers. :)

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I was without internet for four whole days. *sob*

It feels so good to be back.

[ profile] jaydk and I spent most of the time watching the first season of Veronica Mars, so now I'm all into it again. A couple of VM-related questions for anyone who can answer:

1) Is there a new episode this week?

2) Where do I go for spoilers?

3) Pleeeeease recommend me some good Logan fic that is either gen or slash. (No het.) Angsty is good, long and plotty is better. (I'm not looking for one of those long rambly introspective second-person things that never goes anywhere and drives me insane with its vagueness and self-absorption.) Does such a thing exist? ETA: preferably current fic, at least post 1x22.

(It's weird how I was happy to read anything well-written that featured Spike. I'm much pickier when it comes to Logan--I've tried the recs over at [ profile] vm_fic, but so much is centered on Veronica. I basically like her as a [very flawed] character, but I have zero desire to read about her in fic. I'm mainly interested in the fucked-up Echolls family, and in Logan's relationships with Duncan or Weevil.)
Comic Con looks really cool. Anyone going?

I'm considering.

Anyone who's been there before, do you have hotel recommendations?
A million thank yous to everyone who offered Highlander fic suggestions (and to those who pimped my request in their own journals, thus leading to Highlander fans that I'd never met offering excellent suggestions). I just read one so far, by Sylvia Volk (whose Spike fic I adore) and I can't wait to start on the others.

Are there still active places in HL fandom, and if so, where might I find them? (Methos centric, preferably).

Also, a bunch of thank yous to the people who congratulated me on passing my colloquium. I haven't had time to reply individually but I really appreciate all the nice things everyone said.

I finally tried to catch up with my friends list this weekend. I got to skip=980, then it wouldn't let me go any further back. So I missed everything between Friday April 2 and Monday April 5. If you posted something especially interesting during that time (especially fic), please let me know.

I just skimmed my list (and even then it took hours) and didn't comment. No offense intended--I was up till 4am, and just needed to catch up quickly and go to sleep. I also took a couple of people off of my reading list--nothing personal, I just can't keep up, so I tried to remove people who post often and whose interests have totally diverged from mine.

It was astounding how much *free time* I had this week, since I wasn't reading LJ or fic. It's so nice to have relaxation time, or playing-with-cats time, or cooking time, or TV time. I expect to continue cutting back on internet use, though I do plan to keep reading fic. I have this file with links to all the fic I'm supposed to read, and I just keep adding to it--at some point, I will catch up, and start asking archiving questions, and all that stuff.

A couple of people asked if I'm going to close my site when the show ends. The answer is still no--I plan to keep the site up as long as possible. (As in, years and years; unless there's some really compelling reason to close it, I will keep paying the maintenance bills as long as I can.) I will stop updating as often (um, I have stopped updating as often) but the archive will remain. And I probably will start updating regularly again soon, at least for a little while.

I regard quite a bit of the fiction on my site as Art (capital A) and I want it to be easily accessible. I honestly don't understand why people close their sites so superfluously all the time--even if I'm no longer that interested in Spike fic, many other people are, and if I have the site I may as well make it available. Some of this fiction is so astoundingly good--I want it to be as widely available as possible for those who are interested.

My weekend was fun, btw. I hung out with a whole ton of people both Friday and Saturday nights (including [ profile] 10zlaine, [ profile] thefangirl, [ profile] soulmate815, [ profile] drujan). We ate Spanish food, got drunk at the Times Square Brewery, saw Common Rotation at the Bitter End, etc. Common Ro were very good, as usual, but the real fun was in the company. [ profile] 10zlaine and [ profile] soulmate815 came over to meet my cats (who got all nervous around the company, but it was still cool). And [ profile] thefangirl and I decided that we absolutely must have a sleepover, because she has the European versions of all the Highlander episodes, and these I've just got to see. (Plus, there are actually Methos episodes that I haven't seen at all...) And she's got this movie with naked Roy Dupuis (Michael from La Femme Nikita) ... so yes, we have much to watch.

more babbling about Highlander )
Um, question for any Highlander people out there. I'm trying to figure out which DVDs to buy. There's seasons 1 - 3 released by Anchor Bay, and there's all seasons at Are they different? Which is better? Is it safe to buy seasons four and five from now or should I wait for the Anchor Bay releases? Which version of season three should I buy? I can't find any info as to whether these are all the same or different or what--I want whichever is best.
It's disgustingly hot in here. I'm going to have to turn on the air conditioner, aren't I? Damn. I was putting that off as long as possible, because whenever I run the A/C, the electric bill becomes painful to look at. But unfortunately my apartment is on the top floor and all the heat in the building gathers here. :(

Anyway, so I bought this DVD player, which says "This player is compatible with everything: DVD / DVD-R / DVD+R / VCD / SVCD / CD / CD-R / MP3 / jpg kodak cd / .mpg / .mpeg, / .vob files / Mini DVD."

So, I put in some of the Buffy stuff I've burned to CD, and most of it works, but AVI and WMV files don't. I would have assumed that those formats are included under "everything," but apparently that's just hype? Anyone know if it's possible to get them to play, or convert them, or something? I'm pretty clueless about this, but any help would be appreciated. I'd like to be able to watch those files on the DVD player too.
I've been thinking lately of getting a DVD player. But I want to be able to play DVDs from other regions and stuff. I'm completely and utterly clueless about DVDs and DVD players; anyone have any advice? Someone recommended this DVD player; opinions? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

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