The other day I was so upset by this example of misogyny in Supernatural fandom that I thought I might quit watching the show. Not really in protest, because my watching or not makes no difference whatsoever, but because things like this make me feel so sick that it kills my ability to enjoy the aspects of the show that I do love. (Link via cofax7; more discussion in comments.)

Then today I saw the raging cesspit of homophobia in many of the comments to this doctorwho entry and was reminded that it’s not just SPN fandom that has problems. *sigh* (How can people say “they erased the queer because it’s a family show” and not realize how grotesquely homophobic that statement is?)

I’m almost tempted to watch when Torchwood returns, even though I freaking hate that show. They’re bringing Gwen back and not catering to their fandom misogynists–see SPN? It can be done!

(I want Russell T Davies to run every show ever. *misses him*)

confused ramble about problematic media and whether to watch it )

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I’m having some sort of values dissonance with parts of White Collar fandom. I keep reading these critiques that are like “Neal Caffrey is a thief, he’s selfish, he’s messed up, he has serious ethical and emotional problems!” and I’m like… yeah, and? Why is that bad?

Perfect characters are boring. Flawed characters are interesting. Why do people want flawed characters to be “fixed”? Presumably its those flaws that draw people to the characters in the first place. Real people are flawed and complicated, and they may grow up and deal with their problems in better ways, but people don’t become perfect. They keep most of their core issues throughout their lives, and the people who love them love them anyway. And of course, plenty of “flaws” are just personality traits that can be expressed in both positive and negative ways–take away the personality trait because you dislike its negative expression, and you lose the positive aspects of it, too.

I mean, yes, Neal Caffrey is a con artist. The Tenth Doctor was an arrogant know-it-all, Logan Echolls was a bully, Brian Kinney was an asshole, Sirius Black had the emotional maturity of a sixteen-year-old, Spike used to kill people and drink their blood, Jaime Lannister fucked his sister and threw a seven-year-old out a window, and Methos was a Horseman of the Apocalypse (hahaha, oh, Highlander, I miss you). I probably wouldn’t want to know any of these people in real life, but this is fiction–the more complicated and fucked-up they are, the more interesting they are to play with as characters.

This seems to come up in every fandom I’m in, to the point where I start wondering if there’s something wrong with me, like am I missing some core ethical understanding that comes naturally to other people? But, um, no, it’s just that fiction =/= reality, and I wouldn’t want it to.

Anyway, in other news:

I went to see the Runaways and Kristin Stewart was awesome as Joan Jett )

then I went to see Strange Days and it was fantastic on a big screen )

and I saw Alice in Wonderland, which makes three films that pass the Bechdel test in a row! )

then I got nostalgic for Doctor Who and watched Boomtown and missed the Jack Harkness I actually liked )

and watched some Farscape which I've grown increasingly convinced actually was the best sci fi show ever )

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I haven’t seen it yet, but I read the spoilers, and…

spoilers for the latest Torchwood )

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spoilers for the end of last season's Torchwood )
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[info]jaydk had the gall to go out of town for Easter weekend, so we didn’t get in nearly as much Doctor Who viewing as usual. But we did manage to meet at her place on Sunday night with a bottle of wine, takeout from Candle Cafe for me and sushi for her, and a big pile of DVDs. And we watched….

Torchwood: Fragments )

Old Who: two episodes of the Second Doctor serial Tomb of the Cybermen )

New Who: Army of Ghosts and Doomsday--with a bunch of random comparisons to The Wizard of Oz )

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[info]jaydk had the gall to go out of town for Easter weekend, so we didn’t get in nearly as much Doctor Who viewing as usual. But we did manage to meet at her place on Sunday night with a bottle of wine, takeout from Candle Cafe for me and sushi for her, and a big pile of DVDs. And we watched….

( Torchwood: Fragments )

( Old Who: two episodes of the Second Doctor serial Tomb of the Cybermen )

New Who: Army of Ghosts and Doomsday--with a bunch of random comparisons to The Wizard of Oz )

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Whee, that same exact meme that everyone else is doing.

1. Pick 15 of your favourite movies
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions. Totally cheating, you dirty cheaters.

Guess the quotes! )


Also, more amusing proof that Torchwood consists entirely of old Buffy and Angel scripts mixed with fanfic.

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Oh, Torchwood fandom. You do know how to bring the wank.

Have I mentioned recently that Neil Gaiman is awesome?

And yes, I proudly admit that I'm watching Torchwood S1 for the sole purpose of laughing at how awful it is. Why? Because it's funny.


Does anyone have recommendations for Tenth Doctor fanfiction that is just really well-written? Any pairing, rating, or genre, but no agenda (other than exploring the characters and/or telling an interesting story)?

I've been venturing beyond my comfy little Ten/Master niche, and ... maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? Because if it's not blatant shipper!fic, it's like that one episode of South Park where Cartman makes a list of all the rotten things he's done in previous episodes and then goes around trying to make amends. Only instead of Butters making a list of all Cartman's sins, it's Rose/Jack/Martha/Mary Sue, and instead of Cartman apologizing in order to weasel his way into heaven, the Doctor does it in order to win his way back into the author's good graces (or maybe because she just wants to see him grovel).

The problem with "fixing" the characters is that ... then they're no longer the characters I love. *snuggles delightfully fucked-up favorite characters*

Here's a good one [ profile] jaydk recced: The Man With No Name by Frostfyre7. It's a Doctor Who/Firefly crossover, gen except for some Mal/Inara (which I skimmed). Not as dark as I prefer, but it's got good characterization and a nice adventure story; it kept me entertained and I never got the urge to bang my head against the desk.


Tonight: Marilyn Manson! Twiggy's back! I know this band has been washed up for at least eight years, but... nostalgia! *is inordinately excited*

The big question: should I Goth it up for old times' sake, or admit that I'm a grown-up now and go the lazy jeans and t-shirt route?


And apparently Stone Temple Pilots are reuniting. Nifty! (As long as they don't take my Velvet Revolver away....)

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Oh yay, more Torchwood. Six episodes in means I'm almost halfway through! Still not sure why I'm putting myself through a show that I can't stand, but, well, 1) it's related to Doctor Who, 2) it's so bad it's funny, and 3) Ianto is cute.

Torchwood 1x06 - which is more disturbing, bloody corpses crawling with maggots or Owen kissing Gwen? )

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[ profile] jaydk is the greatest friend in the history of the universe. I know this because she came over to my house last night with a huge DVD folder full of just about every publicly available thing in the history of David Tennant's career.

So we ordered take-out, drank raspberry beer, watched three episodes of Doctor Who (we're doing a rewatch), and then stayed up until 5am giggling over the cuteness of David Tennant. Interviews, various states of insane gravity-defying hair, award shows, cooking shows (!!!! if you're a DT fan and you haven't seen him and his dad on "Ready Steady Cook" you are totally missing out), some incredibly awful sitcom about cops on boats in which the only redeeming feature is a super young David Tennant... oh and then we watched the full Doctor Who Confidentials from the end of season three. The official DVDs leave so much out! You get multiple angles and takes of David sobbing over John Simm! And a whole retrospective about the Master! And did I mention all the footage of John Simm? Good lord, the two of them.

And then [ profile] jaydk left and I checked my FL before going to bed, and there was a new chapter of [ profile] versaphile's latest and OMG HOTNESS OVERLOAD.


The Veganomicon potluck on Saturday night was awesome, too. My friend Eva hosted it at her place in Brooklyn, and it was the perfect amount of people for a party, where you can all gather around and basically have one conversation, split into separate digressions, and then come together again as one throughout the night. And I knew everyone, all good people who I like seeing, and can somehow manage to carry on conversation with even though it's not about Doctor Who. Plus Eva's got great musical taste; lots and lots of the 1980s, with Depeche Mode recurring throughout the night.

We all cooked, so we had tons of good food--this artichoke garlic pesto pasta; baked pumpkin ziti; greens with cranberries and pine nuts; roasted eggplant, tomato, and red pepper stew with chickpeas; and awesome desserts: chocolate chip banana bread pudding (mine, it got devoured!), chocolate chocolate chip cookies, pecan rum cookies, banana wheat germ muffins.... And lots and lots of wine. Red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine.... we all sprawled around in a circle around this little table, stuffing ourselves with food and drinking and talking until 2am.


And now: what better way to kill time on a holiday afternoon than sprawled out in front of your computer, cat snuggled in your lap, watching one of the worst shows in the history of television?

Torchwood 1x05 - the best episode so far? )

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I take fandom far less seriously these days. Case in point: instead of linking to gigantic meta essays trying to prove my fannish opinions, I am linking to cat macros. [ profile] ihasatardis is addictive.

- proof* that Jack/John is just a poor man's Doctor/Master

- proof* that Torchwood is just an Angel: the Series wannabe

* Not actually proof. Don't wank at me.

Proof that fandom has eaten my brain: I am going to a Veganomicon potluck party tonight where I will be surrounded by good friends and good food. (I'm making banana chocolate chip bread pudding!) And yet all I really want to do is stay home in front of the computer, reading Doctor/Master porn and writing mean but hopefully amusing things about Torchwood. *sigh*

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Oh, all right. My entire FL is infected with the brain-sucking Torchwood slug; looks like it got me too.

Torchwood 2x01:

spoileriffic and snarktastic )

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I watched the first four episodes of Torchwood straight through for the first time, mainly because I think it's wrong to complain about something if you haven't actually seen it. (I've seen a lot of the series, but mostly in snippets or in the background while doing something else.)

Let's see...

episode one )

episode two )

episode three )

episode four )

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Should I watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles? I almost never watch TV shows as they air unless I know that they've already managed to pull off at least one decent season. But Sarah Connor is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters, and The Terminator is in my list of top five movies of all time. (I'm one of those freaks who prefers the original to the sequel; it's just so raw. And it's infiltrated my subconscious to the point where I have nightmares about being chased by the Terminator on a regular basis.) I'm kind of freaked out that Linda Hamilton isn't in it, although I understand that wouldn't really work because of the age issue. And I'm glad that the character, and the whole fictional world, is having a life beyond its original writers and actors. So. Is it worth watching, or am I just going to end up ranting about how disappointing it is?

I'm kind of boggled that so many of my friends are getting into Torchwood. I mean, yes, there's bisexuality, but the show is so badly written. I'm just hoping that people will follow the Torchwood trail back to Doctor Who, and see how much better that show is, and discover the slashtastic awesomeness of the Doctor and the Master.

Today's fic recs:

John Simm did an interview in which he confessed to having worked as a cage dancer when he was young and needed the money. No, seriously! So [ profile] versaphile wrote fic in which a young inexperienced David Tennant meets cagedancer!Simm. And then they have some of the hottest sex I've ever read. And the end almost made me cry. Read it here: Kiss Me Quick.

[ profile] versaphile also wrote more Doctor/Master. ([ profile] versaphile, I swear I am not stalking you. I just kind of want to live inside of your brain.) Three for a Wedding. It's actually Doctor/Master and Doctor/TARDIS, and it's extremely disturbing, but it's the good kind of disturbing.

[ profile] yahtzee63 wrote The Yankee's Loot, in which the Tenth Doctor picks up Scarlett O'Hara as a companion. And it works, brilliantly, because she perfectly captures Scarlett's inner voice. That woman is a sociopathic megalomaniac, and somehow you can't help but love her. I'd never have imagined that these two fandoms could be combined, but Yahtzee makes it work.

Here's another Life on Mars fic that I greatly enjoyed. It's like an episode--70s police show plot, entertaining dialog--just with the bonus of gay sex. You wouldn't think those things would blend together so well, but, obviously, they do. (Sorry, I know there's tons of slashy police show fandoms out there, I've just never been into one before.)

I've been following the [ profile] metafandom discussions about the Organization for Transformative Works, and I continue to think that it's awesome. One of the things that boggles me about the internet is that people just take for granted that things disappear. You can read a story that's stunning, life-changing, brilliant, and then look it up one morning and find that it's completely gone.

here is me rambling on about the OTW, as if you haven't read enough about it already )

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I wrote up this thingy for [ profile] jolielaide in an attempt to get her into Doctor Who, and thought I'd repost it here for anyone else who may be interested. It explains the basics of my two favorite Doctor Who slash ships (with YouTube links) and then links to some good fic.

(This is "why you should be into Doctor Who because the slash is hot," not "why you should be into Doctor Who in general." Also it's completely spoilery.)

Why the Tenth Doctor is hot )

Why Doctor/Master is hot )

Why Doctor/Jack is hot )

And if you're new to Who/just saw that Torchwood clip and want the quick backstory on Jack:

who the hell is Captain Jack Harkness, and why is he so hot? )

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My god, John Barrowman is hot.

I feel bad for him for having to kiss that icky Marsters bloke, though.

(Sorry, sorry.)

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