So, in the past 20 days, I have watched all 104 episodes of Supernatural, wrote 16 posts about it, wrote dozens of comments on my own journal and elsewhere, and then rewatched the entire first season and wrote 10,000 words of meta about it which I haven’t posted yet. (It needs editing.) I also read ~30 pieces of fanfic (half of which were good enough to bookmark), read two drafts of the pilot script, watched five vids, read a ton of meta (and bookmarked six pieces), and read quite a few fandom wank entries.

I’m losing my mind. It’s a little scary. I’ve marathoned several shows from start to finish within the past few years–Farscape, Due South, Life on Mars (UK)–and none of them has inspired this level of obsession. (Farscape and Life on Mars were better shows, though.) I don’t know, something about Sam and Dean and their family and their ~issues~ and all the epic emo porn and Jensen Ackles’ freckles and the way the show succeeds so well sometimes and fails so badly at other times–it’s all just so fascinating and it’s making my brain run wildly.

Other things:

* I cleaned my house this weekend. And cooked several meals. And talked to my dad on the phone. Despite the fact that I could have been watching/reading about/writing about Supernatural. This is progress.

* [info]fauxkaren is writing these cute recaps of new Who which are making me all nostalgically squeeful. I miss Rose.

* I am excited that people are working on open alternatives to Facebook. (Here’s ten reasons to delete your Facebook account; I haven’t because I need mine for work, but I made it as private as possible and am crossing my fingers for the day when Facebook’s ubiquity will be a distant and bemusing memory, like AOL or MySpace.)

* I went to see Chemlab on Saturday night. [info]10zlaine was going to come, but she couldn’t make it, so I was all stressed about going alone (I’ve been going alone to concerts for about ten years now and I’m just so over the boredom and sexual harassment that precedes the performance). But then my high school friend Mike surprised me by agreeing to attend at the last minute, so I ended up having an awesome time. They played a fantastic setlist and were very interactive with the crowd, and I got totally into it and headbanged like a teenager. Plus they had Magic Hat #9 and I drank too much and babbled like an idiot to the lead singer after the show, which is kind of embarrassing, but I’m usually so reticent that it was a nice change, too. (I told him that for the past three years I’ve been going to shows and feeling old and over it, but the show tonight was the first time in ages I’ve felt young and passionate and moved by a concert experience. Which is true.) Then Mike and I went back to my place and watched A Clockwork Orange, which I hadn’t seen before (uh, wow–I will have put more thought into a post about that than I am capable of now).

* Seriously, I have 10,000 words of Supernatural meta I want to edit and post. What is wrong with me?

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I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad to be home. Next time I get the idea to spend two days with my family, someone PLEASE stop me.

Lucifer missed me, but I think I missed him more.

I can finally relax and breathe, after spending two days tensed and awaiting the next parental insult/blow/attack/manipulation/martyr complex/accusation....

Anyway. But look! Chemlab is doing a radio interview tomorrow, Dec 28. And they're playing live at Albion on Friday, Dec 29.

Is anyone out there going to the Albion show? It's going to be really good. They played Albion at the beginning of the year and it was one of the best shows I've seen in my life.

And then Voltaire is playing the next night, Dec 30.

([ profile] 10zlaine, why couldn't you come visit now!!??)
My photos of the Chemlab show in DC are here.

In other news, [ profile] jaydk and [ profile] drujan came over after work on Thursday and we had a little pirate party. Watched the first film, ate lots of takeout and got drunk, then headed to the theater for the 12:01am premiere at the AMC 25 (most comfortable theater in the city).

It was good. So good, in fact, that we went to see it again Friday night at the Ziegfeld. So I've seen Pirates 2 twice in 24 hours. :)

It's amazing how shallow the mainstream reviews are. As if they assume the genre is inherently shallow, so they utterly refuse to see any depth in the film itself. Like willful blindness. I don't get it.

Meh, whatever. Maybe I'll write up my own review at some point. I'm sure I'll end up seeing it plenty more times. ([ profile] drujan is at the theater now, but I bowed out of a third viewing in three days.)

Also, I really wanted to see Macbeth; it's Shakespeare in the Park and tomorrow is the last day. I went to get tickets on Friday, but the line was INSANE, and I didn't feel like getting up at 6am today. *sigh*
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I'm going to see Chemlab in Washington DC on July 4.

I'm taking Amtrak down in the afternoon, getting there around 2:30pm. Anyone in the area want to hang out?

I'm taking the train home at 4am. May or may not go to work the next day, depending on how I feel. I've suddenly got a lot more free vacation days.

This does look really fun:
Freaks United 2006
$22 advance | $30 at the door
Chemlab - Iris - Informatik - Thou Shalt Not - Terrorfakt - Anders Manga + more!
Ronan Harris (VNV Nation) - Martin Atkins (Pigface, Invisible Records) Hellraver (NYC) - Coppertop (Indianapolis, IN) Spider (Charlotte, NC) - Merc (NYC)
+ Alchemy residents and locals FEATURING LIVE PERFORMANCES BY:
Chemlab | Diary of Dreams | Iris | Informatik | Thou Shalt Not | Terrorfakt | Shiny Toy Guns | Anders Manga | Life Cried | Red This Ever
DJ Coppertop | Merc | Martin Atkins | Hellraver | Ronan Harris | DJ Spider
2501 | RasDNA | Shade | Dirty B | Jen Lasher
PLUS local favorites!
Vikki Wilson | The Blue Vampire | Hypofixx | Punk Steve
Strangeland Records - Dementia Clothing - Silver Dragon Studio - Dead Bat Designs
Kathryn Parker- Juan Monarez - Stunt Kid

where we'll be having a Movie Lounge playing the best in international horror films. Also stop by the Artist market where our local artists will be showing their work. Fight the oppression with air conditioning and CHEAP PITCHERS OF BEER ALL DAY! Make sure you stop by the patio and chow down on some grilled burgers and dogs (veggie too!) for as long as the sun is up, then watch the spectacular national fireworks display from the patio with the Capital Building as the backdrop, and generally cut shit up.
Chemlab! In San Francisco.

I was right there! Way cool.
Today is a wonderful day...

It's Lucifer's birthday!!!!

Eight years ago today, in the laundry room of my parents' house in New Jersey, Lucifer's mother Shadow (a beautiful, sweet black stray cat who I'd made friends with) gave birth to Lucifer and his three siblings. Lucifer was the second born (I have it on videotape) and his head got stuck coming out. We all thought he was going to die, but Shadow eventually pushed him out and started licking him, and finally he started making teeny little squeaking baby kitty noises that meant he was breathing.

And ever since then, he's been the greatest cat ever. Sweet, fun, adventurous, but most of all--cool. Being in Lucie's presence could calm anyone; he's just totally accepting and trusting and relaxed.

I gave him a pile of treats for breakfast. I'll have to find something fun at Petco to bring home to him tonight.

I took some photos of him the other day in the bathtub (trying to drink out of the faucet). I'll post those here later so you can all see how adorable he is. >:)

Movie Meme )

Last night I was working until 8pm and talking to my former coworker Sarah about "relationships." Interesting conversation. Sarah's awesome.

Forgot to mention this: I watched two movies over the weekend, Velvet Goldmine and American Psycho.

weird rant about Velvet Goldmine, American Psycho, Fight Club, and the emptiness of consumer culture )

PS: Excellent thread over at the Hydrogen Board imagining a Chemlab/Pig tour. *sigh* If only.

And I must say, I love it when the bands write their own slash fiction:

petegala (here): If you go into the men's room between sets, you might just find Raymond and Jared making out in a stall.

jared: and, in reference to Pete from the Cracknation board, Raymond and i would only be having sex in the bathroom if we could sandwich you. we've discussed it, and i call the south side of your street, honey.

And it goes from there.... ("The Brokeback Techrat tour anyone?" "BROKE-DICK METRONOME" "Rivetback Mountain" "Tesseract Fountain"....)

PPS: Did you guys watch the Daily Show last night? The Cheney thing actually didn't strike me as that funny when I first heard it, but when Jon got ahold of it, I thought I was going to die laughing.

PPPS: Celebrate International Quirkyalone Day. (Great link; check it out.)

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