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Is it just me or does this add a whole 'nother level of slashiness to the original Star Wars trilogy?

(And, *sigh*. Part of me will be eternally in love with whiny naive ANH Luke.)

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Writercon rocked. I miss everyone so much. And I *so* don't want to wait two years before I see any of you guys again. *sniffle*

So let's see. I'm going to throw together some kind of little con report here, but I'm veerrrry tired so I can't promise that I'll remember everything.

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Overall, I totally loved the con, even though Vegas was icky and the hotel sucked. The panels were thought-provoking and well done, and the people were just wonderful. I'm so glad I got to meet everyone that I did. In particular, it was great to spend time with [ profile] irfikos, [ profile] inobunny, [ profile] witling, [ profile] _jolielaide, and [ profile] saussy.

The con itself ran so smoothly, and was so perfectly done. I mean, it was clear that the organizers were there to make sure everyone had the best experience possible. They were totally in it to make it the best con possible, not to make money or fame for themselves. I'm so proud that these people, most of whom I've known since I got into fandom, managed to pull off Writercon and make it such an astounding success. And I'm so proud that our fandom has such amazing, interesting, talented, brilliant people.

My regrets: I wish I'd gone to more panels. I wish there had been longer and more specific panels (maybe character, pairing, show, or era specific somehow?) since my interest in the Jossverse is mostly Spike and male/male slash specific at this point. And because a more specific panel would be able to go in depth even further, which was really when things get interesting.

I met tons of neat people, but with a con this big, I guess you're bound to miss a few. I'm sad that I somehow managed to miss talking to many cool folks that I wanted to see (like fallowdoe, rahirah, shadowlass, fenchurche, Cynthia Martin, and several others). I'm sad that I was only able to speak very briefly with some people (especially members of the concom, who I know were insanely busy). And I really felt the absence of those who couldn't attend, especially kita0610, anniesj, and circe_tigana.

But those are just tiny regrets compared to the complete awesomeness of this con. Man, I so don't want to wait two years for another one. :*(
Nan Dibble sent me the first few chapters of her new story, "Enemy of My Enemy," which is the sequel to her wonderful "Old Blood." Post-Showtime, Rated R, Spike/Buffy, Spike/Dawn friendship, WIP. Check it out.

Also, I scanned in the S/X card that I had JM sign. It looks really weird because it's a hologram kinda thing that changes in the light. The back has some stupid copy about how much S7 Xander hates and despises Spike, but the photo just exudes sexual tension, and I couldn't resist buying it. I don't have an OTP, but if I did, it would be S/X.

signed S/X card )

Also, [ profile] devilpiglet and [ profile] wiseacress, I love both of you.
There are a couple of things from yesterday's deleted post that I still want to mention:

1. I'd really like to archive more slash, especially S/X (which is a pairing that I love yet which isn't well-represented on my site at all). The problem is that I don't know where to find well-written S/X that isn't by wiseacress, Anna S., Mad Poetess, or Estepheia (and I also should have added LadyCat). I'm sure it's out there, so if you have any recommendations please send them. (I want stuff that feels *in character* and fits within canon or at least within canoncial subtext). [ profile] kimberly_a already recommended:

S/X Recs )

2. I archived zero's "Cracked." This story is very, very dark. The first time I read it made me terribly upset, but then I couldn't get it out of my head; it's haunting and beautifully written. So, if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

And if you find it upsetting, I also recommend Caro's "Sound and Fury" which should cheer you right up.

3. I would love for someone to beta this essay for grammar, organization, and content. If interested, please get in touch.

That's it. Oh and thanks again to the very sweet people who replied yesterday and made me feel better. If I haven't written back to you yet, I will do so shortly.
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Okay, and with the rant out of the way, I'll explain why I'm in a bitchy mood today. I cut class last night so that I could do my laundry (yeah, I know, I'm such a rebel). I hate doing laundry because I live in a creepy building, and the laundry room (in the cellar) is always dirty, and people steal things if you don't sit down there and keep watch.

So, I wash two loads of laundry and put them in the dryer. Then I go to turn on the dryer; it doesn't turn on. I bang on it; nothing happens. I go around back to make sure it's plugged in. Not only is it not plugged in, the wire has been cut. What kind of person would cut the wire of the stupid clothes dryer???? So, now I'm stuck with two loads of wet laundry, and no way to dry them. At the moment, my clothes are strung throughout my bedroom, hanging from any corner that I could manage to hang something from. This is really not cool.

I know it's not the end of the world, and other people have worse problems, but this is still really annoying. :(

Anyway, thoughts on first date )

Oh, and I should mention: I noticed recently that wiseacress has a new fic, called "Abeyance." It's not about Spike, although he does get a nice cameo appearance. I liked it anyway, though, because wiseacress has such an amazing way with words. I adore everything that she writes. (I'm also quite fond of her S/A secret slasha story "Beggars Would Ride").

And finally: I am absolutely in love with the S/X ad at TWOP today.
Why is it that violent, angsty slash seems more possible and in character than romantic, fun slash? For example, Estepheia's "Closer" seems more likely than "Nothing Else Matters." (Both S/A, NC-17). Is it just me?

Two fics that I recently enjoyed: Estepheia's "Pandora’s Closet" (S/X, NC-17). She says it's PWP, but I liked the characterization, too (aside from the obviously out-of-character bit required to get them together). And Rachel Anton's WIP S/A/W "The Great and Terrible." Rachel writes Spike and Willow wonderfully. (And she probably writes Angel well, too, although I can't really tell because I can't stand the character 95% of the time).

Rambling about BetterBuffyFics )

Conventions. I'm starting to think that I might want to go to different con instead of Toronto Trek. I know that TT is going to be really cool, even without JM, and I really want to see Elizabeth and Sharon. But I have a feeling that a lot of people who were going to attend TT are going to cancel now (I was going to go with my friend Jane, but she's sounding increasingly iffy about going). If I go to a con that actually has JM, I'll probably get to meet and hang out with more people that I know online. But then that means I have to choose a con and find roommates and all that stuff. I don't know; this is stressful. Anyone have any advice as to which upcoming con will be best? (I'm already attending the two Vulkons).

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