Apr. 3rd, 2012


Yesterday was the most fun I’ve had all year, and by far the greatest April Fool’s anything of my life.

I’ve rambled about Sleep No More before, but in case you don’t recall, it’s:

* A mashup of Hitchcock and Macbeth

* Set to music, and mostly without speech

* Told via modern dance

* Takes place over 100 rooms of a 6-story warehouse

* Interactive with the audience (you’re free to explore the sets and props, and if you’re lucky you’ll get pulled into scenes with the actors, or even into subplots that only you are aware of)

* Choose your own adventure (you can follow actors as they go on separate paths, so it’s impossible to see the whole thing)

* Unbelievably sexy

* And dark and violent

I knew they were doing an April Fool’s Day show and assumed they’d change things up somehow, but had no idea how. SO.

First, usually when you enter, you go through a creepy maze, almost entirely in the dark, feeling your way by touch, to the sound of ~eeeerie~ music from Hitchcock films. But this time… I entered the the not-so-eerie Indiana Jones theme music. Which transitioned to the Superman theme, and then the Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back.

So I walked in already cracking up. The eerie maze is not quite so eerie to the sound of the Indiana Jones score. ;)

cut for length and spoilers )

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