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On December 28, I had what was, in retrospect, one of the best Sleep No More shows I would ever have. And I posted a wishlist for future shows. Here is the original list, and the results.

* Follow Paul Zivkovich's Porter for another cycle, but not the 1:1 since I've already had it. Just to appreciate what an amazing actor he is.

The next time I followed Paul's Porter, it was his last show as Porter and I followed him the entire night. I didn't get a 1:1 and did appreciate what an amazing actor he is. His Porter is tied with Conor Doyle's as my favorite character in the show.

* Follow Tony Bordonaro's Banquo for a cycle (I have never followed Banquo for a full cycle, and he is a great dancer), and try for the 1:1 since I've never had it with him

I followed him and didn't get the 1:1. He's pretty, but Jeffery Lyon impressed me more as a dancer.

* Follow Elizabeth Romanski's Hecate for a cycle - I've only seen her briefly, but I had a 1:1 with her and what I saw of her was amazing. I definitely want to see more, she is just so fabulous and campy and scary.

I haven't done this, and still should.

* Follow Tori Spark's Lady Macbeth, during the first cycle when it's not so crowded (I usually avoid the Macbeths but she just really impressed me last night).

I followed her for a loop on her second-to-last show and again on her last show. She was definitive in the part.

* Follow Austin Goodwin's Speakeasy Barman, because he is lovely and I've never followed the character very long and I want to see what he does.

I followed him for a loop (except for the times I kept losing him behind closed doors). The character is pretty boring, but Austin is lovely and he gave me the one on one.

* One day I will get that 1:1 with Conor Doyle's Boy Witch. ONE DAY!


* Spend more time in the bar. Those characters are part of the show too... it's not like ditching the show to see what happens there, right? IDK, I won't find out until I try...

Eh. I have spent more time in the bar, but those characters require you to interact, and talking is not my strong suit. Bad idea.

* Follow Ching-I Chang's Sexy Witch. Always been on my list, just never have. She is always wonderful.

I haven't seen her in a while, but next time I see her, I will.

* Follow the Bald Witch. I'm sad because Kelly Bartnik is gone, but Omagbitse Omagbemi is growing on me. I love all the witches & am always meaning to follow each of them, I just get um distracted by that damn Boy Witch.

I've concluded that I missed the boat when Kelly Bartnik left, and there is no point following any of the others.

* Long term dream: see Conor Doyle's Porter. But I doubt it will happen because it's apparently very rare. But I think I would just about die seeing this.

Saw it twice. Just about died.

* Discover more goals - there are several mainly 4th or 5th floor characters I have barely seen anything of, because they just haven't grabbed my interest for whatever reason. But my goal is to keep an open mind and look for opportunities to become intrigued.

Eh. I'd like to follow Agnes someday, I guess, since I never have.

* Finish my close read of "Macbeth" and look for "Macbeth"-related moments & questions.

The "Macbeth" close read was a good idea - I ended up following Macbeth a lot because Paul was so wonderful, and I liked being able to see how much SNM draws from the text.

* Look for Hecate's ring? IDK it sounds kind of futile TBH, how many people must be looking for it? I don't really want to spend $75 to hunt around the set for a ring. OTOH I have a couple of ideas, I could just check....... :P

Yeah I have better things to do with my money.

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