Tom Hiddleston is the most adorable thing ever. But I haven’t watched Henry V yet because I’ve been too tired and busy.

Why is everyone writing about Teen Wolf? I do not understand.

White Collar is back. And I haven’t had time to watch it. At this point it seems like I need to schedule things like “watch an hour of television” two weeks in advance to slot them into my calendar.

Ugh, work.

very minor spoilers for the new Dark Knight movie, which I disliked )

Why are half the Loki hurt/comfort stories mpreg? Stupid Norse mythology. Mpreg to me is like snakes to Indiana Jones. >:(

Proof that I will never find a canon as attuned to my interests as Supernatural. But sadly as the S8 spoilers come out, I find myself eyerolling and bored.

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Did you know that Enochian, the language used for angel-related magic in Supernatural, is not actually a real ancient language but was made up by John Dee and his seer Edward Kelley in the late 16th century?

(Lymond fans will remember John Dee because of his freaky mirror-lined room and his horoscopes and prophecies in The Ringed Castle.)

Oddly enough, I learned this by looking up information about the band Coil.

Wikipedia, man.

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I somehow managed to stay up until 3:30am last night fiddling with my blog. I:

made comment replies prettier; added comment previews; pulled in commenter userpics from LJ, IJ, and JF; and improved posting functionality )

Other random stuff:

I had a very difficult time waking up in the morning (I wonder why!). My alarm was blaring, but somehow I had the idea that as long as I woke up on the same date, it didn't matter what time I woke up. Stupid half-asleep brain. And I was having some kind of strange dream about the ending of The Princess Bride trying to trick the audience into thinking that Fezzik had been the villain all along. (But I wasn't falling for it.)

On the plus side, my half-asleep brain is far more creative than my awake brain, so I plotted out an entire Doctor/Master fic on my train ride to work. (Not that I'll ever write it.)

I bought a ticket last night for this benefit at the Nokia Theater featuring Slash, Jerry Cantrell, Tom Morello, and Perry Farrell. I don't actually know what it is, but with that line-up, who could resist?

I also see that Stone Temple Pilots tickets are going on sale for a show in New Jersey. Um, New Jersey? C'mon guys, please announce a NYC date. I want to see you, but not badly enough to trek out to Jersey. :P

(ETA: And how did I miss that Scott Weiland left Velvet Revolver? Not that it's much of a surprise. I saw them seven or eight times last year and half the time the other band members were visibly rolling their eyes at Weiland's antics. I'm still a bit sad, though. Formulaic though they may have been, their shows were fun.)

I'm watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report again. They made a Highlander joke on TDS last night! And Stephen Colbert pulled John Oliver out of a suitcase! And Colbert interviewed REM while wearing their album as a codpiece! (I was eating as that happened and ended up inhaling a large amount of cous cous.)

South Park has been more cracked-out than usual this season; last night was a total waste. But I watched the new Futurama movie and it was *awesome*. They managed to reference pretty much every cool thing that happened in the series, plus tell a good new story too.

I saw this ad (a giant Darth Vader head with the caption "A guy can only be called 'Annie' so many times before he snaps") and burst out laughing in the middle of the subway station. Yay geek humor! (*ignores underlying misogyny*)

I finally got that vanilla-themed BPAL order. I am in love with Antique Lace. It's sweet vanilla with a hint of white musk, but not at all cloying; more like distant and cool. But it's strong and lasted all day. It's similar to my favorite scent ever, Dorian, but different enough that I'll probably end up buying a whole bottle.

All of this is just killing time until Saturday. DOCTOR WHO!!!! *incoherent flailing*

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I wasn't going to do this meme, but I've been reading [ profile] psubrat's responses and they are really interesting. So, why not?

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other.


I'm trying out cross-posting to LJ and IJ simultaneously using Semagic. Thank you to [ profile] versaphile for posting instructions here.

I'm so amused that this thing can automatically detect what song I happen to be listening to on Winamp as I write a post.

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Is there an alternative to YouTube that doesn't slap its own branding all over your videos? I have a friend who wants to embed some of her own vids on her website (no copyright worries) but she hates all the YouTube ads. I figure if anyone will know, it's fandom. Any advice?

Thank you!

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Feb. 21st, 2007 05:41 pm
OMG!! Marauders!! Now I am excited about the new Harry Potter movie.

Also, spoilers for Veronica Mars )

And a link for you. Henry Jenkins had such a great post the other day about how fear drives political responses to pop culture. I just love Jenkins because he is so unapologetic about embracing the many good aspects of pop culture.

We need to stigmatize the politics of fear. We need to call it what it is -- not protection but fear mongering. We need to construct a counter-narrative in which fear-based politics is itself a threat to our families because it locks our young people out of access to knowledge, skills, and experience which they need to learn and grow and in many cases, because it prevents those kids who are most at risk from access to information that they need to pursue good jobs and educational opportunities in the future. Such bills are dangerous both because they undercut core constitutional rights and because they distract us from locating real solutions to the "problems" that they are allegedly designed to combat.

How can you not like this guy?

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