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I’m so spoiled by other fandoms. There’s effectively an unlimited amount of supplementary material for most media fandoms — between AO3 and Tumblr I could search search the “Loki” or “Dean Winchester” tags every day and never run out of new things. Sleep No More is a lot harder–unless you’re a millionaire who can actually afford to go to the show every night, you’re basically limited to a few Tumblr blogs.

So I end up revisiting a few things over and over. Here are some of my favorites:

The Carnival des Corbeaux opening & various sideshow acts:

This is the same as the first one but from a different angle:

This photoset from the carnival.

The photo booth photos from the Mayfair and Carnivals

This video because Conor Doyle is in it (can you believe I cannot find any photos or video anywhere of him as the Boy Witch?)

Another video with a bit of Conor Doyle:

And another:

Another video with snippets of the show

This lovely fanart of Austin Goodwin's Boy Witch.

The snmsketches Tumblr blog, beautiful fanart that captures the essence of many scenes.

The snmreactions Tumblr blog, hilarious at capturing the essence of many moments in a very different way.

This thing where the creators walk you through the sets and tell you some backstory.

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