I am mainly posting on Tumblr these days. Sigh.

I’ll still be on Dreamwidth/LJ/ for the foreseeable future (friendslock is invaluable, and many of my good friends are here) but I’m also there.

If you have a Tumblr, let me know. I hate to lose track of people.

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How do you reply on tumblr?

Like I want to reply to franceskoncan’s comment on my post here.

Is it even possible?


(BTW I did install missing-e; thanks everyone who suggested it.)

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Dec. 5th, 2012 02:42 am

I do not get Tumblr, you guys. I am struggling with basic things like:

* Finding the permalink to a post
* Figuring out the date something was posted
* Finding an archive of messages that have been sent to me–they disappear after I reply??

I work in online & am extremely technologically adept–the website just sucks. How is it so popular??


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Trying to figure out how to use tumblr vs other social networks. I think maybe the breakdown is something like:

tumblr = random shiny things
delicious = fic and meta recs
lj/dw/wp = actual writing and thoughts
twitter = no
facebook = hell no
google plus = google, i do not want to be a pawn in your doomed attempt to kill facebook

Does this sound right?

Anyway if you want to follow me on tumblr, I am at (aaaah someone stole both my aliases already!! so i had to make a stupid hybrid name).

Please link me to yours if you have one; I’d love to follow you guys there too. :)

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May. 28th, 2012 12:28 am

I do not understand tumblr at all (how do you have conversations???) but it gives me things like this so I keep going back and spending inordinate amounts of time there…

(But seriously I do not understand how to interact. The etiquette is incomprehensible. And when I see something interesting, how do I find where people might be talking about it? I mean I guess it’s mostly just like, shiny pictures anyway, not a lot to talk about, but I keep getting glimpses of SPN wank that I can’t find the source of because it’s like, a zillion reblogs with a line added. And what about the etiquette around adding people–is it like eljay with all the ~drama~ if you “defriend”? Is it rude to reblog too much stuff from the same person? Do you get shunned for spamming if you post too often? I’M SO CONFUSED. This is why I never got into Twitter, except Twitter was a lot less tempting because it didn’t give me an endless influx of pictures of Tom Hiddleston looking beautiful…)

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